Prayer to find a loving companion

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Dear St. Jude, through the sacred heart of Jesus, please pray that i am guided to my companion. Please help me stay in faith till that day dawns.

PLease pray that i do not succumb to my loneliness. Dear St. Jude please mainfest this miracle in my life.

Thank you Dear St Jude

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  1. Reconciliation and marriage

    Lord i pray through the intercession of Mother Mary, st Joseph and st Jude IC will reconcile with me and accept to marry me as he promised. Give him the courage to be humble, ask for forgiveness, forgive and correct his mistakes. Thank You. Amen

  2. Prayer for a Godly Catholic Husband

    I’m a single mom to 3 beautiful young children who wants nothing more than to have a beautiful life-giving Catholic marriage where we can serve others and ecourage one another in our own spiritual journey. I’m in my 30s and find most men immature. I dated out of loneliness in the first year or so after my divorce. I have since surrendered to God. He knows the man I want and need. Please God, help me in my loneliness that I may not succumb to temptation and date a person I should not. Help me to stay confident and happy in my singleness and trust that you will bring the right person into my life. Lead and guide me, direct me to the person you have for me and give me the wisdom and strength to know who is for me but to also walk away from those that are not for me. I want someone that has my entire heart, help me to not ever settle.

  3. Amen

    I pray that the Lord guides me towards someone that will share my love of Christ. That together we can become closer to the Lord and serve him!

  4. a good husband

    Dear Saint Jude ples=ase intercede for me in my request of finding a good husband.I am 26 years old and have never been in any serious relationship.Please help me find a good soulmate.
    Thank you.

  5. please pray

    Please Jesus and any1 reading did prayer pray for me
    I met with did boy few months back an straight away I felt for him
    It turns out he has been playing me we broke up BC he couldn’t make time to text or ring me an always seemed to be busy an hanging with his friends he has bought me gifts but I tink he was jus playing me about I’m a good person attend mass every Sunday an as offent in the week I can I don’t drink or smoke I jus want things to work an Jesus if he makes an effort to come bk into my life I will except him if he trys harder I really want my life to be happy an jus want a healty happy relationship I pray to u Jesus u won’t see me wrong in life an pit me on the right path to love an light of life amen

  6. A loving community of God

    Show the
    way so all that are lost and lonely, may come together and be of good cheer. Loneliness vs kindliness. May St Raphael lead me to companionship of mutual respect and care. Amen

  7. help

    please pray for patty to find her companion. Help him love, honor and respect her and her children. Help his heart belong only to her. patty is so lonely, her heart aches for someone to love her


    Dear Jesus Lord and our Holy Mother I am so very lonely. I have been very successful in business and have more money than I know what to do with, But it means nothing without someone to share it with and to love and be loved. To be happy and have a loving wife or husband and family is the greatest gift in the world; something all the money in the world cannot buy. Please send me someone to share my life.

  9. Finding a healthy, loving and mature male companion

    I’m in my 30 now. Please give me wisdom and direction in finding a healthy, loving and mature life partner. You know that I need a Partner for my life, Lord! Father when I think of my future I am gripped by anxiety! You know the longings of my heart and You know what is best for me. Bless me Lord so that I can build up a family for Your glory! Every good gift comes from You Lord and You will never deny Your children’s joy and happiness.

  10. wishing for a female companion/friend

    I wish to find a female companion or just a friend who is a girl. For most of my life I haven’t been to popular with women either shy, or someone tries to pull my leg and hurt my feelings, or letting someone I liked go for someone else… I don’t want much just a female companion who is loyal and enjoys spending time with me. But to be honest more and more I’m losing hope for myself and give up. Ever heard the saying “nice guys finish last?” I think that maybe true. Lord I pray in the name of Jesus Christ help me find someone to finally fill this void in my life.

    I’m in my mid 20s I had endured a lot the past few years. I lost my mother to a sickness called amyloidosis about almost 4 years ago who was 56 which was the most horrible day of my life. I was close with my mother who I take a bullet for, it’s just myself and my father who was married for 35 years with my mother, and I care for my father and I worry about him and myself. I have Faith in you jesus to help guide me and my father just to make things easier for us.

  11. lonlness

    I lost my dear wife 3 years ago to pancreactic cancer. It has beenvery lonely without her. She as a wonderful person and the est wife a man could have. Beforeshe died she had tol. I wish everyday that she was her with me. I would like to find a nice companion to spend the est of my life with

  12. Lonely and seeking Companion

    I am 30 years old, single, never had a girlfriend or been in a relationship with a woman. I am very shy and I don’t get out much in my current situation. No job or a car or money for that matter. I attend church regularly and pray to God all the time for him to guide me into that path of love and devotion. I desperately seek a companion and I there’s a void inside me that’s so empty. I sometimes feel hopeless that I’ll never fall in love and that I’ll be alone forever. I often get discouraged and it’s hard to remain positive, but praying and attending church service helps. I just pray that God will hear these prayers and guide me to meet that special someone.

  13. Finding A Companion

    I pray to God everyday for a companion. I am desperately lonely. I am 30, single, never had a girlfriend or been in a relationship. Not even a high school sweetheart. I feel so alone at times like there’s an empty void inside me that needs to be filled. I pray and pray for love. Yet I haven’t found it. I have doubts and fears that I will never find my true love. That companion whom I am searching for. I want a good girl who can accept me for me and I do the same for her. How can you test the waters of faith and know about relationships when you can’t find someone to test it with? Sometimes I feel like giving up. I just pray that someday God will guide me into that righteous path of true bliss and happiness that everyone so happily deserves. I am a very shy person who doesn’t get out much. But attending church service has helped.

  14. hurt and lonely

    a month ago someone I thought cared about me, told me I was a pest and that he was tired of me, he said he was tired of me just like my family is tired of me and coworkers. He was very abusive physically and mentally. I understand this problem is his, but he hurt me. I wonder why the Lord allowed me to meet and fall for him. For two years I suffured his neverending criticisms,his cruel game playing of hurting my feelings just because. I asked him if he ever cared about me, I, no answer, I gathered he was ashamed of me. This conclusion really hurts, he did say we are not together and will never be together, and threatened to call my employer if I spoke to him again. I thought what a punk, What Man handles a personal situation in that fashion? I guess I answered my own question, What Man?I want a companion, who is a true companion, want hurt me or use me. He tried to get me to take out a loan for him, I told him No, he would not even buy me a hamburger. So I know he would have stuck me with the bill. he thought I was a fool. Pray for me. I have never been treated like this before by anyone. ever. I just want to be loved and cared about.

  15. Lonely and desperate for love

    I appeal to you my heavenly father as your child to come to my rescue, and send my way a loving companion who will
    love me for who i am and nothing else .I yearn for a genuine and fulfilling relationship that will eventually lead to
    marriage.Have mercy on me my heavenly father im so lonely i feel i can sometimes cry in helplessness. But deep down
    i know you know my situation even more than i know myself and that you are a mercyfull god. Father this i ask in Jesus
    mighty name .AMEN

  16. Anonymous

    St. Jude, You have never failed me. Please heal my hurt and let me find love again, this time, true love,with a person who is a god Christian, and will be a life partner. Thank You, St. Jude.

  17. Please St. Jude

    Dear St. Jude,
    Please intercede for my dad that he gets stronger and gets out of rehab soon. Please help him heal more and more every day and please ask Jesus to not let him suffer. Also, kindly intercede that I meet my husband soon..I’m in my 40s, never been married, and have no children. I feel so lonely and that my life has no purpose. Thank you for listening and interceding for me. I love you, St. Jude!

  18. Hurt and Lonely

    I met someone in 2013 and thought I had found someone to share my whole self with. I wanted to be a help to him. I wanted nothing in return, just love. I ended up getting abused verbally and physically. He even tried to destroy my reputation. I really thought he cared for me. I would have given him anything and still will because I believe in him. He owned his own business and I saw success. He allowed me to fall in love with him only to find out from one of his friends that he wanted men, not a woman. I was devastated. He should have left me alone and never lead me on. I am hurt, sad and confused. How can I trust again? I find myself thinking about him and saying what if? I have to pray constantly not to hate him. I would like someone to share my time with. I am not asking anyone to take care of me, I can do that myself.

  19. Prayer to make a true and lasting friendship to last me for the rest of my years.

    Dear Lord
    I pray, with the intercession of Our Lady, St Joseph, and the Blessed St Jude – Patron Saint of Hopeless Cases, that Our Lord will find me a companion to be my friend and helpmate for however many years I have left. I particularly ask this as I am no longer a young woman, have no close family around me, and feel the need of support in my senior years from someone who would care deeply for me and my welfare, as I would for them.
    I pray too that this will happen very soon now, as I am not getting any younger and am feeling very isolated and alone with no real family support. I hope and trust You will not abandon me in my hour of need.
    Thank you for hearing my prayer.

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