In need of so much prayer – everything seems to be falling apart in my life

by Sheryl ()

I’ve trying to pray and praying every day for a lot things that are happening in my life to ask God for his help, but it seems the first prayer isn’t answered or it seems maybe a smidgeon of it us answered and then another issue or situation comes up that adds even more sadness, feelings of despair and anxiety into my life. I realize I might not be praying right and I have a very hard time praying for God’s will in all of this.

My mom who I was very close to died a little over a year ago. He death brought about a lot of financial problems for me. Together we also rescued abused and homeless cats and shared in their care. Some of them are very old for cats and have begun having serious health issues requiring me to take them to veterinary doctors which is further causing me financial problems.

Some of them are in the beginnng stages of terminal illnesses and because of my mother’s death it will be especially hard to lose them because my friends and family can’t relate to the pain and hurt that I’m feeling. I’ve asked God to bring healing to the worst ones, but it seems like all my prayers have just led to some of the other younger cats to get sick. It just goes on and on.

My job isn’t going very well too. I work for non-profit whose director seems to like pats on the back for helping the poor and immigrants yet they only hire people to work for them as independant contractors so we get absolutely no benefits. The pay is low and I never know when I will get my check after submitting an invoice. I’m close to retirement and finding a better job has been difficult due to my age. I also have a rare and chronic bone disorder that I was born with which has been acting up.

Then my car required over $2000 worth of repairs. I’m at my wits end as I don’t know how to pray correctly and ask God for help or see his help when given and as I’ve already said I don’t know how to pray for God’s will because I feel like his will is going to be something I won’t be happy with or like, such as the death of 2 or 3 of my beloved cats.

I also feel so selfish when I know some people don’t have food or a place to lay their head at night or are living in war torn areas of the world where every minute of their lives are lived in fear.

Please help me learn to pray better and accept God’s will and if you feel led to do so can you add a prayer for my kitty cats, if not for healing at least for a painless and peaceful death.

Thank you and God Bless

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