What is Smudging?

Smudging is a ritual utilizing the burning and smoke of special herbs, incense or plants. It originated with native peoples who understood the power of unseen forces and energies. It involves burning plants, herbs or incense so that the smoke will clear out any negative vibrations or stimulate the flow of positive ones.

A smudge stick is composed of plants or essences such as lavender, sage, sweetgrass or cedarwood. The sticks are then burned in the area you wish to cleanse, or near you, to cleanse your aura.

In response to requests, we researched special prayers to help cleanse negative energies from your mind, body or space and restore harmonious and peaceful vibrations. We believe that prayer invites healing and positive energies into our life, and so we believe these prayers are also vital to maintaining harmony and balance.

For example, when you move into a new apartment or house you may wish to cleanse the atmosphere of any negativity that may have occurred under the previous tenants. Or if someone has been ill or passed away in your home, you may burn smudge sticks to ensure the peaceful passing of the individual and the return of your living space to a calm, healthy energy.

Here is a prayer to be said with your back facing each of the directions as it is named, turning to the right one quarter turn each time:

Nurture Me

Spirit of the East, source of the Light
And of the Element of Fire.
Bring enlightenment into my Life.

Spirit of the South. where the sun burns brightly.
The source of feelings and the Element of Water
Bring strength into my life.

Spirit of the West and place of the setting Sun
Place of the Element of Earth
Bring transformation into my Life.

Spirit of the North, resting place of the sun.
And of the Element of Air.
Inform me.

Great Masculine Force behind All That Is.
Grandmother Earth,
Nurture me.