Lord Help me to pass my US visa Interview.

by Beth (LPC)

Dear Lord,

Heavenly father I come before you today, to please allowed my to passed my US interview tomorrow without any hassle Oh lord, I know you are the powerful for all over the world you have created us, And I have to much believe in your power to guide and give assistant to my Visa, this will be the start of my life, I want to have a simple family Lord, Please Lord I’m begging you to please be with me tomorrow until going back to US to meet my fiance and get married soon Lord.

By your power and miracle I defend on you lord. I believed you will to this for me, And I claim this now lord, I love you Jesus, all saints, saints Jude please help me and grant my prayers. Amen, Amen,Amen.

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  1. Pray for me

    Please pray for me , I have a interview next week Thursday (02 March 2017) with the US embassy , I pray to God for them to grants me the visa, with God all things are possible, God have my back , I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

  2. To pass my US Visa

    please God help me to pass my US Visa, Yesterday the 15th of February 2017 I failed, I was so angry with myself. Please God intervene that when am going next time be with me and give me confidence before the Consular Officers in Jesus name I pray. I claim with faith my U.S visa in Jesus name Amen.

  3. Thank you God for I am successful in my Visa interview and in all things Amen

    Thank you Almighty God for answering prayers uttered and unexpressed thank you God for the success of my interview and for everyone seeking for your help and mercy . Almighty God give us the grace of successs , favor, and love. Let the interviewer be identified and in love with our spirit and let our spirit be in love and identified with the spirit of the interviewer, bless the my interviewer bless my travelling , forgive my sins and I now forgive all and forgive myself. I claim and possess success for my self and for all fill our hearts with Joy, let me not be ashamed Almighty God and let not my enemies triumph over me, I claim Victory and progress In Jesus Name Amen .

  4. I have faith in God to help me & grant ne my U.S Visa ijna

    I pray God be with me and give me confidence before the Consular Officers in Jesus. I claim with faith my U.S visa today in Jesus name Amen. I pray Favor & Mercy go before me in Jesus name Amen. I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever & Ever Amen. It is done. I pray I come back on here to share my sweet testimony in Jesus name. Amen.

  5. For my sick father

    Lord, pls help me to pass my interview tomorrow at US Embassy. You know that My purpose is pure for my father because he had a big heart attack and he’s in critical condition. I want to be with to show how much I care and love him. Please send me Your Holy Spirit to guide me through the interview. I put everything in your hands Oh Lord. Iloveyou. Amen.

  6. visa interview

    Dear lord please help me so I can pass my interview on the 8th December 2016 so I can meet my husband soon lord Amen

  7. prayer for visa interview

    LORD GOD please help and guide me to pass my US visa interview tomorrow

  8. i need favour for my U.S visa interview

    Lord Jesus Christ I know you are good god.my provider,the God who can do all things .lord favour me in U.S. Embassy for my visa interview .let me and family praise your name for victory over my u.s visa.and I we shout 7 hallelujah to ur mighty name.

  9. Prayer for my Medical to pass and Fiancee Visa

    Lord of all Lords, Heavenly Father through Your Divine Son Jesus Christ, im begging Your Holy will to grant this utmost cry from me, im going to undergo a medical exam at St.. Lukes this coming week,please clear all my medical tests, I know You are the greatest doctor, please be over them and let me pass all the results. With Your undying love for us who come to thee, I ask the Holy Spirit over my papers so i can pass too the US interview. If it is Your will,thy will be done. I claim now Your most powerful will for this K1 Fiancee visa to grant in my name, I ask this the most Holy and powerful of Your Son Jesus Christ..and with the intercession of my Mother in Heaven Mama Mary, with the loving prayers of St. Jude the help of all desperate cases, and all the saints in heaven,I firmly believe and claim this one for me.AMEN

  10. Lord I thank u for my life. Please Lord help me pass my visa interview tomorrow. Let's those concerned find favored in my oh Lord. U alone know how important this visa is to me. Thank u Lord because i

    Lord thank u so much for my life. Lord please help me pass my visa interview tomorrow. Lord help me to find favored in the eyes of those concerned. Lord u alone know how important this visa is to my life. Lord I thank u because I know u have done it again in my life. Love u Jesus.

  11. US Visa Interview

    God you know how urgent i need this visa.. Help me pass my US interview next month. I believe in you and i know you will do it for me because you have never failed me before. God of orphans, please do it for me and be praised forever. Let me find favor in the eyes of the interviewer. I love you my God. Thank you in advance.

  12. VIsa Interview

    Lord, pls help me to pass my interview tomorrow at US Embassy. You know that I have waited so long for this moment and pls send me Your Holy Spirit to guide me through the interview. I put everything in your hands Oh Lord. Iloveyou. Amen.

  13. please help my daughter pass her US visa interview on December 9, 2014

    Please help my daughter pass her US visa interview on December 9, 2014. Please grant her visa so she come on Christmas day with us. I believe you will do this for her dear Jesus, I love you Jesus, all the saints, saint jude. Please help me and grant my prayers, amen, amen amen.

  14. God help me to pass my visa interview

    I will be going for my visa interview on 6 _02_18,I pray God should help me with what to say ,so that my visa will be approve. Amen

  15. Lord Jesus I pray for your intervention in my US interview on Tuesday 13th February

    King of kings I praise your Holy name. I thank you for taking me this far. I pray for your intervention in my US interview that success will be my portion . I know I am not perfect lord forgive me. I invite you and all your holy Angels to come with me to my interview on Tuesday so that we oh lord shall come out victorious. I pray against any spirit set in to destroy my future I release the blood of Jesus Christ over any wicked person that is against my visa insurance right now in the mighty name of Jesus. I pray for the CO and all his staff that will be taking conclusion on my case that the Lord Jesus Christ will soften their hearts as they will be looking at my case in the mighty name of Jesus. I pray oh lord that you should brighten their mode this day that you and I will be going to the embassy. I pray against any limitation that may occur to cause me denial in the mighty name of Jesus. Lord Jesus as you come with me to my interview, lead the way for me because I know that you are a God that make impossibility possible I pray that you make a way for me this day where they may seems to be no way. For my medicals Lord Jesus make it as pure as Snow White even if there are some treat in my medical that can cause me a denial, because you will be with me oh lord neutralise it and let my success come through your holy name. Father I pray for any hidden circumstances that may apply for this program that they remain hidden as they are and never show up to cause me any harm in the day of my interview and throughout my stay in this life Amen. I called upon Angel Micheal, Angel Jude, Angel Raphael And all the Holy Angels of the most high God to pray and fight any manipulations on my behave in the mighty name of Jesus
    I pray for the immaculate heart of Mary to intercede for me in the might name of Jesus….. Amen.

  16. Prayer for my Visa Interview

    Dear Lord,
    I thank you for what yoi have done so far in my life. Into your hands i commit my tuesday 15th May interview.
    I ask for favour.
    I ask for your divine intervention through christ our lord. Amen

  17. Prayers for F1 Visa Interview

    Father Lord, I want you to help me with my Visa Interview next week and I put all my faith in you only that you will grant me favour, mercy and Grace, let the interviewer see your grace upon my life and grant me the visa to further with my education in US


    Dear God am just taking a time out to thank you in the first place for granting me admission to school in the u.s,God you started this journey with me and you will be with me till the end.not many have this opportunity to school in the u.s God am grateful to you for granting my visa to me.May I find favour in the sight of the consular,May you fill my tongue and speak through me.And boost my confidence level.
    Thank you Lord for issuing my visa to me.
    Dear God my appointment is on Thursday 9th of August2018,God please go with me in jesus name AMEN.

  19. Us Visa Interview!

    Please Lord help me pass my US visa interview on th 16/09/2018…ihave been denied 3times ipray i get approved this time. Iput my faith in you oh Lord…

  20. Lord help me to pass my US VISA interview next week Thursday

    Lord Jesus, I have an interview appointment with the US embassy next week Thursday, please help me get my VISA in Jesus name Amen. I thank GOD for getting it for me. Amen.

  21. Father lor I need your grace in my visa procurement

    Father I believe that all things are possible with you
    Your grace and favour has brought me this far
    Father getting this visa means a lot to me
    I need your help oh lord
    My visa interview is on the 7th next week Monday
    Lord go with me and before me that I will come out victorious

  22. Prayer for Visa interview and approval of visa

    Dear Lord,
    Please, grant me your grace for my coming interview next week (April 16, 2019) that the interview will be smooth and grant me the wisdom to answer the questions correctly. Please, grant me the US visa on that date as you know how important it is to me. Lord, please be with me on this day and give us your blessing and guidance in Jesus name. Amen

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