Prayer to help me get out of a difficult situation

Oh loving St. Jude, I pray to you who are close to our heavenly father to cause me a miracle to get out of a very difficult situation, of which could have devistating and embarrassing consequences.

I ask of you, and our father so much, and here I am asking of you more. May you please bless upon me again a miracle.

May my situation be amicably resolved this week, so that we may all move on, and continue to serve our father. Please St. Jude I beg of you to help me, I beg of you, please.

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  1. Have Faith

    St Jude I have faith and I know when saying this prayer you never fail me it is always answered in the best possible way thank you St Jude.

  2. Difficult Situations

    I pray St. Jude for guidance and wisdom as I face difficult situations in my workplace.

    I ask for your mercy and miracle that I will be spared in this moment. I am a sinner, forgive me for the sins I have committed. But I asked for your mercy to spare me in my work and retains my job. I am helping my parents and relatives financially.

    I do not know how to give the supporting documents to our auditor, I asked for a miracle as I have posted those entries and those are wrong. I am begging you St. Jude to help me and spare me this time.


  3. Discharge

    My Husband and I beseech anyone out there who reads this to please pray for us. My child is in the hospital and we are trying to get her discharged and back home to us. She ingested something while under the care of the nanny and has technically been under the care of Social Services.
    My husband and I feel terribly guilty about all this but see that God is trying to teach us a lesson …”you can never be too careful”.
    We have been dealing with a lot of people who say they are going to follow up or do something for our case and have not been following through. I also think God is trying to teach us “long suffering”.
    This difficult situation is affecting all of us to our core. We are praying for all loose ends to come together in order to get her home.
    “Behold, I am the Lord the God or all Flesh, is there anything too hard for me?” – Jeremiah 32 v 27

  4. Seeking God's miracle

    Please pray for me as I am facing a difficult situation. I went on a home leave and lost my passport and all travel documents. I have been stuck for almost 3 months oversea trying to get the immigration service to expedite the application of my travel documents. I give praise to God for receiving part of the document but the application to expedite the travel document has been denied. I am about to loose my job if I do not return to my duty station abroad. I restarted the process and waiting for a miracle . Please pray for me. I will keep praying to Our Lord for deliverance and His Amazing Grace. All things are possible through God.

  5. What a powerful prayer!!!!

    Two days ago (Monday), I was in an impossible situation. That ought, I was restless, did not sleep, as I saw my life’s effort seemingly brought to nothing. In the morning, I said this prayer. I tried to find inner strength to go on and wondered what the months ahead and life would be like. The impossible (to humans) happened. In less than two hours, the problem was solved. God reigns!!!!

  6. Pray for bad situations

    Please pray for me guys I mistakenly passed a school bus stop and didn’t realize till I had already passed it. In all truth this wasn’t anything done with intentions of doing so. Jesus knows my heart and know I would have never break that law but I ask for prayer that my license plate wasn’t taken or on camera. This is a very stressful situation for me because I can’t afford to pay ticket fines or the worst getting a suspended license. Lord forgive me and please make a miracle for me. This might seem like something simple but it really hurts my heart. Not only for my safety but for the kid that gets off the bus. I’m still in shock and need every prayer possible so that I may not receive any tickets which they will call reckless driving. Jesus help me in this time of need because only you know the heart

  7. i need a miracle at work

    Saint Jude, o holy Saint Jude . Apostle and martyr. Great in miracles . I beg you for your intervention at my place of work . I am weary from fighting off battles from my boss at work . Unfortunately , i need to have a job . Not just to support my children , but also to support my ailing mother , to support my sick and jobless brother , to take care of my mums household, to provide for my house help and her 3 children . I need to be able to provide for all the people who depend on me . Lord you know my hear is clean . lord you know i have given this job my all . Lord you know i have worked tirelessly , given my sweat and blood . Lord you know i am good at what i do . And lord you know i have grown to love my job . But for the past 1 and a half years , my life is a constant roller coaster of emotions and stress . I cannot remember the last time i had a month of peace , bliss, and tranquillity . My life constantly oscillates between stress and work , and stress in my marriage . I do not want to give up but oh, i am so tired . Please i beg you saint Jude . Please have mercy on me . please protect me from my detractor who want me out of this place . Please saint Jude cover me in the blood of the most high . Please fight this battle for me . My soul is weary , my hear aches . What did i do to deserve such a wicked human being as my boss? Please i beg you from the depth of your heart . Find it in your hear to carry me .Oh please give me strength ans grace . Please protect me from embarrassment and pity from my colleagues . I have gone through it once a year ago . Please this time protect me . Please protect my heart . Please protect my dignity . Please protect my reputation. Please protect my family . Please protect my children. Please protect my widowed ailing mother . Please protect my helper and her children. Please protect my family’s savings , Please protect my family’s future . Above all saint Jude, you are mightier than any mortal, man or woman, black or white . Please protect me from my enemy who is out to ensure that i am rendered jobless . I’m the mighty, powerful, sacred name of Jesus I pray .

  8. financial

    Heavenly St. Jude I pray for Greece’s financial crisis, for all the nation that is vulnerable at this time and could break out into a civil war. I ask you to petition to Our Saviour for His mercy, to help the Government’s find a proposal and that the countries involved make find an amicable resolution, through Christ Jesus I ask. Amen

  9. Prayer for help to quickly resolve a family problem

    Dear St Jude

    Please pray for my family and I so that we may resolve the problems we are encountering at home at the soonest. Also help us all to put God first in our lives always.
    I urgently need your intercession as this matter is getting more difficult as each day goes by.

  10. prayer for family and finances

    Dear God,
    Please help me with my difficult situation with my husband. Please enter in his heart and allow him to understand our marriage, let him be open to counseling and if he no longer loves me – let him be honest and tell me about it. Please guide us in this difficult situation together no matter how difficult it is.

    Also with my finances – please help me get on track and allow me to make it month to month with the money I make at work. Please help me dear god


  11. Legal situation

    My son is going through a legal battle in which they are trying to send him to prison just for carrying a loaded weapon that he was using just in case for his own protection. He works out of town and has very expensive equipment necessary for his job. He was pulled over for drunk driving, he had a couple of beers at dinner after work, he was honest and told the officer that he had a gun and explained why he had it. He was arrested and is now going through the court process in which they are trying to send him to prison. He is not a bad person and has never been in trouble before. We need your help in helping him get through this situation and that everything comes out in his favor so that he can continue to work and provide for his family.



  13. Thank you

    Thank you St. Jude answering my prayers and for helping me and my family. Forgive me for not thanking you before now. Thank you Jesus for protecting us.

  14. thank you...

    St. Jude answered part of my prayer in a matter of 1/2 an hour!! Part of what I asked (a big part) came through!! I believe that the rest of my prayer will be answered. He heard me and is granting my request. I will keep the faith!! Thank you again, St. Jude.



  16. Financial Problem

    Almighty Father, St Jude, I am asking for you guidance and divine assistance that we may be able to survive the financial crisis that we are facing right now. My mom had a problem in her work in financial matter. St Jude, Give her strength that she may be able to carry all the overweight burdens in her heart, Give her peace and strength and Good health to continue to serve you. St. Jude I am praying also to touch the hearts of the auditor that they may give mercy to my mother and touch their hearts to be good and not so strict , and I hope and pray they will not give my mother a hard time during the day of auditing. St Jude Bless my Mother. Bless her workplace. Bless my family. Open the hearts and mind of the auditor and the people in the work place of my mother. St Jude help us to resolve this problem. Help us St Jude. I am asking for your mercy and divine assistance for our problem. Amen

  17. Praying Constantly

    St JUDE, I’m praying 10 times a day for your help in getting us out of a difficult situation. I really need you help to get someone to rent our place I know you will help me.. please Help us.

  18. anoymus

    dear St jude
    Please get me out of this difficult situation without hurting any of my siblins feeling bring back son who is enstranged at the moment back to me and let my siblings care for their elderly mother with gratitude love and care .This is a very difficult situation for St Jude worker miracles and desperate causes hear my prayer for help a home of my own with security and protection acording to divine will and lead me to country and home.than you st Jude Amen

  19. Need help desperately

    Dear St. Jude, I need your miracle in my daughter’s life. She is having problem at her work place over visa H1 and the Director doesn’t like her. Doesn’t want her. But its too late to get another job. She is a very kind girl. Helps us all. For the sake of her mother’s prayers answer us Lord. Please St Jude you are a miracle working saint. Do this miracle and I will thank you and tell people about your miracles. I believe you will answer my request. I need your miracle.

  20. Difficult situation at work

    I pray St. Jude for mercy, guidance and wisdom as I face difficult situations in my workplace.

    St. Jude, I ask for your mercy and miracle in this difficult situation that I am facing at my workplace. I committed a grave mistake at work and asked for your mercy to spare me from shame and embarrassment. Spare me and help me retain my job for my parents and relatives are relying on me financially. Am sending my niece nd nephew to schools.

    I was unable to process filing the tax issue for my company but have told that I did and now am in a bind as they have someone outside follow it up with the tax office. I now asked for a miracle as I am at fault for delaying it but is now almost a step away from filing it. I am begging you St. Jude to help me and spare me this time.


  21. Prayer for financial

    St Jude I am asking for your divine assistance to help the bank release all of our funds so that we are able to pay for our rent and to continue for our business to prosper. Please letter the bank and who ever is working on our account resolve any issues

  22. Married a Monster

    I dated my husband for almost 5 years before we got married. Since we’ve been married he’s verbally abusive to me. He head-butted me my son 24 called the police after he tried protecting me and the police took his side, siting that he was former law enforcement. SAid that they had to charge my son too because he tried to step in an protect me, because he swung at him. I was in the middle because I didn’t want my son to get hurt. We went to my church and I haven’t been there is almost a year….they were no help because I’m not tithing it appears. No follow-up ….they don’t care either. It’s just me & God. Please pray for me, I need guidance, strength and a way out.

  23. Financial debt to be breakthrough in Jesus name

    Pray for my debt, pray for my government job situation, pray for life partner, pray for whole family,

  24. Prayer for Miracle in my school and for a job

    I urge you to pray for me. I am facing a very troubling situation in my school. I have lagged behind my class that graduated this year. I am praying to the Lord and St Jude that I will receive the miracle I ask so that I can be done with my school immediately and get a job so I can help out my loved ones. I know I made several mistakes along the way and I’m terribly sorry but I pray the board will consider my exams so I can graduate.
    Dear Lord I know you are listening to my despair and you will get me out of it.

  25. prayer for me to get out of this work problems. i had warning for the 12 months. I am facaing disclipne hearing again

    i would like to be prayed on the working in the government. while i am facing again a dislpine hearing oin the same ministry. i dont know what to do now. i am confuse God help me out of this sitautuion which i am facing my Lord. I dont wnat to do my family their on me. i spent sometimes sleepless night . some time s idont how to explain to poeple.

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