Right Judgment

In John 7:24 Jesus says, “Stop judging by mere appearances, and make a right judgment.” We assume that Jesus wants us to look beyond people’s physical attributes to their inner person. However, that is not the context of Jesus’ statement. Jesus’ remark comes while discussing God’s Law with His critics. The Pharisees had decided that … Continue reading “Right Judgment”

Always Mindful

When our children go through difficult times, we parents can’t get them off our minds. We pray for them, offer solicited and unsolicited advice, and analyze their situations. Our thoughts of them keep us awake. Our minds won’t rest for thoughts of scenarios, and our plans for solving their problems dance in our heads. God’s … Continue reading “Always Mindful”

The Manageable

When circumstances in our lives change we get mad, because we are people who embrace status quo and reject change. When things are status quo, they are comfortable, predictable, and familiar. Life isn’t perfect, but it’s manageable, and we like manageable.’ We also want to keep things manageable, familiar and predictable in our spiritual lives. … Continue reading “The Manageable”