Prayer for my son’s exams

Please pray for my son’s exams. he is in class x . he has done very badly, he cannot concerate on his studies.

His exams are starting on the 1st of march. please pray.

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  1. Prayer for my son in his coming examination this coming march

    Lord our god please help my son this coming march his examination, help him to pass and get higher score help him not to forget the right answer and touch his hand and lead him to write the correct answer. Thank you lord.

  2. Please pray for my son exam starts from 10 march

    Please pray for son bcos he couldn’t concentrate on his studies…his exam starts from 10 March he is on class x please pray for him get through his exams…praises to the Lord..

  3. help with spanish test

    deat lord, please be by grants side today to help him think cleatly to help him with his Spanish test, Help him get a good grade
    Thank you

  4. Prayer to pass his science classes

    Dear Lord,
    I felt your hand was in the college acceptance letter for our son Jake. I followed your call and sent him off, knowing it was going to be extremely academically challenging. He has now finished his first semester and is in his Chemistry final. He is so discouraged and doesn’t feel he will achieve the percentage he needs to pass. So Lord, I come before you to ask that if this was your will, that you will give him the opportunity to continue pursuing his degree in nursing by passing this class with no less than a 80%. He needs you Lord. Please be there to guide his hand to indicate the correct answers today on his Chemistry exam, tomorrow on his psych exam and Friday on his biology exam. Thank you for your many blessings, including enabling us to provide him with a great education.

  5. Prayer

    Dear God,

    Please Guide Devaun today on his test. Give him strength, patience, and knowledge. In Gods name we pray…… Amen.

  6. Son's test

    Dear God,

    Please help my son Chaim as he writes his test in Statistics. Please give him sharp memory. Help him focus on his test and to analyze the questions. May he answer all the questions correctly. Relieve him of his anxiety, take away distractions and help him finish answering all the questions given to him.

    I asked this in the name of Jesus Christ, your son, our Lord and Saviour.


  7. Prayer for my son

    Pls pray for my son Angus who is finding it very hard to concentrate in school and home and remember to do things.
    His mind goes in different directions a lot.

    Appreciate it thanks


  8. Please bless him with wisdom and confidence

    Lord, I pray you give my sonconfidence and wisdom to succeed with at least 80% on his exam today. I pray lord, you help to turn his marks around this year. He works so hard and gets so discouraged- please pour out your blessings on him.
    I pray for my daughter too that she is successful inher entrance exams. Lord shower your blessings on her, too. Illuminate their minds. Give them the know how to succeed beyond belief.
    Thank you lord for granting this through your spirit.

  9. prayer for my son's board exam

    Dear Lord,

    Im praying for my son Jonas to pass the mechanical board exam he is taking right now.Help him to concentrate and do well in his
    Thank you and Praise be the name of Jesus.

  10. Driving

    Dear God,

    Please guide my son through his driving test today. Calm his nerves, and allow him to drive confidently. Please guide him to success.

  11. Pray for my son to pass

    Lord, please help my son to pass his exam. This is the second time he has taken it, I know he tried hard, but still struggled to comprehend the material. He was given many disadvantages in succeeding, I pray that your intercession can help him to receive a passing grade. I ask that you take special favor on him, he has served the church so often, and I know he will continue to do so. I would be most grateful if your hands can be with the instructior grading his paper, so he can be as generous as possible and my son can receive the points he needs. Thank you!

  12. Gods Guidance

    Dear God,please look down on Matthew as he sits this exam.Help him to remember everything that he has learnt for this exam.Calm his nerves and let him know that you are with him at this very stressful time in his life.Thank You God for all your love.Amen

  13. Prayer for my son to pass his exam he has not done well

    I pray for my son Dali tomorrow when he is going to start his very important exams that God should be with him and make him understand the importance to achieve something and pass . I ask for God intervention that he should be calm and able to write his exams and pass in Jesus name, only you my God you know better what he lacking and what his future will be. I surrender my son to Lord in Jesus name.

  14. Our Son

    Dear Lord,

    Please give Kasey the strength and confidence that he needs to pass his tests today. Thank you for all you have done for us. Please continue to guide us thru our daily journeys. In Jesus name, Amen!

  15. prayer for my son

    Dear Heavenly father, I ask as my Son Nique prepare to take the test to enter the Army tomorrow morning. That you will clear his mind and give him the knowledge he needs to understand the test. Father I pray that you will be with him every step of the way. I pray that his mind will be at ease so that he can focus. I’m thanking you in advance for what your about to do for my son life. We love you because you first loved us. THANK YOU JESUS!!! IT’S ALREADY DONE IN JESUS NAME. AMEN AMEN AND AMEN

  16. Please pray for my Son Kenneth

    Dear Lord,

    My son Kenneth in class V has not done great in this year and his now writing the final exams. Please Lord grant him wisdom and great knowledge. Today he has not prepared well. Please help him lord. Please have mercy on him and guide him in writing the exam well today. Send you Guardian angels besides him. Let them be with him and guide him in his question paper so that he will be able to write well.

    Please have Mercy on my Son Kenneth and help him do the exam well Lord.

    Please help him to do all the other subjects very well and help him pass to the next class with great Marks Lord.

    Bless him Lord Jesus

    Abba Heavenly father, I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ our Saviour. Amen

  17. Pray for My Son Jobin Joseph

    Dear God, Please help Jobin Mon to write his Net Exam Today well…….Kindly give him strength & Happiness
    in Jesus Name Amen.

  18. Pray for my son sean

    Dear God
    Please pray for my son Sean to relax during his ag science test he is finding this subject very hard to understand and can not seem to do well in this subject please God help him to relax and do the best he can and give him.a bit of confidence to even finish the paper and just pass the exam thank u Lord

  19. Prayer for my Son Cory to pass his exam today

    Please pray for my son Cory to pass his exam today. He is very afraid and he is struggles with his reading. Please give him the strength and courage to focus and concentrate and do his very best job possible because he can do the work if he isn’t afraid. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen

  20. Exams

    Praying for our son, Nicholas Joseph, during his exams – God’s will be done. Grace him with your divine guidance and positive energy. Heavenly Father it is in your hands..Amen.

  21. son's exam

    Please pray for my son Joshua while he is taking his test today and Friday. That he will pass so that he may graduate next week. Dear Lod thank you for ask you have done for us. Amen

  22. Exams

    Thanks for the above prayer, which I have just dedicated to my son Nicholas who is taking an important exam, which he has already failed, and which could stop him graduating at uni. Lord help him.

  23. Praying for son's exams

    Dear Lord, I am praying for our son, Nicholas’ Uni exams. God please grant him the wisdom to concentrate and understand in his studies. Lord send your angels to help him keep him well for his exams next week. We need you to work miracles for him to pass his exams because he is facing great difficulties in his degree. Lord I pray that you will penetrate the darkness of his understanding, let there be light. I pray this through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen

  24. Prayer for my son

    Pls God help my son to write his computer exam well…pls he should get through his exam…praise the Lord

  25. Izzy

    Prayers for my son to pass his start testing May 14th,15th Math & Reading. Please let him be free from anxiety,worries,trouble,any thing that messes with his head. Please let him choose the correct answers.Also just with regular school no more trouble and pass all his classes.In Jesus name we pray .Thank you!

  26. Prayer for my sons mcat

    Be with my son Heath as he now sits for his mcat exam. Lord thank you for preparing him for this important test. Give him calmness as he answers each question in a timely manner. Bring to mind all the things he has studied as he needs them. Remind him of how precious he is to you and that you have perfect plans for his life as he dedicates it to your service. Thank you that he has this opportunity and the desire to serve others as a medical professional. Thank you for the ultimate victory thru your blood! All things to your glory!!

  27. Son’s test

    Please pray for my son to pass his test tomorrow. He has done an excellent job up until this point. He needs to do well to continue with this degree.

  28. Pleas pray for my boys

    Please pray for my son for the ACT and for my other son to have better grades and do better on test

  29. My son Andrew to pass his Civil Engineering Board Exam

    Dear Lord,I ask you to help Andrew as he prepares to take his Civil Engineering Part 2 of his Professional Licensure Test.This is the 2nd attempt.My son has to work full time at a very demanding job while preparing for the test.The preparation,studying is very time consuming coupled with working.I ask God to give him focus to clear his mind and help him retain what he has learned.Also to give him strength to know “he can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens him”The favor to pass the exam amen!!!

  30. My son SAT exam

    Please pray for my son during his SAT exam that God will give hom understanding in all area during his exam in Jesus name. Amen!

  31. Prayer for my sons

    Both are sitting for their exams at the end of the year. Praying for success i.e the may pass

  32. Pass driving license test today on Jan 13, 2022

    Lord Jesus and the Holy Ghost to let TaVoris Alfred Solomon to pass his driving license exam on Jan13, 2022 In your name sake have mercy on him to master his exam and never have to do again. TaVoris Solomon obey the law and a have brighter future in his life from this point on forever in your name sake JESUS JESUS JESUS. Amen by his Mother Jan 13, 2022.

  33. Pray for my son

    Please pray for my son to pass his board exams so he can go for his clinicals he wants to be a doctor he is trying very hard to study for the exam please Lord do miracle for him his exam is coming soon l leave his future in your hands

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