Family war

Me and my adult children are at war together,my daughter not talking are having anything to do with me are brothers and I not been able to see my two grandchildren she has 11 yr.old grandson, almost 5 yr.old granddaughter,it break’s my heart,hurt so bad please pray for us..I have not seen them over two … Continue reading “Family war”


dear God please keep rachel safe and healthy cancer free h p v free and disease free and safe while driving and always please heal craig barb tom edie mari marissa mom me and lianna please help them all be healthy please help rachel and drhuv be happy together and please help craig like his … Continue reading “hope”


Father God all praise and glory be to you. I pray that you help heal my stress fracture, so that I may be ready to donate my kidney to my son. Please soften Nick’s heart so that he comes back to you. His road has not been easy, I know that if he only would … Continue reading “Healing”


Please pray for my grandsons that they will develop a close relationship with God, and He continues to lead, guide, protect and give them wisdom and decernment in all that they do. The second one is completing his 4th. year in college and the youngest one just graduated from high school and will be starting … Continue reading “RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD”

Health and prosperity

First of all the most important prayer request is for my family and friends make it to Heaven.I ask for you to pray for their salvation and to be filled with the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus. Some of my family members and me as well are in need of healing of the … Continue reading “Health and prosperity”

I have two that weigh heavily on my heart, my very loving son, Derek, and my almost 96 yr. old father who’s been living w/us for almost 4 yrs.

I ‘feel’ my son (45 yrs. old) is coming around. I pray for Derek to accept Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and ‘feel’ and acknowledge the Holy Spirit within him. I Thank Jesus for His Blessings, I pray for the softening of my son’s heart, unblinding of his eyes and awakening of his spirit … Continue reading “I have two that weigh heavily on my heart, my very loving son, Derek, and my almost 96 yr. old father who’s been living w/us for almost 4 yrs.”

Healing and Peace

Dear Lord I ask for healing for: Ishka Rolle and her family in Eleuthera Bahamas suffering a second bout of Covid. She is both anemic and diabetic but also a minister of your word. Please strengthen and sustain her and bolster her faith. Tanisha McKenzie O Lord her trials and burdens are many. Her compromised … Continue reading “Healing and Peace”


Thank you Lord for your everlasting love ! Hep me to continue to be strong for my family . Hep me to stay close no matter what happens when I am left out . Help my sisters. To be strong and get closer to one another and brothers . Praying for all who are suffering … Continue reading “Family”

Restore Our Family

Lord of all, I come to you as humbly as I know how in full submission and surrender asking for favor grace mercy and divine intervention into the things that have caused separation in my family. I am praying for full and total restoration. That our household may be restored and that we are once … Continue reading “Restore Our Family”

Family of 5

Please pray for my family of 5. Victor, Ruby (myself), Victoria, Sofia, and Valentina. Victor and I are struggling. It’s has been really rough for us. These last few days we had no money to feed our kids. Victor has been struggling to find a job where he fits in, he struggles with depression and … Continue reading “Family of 5”

Prayer for Son

Please Pray. For my son John Paul. He’s been charged with unfounded charges . It’s been over5years ago. And the time limit is pass how long charge can last. But they keep resetting court date. He lost his Dad and he’s depressed and upset. So he missed a court date. And now they filing another … Continue reading “Prayer for Son”

please continue a urgent prayer to prevent redevelopment of my society

please continue a urgent prayer to prevent redevelopment of my society aanik apartment and uprooting my home. certain members of the society have decided that the society is must be redeveloped which will involve bringing dwn building I and my mother celine are much aquished over thisplease a prayer to prevent the redevelopment plan and … Continue reading “please continue a urgent prayer to prevent redevelopment of my society”

Prayers that breakthru

Declare my family and I no weapon form against us shall prosper cancel every assignment of the enemy plead the blood we shall live and not die and declare The work of the Lord. In the land of the living. Be safe successful prosperous blessed. The Lord will show us his glory his ways. Help … Continue reading “Prayers that breakthru”

Need Deliverance

Pray that nothing no weapon form against us shall prosper. I pray and ask that God will see us the these tough times. I pray my children will find forgiveness for themselves and others. I pray for peace beyond measure. I pray that grace and mercy will surround us daily. I pray no harm shall … Continue reading “Need Deliverance”

Peace in My Home Life

Dear heavenly Father in Jesus name I pray. Touch Mike’s heart. He’s extremely tired and he’s being very abrasive to me. Our family is hurting. We are dealing with so many things right now. My daughter’s good friend passed away from suicide last week. She is deeply hurting. My step son is absolute chaos. When … Continue reading “Peace in My Home Life”

I need thee lord

My prayer is for my daughter and her family i pray for them to return to god and trust him with their children and the financial burdens thet are facing they are shaken by this there rent is months behind and also their car they need faith and hope lord bless my mother and father … Continue reading “I need thee lord”

Caregiving Chaos

I have become caregiver for my Father with dementia that has occurred suddenly. We have never had that good of a relationship so this is difficult to say the least! He is very demanding and hard to get along with, the incontinence and constant care is draining. It has totally changed mine and my husband’s … Continue reading “Caregiving Chaos”


Requesting prayer for my family. We are going through a period of uncertainty, our adult son has an addiction to alcohol which has left this family in constant turmoil a grand daughter who believes her friends are more important as a result we are loosing her. They both live with us, we are up in … Continue reading “Family”


I would like Prayer for myself I feel like I’m on a roller coaster with my life/ faith some days I feel I’m doing the right by babysitting my grandchildren not complaining about feeling lonely and scared at times not complaining but praying for husband to stop drinking and smoking praying for marriage and family … Continue reading “Me”

Family being destroyed

I am hating my husband and don’t really want to forgive him. We are talking divorce. Youngest son is very affected by this even though he’s 20. Hubby is a Jehovah’s Witness and makes any decision he wants without consulting me. He lies, keeps secrets, deceives and thinks he does no wrong. I’ve tried many … Continue reading “Family being destroyed”

Prayer To God

God, I pray to you so you can forgive me for not being a thoughtful and loving daughter to you my God. Please forgive me if I haven’t been a good wife to my husband. I ask you my God to forgive me if I haven’t been a good and caring mother to my four … Continue reading “Prayer To God”

Lord, help me.

My husband passed away last year. I have a house full of family that doesn’t want to work and help me with bills and groceries. There’s no energy in my home. My health is going down really badly. My teenage son is a smart Alec and has a BAD attitude towards me & especially. My … Continue reading “Lord, help me.”


Dear GOD I search of a home please.let it be the want to me to be and most of all.let me show the love n forgiveness you have shown me time n.time again help me be an asset to my neighbors a blessing your love bear fruits of the spirit PLEASE let … Continue reading “Housing”

New Home close to Boston

Please pray that my mother will buy a nicer updated two or three level updated house near a commuter rail train station in West Roxbury, Massachusetts since it’s closer to Boston so the commute can be easier for me to go to my South Boston Special Kids programs and still attend my House Of Possibilities … Continue reading “New Home close to Boston”

Family 👪 relationship me

First I want to say thank you for the daily devotions it encourages me. And please remember my family in prays for healing and for closer relationship with God. And I have request for my nephew too has autism special needs pray for him name is zane. Sometimes it can be overwhelmed and frustrating but … Continue reading “Family 👪 relationship me”

Our son

Our son Mark has completely abandoned his faith in Jesus. When I’ve had the opportunity to have his kids overnight, I’ve read Bible stories to them and talked about God. They have no church background and little knowledge of Him. His oldest (5 yr old) told me yesterday that God is not real and that … Continue reading “Our son”

Hedge of Protection

Please pray for healing with my daughter Karadi of all gender dysphoria and confusion symptoms and root causes and all the suffering it is causing. Deliver Karadi from it. Renew the women within her. So, she may know, and love feel like she is a woman internally and externally. Please remove all the outside interference, … Continue reading “Hedge of Protection”

Marriage/ family

Pray for my marriage and family. Praying that God will wake my husband up and remove the scales in his eyes so that he will see God’s truth! Praying that he will obey God and leave the other woman. Praying that he will go back to his faith. Praying that he will be set free … Continue reading “Marriage/ family”

My son Cameron

That God reveals Himself to him in a way that he can understand and reminds him how special he is to God and myself(his mother) and that he is loved by God and his family and that God knows his name and has not forgotten him. That he knows and understands that God is with … Continue reading “My son Cameron”

Prayer Request

For peace and religious unity in the world. To enlighten and guide all the leaders of our world, nation and community For the Pope and all Catholics. For our family and near and dear ones. For our spiritual and temporal wants. For good health and long life. That we may go to Heaven when we … Continue reading “Prayer Request”


I pray that God will turn Lenny and Jacob back to himself. That he will cure the brokenness of his life. I pray that God will continue to give Ovy and Zach eyes to see and ears to hear with. I pray that Jason will understand who he is in Christ. That Graham’s difficulties are … Continue reading “Salvation”

God of hope

Heavenly Father thank you for Your grace and Your mercy. Thank you for Your abundance of love and blessings that You bestow upon us every day. Even though our faith waiver Lord You are always there. Father I pray that You would keep us in the palm of Your hand. Open doors of great blessings … Continue reading “God of hope”

Waiting on God

Lord thank you for Your grace towards me. Always providing for me. Thank you Lord for our health our blessings and for all that You do. You are an Awesome God, You are our provider and You are more than enough for me. Your Grace is more than sufficient. Lord as we face a new … Continue reading “Waiting on God”

Praying for my family

Soverain God eternal father it’s in the name of your beloved son Jesus Christ that I come in front of you now to pray for my family, my children, my husband, my friends and the whole world. First I want to thank you God for my life, my family my children and for everything that … Continue reading “Praying for my family”

Healing for all family members

Yeshua I’m coming fervently for powerful breakthrough for my family members spirit of alcohol be removed spirit of drugs be removed spirit of all infirmities be removed spirit of lust temptation be removed spirit of witchcraft be removed spirit of dementia be removed spirit of poverty and lack be removed and all that the locust … Continue reading “Healing for all family members”

A breakthrough

Good morning to all…My family and I have been faced with an eviction notice after I have been living in my current place for many many years. I have always paid my rent but my landlord thinks very lowly of me and asked me to vacate her property. I am single mother of two daughters, … Continue reading “A breakthrough”

Please pray for us

Dear lord I’ve been going through so much lately I ask that you watch over me dear lord I ask that you please heal my broken heart …I ask that you please repair the relationship between my son and I … I ask that you please watch over both of my children …..dear lord I … Continue reading “Please pray for us”


dear God please keep rachel safe while driving and safe while dating and safe always plese let bacholr two be the one please keep her healthy cancer free h p v free and please heal craig barb mari marrisa lianne mirike tom and edie please keep my parents healthy and please help people in ukraine … Continue reading “hope”

My family

I pray that eventually I will have peace in my day to day life and that I will have more patience with my husband and children no matter what the circumstances. I pray that Me and my family will one day be successful and have a place our children can call home. I pray for … Continue reading “My family”