For my family

by Jeanne ()

Dear God, Thank you for everything we have been blessed with so far. A happy and healthy family is more than we could ask for. Please allow my husband to get this job he’s interviewing for if you believe it’s the best thing for him.

He’s working really hard for it, and he’s so excited for it. He really believes it will be a good thing for him. Please help mom’s uterus issues get better. If the surgery has to happen please let it go smoothly and be the least invasive. Give her the strength to go through with it easily. Protect my father from his aging illnesses and give my brother the will power to succeed in school. Bless my sister and her future husband and pray their relationship will only get stronger.

I also pray for my husband’s family, that mummy will get better fast and everyone will be guided to make the best decisions for themselves. Please guide us and protect us when we buy our first home.

We know how big of a deal it is and we want to make sure we make the right choice. Thank you again for everything. We love you. Amen.

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