Prayer to Pass the Background Check

(San Jose CA)

Dear Lord I have gone through 4 interviews and filled out the paperwork the last thing I am waiting to clear is my background check so I can start my new job. Please help facilitate this as quickly as possible.

Let me begin my new job with my god given abilities and help me succeed through your guiding hands to achieve all good things I am intended for set the tone for the environment and have my co workers embrace me and look for me for inspiration and guidance.

I thank you in Jesus name I pray Amen

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  1. I am going through the same thing

    Dear Lord!

    I have been through 5 interviews for this job and I was just offered the job today. I am asking that I pass the background check. I have been passed up for good jobs because of my past mistakes that happened over 7 years ago. Please God help me. Thank you!!!!

  2. praying my background check pull though

    I went to a interview today they offered me the position I’m just waiting on my background check to pull though I can really used the money for the Holliday’s plus im trying to move yes I made a big mistake in the past but I’m sincerely trying to change lord I decree that the job is mines in Jesus name

  3. A scared prayer

    Dear Heavenly Father,

    For I pray and I weep that you may bless me with the another miracle for it is your grace and word that I can have theses opportunities. I am currently in the process of completing the background check for my dream job post graduate. This would be the first time in my life I achieved a real job. It was by your word and you that I even had the chance to achieve the offer. I am now scared to death that I may loose my offer moments leading up to my start date due to stupid, immature, scared lies. Lord please, I pray, I pray again, that it may be bypassed and that I can move forward and achieve through your word. I pray that you can help me. Lord I apologize, I repent for my actions but please let this be in my path for you have graced me with. Do you hear me Lord as I type this? I am so scared, please don’t let there be any issues. This is my new start, my new life, my opportunity to finally excel in what I love and want to achieve. I ask and hope that I can stay humble and live by your word. I pray that as I complete this background check everything will go smoothly. As I put these references down that they may not be checked or that as they are checked its easily passed. I ask myself and repent why I must always turn to you in times of need. I pray harder that I may not only turn to you in times of need for my selfish desire but to live and learn by your word. To learn by your word in this obstacle. God you are so so good. I pray that this job is in my path, the path you have chosen for me as a child of God. Amen

  4. Pass Background check and be offered position

    Please pray for me, I am in need of a new job that I applied for and waiting to pass background check I pray the job they have opening will be offered to me closer to my home so I may continue to provide for my family and continue to live in my home. Bless all who are in the same sitiuation as I am . God Bless us in Jesús name I Pray

  5. Prayer to pass background to get an apartment

    Please PRAY that this back ground check come back clear for an apartment that i applied for. Me and my daughter in need of place to live. Praying that it works out for us. Bless those as well in the same situation. GOD BLESS US ALL IN THE NAME OF JESUS I PRAY!

  6. Background check

    I too have a great job to be had,Jesus I pray to past this background check lord I made mistakes 22yrs ago Jesus I pray they don’t go back that far an all is clear,in so nervous I claim this job now in Jesus name I pray for all who has this burden on them,Jesus let the past be past clear us all for employment thank u Jesus amen

  7. God restore my faith

    God I need you more than I ever needed you before I have applied for my dream job position for the second time in three years and I have received so much love and encouragement from my soon to be coworkers and boss but I’m still waiting on my background check to clear I know how amazing you are lord god and I’m truly grateful for what you have already done in my life I need you to please help me to see past my fears of past failures And help me to not question the reasons for why the things that I have been through took place I give you all the praise oh lord for I know your able to do the impossible and I thank you for blessing me with the job that is already to come

  8. Background Check

    I applied for a good job with spectrum Brands and had to submit to a background check. I am really nervous because I had past mistakes and really regret what I have done within the past 7 years. I have just moved to Kansas and I’m trying to better myself with this good job and I pray to God that he can someone please see me thru this in his holy name I pray that everything will be fine. Any prayers would be appreciated as I really need this job. God bless all.

  9. Background Check

    Lord I pray for your help in passing this background check that is currently being administered by request of an potential employer. I have received an offer letter and it is exactly what I’ve been looking for with compensation to assist with caring for my family. Lord I ask this in your presious name Jesus.


  10. Background and credit check

    I interviewed with 4 managers and was offered a high paying job at a bank. I praised the Lord for blessing me with this opportunity. My offer is contingent on passing a background and credit check. My background is clear but I do have a couple things in collections nothing major. My debt is less than $2000. I pray in Jesus name that I pass both my background and credit check and I am cleared to start May 14th. I have faith and I trust the Lord completely. Anytime I feel nervousness or anxiety creep in, I pray again. In the name of Jesus and by the grace of God, I have faith I will pass the background and credit check and I will be cleared to start. Thank you Lord in advance.

  11. Background

    Please heavenly father let my background check clear. I been on four interviews. Please nothing negative. I can’t take another blow it has been a hard three years.

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