Meandering With God

I didn’t have to work today, so Sally and I went to Chicago, met a good friend and spent the day meandering down the lake front, taking pictures in Millennium Park and strolling in and out of designer stores on Michigan Avenue. We talked, we walked, we shopped, we ate and we enjoyed being together. … Continue reading “Meandering With God”

Butting Heads

Lately, I have been butting heads with some of my gymnasts. They have stubbornly refused to conform to my expectations for the team. They ignore my warnings to work out safely, and, instead, practice unsafe gymnastics. Their resistance to complying with my instructions makes me grouchy. Every day when these athletes arrive at my event, … Continue reading “Butting Heads”

A New Path

I met two cyclists riding in the park this morning who invited me to join them on their ride. They were going to take two laps around the park road before heading back to the bike trail and home. I have biked on the park road for years, but these two fellows took me down … Continue reading “A New Path”

Feelings vs Faith

At this time, the shooting of Kate Steinle, allegedly by illegal immigrant Jose Ines Garcia Zarate in San Francisco, California, has put the city’s sanctuary policy under attack. We can argue over this policy; we can debate illegal immigration and we can accuse politicians, including the president, for do- ing nothing to secure our borders, … Continue reading “Feelings vs Faith”