Forgiveness and healing


I was once a bad person. Got into trouble at a young age with a bad man. I feel my life is sorted out now, I am happy most times but still feel horrible about things I have done and it has almost been ten years. I just want to feel like people are willing to give me another chance, or an opportunity to give back to people I hurt. I want to be free of any illnesses, and really have a second chance to start fresh, to do right without people being angry at me, or assuming that I will always be a bad person because I made mistakes when I was young. I know that Jesus forgives and heals like I know I have five fingers on each hand. Please whoever reads this pray for me. Even if you don’t feel it will do any good, I assure you it will. Everyone deserves a second chance. Thank you so much. In the name of Jesus christs most holy body and blood let me be forgiven and healed, amen:)

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