god helping me with my struggle

by riri ()

i desire to be obedient, to know who i am and never forget it, to stop over dosing on sugar, to use self-control, to keep my thoughts on higher things and reject and resist lower thoughts, to keep to myself at school and keep what i know to myself so i don’t have to deal with others’ opinions about what i know, to stop getting distracted with the things of the world, to let go of my addiction of self pleasure in worldly things, to understand what im allowed to do and what im not allowed to do, to remember everything god has done for me and to be grateful, to remember everything my parents taught me in perfect timing and whenever i need to use it or obey instrusctions, idesire to be safe no matter where i am in the world, to be safe on campus if im in chicago, for god to tell me where to go to college and what to go for, to be a very clean person and get into the habit of cleaning up my home wherever i stay, to be happy more often, to be entertained by the word of god and studying his word and to do eveything my parents taught me when i go away to college, i want to get wayyyy better at singing and become a trained singer before i start doing music, to be a great driver like my father, for my next home to be huge and really luxurious

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