Christ And Clouds – Monday, June 3rd, 2019

This morning the sky was clear, except for one wispy cloud stretching like taffy across the sun and reflecting the sun’s rays across the sky. I considered the number of clouds that have passed in front of the sun. Some clouds change the intensity of the sun’s heat; others hide the sun from view. A cloud in the sky floating across the path of the sun can change the look of the sky and even change the look of the sun itself.

We also have clouds in our lives. These clouds are the difficulties or problems or annoyances that we face each day. We sometimes permit our problems to obscure our view of the Son in our lives. But problems also have a way of showing us Christ as we have never seen Him before. And at other times of trouble, God illuminates our mind with a new knowledge about His Son.

Christ is always in our clouds. Struggles often press us into reexamining our relationship with the Son, our Savior. As we face each problem, God opens our eyes of faith and gives us an opportunity to see Christ through a different lens. Through these lenses we are able to see Christ’s comfort, kindness, compassion and love during our times of trial. As our problems pass in front of God they are transformed into opportunities to reflect the Son.

“At that time men will see the Son of Man coming in clouds with great power and glory” (Mark 13:26).
Photo by Tom Barrett

Denise Larson Cooper has a passion for Christ and sharing His Word. A wife and mother of two daughters, Denise currently works as a gymnastic coach.

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