Prayer for a new car


saint jude , i realy need a new car and because it is so expenseve i really dont know how to get this money . so i beg you as i beleive you pwer and your are capable to help on any condition , i employer make money appear on the top of my bad soon as i arrived home . thankk you my Lord

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  1. A new car

    Dear god, I’m in need of a new car to transport my kids around, I’m unemployed its hard for me to look for a new job without transportation… In Jesus Christ I pray

  2. Prayes will all be answered in Jesus name

    Dear Lord, please help us all who are needing a reliable transportation, bless us with a car so we can be of help to others as well. Thank you Lord!

  3. Prayer for new car

    Dear Lord please am asking for your help to get a new car , to help me please .I believe in your word and than you for hearing my prayer.

  4. Prayers for a new car(please everyone pray for me)

    Saint Jude all of the angels and saints please pray for me to the lord our God that I may receive my 2nd vehicle. My husband and I are working on just one car at the moment my husband works far and my son is starting school next week. Our family is in need of a second car. Please dear lord make it possible that I receive the down payment I so desperately need to get a vehicle out . Thank you for hearing my prayers

  5. New Car.

    Holy and merciful God. I praise you. Lord I need a new car. Please send a donor, sponsor who will bless me with a reliable vehicle. My present car has gotten old and repair is too great. I thank you for the many uses it has blessed me with in traveling to and from serving in ministry. I praise you and am thankful to you for the new vehicle on its way. May I be able to go even further distance In proclaiming your Holy name. Lord you know our needs before we speak them. As I write this prayer, I am reminded to write the vision and make it plain. A new car, any color you select is fine, a sedan, four doors, 6 cylinder or greater, power steering, power windows, cruise control, car insurance, huge trunk to carry and or transport food, clothing, resources, supplies for giving those in need. And Lord as I wait for this blessing to come, let your angels surround the Nissan Altima currently in use, to not die on me, to allow me to safely arrive to destinations without worry that it will turn off and stop moving. Again, thank you Lord for hearing my prayer, your daughter and Servant.


  6. prayer to keep my car

    I have a car, and pray that the rest of you get a car. I just need prayer to keep the car I have. I was told that I have breast cancer. And it has been very difficult to continue to pay my car payment. So pray that GOD will send me a blessing so that I can pay this car off and not have to worry about them taking it.

  7. I need transportation

    Please pray for me I have 3 kids and I’m out on a back injury for a year now and my income has dropped badly and I lost my car due to not being able to pay the note it was my last year paying on it all I put into that car I lost it and now I’m on the bus I’m thankful I still have a roof over my head only thing I need lord is a car can you please pray for me thank you

  8. A new car

    Beloved Saint Jude, I pray for your intercetion in helping my mom to get a new car. Her car got stolen and burnt recently and she is also unemployed at the moment. Be so kind to ask God when you pray for my mom’s request. We will be doing your novena starting today. BELOVED Saint Jude pray for us.. ww love you and Thank You Thank You Thank you very much for your prayer and anwers to our prayers.Amen

  9. Prayer for a new car

    Oh lord I been through so much and I know I am young but I please beg you for a car. I want a car for college because I choose to stay home and help my mom but please I really want a car because in this place you need car. I also don’t want my mom to owe a lot of money or me to owe a lot of money please give me the right car I would really like with all my heart but whatever is good. Hopefully my dad buys it for me I pray for you to put in his mind that is his responsibility, you know jesus that he has never really done anything for us and that a car is not going to fix the broken heart that he left, but it will tell me that he at least cares for us. I am so sorry that i haven’t gone to church or that I have question your presence but you know jesus sometimes I feel that no one looks over us but I should now that you are here and with you all things are possible. I love you so much lord. Thanks for all the things that you have done for me and for protecting me. I am sorry for my sins and again thanks for loving me I have faith that you are going to give me the car I want before I go to college.

  10. Single mother

    I am a single mother of five with no transportation. My kids always asking me why god haven’t bless us with a car. It’s hard trying to get to work and everyone off to school. Also getting them to their appointments.

  11. Prayer for a new car

    God,Our Father,i turn to you seeking your divine help.May you please help me get my drivers licence and a car.I currently unemployed and i have bad credit record.I believe whatever i ask from you Father its possible.Please help me Lord im expecting my third child and i want to be able to travel well with my kids.May you grant this through Christ,our Lord … Amen

  12. Prayer for car

    Dear Lord

    Please help me I need top buy myself a car but my I am at the credit Bereu ,I know everything is possible to you my Lord,please help me i ma beggging you with all my heart,please open the closed door that the devil is closing for me

    I pray this Prayer in Jesus name Amen

  13. Prayer for a new vehicle

    I ask for your help St Jude for the purchase of this new vehicle through my bank. Te prometo una Velita ESTA noche y para Siempre. I believe in your powerfulness … Thank you Melissa

  14. Driven

    Aloha St Jude:

    Please help me to prayer for a new car to come my way. Prayer that the financing of a new car goes through and the terms are reasonable. Payments around 250 per month, I prayer to you St Jude that you hear my prayer and come into my life to make it possible.


  15. Wanting a particular vechicle

    Please help me to get the car that I really want it had centennial value to me and I deeply do want the lean holders to allow me to buy this car so I pray to God in guidance in this matter please sent blessing my way for I will try on oct 14th to come to an agreement that I’m allowed to purchase this vehicle God is wonders, and holds all powers. AMEN

  16. Wanting a particular vechicle

    Please help me to get the car that I really want it had centennial value to me and I deeply do want the lean holders to allow me to buy this car so I pray to God in guidance in this matter please sent blessing my way for I will try on oct 14th to come to an agreement that I’m allowed to purchase this vehicle God is wonders, and holds all powers. AMEN

  17. Buying a new car tomorrow

    Dear Lord,
    Please help me tomorrow with buying a new car. Help me with the business associate at the dealerships. They try to sell you anything. I need something reliable, cheap, fuel efficient, big enough for my older son to fit in. Most of all good in my budge. I am a single mom. God help me and whomever I am with. AMEN

  18. Any sport Utility Vehicle / 3 row seats

    I have 6 kids and no vehicle . I do have a job and sometimes its hard for me to get to work because I work in another county.

  19. Any sport Utility Vehicle / 3 row seats

    I have 6 kids and no vehicle . I do have a job and sometimes its hard for me to get to work because I work in another county.

  20. Any sport Utility Vehicle / 3 row seats

    I have 6 kids and no vehicle . I do have a job and sometimes its hard for me to get to work because I work in another county.

  21. any vechile

    my husband had a stroke he can sit in the front seat but we have no money. I pray someone will help us with a car.He cant get out oof the house. I need to take him to the doctors and run erris. It is a sad condition. Please Lord help us. We are christion people and go to church every sunday. If you can help I will be truly blessed. In christin love…Bridget Wallace

  22. prayer for a new truck

    Lord, im in desperate need of a new truck. i have a truck its a older truck. it needs a lot of work. i dont have the money to fix it. i need my truck for work. please, hear and grant my prayers. thank you thank you thank you.

  23. Prayer for a new car

    Lord im in need of a new credit score is bad and I feel trapped I NEED A MIRACLE

  24. get accepted for car financing

    Good day, i would like if you can help and pray with me for me and my family so that we can get approved of finance for a family car. We have two children 9 and 5 and we drive ford bantam that km ar over 400 000.00, we have spend lots of money on repairs and it keeps braking. the children have no place to sit so they sit behind the seets that is not very safe.we travel 70km every day to work and school and we cant affort to be without a vehicle. please help me pray so we can get approved for this family car.

    God bless

    thank you

  25. Praying for a new car

    Father in the name of Jesus I am joining my faith and my prayers with my fellow brothers and sisters here who are asking for your help… We all have our reasons why we need the things we are asking for… I am praying for you to bless each and every one of us and help us to understand that nothing is too hard for you… You can and we’ll make a way for the impossible to be possible
    In Jesus name

  26. Prayers for another reliable vehicle

    God I call upon your name, you see what all me and my fiancee have to go through with one vehicle..I have to get up round 4 or 5am and I have 4 kids..I also have lupus and sickle trait but please make a way outta no way for me and my family. Amen

  27. My Prayer for a vehicle

    Dear God,
    I am looking to acquire a new vehicle. I’m willing to open my mind and allow myself to have an amazingly smooth and beautiful experience as I go about this. I am willing to invite miracles and accept the transportation that You feel I deserve. In the past, I inadvertently decided against myself on a number of occasions and I’m willing to not do that now. Thank You, in advance, for the most beautiful, desirable, reliable, high quality, easy to acquire, dependable, affordable, timely and efficient vehicle that is possible. I trust that You will show me the greatest possible way to accomplish this, such that this vehicle acquisition is perfect for me in every way. Thank You for all the right people being involved to ensure the highest and most amazing experience of acquiring a new vehicle that I’ve ever had. Thy will be done. Amen

  28. No Job No Car

    Dear Lord i’m so overwhelmed with lost I’ve had my car taken from me due to me not having a steady income and now that the car is gone I don’t have a way to a potential job and last but no least i’m behind on my rent going on 2 months and I don’t see clearly what I have done to have all f this to happen at once I know i’m a sinner and i’m not perfect but I don’t go around hurting people or disrespecting anyone so I really don’t know why i’m being punished so hard but whatever it is or was I asked that you forgive my sins and bless me to get past this trial because in your word you said you would never leave me nor forsake me and ask and I shall receive and that you know all of my needs before i even pray and ‘m trying to stay focused on your word and apply it to every area of my life so have my days when i’m trusting in you but then I have my days where I feel like my sins are not forgiven and you just don’t want to be bothered with me but im trying dear lord to do what pleases you i’m a beginner and just now learning my way around your word and I know that you’re not pleased at what you see coming from me but i’m new to this and have no clue about you and what your plans are for me because I already feel like i’m living here hell on earth with no one to turn to and when I turn to you I believe you turn your head the other way I don’t have a car to sleep in when I become homeless don’t have money to put my things in storage at least I can walk the streets knowing that my things are in a safe place but I can’t even get blessed with a job or nothing and at this point I don’t know what you want from me? in Jesus name. Amen

  29. Getting a Veichle

    Please help me I don’t have much for the down payment and my credit is poor, but I’m in need of this vehicle ,I accept that with prayer are thing’s are possible! I humble ask this and will be forever grateful, in Jesus name amen.

  30. To buy a used car (second Hand )

    Dear God,
    I am doing business. I have to children. My house is 15 km away. The climate is bad. I reach house after 9’0 Clock Night. Please request to buy atleast second hand car. Please give a car (Honda City ) I Praise the god 1000 times
    Thank you

  31. To get full loan Amount

    Dear Lord,
    I was struggle without a car , I really wanted to have a own car , I was applied loan to buy new car but the loan was approved with minimum amount , So was re applied Full loan for my new Car. Please bless me with full loan approval by End Of this month ( July 2018) .

    Praise you to lord. Please pray for me.

    Thank you

  32. Help get a car

    Dear God I need get a car soon I need help save up money for a car it hard, please God help me , amen

  33. Lord please bless me

    Yes I need a car. Lord Jesus my car have been in shop for 7 mths still not fix. I have being rent a car every week I can not keep during this. I ask the Lord to bless me to get a car I start a job but it is at evening and I need a car please help me.

  34. Lord Jesus bless me with a new Car 🚗

    St Jude, all the Angel’s and Saints pray for me 2019 I buy a new car and my man to support me in term of finance. Amen

  35. Praying for a new car

    Dear Lord, I know my job is not enough to provide me a car but I so much believe in you. Nothing is too hard for you to do.
    I’m in need of a (lexus) car. Thank you Lord .

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