prayer for immediate help to finalize divorce


Dear St. Jude,

Please help me and intercede my petition to the Lord. I have tried for years to end my marriage that has been emotionally and mentally abusive. The divorce was filed in the courts but I have had little support.

My husband has done everything he can to stop the divorce to control me and our children. I am about to dismiss divorce because that is what he wants.

Financially I can’t continue with it because I have become so physically ill from the stress that I can’t work. My children are all suffering. I don’t want to give in and stop the divorce. I can’t keep living this miserable life. I want to be happy and joyful again with my children in a new place without his control. At this point, I believe I need divine intervention and a miracle for this to happen. I cant continue to be controlled and manipulated. My children deserve to know what real love looks like between two people.
St. Jude, I have always had faith in you, my God in heaven, and my Savior Jesus. Please pray for me and pray for my intercession that my situation will come to a quick and positive ending after 5 years of trying. Please also renew my strength to keep pushing forward.
I put this horrible and hopeless situation in your hands and in God’s hands. Please hear my desperate prayer and help me.
God Bless you St. Jude and all the saints in heaven.

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  1. You will be blessed

    God will help because you have asked for his help. Be strong, it can be very draining but God is with you. St Jude will work things out for you.

  2. You're not alone

    I am going through the same kind of turmoil. I pray that God would give me custody and end this so we can’ go on with our lives. My child is suffering. I’m suffering. I’m tired, I’m broke. All he thinks of us is property. He doesn’t care about us it is all about the control. Hes sick and suffering alcoholic. Please let me be free so I can be happy to live my life again. He is doing what makes him happy, sleeps around, goes to topless bars, hes a pathological liar and a master manipulator. I’m pretty sure God doesn’t expect me to go back to that. What makes it worse is that he is a fake christian. No real christian would do the things he does and the things he has done to his own family. I think he is full of demons. Even the devil believes in God. I’m dealing with evil and trying to maintain my faith. It’s like spiritual warfare.

  3. Praying for you

    You should be congratulated for getting this far, keep your faith and trust that God is with you. You are being a great example for your children. It is important to stand up for yourself as difficult as it is, considering your opposition. Don’t forget put the oxygen mask on yourself first. The children are counting on you. Good luck I’ll keep you in my prayers.

  4. question?

    I am not a lawyer but if you want the divorce, and you file for and absolute divorce in your state, then it should not matter if he wants the divorce or not.

    have you thought about moving to a different state and after the time period of residency (usually 6 months) then filing for divorce?

    Let me ask you a few questions if i may :

    Has your husband tired to make ammends at all ?
    Could it be possible that your divorce is still not final because maybe this is not God’s Will at the moment? Maybe the Lord needs to use you to show HIs love to your husband.

    If he has not tried to change, and is not divorcing you out of spite, then there are other ways to obtain the divorce. Consult another lawyer if you need too.

    Jesus clearly outlines the guidelines for divorce and they are adultery (and of course abuse as well). If you have these true reasons, then you are right to divorce him.

    I pray you find God’s WIll for you and your family. Amen.

  5. prayer to for my annulment

    St.Jude please help me to find a way for my annulment i been wanted to be totally free for this marriage we been seperated for 7 yrs.and i been inquering to the lawyer but still i cant even start because of my financial problem and also im working abroad,it needed my appearance please help me with Your intercession St.Jude so that i can have a peace of mind,in Jesus name please hear my Prayers.Amen

  6. Have Faith in Jesus.

    In Jesus name i pray i rebuke the devil inside your husband to leave him and so that everything will finalised for you and your children in Jesus name Amen.

  7. God Bless you and yours

    Dear Friend
    I am in a very similar situation and sadly I know your turmoil and pain. I know God has work for us. We with others like us will be healed and able to help others. I pray in Jesus’ name thru the power of the Holy Spirit all will be well, healthy and find our true Joy.

  8. Praying for you

    In Jesus name I pray that your storm is quickly ending! The blessing God has for you is bigger than ever, Keep your faith in Jesus Christ! I pray you and your children will not suffer no longer than needed be! God Bless stay close to God, keep trusting him.

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