If I had incest propose itself to me why is it affecting my life now? I hate that it happened. I hate that I have to have any conversation with anyone like I were a woman who chooses incest. I was married after my great uncle took advantage of me and may have had sex … Continue reading “INCEST CRUELTY”

4 family friends as well associates as well in church mansions castles as well as our palace on the difference higher power side with in us as other individuals as well of god of our own or with not

yes im asking for prayer for the confession of my sins the ones i know & know not to ask the beloved of jesus christ with the healing touch power of the holy spirit of jesus christ as to pay my tithes for the touch of the love for healing code at pastor serman dread … Continue reading “4 family friends as well associates as well in church mansions castles as well as our palace on the difference higher power side with in us as other individuals as well of god of our own or with not”

Prayers needed

Please pray for my family as a whole. They are all struggling in their own way, my mom is struggling with Alzheimer’s my brother has nerve damage in his back that he has a horrible time with his leg, my sister is having complications from a hysterectomy and my niece suffers from severe migraine and … Continue reading “Prayers needed”

Prodigal/ Grandson

I lift up my prodigal daughter Lee, & my grandson Gabe, (they live together). I pray that the Lord would restore mental health to Gabe, and lead both to the lord. Lee had had the burden of caring for Gabe (since his mom passed). He is troubled and she has her own issues.. they both … Continue reading “Prodigal/ Grandson”


Please pray that I am able to be more selfless and conquer the sin of grandiosity that I struggle so badly with. That I meet a good, Christian loving man who will bring me closer to God. Please pray for a safe delivery of my sisters baby she is about to have and that she … Continue reading “Prayer”

My Grandson’s New Job

Lord my Father I lift up my Grandson Clay and his girlfriend, Maggie to you. They have moved hundreds of miles away to Pensacola. He is starting a new job cleaning debris from the bottom of boats under water. Please guide him and keep him safe in this new endeavor. He is a Christian, but … Continue reading “My Grandson’s New Job”


My husband and I have been married for 17 years.. a few years ago he was diagnosed with stage 3 alzheimers… im physically disabled myself and we have no one to help us who cares..😔 his daughter and family live next door to us, but she is in rehab for drug abuse and her husband … Continue reading “Strength”


God favor favor favor favor face fave iver n in all tenneee each n every city n state United States each n every city n state n county all types of hospitals clinic all types of self employment all types of business Ihouse housing apartment condos townhouses God FAVOR FAVOR FAVOR FAVOR FAVOR OVER AND … Continue reading “So”

The Dahl Miracle

Hello there, I am a single mother to three beautiful children the Lord has blessed me and there father with. He divorced me three years ago due to some very unsafe and unpredictable circumstances surrounding his substance abuse and mental health issues. I am declaring healing of his mind, deliverance from any substance that holds … Continue reading “The Dahl Miracle”

Family Trials

Please pray for my families health safety finances happiness relationships and salvation. Please pray a hedge of protection around Stephannie Caden and Barbara from people who want to do them harm. Please pray God will send Angels to protect them. Please pray they will be filled with the Holy Spirit to make the right choices … Continue reading “Family Trials”

Salvation, healing & provision

Adult sons & their mom need- *Salvation & surrender to Christ, freedom from addictions & spiritual bondage (from new age & occult) *Mental, emotional & physical health; Son and his ex (w/toddler) need life-plans, jobs/income, training, resources, mentors, structure, godly wisdom, relational healing, salvation, caring Christian community; Protection, provision and healthy development of my grandchild; … Continue reading “Salvation, healing & provision”

They Are Rude

I keep hearing the women in my immediate family making comments to me that are really rude and really invasive toward me. I am really here having submitted many online prayer requests and they still have done this. It just happened right now and the truth is they do not need to do this. I … Continue reading “They Are Rude”


My family is falling apart. My husband is always negative & addicted to drugs, my daughter is also addicted to drugs & is with terrible man that won’t treat her right, my oldest son is getting married in less then a month to a woman who doesn’t believe in God (but he had a child … Continue reading “Family”

My family and me

Lord you know I have many prayers for you and you also know the one I’m about to pray about lord you know that jason and me are always having problems and you also know we really do love one another you know I have prayed and still praying for our marriage to somehow get … Continue reading “My family and me”

Prayer with intention

I am a single mother of a 6 year old son recently diagnosed with adhd and adjustment disorder. I also am a first year teacher who suffers from anxiety. I believe in God and want to get closer to Him. I feel alone sometimes and just ask that you pray for my son and I. … Continue reading “Prayer with intention”


Thank you so much for praying. I appreciate it so much. Tomorrow my dad finds out the results of a biopsy and we are praying for good results, of course. But above that my dad suffered three strokes this year which has caused a type of dementia. So although he’s recovering from the strokes well, … Continue reading “Tomorrow”

Family Ties

Thank you for prayers for my family who is full of selfishness, lacking empathy, emotionally unavailable for each other, critical and often unforgiving. We claim to love one another but only in word and binds are so very easily broken. Our mom is old and is the only link that binds us. Even the ones … Continue reading “Family Ties”


Prayers that my son realize tge blessings endowed in him. I ask that he understands that he wilk need to funish his college and attend for his own future. I ask that he be grateful for his blessings and wealth. That he mau use wealth to better other people’s lives. I pray for my sister’s … Continue reading “Enlightenment”

Prayer to The Heavenly Father for help for family as these thoughts and desires are not from God.

Dear Heavenly Father please exorcise and deliver demonic spirits and ungodly spirits from my friends and family please protect us from these spirits cast them out and away Lord remove demonic strongholds in my families and friends minds to desire and commit drunkeness and to commit thoughts and jokes of murder and thoughts and desire … Continue reading “Prayer to The Heavenly Father for help for family as these thoughts and desires are not from God.”

For my family and I

Please say a prayer for the Wrightfamily and myself please let us be able to keep are home ,job,car and please let are $ situation get a little better please watch over are beautiful daughters keep them safe my husband has a court date coming please pray that they dont take his license or suspend … Continue reading “For my family and I”

Prayer for grandchildren

Most gracious and loving Father, I lift my dear grandchildren up to you and pray for your working in their lives. They are being drawn away from You by Satan and the pleasures of this world. Secular universities have filled their minds with lies and drawn them away from You. Oh, Lord, please bring Christian … Continue reading “Prayer for grandchildren”

Divorce is imminent.

My husband is abusive and mean spirited. Many years ago, he let me know that I would have to sleep in the spare bedroom. He bought a big comfortable bed for himself and I sleep on an old, very firm mattress. I have accepted this because he makes the money and controls it. I feel … Continue reading “Divorce is imminent.”

Please hear my prayers

My prayer is for my family and friends and all who know me that they may all come to find and know God and that they will experience His Love and Mercy and healing and give Him the glory and that everyone benefit from my prayers particularly those whose needs are greatest and especially those … Continue reading “Please hear my prayers”

Stressful Situation

My husband and I are in the process of having him adopt my daughter from a previous relationship that he has helped raise since she was 18 months old (she is now 12). What should be a happy, joyous time has turned into a stressful, emotionally draining and anxiety ridden situation. We have been going … Continue reading “Stressful Situation”

My nephew is not safe

Please pray for my nephew! He comes home from visitation very upset. He keeps asking, “Please don’t make me go back.” He’s 5 years old. We need the Lord’s intervention. He says something “embarassing” happens with his grandfather. Court will not do anything.Please help!

Family disputes

I come from a family that was once looked at as a model family but they have all turned out to follow Satan. I have 1 full- blooded brother, 2 step- brothers and 3 step-sisters. I’m the second oldest and the only one who has been with my mother all my life. I’m handicapped but … Continue reading “Family disputes”

Prayer for daughter etc

Dear God, Pls expose and dispose of the Deep State the rules the world. They are VERY wealthy and use Biden and other world leaders. They worship Satan. May they repent of depopulating, or PLEASE divide and destroy them. Protect your people, and children from trafficking, and exploitation. Give us/them healing. Destroy the demons of … Continue reading “Prayer for daughter etc”

Peace in my family

Dear God, Please restore peace in my family. Let them be empathetic, forgiving, open, and loving. There is too much stress and drama, and nothing is too big to overcome. Please heal us. Thank you to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit!


Lord please grant me the strength and the focusses to pass my HESI test so me and the kids can have our needs met! And I dont Have to cont to struggle to find a home put clothes on their back get school need! Keep the kids head and minds focused for this school year … Continue reading “Prosper”