Agreement in Jesus Name

May the Word of God spoken out of my mouth humble anyone or anything as we all agree in one accord in The name of Jesus’ Amen.

Agreement in Jesus Name

May the Word of God spoken out of my mouth humble anyone or anything as we all agree in one accord in The name of Jesus’ Amen.

Agreement in Jesus Name

May the Word of God spoken out of my mouth humble anyone or anything as we all agree in one accord in The name of Jesus’ Amen.

Spiritual Growth

spiritual growth to focus and be disciplined in studying God’s word and applying His truths daily;

Pray for Mercy

Kindly Father God have mercy on us all we have sin against you and we have been self seeking not seeking your Will but ours Lord help us to get know your perfect plan so we can walk accordingly to your plan in our life Father is all about you Lord , you thought us … Continue reading “Pray for Mercy”

Letting go

Please the Lord Jesus make me and my family grow closer to You.

Completely beaten

So sad I am. Spent much time aiming to prevent life loss at the hands of an odd computer virus or cyber storm. Impossible. And so I sit with so little available I am numb. Wondering how I can proceed all life work missign and in general, hey, we all need to work and pay … Continue reading “Completely beaten”


Favor, relationship, financial, health, family

His Mercy, Grace & Our Salvation

Pray for the lost souls (the believers and the non-believers) to seek, trust, believe and come to Jesus before its too late. Amen!

Thank You

I pray daily for peace of mind. No anxiety or depression. I pray for loving relationships. I need prayer for increased steady finances.

Closer walk with God

Thank you Lord for sending your Son to forgive my sins ! Help me to focus more on you ! Help me to get closer to you for you have my life in your hands ! I can’t thank you enough! Praise your Hoky Name ! Amen Amen Amen

Prayer for the World

I Believe our Lord Jesus Christ is our Father’s ,God only Begotten Son whom he raised from his tomb for the sins of the world he created we pray so much

Prayer of Hope

Prayer for both my husband and I healing. But most of all that my husband receive a kidney. Prayer God would save my children. Prayer for God’s favor would all others to come in help and support my mentoring programs for asterisk youth.

Daily prayer

Father Lord, up in heaven I would like to say thank you for this wonderful day you have provided for us for others may not have been able to see this morning. Father Lord I would like to say thank you for the gift of life and the good and bad things that may have … Continue reading “Daily prayer”

Successful 2022

Please pray 2022 is a good year for me an my family pray that I get a house for my family pray I find a less stressful job pray my mom health gets better an she overcome pill addiction, diabetes and sarcoidosis pray jermarion behavior gets better an that he will less issues at school. … Continue reading “Successful 2022”

Please pray with me

I need prayers for my daily struggles, my bad habits I pray to be a better mom with Patients and a better person I pray for my business to get started and I pray to get myself together so I can be able to help others

Righteous woman of God

Pray for me that i will learn to love my job and that i find peace and happiness with my co workers who are constantly finding fault with me especially my supervisor. Please pray for her that God would put it upon her heart to be more compassionate and have understanding towards her employees.

I need GOD

Heavenly Father, I come to you to guide me with strength and financially help me find my family a place to live in, Dear God we need a place to go we need a new home , I need to find my family a place to live in soon, out of the town I am … Continue reading “I need GOD”


I stress alot ,I become lazy to pray ,my relationship don’t last , anything that my family and I plan it don’t happen our home is leaking like nobody’s business when I rains we gather and sleep in one room 8 of us everytime we fix our home it’s gets worse ,we want to break … Continue reading “Protection”

Please Pray For Us

Please pray for my family to continue in faith and to be protected no matter what!

Spiritual warfare

I have had back to back surgeries. Work full time. Single mom of two. And just exhausted. I pray and ask everyone to pray for healing of my mind, body & spirit. I also pray for mental health. In Jesus Christ’s name


I’m praying for covering for me and my family. Keep us all safe and protected. Cover my job and daycare business. My mom and my aunt Gayle body. For Leroy. My 3 kids get covering, GOD open the right doors for All of us in the name of Jesus Amen

I need help

I need His help everyday and in all areas of my life. From finanicial, health ( both physical and mental). I feel like im lost in darkness, drowning in a sea of despair. I am a christian , but i feel like ive been abandaned.

faith and belief

Please give me the Faith to continue believing god does have a purpose and a plan for whatever is left of my life

wisdom daily

Wisdom regarding my housing and little difficulty to see family

Pray for a better walk with the Lord God Almighty

Pray that I can get the money that I need to get my fiance home so her and I can get married and have a better relationship with the Lord God Almighty and let the Lord God Almighty lead us not let the devil come into our lives