Prayer for a contract to come

by SG (CT)

St. Jude I ask you to pray for my family that we receive a new contract so that my son can start school back home. I have been so alone and so depressed and desperately want to return home with my family and this can be done if we receive a contract from the school we have been in touch with. I will be forever grateful for this favor granted to us St. Jude.

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  1. I am praying hard for contract approved on behalf of my friend Ken.

    I pray that this contract be rewarded to Ken. We hope and trust in you Jesus. Please let him obtain that contract so that his Joy will be fulfilled. Thank you might God for not giving up on us in Jesus name we pray Amen

  2. New contract

    Dear Saint Jude,

    I am praying hard for a new business contract to start up for me. I have been to the interview and still awaiting an e mail on the contract details to be sent to me. I am so anxious but I have faith. I pray I get e mail by this weekend so I can celebrate with my wife and children who give me great support and encouragement. I promise to put รขโ€šยฌ100 euro in the poor box this Sunday at mass if it comes through by today. Thanks again St Jude. John.

  3. May your prayers (and mine) come true

    Dear God,

    Please help everyone who has posted here. My prayer to you is for a contract offer to come through soon so that I can continue my course next semester. I would love to buy my children Xmas presents this year. They have been working hard and deserve recognition. I would also like to show appreciation to my husband for allowing me to take time for training and development over the last 2 years. Thank you!

  4. Divine intervention

    Pls brethren, by God grace there is a contract my family is believin God for, pls put us in ur prayers that it shall come to fulfilment in Jesus name. Amen

  5. Contract with Steve

    I am praying for Steve to come through with his contract by Saturday. I need to help my family and this contact’s income will help me to do so. I promise to God if it comes through that I will put $500 aside to help needy families at Christmas.

    In Jesus’name,


  6. Prayer to see a contract

    I need your prayer to see a contract, things is difficult for me. Pls kindly join me in prayer because i know this is my year. God bless you all

  7. pray for me brethen .i need a contract for my new establishment

    Goodday brethen. my name is daniel anih. i own a newly established portacabin and prefab steel building company. pls pray for me, since its establishment, i have not gotten a single contract. i have done all i can but to no avail. put me in your prayers as i seek the face of God jehova for a contract and i know he is going to do it. Amen

  8. prayer for acontract to come

    l love what men and women of God are doing to the world.

  9. Ike

    Dear God

    Please help me to get the email FROM SA TAXI FINANCE as I went to interview with them for being on their panel. In the name of my lord Jesus Christ. Amen ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ l

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