Prayer for Approval to move into a new apartment

by Crystal (Los Angeles Ca)

God I pray to you that you bless me and my four children with a place to live. We have been living with my mother for the last year, sleeping on her living room floor. God please help me get approved for the apartment on Normandie.

Bless the hearts of the property management so they can find it In their hearts to give me and my family a chance to start over. I have been saving my money so I can move but just need someone to give me a second chance. My children really need this place.

We have moved around so much in the last few years. I just want to provide them with a stable and save place to lay their heads and be a family. I pray for the rental application to be approved. I thank you for the blessings you have given me, past present and future. In Jesus name, Amen!!

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  1. Anonymous says:
    Thank you

    Hello LaShanda,

    Thank you for your comment. God has been so good to my family. We ended up getting a bigger and better apartment. With the help of my family and God we were able to get the move in money and furnish our new place. Prayer is powerful. Thank you for your prayers and may God bless you and your family. Just know that he will bring you out of it in due time. Prayer and listen for the answers. Best of luck

  2. LaShanda says:

    Your prayers will be answered! Reading your prayer has brought me to years simply because I’m going thru the exact same thing. I’m a firm believer of thinking positive in every situation good or bad. I hope you are happy and content with whatever plan God has for you! We are blessed andour children is gonna appreciate us for our struggle…. I love you therefore you are my sister thru Christ! In Jesus name anen

  3. Anonymous says:
    Prayer's for a homr vary sonn

    I ask please for prayer’s that me and my 4 kids and mother who has breast cancer be able to be approved for a home vary soon she has sugary to have both breast removed on Dec 14 we are staying with a friend and im not able to keep my children with me at the time because its only a 2 bed room I just WONT our on home so that my children can come be back with me before the holiday

  4. Anonymous says:
    A place to call my own and be happy

    I ask everyone to please help me pray for a apartment iam staying with my daughter i don’t drink or smoke and it herts me alot to see her drink I just can’t continue to be depressed there time’s that I can’t even pray because iam so overwhelmed that I can’t think straight please help me pray for the miracle to happen thank-you all God bless ya’ll Amen

  5. Michelle Long Beach says:
    Prayer for a place of my own. Long Beach,Ca

    God I want to ask for prayer for me to get an apartment I been searching for. God I never had my own place and I now have a voucher for section 8 in long beach. But I dont have good credit I cant get someone to rent me and apartment. God please touch the hearts of the owners or manager to accept my application. I been living with people most of my life sleeping on couches. Im ready to experience living a life on my own. I just need someone to give me that chance. Thats why I’m coming to you Jesus. I really need for my prayer to be answer so i can start a new life. I also want to pray for my brother who also need a prayer for a place. And God bring are family close.Thank You God Amen.

  6. Anonymous says:
    Prayer for a place of my own. Long Beach,Ca

    God I’m coming to you to ask for a blessinng. God I’m trying to get my own place . I been staying with my mother for many years sleeping on the couch. God please touch the property manager and owners heart to rent the One bedroom I’m looking for. My credit isnt good and I just want to have a chance to finally live on my own for a chance. Touch their hearts God and let me be the one they want to rent a place to. You are God Almighty so I’m coming to you praying for a apartment in the city of long beach section 8 housing program. Thank you God Amen.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Dear God I pray that you help me and my 3 kids to get inj a place to stay I feel unfit I know my kids don’t deserve this going from hotel to hotel to friends house etc. I work 2 full time jobs to have a place to live and get my kids whatever they need but no one to accept my rental history. Please help in Jesus name let it be affordable and in a safe area amen

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