prayer for all the drama in my life to be gone

by Daphnee (Boston Ma)

Fathergod i ask u in the name of jesus. please pray for my problems its seems like everyday theres drama in my life. i dont know what i do to those girls in the shelther they. always saying. stuff that i dont say about other people please pray for them specially jojo jessica latricia tacey. sally azcucena. pray. for them they make fun of me they talk bad about me they hate me u dont know what to do anymore i dont understand why they doing that to me. help me pray. for me st jude i ask for r protection. have those girls to stay away from me. i want them to leave me alone also. pray for jessicca thats doing voodoo on my son. pray for her stop her fathergod help her also pray for me that this year its my last year living in a shelther pray for me to have. my housing st jude i cant take. it anymore i hate the way im living. i have no peace n quiet. i wanna live peace n quiet. but i cant im always in trouble. With those girls they always wanna beat me up for no reason i pray to find peace with them. i pray for my son to feel better. hes always sick. pray for for. him help him. also pray for my brother hes got a court date to go too. pray for him that everything with his court goes well hes worried alot n. hes having a hard time in hes life help him pray for. him pray for his life to be better i need r prayer st jude i need r protection around me n my son lately. i feel like im going through hell n going through so much in my life n people wont leave. me alone. Pray for me to stay out of trouble. pray for my friend phull mondesir to find a job a house n a to have a better life hes going through so much in his life help him pray for him he needs r help n r prayer also pray for my brother edwidge to be happy in hes new relationship cause hes alot that it might not. work out. pray for him to have another child. hes asking god to give him another child he needs r prayer he needs r help. pray for him to have a better life n a good relationship with hes new girlfriend. hes afraid it might not work out. also pray for me cause im feeling pain in my left foot. pray for me pray for my enemies. n my fake friends n people thats around me. pray for stephania bastien. her mom is living with her she give her mom no respect shes very dusrespectful she treats her mom bad. shes so mean to her mom pray for her. also pray for her mom to find her own apartment cause shes not happy where shes living. with my sister help her she needs r prayer. pray for her pray for black thats been lying to me so much. pray for marculus that dont have. a green card fathergod pray for him pray. for him to have his green card pray for jean jacques roger thats stalking me talking behind my back he wont leave. me alone help me fathergod also pray for ashley that beat me up for no reason she just dont like me n called me stinks help her pray. for her n her. Sister too both of them jumped me. pray for them help them pray for that drama thats gonna happend tonight i pray in jesus name my name not mention on it. pray. for the girls in the shelther fathergod make them stop its always a drama help them pray. for them give them something to do n pray. for them to leave me alone. i feel like i dont belong in this shelther cause no matter how hard i try to stay away from them they always bring drama. help me please i dont know what to do anymore i pray nin jesus name amen

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  1. My dear child

    My child.
    Focus on your problems only. Pray to St Jude for your problems not your brothers. He needs to learn his lessons. If you truly believe in the holy trinity and promise them real change in your life then it will be so. If you ask for help then forget where it came from when things get better then it is unlikely you will get help. I know from which country you come as I am a peace keeper and have been the world over

    God will help only if you take him in unconditionally. As far as the other girls giving you problems it is only a problem if you let it be one. Remember the suffering Jesus went rhrough in the days of his execution. If you stay the course and pray to St. Jude your cries for help will come, but only if you are sincere and make changes to your life. Return to the old life and you will loose favor. Say a rosary to the Mother Mary on the first Saturday of every month for 5 months and remember the promise to St. Dominic. Whatever you aske through the rosary shall be granted. Sleep and work in the comfort of the Lord for nothing else matters. Also my child voodoo does not exist. It is only a scare tactic by evil to get you to follow the devil. Evil will only hurt you if you believe it will.

    May the Lord God bless you and watch over you

  2. Daphnee

    I’ll pray for your situation. These people are very mean. You’re a good person. Hang in there and know things will change. If you can try to rid them someway out of your life. If you can’t. Ignore them and have faith in God to give you strength. Happiness will come once again.

  3. prayers

    I hope you are doing better. We are all God’s family and reading this, all the pain you are in, breaks my heart. I pray in Jesus name he shields you from all the darkness in the world. Darkness has crept into the hearts of nearly everyone on earth. This is evident by the way the others treat you that the darkness has gotten into them as well. I am praying for them too.
    Please remember the way they treat you doesn’t say a thing about you- it says a lot about them though. Love Always

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