Protect me from my evil neighbors

by Robert (Brooklyn, NY)

Lord heal my neigbor’s mind and hearts. They are torturing me because they are tortured mentally and causing me misery because they are miserable.


I am pushed to my limit. They cause me suffering day & night. They keep me from sleeping even.

Please pray for me and for them.

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  1. Dear Robert I know what its like cause Im eperiencing the exact same thing probably worse!

    Thank you for your concern but the only way the Abuse will stop is me having to Move On. Thats the only way this will Stop ASAP! Praying for family & friends cooperation on this also for Wisdom Thats the only way! and i been crying out to my Lord day & nite & Fasting on this for years to Restore us things not changing soon enough his Abuse continues. Friends family deserted me too!

    I know this is Gods battle & He tells us to take authority over serpents & scorpians & over all the power of the enemy & nothing shall by any means hurt us. So devil the Lord Rebuke you & all your caudry off me my Body, Family marriage,grandson, Peace, Health, well being, Safety, Strength, energy, Finances, education, Rite Jobs, friends, neighbors, Property & Future property Larger im a safe place & boaz.

    How dare you attack a women of God Satan! God was manifest so the works of the devil be Destroyed It Is Written! PRAISE YOU LORD AMEN! As I agree for you PLEASE agree for me I cant even get them to post my prayers here? my daughters marriage is under attack also Affecting my grandson, thank you so much & Bless you Amen! Lk.10v18-19 Is.54v17,53v5 Eph.6!10-30 no one cares to read this But I Pray they do & Help liten their load!

  2. Dear Robert I know what its like cause Im eperiencing the exact same thing probably worse!

    Thank you for your concern but the only way the Abuse will stop is me having to Move On. Thats the only way this will Stop ASAP! Praying for family & friends cooperation on this also for Wisdom Thats the only way! and i been crying out to my Lord day & nite & Fasting on this for years to Restore us things not changing soon enough his Abuse continues.

    I know this is Gods battle & He tells us to take authority over serpents & scorpians & over all the power of the enemy & nothing shall by any means hurt us. So devil the Lord Rebuke you & all your caudry off me my Body, Family marriage, Peace, Health, well being, Safety, Finances,education, Jobs, friends, neighbors, Property & Future property & boaz.

    How dare you attack a women of God Satan! God was manifest so the works of the devil be Destroyed It Is Written! PRAISE YOU LORD AMEN! As I agree for you PLEASE agree for me I cant even get them to post my prayers here? my daughters marriage is under attack also Affecting my grandson, thank you so much & Bless you Amen! Lk.10v18-19 Is.54v17,53v5 Eph.6! 10-30

  3. The Evil One

    read it. G-d bless you, don’t know how long ago you wrote this? but G-d hears any and all prayers, no matter how small or long the prayer, no matter how small or big the problems-He hears it all, He knows it all. He is wise, smarter than us. Jeremiah 32v17-22/John 6v1-4, LORD,G-d and what of this problem, I don’t know what you will do about this? I give it to you. In Christ amen

  4. Psychotic Neighbours

    Pray for me and my family. My neighbours are bi-polar and refuses to take medication. They also are mind readers and at times tell me what i’ve done or where i have been. I avoid them as much as i can it really does disturb my life. Please pray for protection for us. I don’t sleep at night very well since they moved in.

  5. Evil woman and her son

    I’m also praying to the Lord every day to remove an evil upstairs neighbor…she is not working and is living on social benefits…excessive noises in the night to keep me awake…interventions from police and housing authority had limited effect…i don’t want to move for evil…all i can do is pray, wear earplugs and wait for the Lord to intervene

  6. prayer for my neighbour in apt 209

    4 weeks ago a mom and dad bought and moved in their mid twenty son an apartment in my building. Since the day he has moved in I have not slept. I live with severe to moderate daily migraines, neck and back pain and when my sleep is disturbed my pain levels increase greatly. I have struggled greatly to regain my life and to live with pain. I have returned to school and work so I will not be a burden to society, but I can only do this if I can manage my pain. A solid night sleep is a necessity to keep this balance. I have tried ear plugs, and a back ground noise maker machine; however, nothing muffles the stomping and banging. I am require to be up at 7:30am, but my new young male neighbour in apt 209 keeps me up until 3am.

    This rude behaviour has occurred every night for the last 4 weeks. I have asked him to be lighter on his feet and with his movements / activities after 11pm (bylaws state quiet time is from 8:30pm to 8:30am) he said he would, but has not. Bylaw notices have done nothing, he slams his cupboards/door etc, stomps when he walks so much that my pictures rattle, plays music loudly, invites friends over at 10pm who party loudly unit 1am to 3am, and makes these banging noises. This childish behaviour also occurs in the day as he does not work; however, the banging and stomping increases with frequency and volume as darkness sets in. The lack of sleep is affecting my health, pain levels, and my ability to study and work.

    I need this senseless noise to stop before 11pm at the latest. I suggested area rugs or scatter rugs or slippers to muffle his late night heavy gait, but the stomping continues. I have asked him to close things gently at night, or do these chores in the day, but the banging of doors continue. I have asked that his friends and him talk quietly at night or to close the windows and doors but yet they stay open. I need your help and your prayers. thank you and may God greatly bless you for keeping me and Clayton/Clinton in 209 in your prayers amen

  7. protect me from evil neigbours

    Their coconut tree causes so much noise and damage to our house but the neigbour is least concerned , they throw garbage into our place ,causing so much disturbance and dirt
    i seek divine help and protection

  8. ireesponsible civic sense

    my neighbours too are causing me so much pain by throwing their garbage into out premises, though educated and cultured as they seem…….
    noise pollution by harsh vehicle noise in the late night and throwing earbuds, tooth picks, soiled cotton, other waste articles…and i feel helpless ,

    i seek protection

  9. Evil Neighbor

    Lord please protect and shield me (Psalm 140) from this evil neighbor. He has abused my property for 20 years. He allowed his cattle overgraze, allowed cedar and mesquite to take over, paid little to nothing on the lease for fourteen years. The latter he allowed oil/gas companies to dump on his land knowingly it would run onto me and it did. Nasty chemicals down my creek and into my pond killing my fish. He now harrases my friends and neighbors when they come to visit. This is the devil and let him burn in Hell removing him from me forever. Payne is his name. Even his name is evil.

  10. Protection from family of tyrants

    Dealing with neighbors that are territorial, better-than-though, and twisted who have intimidated, threatened, and bullied since I moved in. They have money to grease people’s palms and are accomplished, professional liars. They are not happy unless their neighbors are miserable and they (the entire family) act as a pack to ensure this is in play all the time. They won’t hesitate to fabricate and lie under oath in a court of law, while continuing intimidation behind the scenes. Live and let live is not an option for these monsters. All I did was move in, and I was immediately descended upon by these evil doers…all the while claiming they are Christians. I thought I had seen evil in my life, but my time spent here and exposure to these people truly has defined what evil is all about.

  11. My Neighbors

    I have moved my family into a surrounded area of territorial aggressive,petty neighbors they run out a harass people who visit truck workers doing there jobs.
    My kids have Autism they won’t let the school bus get close to our house to get them. I am so sad and in anguish over the turmoil they are bringing to our family that faces so many obstacles with disabled children
    Please pray that the bullying will stop.

  12. thankyou

    Thankyou for your prayer Robert from Brooklyn…it gives me consolation…bless you and bless all people who also have to deal with this

  13. Our relatives evil neighbors

    sad to think that our own relatives surrounded our house are the once evil. upto now they still hate us they make lies against us. they dont respect us. i just ask god to protect us from them. please pray for us to heal their envious mind (1 family that hates us, and the other three families that hates us). they go to church but i dnt understand why. they dnt see god’s command. “love your neighbor”, please pray for us and to them.

  14. Why! Why! Why us.

    We live on a new development and have only been here for three
    Years. We have a neighbour that is dreadful and has been making our life and the life of my elderly neighbours a nightmare. He is a playground bully and a very controlling man. He will lie and get other neighbours to back him. Please say a prayer for us and protect us and our kind neighbours from this evil man. We are good people and only want to live in peace alongside our other good Christian neighbours. I thank you for this prayer.

  15. My neighbour is lying but God knows

    I’m so sad and stressed and helpless. We live in the country and we live in a small old farm house from 1945. We lived here for over 14 years but within the last few years our neighbour has been becoming just mean! His wife left him. He drinks. Shots fire arms. We have babies and told him to stop as nice as we could. But that’s when he got dangerously weird. He reported us to the county by law. Said our farm water was sewer and running into his farm making his cows sick. But that’s not true! We have pictures. Our land is dry. No river no body of water washing into his land. No sewer. Long story short please pray for us. The country officer took his word for it. Says we have to do all these changes and codes up yo date. But it never i(if true but Hof knows it’s not) bothered him before? Fines and violations it’s so unfair!! We have no extra money for this. We have our babies and a small house!! I feel like we are drowning bc they say it’s so when it’s not!!!! May God protect us from these lies!


    We have moved to a nice and quiet neighborhoods. Everyone always mind their own businesses and wave to each other when driving passed. About two years ago a couple moved into the house across the street from my house. That house was belong to a very nice neighbor lady. This new people aren’t friendly and partying people. I wave to them but they just ignored me, so I stopped wave to them. The guy seem OK but the woman looks and seem very angry and mean. Today, my two dogs stand inside my house watch people walking passed my house and barking. This woman that just moved here came over to my front door step yelled at my 13 years old daughter and threatened her she’s going to call the police while I was sitting on my couch doing school work. I heard she yelled at my daughter and heard all the commotion. My daughter was burst to tears and told me. I went over to the house where she came out…asked why she came over to my property and yelled at my daughter and dog. She came to the door being very aggressive and yelled at me to get off her property or she gonna called the cop on me step on her property. I told her that I have lived her for five years never had any issues, they her bf or man came out yelled at me along with her. I told both of them that since they move here there always issues and people were called by them a week prior because my boyfriend was outside unload his computer stuff into my house. This is so sad especially my 13 years old innocent child got yelled at by this stranger female.

  17. My neighbour from hell

    My neighbour spread lies about me. Shes spread rumours made my life a misery. Now all are against me in my neighbourhood. I can see this spiralling out of control. Please intercede for me dear lord

  18. abusive neighbors

    I have two neighbors who control everything in our neighborhood who can park in our cul de sac. Who can be outside. They are rude and intimidating that you feel every time you need to go to the garbage bin or retrieve mails that they are constantly watching you. They are loud and have companies and stays out in the balcony late at night. We live in a condominium and we are very close to each other’s doors and balconies. Worst they befriend people who are like them who likes to stay out and gossip and basically they want to rule the place! I have been bullied for so many years and on top of that every time there is a new neighbor they spread lies about me so the neighbor will not talk to me not even knowing who I am. They are so angry because i refuse to hang out with them. Or take time talking to them. But they are trouble makers they like to know about everybody and spread lies! Please pray for me for it’s really taking a toll on my health. Imagine being bullied for so many years! Lord save me and my sister from any harm or damaged to our properties. I am really scared because what happened in our patio a couple of years is really worrisome and the dent on my sister’s car somebody threw a hard object in her car. Please Lord save us and protect us always. I also pray for them to realized that what they are doing is wrong and they are causing pain and suffering to others. Lord please help us!

  19. Noise neighbor

    I am deaf and sign language. I had over sensitivity and complained often I don’t understand why landlord is laughing me. It was loud it was making my ceiling shake. I keep awake all night and noise neighbor bother me. I am very upset that hard time everyday – all day and night.
    Please pray me to stop noise neighbor.
    Lori DeDona

  20. Bitter, Bullying Neighbors

    I’ve lived in the same home 10 years. My ex-husband was a weak man and allowed the neighbors to bully he often confided in the male next door and told him about issues he was having in our marriage. He was encouraged to leave. Many of the males in my neighborhood are 30 years my senior. They are in their 60’s and 70’s and hate seeing a female make it on her own. Now that we are divorced the male neighbor next door feels that he should have full reign of my house. He parks his car in front of my house even though he has a driveway and garage and no one is parked in front of his house. His wife is very jealous and bitter towards me because I have a child and she could never have any. He does not keep a regular job and gossips constantly around the neighborhood about me. I reject his attempts to claim my property as his. He tried to turn the entire neighborhood against me because I called for an outside HVAC guy and did not use him since he lived in the neighborhood. I told him I have a home warranty plan and it far less expensive than paying someone a fee. I am sick of these men ganging up on me as a female and my 8 year old daughter. My divorce was recent and I am trying to land on my feet. It is hard to go to work all day and take care of my child when these men just sit at home all day while their women work and stirring up trouble and picking on a female and a child. Please pray that their lips be sealed and that their spirits be convicted to worship Christ. Send ministering and warring angles God Almighty. Conquer the evil spirits in Myles, Brenda, Giles and

  21. Horrible Neighbours

    Please help me Lord as I seek only quiet and peace. I feel this is not too much to ask for but with neighbours who are not considerate who feel they are the only ones who are allowed to be noisy I pray that they move out of the house and move on, People like that are inconsiderate and care not about their children but only drinking and playing loud music and partying.

  22. prayer

    They making a lot noise around me . i told them to stop that making noise . I get can’t get no sleep.Making noise over head .Waiting til I move.The negbror getting on nerve.He on top floor our apartment.Nerve break down.Please
    give me some room .l don’t like him or love him. Please release me from him.
    Jesus Amen.

  23. God, help us with our neighbors

    God, Our neighbors have been torturing us for six years. They have shunned us, turned other neighbors against us, lied and lied and lied to us, law enforcement, our other neighbors and others in the community. They have damaged our property and possessions. I pray for a miracle that we may find resolution and peace soon. As the prayer says, we are at the end of our rope. We desperately need a miracle and ask for one now in Jesus name. St Jude, pray for us too. Amen

  24. noisynieghbors


  25. Lord give me peace from my evil neighbours!!!

    Please Lord give me peace and the silence i need in my life from my evil neighbours upstairs and down stairs… They tourtoure me daily and the worst times are nights!!!! Its been on for 20 years now !!! In Jesus precious name i recive my peace…Amen.😪

  26. Lord please protect us from our evil neighbour's.

    We are very sick and tired of our neighbor Mr snd Mrs D’lima.
    They have made our life hell by making from loud noise
    From their kitchen sink, things noise is very irritating
    and very loud and very irritating Jesus Peace be upon him,
    Please help us to move from this place please so that we can
    Live peacefully in our own apartment. Amen

  27. Lord please protect us from our evil neighbour's.

    Dear Lord please protect us from our evil neighbour’s D’lima family who has made our life miserable by making day and night noise from their kitchen sink and banging and slamming their front and balcony doors loudly to annoy us, please, please help us with your miracles to move from this place from these family the neighbors from the hell. Amen.

  28. Pls help me to Pray oir neighbor to move

    Please Help Me To Pray Our Neighbor to move out as soon as possible who is so annoying.
    She so evil. She shouting our old neighbor who is undergo chemotheraphy shes alone at home that neighbor whos only renting the house has 3kids who are disrespectful
    Who is so boatsful she to think to her self shes high.
    Pls help pray to move them right sway. Shes only neighbor who is so evil.

  29. Neighbors with demon spiri8

    Please t
    Remove the stalking people physically, spiritually, near or far These acolyte kind are disrupting my life

  30. Pray for me

    Please pray for my neighbors that they will open their hearts and instead of being cruel and hateful that they become loving and understanding. Open their hearts and their minds letting them understand that God wants us to love one another as we would want to be loved. Open their hearts and minds showing them peace and instead of being hateful and destructive show them that helping one another and loving one another is your will. Please forgive them my God for what they have done and I myself forgive them. For you have said we can not enter the Gates of Heaven unless we forgive those who trespass against us. Protect me my dear God with your love and your light. I ask this in your name. Amen

  31. Neighbors take up whole street with parking and now I asked them not to park in front of my house parked junk van to irritate me

    Comment Title
    Comment Title
    Neighbors take up whole street with parking and now I asked them not to park in front of my house parked junk van to irritate me

  32. Please pray for me I'm being bullied by neighbours

    Please can you kindly pray and help me through this
    difficult time. I am being verbally abused by neighbours.
    It begins early morning until evening 24/7.
    I’m registered disabled as I have major health issues an have
    had over 9 major surgeries.
    I have an ileostomy and lose up to 5 litres through
    my stoma. I’m so very tired as sleeping has not been easy.
    The neighbours have been verbally abusive and I try to rise above it…I live alone both my parents have passed away I nursed them both. I have a huge heart and care about people I would give someone my last £1….
    They have made my life so very sad and I have applied
    for housing and I would be so grateful if you could please pray
    for me and I hope St Jude and your prayers help me to leave
    start my life again where nobody knows me.
    If anyone could pray for me and help me to move as I have
    cried so much. I need to move and be with people who have
    Thank you and may God Bless you all.

  33. m

    Can you please help me Lord with all the bad things that my neighbours are doing to me and my family,please Lord help me to be strong,Guide me Lord to be a good peson

  34. Protect Mom and Me!!!!

    Please Dear Lord, protect us from these wicked and evil 2 neighbours of ours who are constantly damaging our property and forcing us to move out of our own house which we have resided since September 30, 1966. We are being bulled, harassed and intimidated and the Police at 32 Division refuse to help us seniors. Please put a stop to this now and we need our place repaired and they should pay for it as they are selling drugs, stolen goods and putting a fence up on our property. This has gone too far already.
    We are in desperate need of your help now. Amen.

  35. Neighbor

    Dear GOD please bless my opposite neighbor Amjad his wife and his three sons and all the people who lives under him so that he and his sons stop parking their vehicles in front of my house and park in front of their house. Also from now onwards they always standing in favor of me and my family AMEN

  36. bad neighbors

    Yes let’s pray for our neighbors cause mine are doing the same thing to me they go to the bathroom when I go I’m on the 3 floor they are on the 2 floor they hit on the wall so hard my bed shakes so you pray for me I pray for you as well in Jesus name Amen

  37. Leave us alone

    Lord, please pray for my neighbors to just leave us alone. I had enough with the name calling and they bully they have done to us. I had the nerve to tell him yesterday to stop and what did he do call me every name in the book even a fat a**. Wow they suppose to be Christians. Please Lord pray for us and protect us from the evil they are and hopefully someone will speak up for us. They are just jealous people and they need to stop and know it is wrong what they are doing. Amen

  38. Disrespectful neighbors

    Lord knows I need help with praying that my neighbors will be respectful and stop playing music late at night. I told them and ask them to turn it down but they just ignore the fact when I tell them they are waking my kids up and my oldest has to go to school. I have a 5, 1 and 4month old and I am currently pregnant also. They have told me that I need to get a life and it seems like they go from one person to another. They have no manners. They start at 9pm or 10pm all the way up to 4 am sometimes on school nights. And we stay in a government assistance apartments flats but the be on the other side of the road and I can hear their music all the way in my bedroom and kids room. They have people park with their cars blasting music with the windows down at 10 at night and you ask them to turn it down they don’t. Then I have to call the police and they come out but sometimes they get them sometimes they don’t but they turn it up again. Then sometimes they threatened you through the window and sometimes I be scared to call the police since it is only me and my kids. I pray that they move or I can move to somewhere better and peaceful.

  39. Bully Neighbor who is a cop

    Please pray for me and my parents. Cop next door is just evil. He causes damage to property. He is always doing something mean. He is a bitter man. His 22 year old daughter wants nothing to do with him. His dog died and now feels he needs to take it out on us. Terrible feeling you cannot even sleep at night because you are wondering what he is up to.

  40. The owner is a disrespectful person and moved in bad neighbors who are also desrespectful..

    I asked the owner of this property to cut his trees off of my property, he called me every nasty name in the book.. He has since move these young people in his rental property, I think its about two families that live in this small home.. They are so disrespectful, loud music playing, children’s are out of control.. The neighbor hood I live in is very quiet.. The owner put these disrespectful people in this home to make my life and my neighbors life’s miserable. I too cant sleep at night, in fear of what kind of noise their going to make. so disrespectful they started driving on my lawn to get into the driveway.. Lord I need you help, I’m afraid of what they might do this summer… Jesus keep me in you blood.

  41. Direspectful neighbors

    My neighbors have several people living in a three bedroom house and has 6 vehicles and a drive way, But continue to Park in front of my house and cars are parked in front of there house and in there drive way. I have to sit my trash out right behind there vehicle and on certain days I have to sit out Items for bulky trash pick up and there vehicle blocks My trash and I am about to seriously go off on them. I am constantly praying for change, people should not have to deal with disrespectful humans being’s and I don’t know how these people were raised. God help us all 😣

  42. Envious neighbor

    pls pray for me because i am experiencing nonstop persecution and falsely acussation by my neighbor since we move in our new house…they hated us, my family especially me…. i am already pschologically traumatize by them…they are resentful stalkers.. they always listen to our conversation and always monitoring everything that is happening in our lives..pls help me sir…. i am very much tired and weary…sometimes i want to give up because of all the ugly things they say to me…

  43. Unpleasant neighbour

    Since I move in to this lovely house. My neighbour has been harrasing me continuously. He knows my car so he’ll tailgating me. When heavy rain he damaging my footpath by joining his 4 WD. He is well known as a drop out kid and always trouble with law.
    He said he is a gardener bit he damaging people’s property. Would you hire someone like him?
    Would you trust him tidy up your yard, when clearly he damaging not just once but 4 times. He share hate and one day God will teach him to respect others just because he was born here doesn’t mean he can control people’s life.

    He is very nasty. He nearly run down his other neighbor. I think he is useless and jealous.

  44. Prayer for bad neighbors to leave

    I’m seeking prayer because we have dealt with awful neighbors for too long. Three neighbors play loud music constantly. Another neighbor keeps a junkyard, abuses his dog, curses all day and plays loud music. The other neighbors sell drugs, play loud music are wanna be gangsters. We are homeowners and we will not allow these thugs to overtake our community. Lord God and my family in Christ, please pray in agreement with me for these thugs to be moved from our neighborhood forever. Please pray that the people that replace them will be good neighbors. In the mighty name of Jesus.

  45. Arrogant, racist, white collar neighbours

    My neighbor is building a double story house and he is going a feet higher. Which I don’t mind, because everyone’s got to live in comfort but not deprive sunlight which is so important for plants and for our solar panel’s. We don’t get direct sunlight as our houses faces the north and south. Which means we are deprived of the rising and setting sun. Now we’ll be more effected with this double storied building which will cut the sunlight from the west. I don’t think my plants will survive without sunlight. During winter we cannot step into out backyard as its always damp and mossy, now it’s going to be even worse. I just want God to give them the common sense to build without being selfish depriving us of sunlight, which is our source of energy. The council is all for the white collar people. They don’t care about the ordinary everyday working class. I just pray that God will help us before it’s too late.

  46. feelign tired,hurt,hopeless because of the evil neighbours in the adjacent and opposite property

    My lord,
    please give me the strength to face these neighbours who havent even come yet to live in their properties but are trying their best to harass me and my husband in all possible ways.Its been more then a year and both of them have joined their hands in ensuring that we dont get peace of mind and our life will become miserable.They want us to leave our beautiful home and sell it at a cheap rate.Our home is built on foundation of sacrifice,love,hardships,hard earned money.We only have this.These people are spreading bad rumours about us as we dont mingle with them or simmilar kinds.They gossip around about usthey throw wastes near our home.they secretly spy on us.They drink in their properties.they are involved in wrong activities.Lord arent you watching all this.What wrong did we do to deserve this.till date we have shared what ever we have with poor and needy.Always doing good things without expecting anything.Is asking peace of mind and quiet life too much?Why are you turning a blind eye on us.We are really tired physically and mentally.I am hoping that you will take care us and help us through this.Just hoping.Thats all we can do.At times I feel that we might loose our temper as they are doing their level best to provoke us.Please give us strength and help us to get out of this problem.You are our shepherd.Amen

  47. Anonymous

    We live in a small coal mining community, we have some nasty neighbors. They are abusive in nature, they abuse their animals and neighbors. He has bragged about braking animals necks and last week threatened to physically harm me and my pets. They take pride in turning this small neighborhood against us. I am not sure why, because of his year to threats I have become a shut in, I don’t go out side of my home anymore and I cannot afford to move to a new location. You may think I have done something to them to cause this, unfortunately the only things I have done is took food off my shelves when they were hungry and helped them get help for their daughter other than that they have been complete tyrants towards me. I do know an abusive person is also abusive in nature.
    The only way the leave this nightmare is to move or suicide

  48. Prayer Please

    It is heartbreaking to read that so many others need the same peace as well. We have just made the 90 mark this past Saturday and it has been horrible. The tenants upstairs stomp all day long. We dont mind it in the day time but the early hours in the morning has caused us to loose sleep. We have spoken to the office (who gave them warnings), tried to speak to them ourselves, and they will not let up. We just want to save up to afford to break the lease and move to another community. Please pray for us, for guidance, strength.. I was reading Proverbs 7 for awhile also.

  49. Evil neighbors

    For six years I’ve put up with evil neighbors. Only one entrance to both our homes, yes a supposed shared driveway. They have too many cars and they drive fast into out driveway they make us afraid so now we park in street but not m-fri 4 to 630pm at rush hour so we move our one vehicle to park elsewhere and we are trying to sell the house because we want to have own driveway or garage, please help us lord to move this summer and never have evil neighbors, AMEN

  50. Bad Neighbors

    Our neighbors who is a drinker and a laborer thinks we did something bad to them.they think we are boastful.He used to say that Ive heard it straight to my ear.Because they live back of us.Every sunday I felt worried because its the time whn he and his friends are drinking and they’re together.He think that we are bad.Even if we’re not.I don’t know where they get that idea maybe in our actions or what My Mom used to be a loud..But we don’t have an intention to harm anyone or anybody..We just want to Live at peace..Why people like him are like that??since some of our neighbor is his relatives he makes story about us that we’re Bad or will do bad to him.And our neighbors are feel awkward of us because of that.Why something bad happened to good people??and Many are standing/allies to the really bad ones..I PRAY,PRAYED to GOD that our neighbor will move out or bless him so he will move in another location..I keep on praying that The LORD will heal him Physically emotionally and spiritually..He caused me So much Pained..I can’t even focus I’m valley stress and my relationship with my family got affected.And I’m always worried I have had anxiety or depression I think.Im having hard time ..Sometimes I don’t want to go home ..Because I know they will still up (our neighbor)or if I come home it will caused me to worry much again and I felt scared and sometimes I can’t even eat..I prayed,reading the BIBLE helps me a lot it calm me.And I’m Asking for help and Protection from GOD!!! Luke 1:37 for nothing is Impossible with GOD ! Hopefully they will not experienced what I’ve been experiencing because they might can’t take it..I prayed for my Neighbors Enlightenment.And hopefully they will turn from GOD and forget their evildoings ..I forgive them ..The LORD says forgive and you will be forgiven..Ialso wish for my Peace of mind Peace in our Family Peace with our Neighbors ..Peace on Earth..Jesus,I’m waiting for your coming pls come soon..I DNT want to live in this Nasty world..They caused me So much Pained ..I’m so Scared of them..Help us..this I PRAY in JESUS name ..AMEN

  51. Help us move

    We have neighboure who routinely block our vehicle in the drive, harass us and verbally abuse us. They are from the ‘travelling community’ in the UK and we’ve not had peace since they moved-in over 3 years ago….
    Our social landlord does little to help and we feel very along as we get older. They always seem to be mob-handed, with many vehicles and endless visitors, who seem to be aggressive people with no thought for others. They gossip about us all the time and are really loud when outside, so we can hear them.
    We wish to move and feel it’s God’s will but that will be difficult and will take time. We don’t have much money to move so have to save for a move and don’t want to move somewhere the same thing happens over again.
    Please pray for us.

  52. Hypocritical nasty neighbours

    Terri………….I too have a pair of ‘travellers’ living next door to me and the woman is the worst and most hateful creature I have ever encountered. She calls herself a Christian but is revengeful and insanely jealous. She hates me and makes it known. She’s nosy and when she comes outside she glares at me. I have been very kind to her but this means nothing to this evil ‘traveller’ because she can only survive in hate and drama……she is Satan’s child. The only thing now to do is to ignore them and let them live surrounded in a sphere of darkness to where they will travel to when they die. ”As the tree falls, so it lies” Eccl 11:3 I have to wait for God to move me on if He wants me to move, otherwise if I do it on my own bat then I could land up living next to more ‘travellers’ and that would be hell on earth again and the council are no help because the ‘travellers” buy them vodka to bribe them. Please keep me in your prayers and I’ll remember you in mine.

  53. Horrible Neighbors Destroying My Peace

    Please remove my evil neighbors. She doesn’t work, her daughter is a nuiscence they drop large pieces of furniture all the time, bang doors, stomp and constantly disturb the peace every single day and night. It never ends. I can never have quiet. Yet she enjoys quiet because I am a considerate neighbor. To make matters worse she doesn’t work. She has an elderly married man come over once or twice a week for sex and gets her bills paid. I have to listen to them having sex. It is disgusting. I know who the man’s wife is. I am a good neighbor always considerate I don’t know why I have to put up with living like this. Please pray that she moves soon or that I can be given a private house to live in so that I never have to live like this again.

  54. Stubborn Envious neighbor

    Need prayers for our neighbours who do not want peace, they are harassing my family and other neighbours in our vicinity, they want to build where they suppose not to build we are tired of fighting and screaming because of them need God to intervene we even went to the Municipality received a letter that said they must not build they are stubborn and bully everyone, they will drink alcohol and live alcohol bottles to show us that they are not scared of us. We understand that other people are getting stand and build nice houses to other areas which are welcomed there, need prayers and God to open their eyes and be able to see that life is not in one place but even to other places there is life and harmony they do not want peace this family need more prayers please!!!!

  55. Lord drive this evil neighbor out

    Father, in the name of your Son, my Savior Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit, I humbly but confidentially ask you to DRIVE OUT this enemy neighbor that lives above my apartment, who refuses to let me sleep and rest. Like a lot of prayer request here, this neighbor and his cohorts don’t work. This government supports such people but the word of God says, if you don’t work, you don’t eat. God will deal with this shameful government in his own time, along with these lazy gutless landlords that allow such a thing to happen. The devil is using him to rob me of my peace and rest. He has no authority because he didn’t give it to me. I stand on the prayer of importunity and agreement with the saints of God and I pray for them as well, that you do for them what I am asking you to do for me. Be it according to your holy scriptures. I will be back to write another response, only it will be a praise report of how in 3 months my father drove the enemy out of this building. God is faithful and will perform his word and do it, only believe and I do. I thank you Father for what you are going to do in advance, not only me but for everyone here, in the precious name of King Jesus. Might I add, I am also praying for his salvation, perhaps that’s why satan is resisting but to no avail, Jesus will save this neighbor and he will be removed from the building.

  56. Take away my pain

    O God please help me get rid of my neighbour who destroy s our mental peace and harmony us.god please take away from our surrounding.let their life will be filled with there family issues that they have no time of attacking us.god I want a peace from my neighbour from now on ward.o God I turust you.

  57. Fast and prayer

    Hello everyone, lets get together and join a fast and pray over this evil. I have a neighbor who allows his dog to poop in my yard. He is 78 years old he pointed a gun at my sons and myself. I moved and rented the house. He continue to tell the tenant that in entering her apartment when she isnt home and the tenant stop speaking to me.He flatten the tenants tire and burglarized the other tenants apartment now he dumps furniture on the property and had the carpet cut on the porch. He pays drug addicts to do his dirty work. It has been years and no relief. I install a suveillance and the basement flooded and damaged the cords to the system.

  58. please pray for me. i have not slept well for a month

    my neighbours living upstairs (perhaps change of neighbours) have been incessantly stomping their feet and throwing heavy things around continuously which can last very long at a time, and they will do this starting at 645am to even late at night at 12am.
    Recently, they even do this in the middle of the night. like hammering the floor/ throwing some nails. Don’t they even sleep? Throwing of things/drilling early in the morning scares me every morning. I have to work and live with migraine ever since, and i find myself having serious lack of sleep and unable to concentrate during the day. I also have the fear of confronting my neighbours. Please pray for me that they will move out soon. Amen.

  59. Jesus Help Me

    Please God in the name of Jesus deal with these evil neighbors. Please let them move out soon. Please just let them pack up in move, please God. Just hear my cry! I trust and believe in you and I know you will work everything out for the best. Thank you in advance, Amen!

  60. Neighborgs blocking our drive way and bullying!

    Please pray for our neighbors. Pray that the Lord will change their hearts. They block our streets and our driveway making it unsafe to get out without almost a collision. They have a bully group in the neighborhood. Pray for the Lord to change the situation or move them away.

    IN Jesus name,


  61. Demonic neighbours

    Our fight is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers in HIGH places. Evil, hating neighbours are infested with demons and God says clearly that we are to have nothing to do with them. We are not even to greet them. They are children of the devil and have nothing in common believers. Try this…….. I walk out of my home as though I am in a glass tunnel. I keep my head down. I don’t acknowledge nor wave. Why should I be friendly to demons. It will seem strange at first but keep it up, it works. I always pray that God will keep them from my sight when I go outside and He does. Pray powerfully in the Spirit, that God will remove them forever from your neighbourhood, on a specific day at a specific time. God bless you all.

  62. Please pray for me, being disturb by my neighbor playing loud music everynight. Can't sleep or be at peace in my home.

    I’m having a problem with my neighbor disturbing me everynight playing loud music. Nothing is being done about it. Has reported it & Landlord isn’t doing anything about it.I ask the neighbor in a nice way to please turn her music down because she was disturbing me, she just ignore me. It hearts me not being in peace in my home. This goes on at night & some late nights.

  63. Reza from Iran

    Hello, I don’t believe in religion, but I believe in God, I hope God hear my voice. I have been suffering from many neighbours since 10 years ago. I’m a good person, I always try to be nice with people. However, I don’t know why I have had many bad neighbors within 10 years. Sometime their dogs barking in the midnight, another one makes noise by playing very load music… I cannot move to another house, at least for 1 year. The only option for me is praying, and asking God to help me in this case 🙁
    Sorry, my English is not good.

  64. Corner store and barber shop loud music

    Please pray for our area. We have a building on the corner where drinking, smoking and loud music fill the air. Some nights we don’t get much sleep and the city seems to turn a blind eye.

  65. My neighbor

    I have been praying all the time.I have been suffering tormented and living in misery because of a nieghbor abouve me .she. Is making it very hard to live ubderneath her for the time I have been here she throws her dog out on belcony at 3 in the morning barks all over then she drop heavy stuff on the floor she stomps all over the floor.and is very loud it has been reported but keeps up.then dog poop was smerred on the apartment window .all I want to do is live in peace.

  66. Discourteous Neighbors

    Please agree with us in prayer that our neighbors change or move. Supposedly the main woman has had a problem with whomever has lived in now our house. They don’t like people parking in front of their home, but will do it to us, even blocking our daughter in the extra “rocked spot” we use for her to park (not an official parking spot). The woman lives with her mother and son. She has acted like she has a Jezebel spirit, rebellious, unreasonable, won’t have a civil conversation, has had adult temper tantrums, etc. Has tried to purposely retaliate, irritate, and make life difficult for others. 3 households want her to move. I have done acts of kindness to sow good seed. Has still acted unhappy and hateful. I pray Ps 35:1 regarding God will oppose those who oppose you. The Lord also says do not take vengeance, that He will repay. Also, no weapon that is formed against us shall prosper and every tongue that rises up against us, we shall condemn. I pray the spirit of adoption into the Kingdom of God over her and her family; also the spirit of truth and revelation to expose and reveal Jesus to them, and reveal themselves in a way that breaks their hearts and elicits genuine change—in Jesus’ Name. I forgive her and her family by an act of my will and God’s grace. I trust You, Lord, with this. In Jesus’ Name, I declare/decree that all is well, and plead the Blood of Jesus and speak the Name of Jesus over these people and the situation. Please turns their hearts from stone to flesh. Now I roll the care of it over on You, Jesus. Thank You for handling this entire situation.

  67. I pray for you

    My neighbors sleep only when I am at work (9 AM to 5 PM).
    During the night, when I need to sleep, they make noises purposely and stubbornly, to keep me awake, they really enjoy doing this, they are obsessed with me, they watch my windows to see did I go to bed, are my light off. If I did go to bed, they start yelling, knocking at the walls, throwing things, doing anything to wake me up. Again, again again until morning comes.
    They done damage to my property. To my health very.
    I never done anything to (how should I call them, can’t call them people?) except I did couple of times called police when they were throwing parties at 3 am. Then started.
    Can you believe I endured this torture for more than 5 years?
    I can’t move, I am owner and can’t sell.

    I pray for you because I really know how it is. Pray for me too please.

    Please God !!!!!

  68. When O God?

    Lord God,
    you have seen these complaints listed by these persons who are suffering great psychological abuse continually by evil monster neighbors. My wife and I have been continually calling on your name to intervene and stop our own neighbors. To make matters worse, there are times when I am praying when suddenly the noise increases as if the devil is sending us a clear message. I know the devil is always working until now, didn’t you say that your Father is working until now also?
    Look God, praying is great, but coming through with a prompt intervention is what is needed. At this point, none of the theology about why you don’t answer prayer is not stopping the monsters next door. Lord God, if you are NOT going to fix this problem, why should we bother praying to a God whose Bible says will do wonders, but in real life has no practical concern for people in need.
    Look at all the unanswered prayers on this board, Lord God. Are you going to tease comfort to them with ‘pie in the sky after you die’ rhetoric blandly chirped out by ‘followers’ who have no clue what is going on? Or, are you TRYING to hold out until those suffering start blaming you? Do you want them to blame you? If you are the Great Provider (we’re not asking for cadillacs or riches either!), can you provide actual ACTION rather than text commending you for things you have done in the past?
    I’m not trying to sound disrespectful. Am I angry? Yes, of course. Now, all I and everyone else here wants to know is whether you are going to be persuaded to expedite matters. Given that you have designed people with a capacity for anger, are you not going to be persuaded by the FACT that if you beat a dog either it will die or it will bite back? That is as plain as I can make it. If you are actually going to pay attention to this petition, I will again say ‘in the name of Jesus’ and mention the blood of Jesus for whatever good you say it does for either us or yourself. All you have to do with your ability to part seas and raise the dead is to silence some monsters by any means (and I mean it), by ANY means necessary. This has gone on long enough. Don’t let it be the case where someone reading this years after I have posted it finds out that it is still going on. That would be bad for your business. I’m sorry if earnest petition to you may appear demanding, but you are having more ignored grace on MONSTERS than on people who really are calling on you because they know that you alone can stop things. I don’t know your reasons for delay, but we are at a point where the issue is getting the monsters silenced rather than us submitting to mysteries we can’t figure out. I don’t think your silence in some situations is good. Just release your power and angels to this. I’m not to THRILLED to tell you to prove yourself either. That’s not even why I’m praying. The ONLY point Lord God at this point is to get that issue ANSWERED. My petition is not about trying to force you or to be impolite, but politeness is NOT getting the neighbors silenced because they themselves don’t have ANY politeness. Here’s my petition. And that’s it.

  69. Prayer for protection from evil neighbor

    I need prayer for protection from an abusive neighbor. I’ve had to call the police because she was threatening me to hurt me because her lease was terminated. She refuses to leave. Prayer that God removes her from the property.

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