Work At Understanding

When I first started working as a gymnastic coach, I knew nothing about the sport. I had not been a gymnast. I had never executed a flip. I had no experience or understanding of the sport. It would have been very easy in those early days to give up, quit and find another job. Instead, … Continue reading “Work At Understanding”

Jesus’ Direct Talk

When I talk to children I instruct them in the way I want them to go. For instance, instead of saying, “Don’t leave your plate on the table,” try “Please put your plate in the dishwasher.” Instead of “Don’t throw your clothes on the floor,” say “Please put your clothes in the laundry basket.” Plant … Continue reading “Jesus’ Direct Talk”

Celebration Is Central

Right now there is a celebration going on at my house. My daughter has received some good news. My two girls are talking and planning and playing. They are including me through Facebook and phone calls. I am feeling the excitement, even though I am eight hours away in a hotel room. The distance can’t … Continue reading “Celebration Is Central”

Without A Sound

I left the Maundy Thursday service in silence tonight. It is a somber, sobering experience to walk away from the sanctuary of God without a sound. Silence forces me to spend time alone with my thoughts. These thoughts center on the last meal that the disciples shared with Jesus. He spoke of service, and love … Continue reading “Without A Sound”

Stay In Balance

Yesterday, our dog Buddy was acting strangely. He kept moving his head as if urgently looking for something. His body trembled, and he couldn’t stand up. We got him to the vet immediately. He had an infection in his brain that caused extreme dizziness. His equilibrium improved; now he can walk short distances. Buddy’s lack … Continue reading “Stay In Balance”

Warning! Warning!

Sirens blared tonight, warning residents about the possibilities of tornados. The gym staff evacuated all athletes from the main gym and moved them into safer areas of the building. Parents arriving to pick up children came inside the building to wait out the storm. Many people received further warnings on their phones. One man had … Continue reading “Warning! Warning!”