Lord please restore my marriage and bring my husband back home

by Bless Me Lord (Boca)

Lord I pray and ask in your name that you please restore my marriage. Open my husband heart and heal him. Let him know that my love is there for him despite that he is with another woman and has left his family. Myself and our 4 kids love him and misses him.

Let not materialistic things break up our marriage because of the finances the other woman has provided to him to have him in her life. When I married I married according to the bible for better or worse rich or poor. Never once did I look at it as what I can benefit from my spouse for being married.

I married him because I truly love him. Lord please fix my heart whatever I have done to run my husband off please help me and restore my marriage to the woman and wife I am suppose to be according to your word. Fix my husband heart and allow him to return back to his family erase all negative thoughts in both of our hearts and heal us and make us whole as one again. I am so hurt lord I know you hear my prayers my thoughts my cries.

I can’t express enough that love my husband and pray that you return my husband back home. I pray and ask lord that you again forgive both of us. Oh father God please touch my husband heart and let him know that I am awaiting for his return. I pray that you heal our broken hearts.

Please remove any other woman that is standing in the way of my marriage. Make peace within both of our hearts were as we can again show each other the love we once has. God please! please! Help me this is one of the most painful things to have to go through when you love someone and they leave you and blame you for them not being successful in life. Please lord restore our marriage and make us a successful husband and wife who made it through no matter what the hard times we have.

I am letting go and letting God handle my marriage. I know that me trying to fix it want work so I am leaving my marriage and my relationship in your hands oh father heal me touch me guide me and my husband in the path of righteousness in Jesus name I pray Amen.

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  1. Please Lord God bring my husband back home to me, my kids & grands. Hold his hand & lead him to the right path Lord. Amen

    Please Heavenly Father bring my husband home to me, my kids & grands. Hold his hand, heart & lead him to the right path. Amen

  2. please pray for me

    I have been with my husband for 5 years and June 9 will make 3 years of us being married. We both have done each other wrong and we over came each and every obstacle. Last year God blessed us with our first child but after my son was born things started to change. Now I am pregnant again and my husband stopped coming home. I went and snooped in his phone to find out he have been sneaking around with his other woman. I kicked him out because he constantly kept doing it. We tried to get back right but he just can’t seem to come home. I constantly complained and nagged him just to come home and be with his family but I guess I was asking for to much. I just really want my husband back despite the affair he is having with this other woman. I can use any advice and all he prayers. Please. I don’t know what to do. I just want my family back.

  3. My husband My best friend

    My husband and I have gone through so much within the past few years. We are currently separated because I couldn’t let go of the past. I allowed the past and the hurt to blind which led to much pain. I just want God to bring my husband back home. I want God to open up his heart and his eyes. He is the only man in the world that I love. Please help me pray for him. I have so much hope and i refuse to give up.

  4. Restoration

    God please help me. My kids and I miss and waiting for my husband Tou Vong Kue to return home. That’s ALL I’m asking. God please help me.

  5. Bring back my husband

    Lord I pray that whichever forces that took my husband from me break them,give me back my husband we miss him so much,kids and I miss him I can’t help but cry each day.let the demonic chains the other woman has use to tiechim break,in Jesus name I pray.Amen

  6. Heavenly Father, God of Mercy, Endurance, and Faithfulness

    God in heaven, I pray unto thee to restore my marriage if it’s your will and your way. Forgive me for any faults I may have or had. For I forgive my husband for everything including, leaving his family for another woman. Additionally, Heavenly Father I repent for any part I take in his infidelity. Lord help I know you are a God that shall not lie. It’s written in your word Mark 11:24; whatever I pray for in your holy name is already done but first it dwells within me. Therefore, Heavenly Father bless my kids and bring my husband back to me

  7. Marriage Restoration

    Restoration In Marriage
    God please help me. I miss and i am waiting for my husband Jesus E. Garcia to return home. Lord that’s ALL I’m asking. God please help me in my current situation lord. Please work in Jesus E. Garcia heart and in his mind to return home to restore our marriage and to love one another each and every day. Lord I pray that whichever forces that took my husband from me break them, give me back my husband Jesus E. Garcia i miss him so much and I can’t help but cry each and every day. Let the demonic chains that made him leave or for what ever reason he really left to have and has used to tiechim break, in Jesus name I pray. Amen

  8. Please Lord restore my marriage bring my husband home

    Please bring my husband home to us. Richard J.T is my soul mate my other half please open his eyes open his heart let him see this is where he is ment to be. Our family needs him and We love him so much. Please let him not be comforted by another woman’s bed but my own by another woman’s love but my own. I am his wife and I forgive him for everything just please Lord bring him home. Let him be the father and husband he is ment to be. Lord give him the eyes too see he is ment to be home with his family in Jesus name we pray, Amen!!

  9. Bring my husband home

    Dear GOD, in the name of Jesus Christ, please bring my husband Howard home to me and our children and grandchildren. Turn Howard’s heart back to me and let him love me with all of his heart again. Let us be man and wife again. He is my heart and I am lost without him. Please break the chains that bind Howard to this other woman and remind him that home with me and his family is where he is truly loved and cared for. Let Howard realize that he can find excitement at home with me and he can do all those things that he wants to do with me. GOD let Howard not be afraid of getting old, but rejoice in the youth he still has left and in his family. In Jesus name I pray LORD. AMEN xx

  10. Father God please help me to restore my marriage

    Father God I’m coming to you to help me restore my marriage even after my husband left me for my best friend please show him and her that this is not right at all and that all me and the kids want is daddy back home you are my other half my soul mate you are the only one that can complete me father God please show and guide him back home to where he belongs with me his wife and kids in Jesus name Amen

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