Prayer to get my money back

by Rita (Australia)

St Jude please pray that the people who owe me money shall give my money back.

I have no other way to fight back for my money to be returned but to ask that you please intercede on my behalf.

Thank you St Jude.

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  1. Money back

    St Jude I pray the thousands of £££ I lent to Darlington for his business he will soon pay me back!!

  2. Prayer

    St jude
    Please help me to get bsck my money from those who are tKen it from me.Iam in need of tat money.please i have no other ways n iam helpless so please intercede for me

  3. real estate thieves

    I paid for a 1 bedroom apt in April 2016 $2500. Today. June 13 2016 i dont have the apt or my money. Im about to be put out my current place bc my brother owns the apt and hasnt paid a penny. Therefore im about to be evicted. Please St. Jude help me

  4. Prayer

    Please include me in your prayers that a woman named Delia will return my hard earned money that she owes me its been 5 years. I am in dire need of money. Please St. Jude answer my prayers now. Amen

  5. Ron owes me

    I have waited for months for Ron to pay me money I loaned him. He called me here at work; asked for the money, came to my job; I took my lunch time so that he could take me to the bank to get it for him. Ron Wesley is a lawyer. My finances are limited; I am blessed to work (I am paid minimum wage) but I am disappointed and hurt that he would not repay me. I have tried to be a very good friend to him for many, many years. I thank God for everything!
    In Jesus’ name I pray.

  6. pls pray for me

    i have invested my money in a project after completing the work. now the owner says my project is not good and he will not pay me, what ever the single penny i had i have invested all i am helpless, if i don’t get the money back i will be in a problems.

  7. Prayer

    St Jude, Pls pray that Danesh , Guru , Deepak will pay back my money in within this weekend so that I don t have to suffer . I want them only to pay back my money. I have not cheated anybody. If they pay me back- i can come out of debts, pay praveen, pay vivek. Buy chain. Save money. Pls pls pls let them all pay my money back by this week. Also my name shouldn t be spoilt by anyone. I plead you . Pls st jude pls pray .

  8. Financial Blessings

    Pls pray for me, St. Anthony n St, Jude, to get back my money which i hv lost in a scheme. Pls pray that all the concerned people may be annointed with the Holy spirit n may be convinced n be merciful to return all the money they owe me soon to clear off my loans , IJN.

  9. Financial Blessings

    Pls pray for me to get back my money which i hv lost in a scheme. Pls pray that all the concerned people may be annointed with the Holy spirit n may be convinced to return all the money they owe me soon to clear off my loans , IJN.

  10. People owe me money

    Please pray the people who owe me money will pay me as soon as possible. God will bless me with a financial increase. I am a single mother and working part time. I pray for debt cancellation too in the name of Jesus. Amen.

  11. Prayer to get my money back!

    I stand in agreement. I also in the same situation people owe me money. Please pray Colleen will pay me this month. $500 in the name of Jesus.

  12. Stand in agree people owe me money.

    Please pray that my brothers David, Donald, my sisters Tina, Theresa and my friend Maria T. will pay me the money they owe me. I am a single mother and work part-time. I need them to pay me back the money they borrow from me in the name of Jesus, Amen.

  13. St Jude, a lot of money is owed to us.. Because of which we sre in great trouble. Please let it be paid to us soon. hal

    A lot of money is owed to us. We need some of it in a day or two or else we will be in a lot of trouble. Please St Jude, help us from this immediate misery and I shall be evdr grateful. Amen

  14. Dear st jude please make Russell pay my mother and my money

    St jude i am in a relationship for 11 year and each time that russell was in problem he took a loan from my mother or me today that amount to nearly 5lakh now he says he has nothing to do with me Cus we have asked him to pay back the money.I trusted him so I have nothing on paper and he is saying if I want the money take him to court or forget it. Above all his mother is practicing blackmagic and always makes us fight whenever we fight he says I’ll not give you a single rupee and threateneds to get us hammered, insulated by his friends. I love him alot and don’t want to loose him but I need the money to only you can help me out please pray.Amen.

  15. prayer to get my money back

    Please help me with prayers I have more than 5 people who owes me. I have been patient and I think its now been a year without them promising. some of them don’t even bother themselves in answering my calls when I am trying to call them. I have faith and hope that by God’s miracles they will pay.

  16. recovering my hard earned money

    Prayers to the almighty and merciful please help me recover 2 lakh rs given as a token and deal couldn’t be fulfilled due to various challenges now the person is being very rude and avoiding I am worried and need prayers

  17. Prayer to get back my money

    The corporation worker named Leela took 11.Lakhs &75 thousand rupees from me.she returned only l Lakh 90 thousand rupees.I should get back 9 Lakh 85thousand from her. Please pray for me st.jude.
    Thanking you
    sreedevi Tampi

  18. Please pray for me

    I have been very patient with the father of my daughter for what now is going to be 15 years. Over time I have been a struggling single mother and abled to him to maintain a relationship with her weather or not he paid his child support. Well now fast forward, he owes me exactly $56,036.20, and I need prayers that I will get my money back. I have done my part as a good servant to my child and now I really want to send up prayers for this request. I have been blessed so much and I will eternally be grateful, but this is all I have left is faith and prayers. Thank you so much in advance for all your help.

  19. To get back my money from friends.

    My friends borrow money from me and I need to get it back now but seems they are ignoring me,it’s been 2years,St.Jude I need prayers and help that they will pay me soon,pls touch their heart and mind so that they will pay me back.

  20. My money

    Oh st Jude
    I asked that you be so kind as to get me my money from Chad Veazey and Phillip Norris today! They owe me for a job I’ve done for three months and still owe me over $152,000!
    I ask that you give me the strength to tell Chad the rite and correct words to get my money today! It’s been over 1 month since I finished and I need the money! As you can see!
    I ask that you please fill Chads heart to know that I deserve this money to pay me! And let Chads eye be open to what Phillips trying to do to me!!
    He is lieing to me and to Chad about the amount he payed me! Let Chad see this!!
    Let Chad be on my side about this situation and write my check today St. Jude!! Give me the strength and the write paperwork to show him clearly from the bank that I did not make that much money so far!
    Give me St. Jude my check today!!
    I love you and thank you so much!!
    I know my prayer has been answered!!!

  21. I pray for getting back my money

    St.jude pray for me that I will get back the money that I paid for a lady, she said she will give back in 4 days. Now it’s more than two weeks. She is not picking my call. I’m jobless for more than 5 months and also have some debts here and there. Please don’t forsake me.
    Thank you

  22. Want to recover stolen money

    St. Jude please pray for me to get my money back.
    My dad had lost some money, i don’t know whether it’s stolen or not, i hope i get my money back.
    Thank you

  23. St jude

    Please St Jude help me get back my money from sunil who cheated me. My marriage is fixed and in need of money. I tried many ways but he is not agreeing and tell will not return back. Help me teach him a lesson and get back my money soon.

  24. Want to recover my money and documents

    St. Jude please pray that Solomon kelvin mensah who fraudulently took my money and has my documents returns them immediately I am in dire need of it

  25. Need of my money :(

    St.Jude the helper in need, I praise you. I have helped a friend of mine with some money which was my hardwork and savings for about 2 years. But he is finding difficult to repay it might be he is having a worse condition or having such an intention to cheat 🙁 please bless him with abundance wealth so as to give back my money. feeling hurt and my hardwork has no meaning. You are my last hope 🙁 Love you please help.

    Those who are reading this request please intercede with St.Jude and pray for me.

  26. I Want my money back

    Dear St Jude, please pray for me to get my money back from Fred who keeps tossing me and has refused to pay back what he owes me.
    I’m getting fraustrated please.

  27. My money was stolen on my job and I want that person who stole my money to bring it back.

    Please pray for me that the person on my work that stolen my money bring it back to me let their mind not rest in peace I pray god that they may be in torment until my money is return to me, let them be uncomfortable on work let them be cuffing non stop of which should be a sine may that cuff stop until they bring back my money to me and let them be expose. In Jesus name Amen

  28. Help us to pray for the return of our money invested

    St Jude please pray that the money we invested in Taurise will be returned to us.

    We have no other way to fight back for our money to be returned but to ask that you please intercede on our behalf.

    Thank you St Jude.

  29. pray for money to be returned to my brother

    Saint Jude, I am asking that the money that Frank is owed be returned to him as soon as possible.

  30. Lost $250,000

    Please help me nobody’s ever pay me back my hard-earned money I’m currently out $250,000 my wife says I shouldn’t worry about it I get it back tenfold when am I ever going to get 2.5 million dollars back

  31. Get money back

    St jude please help me an my daughter get that money back we are owed thanks

  32. Got scammed $13,000+

    I ask for help and prayer in getting my funds back from scammers who said they could help me. I finally found my own apartment and I’m short for my first and last. I ask for a great miracle to get my funds back so I can pay those I owe, and debt. I can’t eat, sleep or focus. St.Jude I seek your help, I cry snd pray every day and night. I’ve suffered for too long.

  33. MEAN persons stealing

    Please help me pray that all that was stolen and is being stolen be returned to me 10 x fold and punish the persons doing this mal-treatment to me. Amen.

  34. Get my money

    I’m locked out of my account and can’t access my money. Please St. Jude help me to get my money. I so need them now!

  35. Grant us this miracle

    St Jude intercede on our behalf. My husband took a loan to invest for me. However we were conned by Nzumbi and Gift. We have tried all means to get back our money but invain. Dear God, please grant my husband and I the gift of recovering our money. Sleak to them oh Lord.

  36. St Jude they duped me yesterday pls I want d person to return d money back

    St Jude pray for me they duped me yesterday touch d heart of d person. And let him send m ymoney bk

  37. Stolen money

    My money £3500 was stolen on a Klm flight. Please pray for me that the person who stole the will not have peace and pray that Klm will pay my money back

  38. Lost Finances

    My friend borrowed money from me and now avoiding to pay back. Please pray so that I get my finances back.
    This was preserved for my children’s education. I am a sinner; forgive me my Lord. And grant me my petition.

  39. prayer request

    I have no other way to fight back for my money i lend to Antonny to return it but to ask that you please intercede on my behalf.he has turned out to be a hardcore and am a stranger to him since 4th March 2019 because he never picks my calls nor replies my texts.please saint Jude intercede for me. Amenn

  40. Prayer to get my money back

    St Jude please help me and touch the heart of Joseph Oloruntoba that defrauded me to pay me back please help me I have no other option ,give him no rest until he pays me my money ,St Jude disturb him until he pays me .Thank you Lord

  41. retirement money stolen

    Pse, St Jude intercede for me so that the money I suspect has been stolen gets returned.

  42. Borrowed my hard earned money

    ST Jude please touch the heart of Cesca sampang who borrowed my hard earned money that she will pay me this week. That money is Big Help for my siblings and my family. Please touch the her heart ST Jude, Help her to settle her debts also to others. Give me strenght always and peace of mind. Thank you

  43. Prayer to get our money back

    Please pray for my husband and I to get our money back from Ricky and Jansen. Also from Zondi to pay us for work done. We are in desperate need of finances right now. Only God can change their hearts and minds. Our trust is in our Lord. Thank you Lord.

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