Visa To Get Granted

Jesus I will ask you to grant my France visa. The embasidor who goes through my application might fill with the Holy Spirit And has to work on my favour. Jesus I’m begging you for this because my life is going under worst situation you are seeing all those problems so please help me to … Continue reading “Visa To Get Granted”

My daughter

Prayers for my daughter to come back to the church so she breaks off with the man she is seeing and finds a good man to marry and have a family.

Unequally yoked

Prayer for strength to detach from husband depression, many health issues and not equally yoked. We have been married almost 53 years and staying faithful to vows. Jesus, I trust you .amen

Church prayers

Regarding December 6th and the occasion of The Pagan Statue I pray in the name of Jesus Christ for God to use this for a higher purpose in the church world wide; Open up our eyes God From darkness to light And from the power of Satan Unto you Our God That we may receive … Continue reading “Church prayers”

Prayer for my housing

Please pray to continue my housing where I live I received a 60-day eviction notice and I’m fighting it in court right now.

Lord hear my prayers

Healing of dizziness from a head injury for myself. Family unity, financial, bipolar daughter, better relationship with family members, more faith & trust in God, my son to return to God, my daughter in law to acknowledge that there is a God. Lord you know the needs of my heart and of everyone in the … Continue reading “Lord hear my prayers”

Help with job

Please pray that I can get a really good raise, my employer rarely gives raises, and treats lousy employees the same as loyal employees. It is difficult to change jobs because there is nothing out there, and I do read the want-ads. I have never called out of work and my co-workers call out frequently, … Continue reading “Help with job”

Helping Those In Need

Dear God, please help me to live by your word and be a light for you. May I be the best I can be, strong in my faith, strong in my body so that I can give strength to those in need.

Immediate Healing

Please need immediate healing right now for serious sleep apnea, heart disease and chronic vertigo.

Peace and happy home

My request is for God to bring peace into my home with my husband and bless me with fruit of the I can have peace of mind.

Find a home

Dear God, I am exploring options for a new place to live. Regardless of my past experiences, I am willing for this to be a smooth and joyful experience in every way. Please decide for me about where it should be, what it should look like and how the details should unfold. Thank You for … Continue reading “Find a home”

For peaceful life

My elder daughter is completing two years of marriage but till date they have no physical contact. Then how can they bring a kid into the family. Her husband drinks a lot.

For me and my family

Please pray that God strengthens my relationship with Him. Please pray that I can be a witness to Christ’s love for me to my family. Please pray for my mom and dad. My mom who is dying from lung cancer and my faithful dad who is the caregiver. Thank you.

Freedom, Fertility and prosperity prayer

Please help me pray for my Husband to be granted freedom out of prison soonest. For us to conceive twins baby boys. For our marriage to prosper. In Jesus Christ mighty name I pray, Amen.

Selling my house

Lord God and all the angels and saints please send me a buyer for my home quickly as my need is great to sell my house.

Come To Me

Come To Me God, and Set ME Free, My Worries, Concerns, Anxieties, and ALL MY NEEDS! In Jesus Holy name I Pray…..AMEN.- Thank-You!-Jimmie/7-2-19

Prayers for Bob

Please pray for my husband, Bob who passed two weeks ago. He suffered so much from the cancer that got him. Bob passed one month after being diagnosed. He did not have any symptoms. I miss Bob so much it hurts. Bob was the love of my life and we did everything together. Please pray … Continue reading “Prayers for Bob”


Please be with my husband at his job and me he find what he is looking for, only you Lord knows what is best for him.

My Husbands work

Dear Lord, Please protect my husband for attacks of the enemy in his work place , help him to speak up against lies and deceit.Bless him father with your wisdom and courage. Prosper him father as he is the head of our home and provider in Jesus name Amen

For Antoine

That his eyes are opened to the Truth and that he leaves cults false teachers and false people.

To Sell our house quickly

Please pray that we sell our house quickly and are able to move in time for our children to go to their school. Thank you.


dear lord i need you more than anything in my life help me have unshakable faith in you at all times help me understand the difficulties of this world but help me that i don’t doubt you lord. protect me from enemies and protect my family with you i know i am saved with all … Continue reading “Faith”

Married life and gift of a child

Please pray for my husband since he gets angry all the time and have started with drinking on every weekends. Please pray that i conceive since its been 6 yrs that we are married.

A permanent home while on earth!

I am begging your intersection, that my son and I may find a permanent home, affordable, stress free. A Happy home, peaceful dwelling, as we have been homeless, and restless for several years now. Thanks and blessings from above to you all as well always!🙏


I have lost all hope. I am anxious and fearful every waking moment. My light is dim. Hopelessness and fear have over taken my life. I feel surrounded by evil. Jesus and Mother Mary destroy the evil that surrounds my life. I need to know you are near. Come Holy Spirit fill me with God’s … Continue reading “Help”

Job and financial assistance

Lord God I pray that you may come through for me for the job application I submitted in the month of March. I pray I may get shortlisted for the job and get to do an interview. I also pray to pass the interview and get offered the job.

Getting good marks in NEET entrance exam

I’ve been trying to get high marks since 2 years so that I can get into a good medical college,but I haven’t. This year being my 3rd year,I God please give me above 600 marks in my NEET entrance exam so that I can get into Christian Medical College.St.Joseph please pray for me

A good tall rich husband

Dear Lord, Please bless me with a good tall rich husband from my Catholic Church. Send an Angel to talk with my Pastor Father Bryan to allow me to be with him. Please let me get my husband from my faith, my church. Thank you, God.  

From Kazakhstan

Glory to Jesus Christ! My name is Sergey, I am a third-year seminarian in Kazakhstan. I ask you to pray, dear friends, about my calling to the holy priesthood of our Lord Jesus Christ. So that I could learn His holy will day by day and fully execute it. May all that He prepared for … Continue reading “From Kazakhstan”

Prayer for my mental peace

Please keep in prayers for clearing my heavy debts & surviving in my targets oriented job ,which is disturbing my official & personal life.

Seeking better employment

Heavenly father I come before you today seeking your guidance and understanding may please have mercy on me to find a better paying job, our good Lord I know my petition will be granted I ask the world to pray for my faith and employment.

Prayer for wisdom and to know the will of God

Please pray for my husband diabetic who is not employed, is diabetic and drinks beer. Please also pray for me who has to work that the situation at work causing me anxiety and pain will go away. Thank you.

Guidance and Healing

Please guide my prayers as our family has many challenges. Jesus, I trust that you will heal us, bring us into closer communion with You, so that one day we may be with you in Heaven. Amen.

Driving test

Can everyone please take a second and pray for me to pass my driving test on the 7th of January I am very nervous I really really need this! Please pray that I can remain calm and drive safe on this test thank you.

Financial prosperity and good health of my entire family

Dear God, I worship and praise you. Please help me with my financial needs and please grant us the good of my entire family. Forgive me Lord and I surrender my whole being to you. Take hold of me o Lord that I may always walk with. Amen