prayer for healing and strength to my wife

by Tipape (Nairobi, Kenya)

Heavenly Father, i come before you today. Pray for healing and strength of my dear wife. Lord you are the source of life, health and strength. I entrust to youmy wife as my only hope, please heal her.

You are powpowerful than any human imagination, thinking, power.

I pray dear Lord that defeat Saturn again today. All that that brings pain and discouragement. May we always trust in Your.

I bring before you my whole family that we may learn to praise, hope and depend on You alone.

Please also guide doctors as they care for her.

In Your Mighty Name.


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  1. Amen

    God has already answered our prayers by giving us the much needed strength.

    May He bring back to perfect health our daughter, wife,sister,mom…IJN, AMEN!

  2. Amen

    We rely on your infinite power n goodness

    Our daughter, siz, mom,wife will come out of this strong. IJN, AMEN

  3. prayer to sister

    Oh Lord I continue to entrust in you as have been always that my sister will come out of the hospital soon well and energetic so that she can continue praising your name.Amen.

  4. I pray for my wife to get better real soon healthy and stronger.

    Oh lord, My only God, who I definitely trust, I ask in the name of Jesus to please heal my Wife, We ask for forgiveness of our sins, please have mercy on us. I need you to be the Doctor who takes care of her anytime is needed, to provide to her support and strength as well as me, in the Name of Jesus, Please remove any illness from her entirely body from her back and stomach and his head, and from her blood, I ask you in the name of Jesus to be completely removed from her everything that might be causing her suffering, Please Dear lord avoid throwing up anything she eats or drink, please disappear all illness bacteria from his blood, Please make medicament goes into effect on her. in the name of Jesus, Be done now, go away all illness all pain all

  5. Heal my wife

    Lord God heal my wife of the tumor in her neck. Give her strength. Give us guidance to do your will and bring us to you and give us the faith that you will heal her through you and the doctors you send with the knowledge to heal her with your Divine guidance. I praise you always. Please forgive our sins through Jesus Christ who died for us.

  6. Carole my wife needs your prayers, please pray for her.

    Dear lord, hear my prayer, please give Carole strength and courage to fight this illness, let your love cleanse her body and soul and help her through these dark days, your light is the only salvation, please shine it on her now, so that she can be free of illness and negativity.

    Lord I beg you PLEASE HELP!
    Carole’s husband and your servant Ron. x

  7. My wife

    I’ma truck driver and I’m over 1000 miles from home and just got a phone call she might be having a stroke!! God hear my prayers for her!!

  8. My wife

    God please heal my wife’s back for she is in miserable pain. I do thank you for all you have done for us, provided for us, and watched over us. We do this all in your name, amen.

  9. My beautiful wife

    Dear Jesus, I come to you asking you to please heal my wife of all illness that is causing her blood counts to drop. You are our lord and savor and with you all is posssible. I ask that you please forgive our sins and place your pure spirit over my wife and heal her. She is your daughter and that loves, believes and trust in your wishes.

    My kids and I ask that you please heal my wife and grant her another life with use for years to come. We live her and you with all of hearts. Amen.

  10. My Beautiful wife

    Please lord forgive us of all our sins.
    Please put your healing hand on my wife and give her strength.please be with her every step of the way. Amen.

  11. Lisa my besthalf, my dear wife

    I give glory to God almighty; the author and finisher of everything. I thank He who formed my wife and I whithout taking a permission from us and thank Him alone for His perfect plan for my family and I.
    I commit myself and the beautiful family the mighty Lord gave me into His Hand.
    We are living in perfect shape, good health all the days od our lives.
    Thank God the give of life, health, strenght and wealth…
    In Jesus mighty name I have prayed…

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