In need of a miracle

The doctor informed me that I have lung disease holes in my holes in my lungs and I know God is a miracle worker that even though I have this need I must stop you my sister needs I put before my she need God to heal her earring she lost her hearing through a … Continue reading “In need of a miracle”

My husband

Please pray for my husband Gerald that he is struggling very hard with his depression anxiety irritated insomnia and other negative thoughts, stress about a lot things. My husband can start receive income from his landscaping business. His partner can paid him what they own him. My husband can communicate more with me his wife … Continue reading “My husband”

Prayer for adult sons

God bless you for your prayers. Will you pray for my son A to find a good job. He is currently unemployed and looking for work. He is very unhappy and despondent in his search and feels hopeless. May God give him strength and courage to not give up as I pray for His grace … Continue reading “Prayer for adult sons”

Family Healing

I just completed my second week of alcohol addiction treatment and I am 37 days sober. Praise God! While getting into treatment and getting freed from and redeemed of alcohol is what I needed for a long time, I am not proud of how I got to this point. I still cannot talk to my … Continue reading “Family Healing”

For Blessings For My Wife

LORD, Thank You For All You Do For Us, Seen and Unseen, Past, Present and Future. Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow. Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost. LORD, send Your Angels to protect My Wife in her travels. Help her spiritually, physically, mentally, financially, deal with the daily challenges of helping her mother … Continue reading “For Blessings For My Wife”

Prayer for confession

Good day to the Perfect, My name is Lethabo Kolopo Kola, I committed a sin through a visit to necromancers for healing of my bloodlines, I came asking for penance, recieve my confession of sin and as a result my family has been exposed to the occult and I suspect we have lost our identities … Continue reading “Prayer for confession”

Marriage & Family

Please pray for my husband & I and our two grown kids. We need the peace & love of God to permeate our lives & our family. The enemy has attacked us in so many ways, and we need the Lord’s hand to be upon us gather us up and set our feet on the … Continue reading “Marriage & Family”

myself and loved ones

Lord please save my unsaved family help those of us struggling with the complexities of our lives and all the difficulties especially in raising children, and being a grandparent raising grandkids this generation is so much more defiant than the last please strengthen me to fulfill this task I am so short with them it’s … Continue reading “myself and loved ones”

Dad Abusing Mom

I don’t know where else to go. My Dad Kevin abuses my Mom verbally, emotionally, and financially, and then he goes to church and does many activities to escape and seem like a “good guy” to feel better about himself. But behind closed doors he says mean and hateful things to Mom, meanwhile she is … Continue reading “Dad Abusing Mom”


I’m asking for a child this year with somebody I can trust and live , I know I have wrong before and might not deserve what I’m asking but please help me I have seen my wrongs and I’m asking for forgiveness . The other things is please protect my job and my finances please … Continue reading “Child”

My family.

I have been divorced for about a dozen years now and I do not like it. Our marriage lasted about eleven years, however, only five of those years were to be considered ‘marriage’. I took my oaths in the same church that I had been attending for about ten years and really meant to keep … Continue reading “My family.”


Please pray that my sister gets help/medication.I haven’t lived with her in 45 years plus.(Bi-Polar) She is difficult to live with and be around; Long story short…. I let her move in to help with elderly Mother and she’s made things worse. I can’t live in constant (feeling of walking on eggshells); when she’s going … Continue reading “Eggshells!”


Dear Friends, Pray to God for the physical and mental health of my mother Ana Rosa Calderon Fabres, pray to our Lord to stabilize her blood pressure at a normal level every day, and pray that her blood pressure never rises to a dangerous level, pray to God to free my mother and my cousin … Continue reading “HEALTH”

prayer for brother

I come to you to ask for prayers to help my brother they have been having salary issues in their company each time they get paid late and its affecting him alot i pray that the company may pick up or God will give him grace to have another chance to get a better job … Continue reading “prayer for brother”


Praise God & Jesus Christ my Savior I repent of my sins and want to be obedient to the word and follow, grow spiritually my Savior Jesus I forgive all those who have harm me and want to love my enemies as Jesus taught me. Thank You Father Jesus and the Holy Spirit for help … Continue reading “Family”

Our Forever Home

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for never leaving us and always taking care of me and my babies. I pray in the name of Jesus that I get full approval for my new mortgage to buy our forever home through Bank of America for the home we have already been blessed with. I pray for … Continue reading “Our Forever Home”


Prayer request I am praying that God will save my children’s and all my love ones. I am praying for family unity and loyalty and that restore relationships that should be restored. I am praying for God health and to be financially secure along with my family and 1.5 generations as well. I am praying … Continue reading “Needs”


Prayers for my son that we can accomplish our wishes for today. Prayers can i can bond snd relate all the conditions that he will go through with his decision for an international college. That he May successful go through with his medical analysis for tonight. I pray that my husband overcone his midlife crisis. … Continue reading “Grateful”

Deeply hurt

I am reaching out for you to pray for me for. A jeolous sister of mine that envies my life. Just made huge trouble in my life by going to my partner’s ex and spread lies about us which deeply saddens me. I am a very peaceful, calm born again Christian and mind my own … Continue reading “Deeply hurt”

Help us

Lord please keep my family safe Please allow my daughters closing to be completed this upcoming Friday the 1st of December. Please allow my move to be good and that iam able to move my work set up to the new place along with all of the adjustments needed to be done. Please keep me … Continue reading “Help us”

Daughter in trouble

My ex-wife has drug my 15 year old daughter into a cult. She was hospitalized in a mental hospital, because she was having thoughts of killing herself. Please pray she comes to know Jesus and except him as her savior. That these thought would be gone. The Judge saw my son (her younger brother) wanted … Continue reading “Daughter in trouble”

Family protection

Please pray for myself my husband our little kids the evil is working hard against us using people now to disturb our peace and happiness I am so worried theyll attack us again lord I ask that you destroy the plans of wicked people to stop their bullying us, our parents & families Lord that … Continue reading “Family protection”


My son Noel and five other inmates were attacked by DOC officers while they were in handcuffs in Florence prison today at 11:00 AM . This happened for no reason and they didn’t deserve this evil attack. Whatever the reason the DOC felt was valid it was plain evil. My son doesn’t not know why … Continue reading “Prayers”

Help Me Accept What Is

I now see and accept the truth but it hurts. I can’t tell my family how to love me. Lord, ease my pain and give me the serenity that acceptance should bring. I accept that I cannot make them love me in the way that I think they should. I see that I’ve been crying … Continue reading “Help Me Accept What Is”