Prayer for court judgement and Prayer for release from jail, charges dropped

by Denisher (Savannah,Ga)

Lord grant your mercy to free me from the things that have me bound. Lord I ask you to set me free from everything that has attached itself to me to cause me to be bound, both spiritually and physically.

Lord I ask you to create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me. As I walk out of those bars of confinement, let me never enter them again as an accused/guilty person. Wash me clean and make me whole. Help me to renew my mind to think like a free man. Help me to forget all the horrors I saw with my eyes and heard with my ears. Cleanse me of the filthiness of my surroundings. I thank you for the liberty in Christ Jesus. I thank you for receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. Thank you for preserving my life to bring glory to your name. As I seek your face, satisfy my longings in your righteousness. Thank you in advance for a saved wife that you have prepared for me. Thank you for my children that aren’t born yet. Thank you that I might be a man to bring glory to your name and upbuild the kingdom. In Jesus name, Amen.

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  1. release for my husband

    Lord I come to you for help on asking for charge to be drop and a man to be free of his mistakes to be giving a second chance with family and love one he’s god fearing and need your help Lord to move on da and judge on jan 27 2015 on dropping the charge not keep him a way from wife kids lord I need you now please heremy cry in Jesus name amen

  2. prayer for protection and thieves to be caught

    Please God, be with me. Early this year we were attacked by thieves at work and they stole money. God help that all the thieves involved be caught and account for what they did. God help free my spirit as I’m always scared. God if you can have mercy on me and help that all the thieves be caught and jailed I shall forever glorify your name God. Please protect me from all evil oh Lord

  3. release for my husband

    Lord I come to you for help on asking for charge to be drop and a man to be free of his mistakes to be giving a second chance with family and love one he’s god fearing and need your help Lord to move on da and judge on jan 27 2015 on dropping the charge not keep him a way from wife kids lord I need you now please heremy cry in Jesus name amen

  4. Release for my husband

    In Jesus’s name please hear our prayers please bring Luis back home with his family may all his charges be dropped and release please change everything for him thank you in Jesus’s name

  5. Prayers to be released from jail and charges to be dropped


    10/13/16 LORD WE NEED YOU

  6. Praying everything goes well in courtseptic

    Oh lord,I have been through a lot, but, because my lord showed me the way I am now with him. I’ve made mistakes and with faith praying not just when you want. It is everyday even though you are an abiding citizen but,we are not perfect only ” GOD” is. Anyway I was on my way yo go see an apartment and shopping and one of my friend told me she would take me but, me not knowing she had drugs on him he threw it towards me so please father hear me and let it go OK for me I really don’t need this on my report. Oh, father I know I’ve been home the same day, now they want to offer me a misdemeanor or a violation so please father be by my side and guide me and and be my strength to beat this! In Jesus name, AMEN. GLORY GOES TO “GOD”…

  7. Release My Sister From Jail....innocent. Woman

    Lord you are God of all Gods and all things. Thank you Lord for being a merciful God. Lord bring my sister out of being bound to the jail locked doors. I speak into existence that she is free in the name of Jesus. Lord no weapon formed against her shall prosper. I ask that u also set her free of any grudges that she hold in her heart. For being wrongly accused. Lord you said in your word that you will never leave me nor forsaken. Lord we trust you and we have faith in the name of Jesus to bring her home to her family. We bless you Lord we know all things are possible through Jesus Christ we asking you Jesus to break every chain and bring about release in the name of Jesus. Thank you Lord it is done…Touch the judge the lawyers the prosecutors. .. God let them see her innocence oh let them set her free Amen…

  8. Release My Sister From Jail....innocent. Woman

    Lord you are God of all Gods and all things. Thank you Lord for being a merciful God. Lord bring my sister out of being bound to the jail locked doors. I speak into existence that she is free in the name of Jesus. Lord no weapon formed against her shall prosper. I ask that u also set her free of any grudges that she hold in her heart. For being wrongly accused. Lord you said in your word that you will never leave me nor forsaken. Lord we trust you and we have faith in the name of Jesus to bring her home to her family. We bless you Lord we know all things are possible through Jesus Christ we asking you Jesus to break every chain and bring about release in the name of Jesus. Thank you Lord it is done…Amen.

  9. Release from jail by this month's end.

    Please pray for my younger brother who has been put in jail for the 1st time in his life. May it be the last time he goes to jail and may the Lord cause the judge on his case to reverse his ruling for his names sake. Amen

  10. Husband has court tomorrow morning

    Please pray for my husband, he was arrested on Wednesday night. He is not a bad person he just made a bad decision that caused him to be taken away from his family. We have 5 beautiful children ages 21, 18, 11. 9, and 8. They love and dore their father and our 3 youngest children have never been away from him for more than one night. They understand that their father did something wrong and has to be punished for it but they don’t understand why he cannot come home. They are taking it really hard and It breaks my heart to see them hurting. Tomorrow my husband has court and we need prayers that the Judges decision is that he be released so that he can be with his family. Thank you

  11. Prayer to release my husband from jail

    Please god I ask you to do a favor for me please let my husband out of jail he don’t belong there he belongs with me and his 8 children it is hard for us without him we need him I know he does mistakes but he has a good heart and he is a great father please Lord give him a other chance I know he will change I will help him please give him good news tomorrow God,he has a hearing tomorrow let a miracle happen I believe Lord help our family in Jesus name amen!

  12. NJMMSR.


  13. Release of my son Jarobie Lee

    Lord give Jarobie another chance to get his self together. Pull him out that fast life that he think is okey. Lord cover him in the blood of the lamb. From the top of his head to bottom of his feet. Keep him close and near to you Lord. Turn him away from the life he want to live. God I give Jarobie back to you use him in the way that you would want him to go. God touch the judge and the lawyer and the DA in your glory. Give him favor so when it all over he’ll be able to give you the glory. God send my baby back home. Amen

  14. Praying for charges to be dismissed

    My boyfriend and I had an misunderstanding I’m praying for his release because I didn’t think about the situation I over reacted but he’s a really sweet person I pray he is released from jail !! I got a summon I’m praying it get dismissed as well

  15. Prayers

    Dear Lord I pray for my son Anthony and his friend to be released tomorrow. I pray that the judge they see tomorrow will see that they are good kids and gives them a chance and that no charges are brought against them. Please in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ hear my prayer. Amen.

  16. Prayer for Mike

    Dear Lord,

    I am in a really tough time. After going to the police on Mike – something I thought I would never do – and then now see him in jail for another situation between him and someone else has me in a rough state.

    I feel guilty and think about if he’s OK. I know my faith is small because maybe this is where you want him now To reflect on his life, his choices and his mistakes. It is my prayer that these thoughts may come to him, that he would be sober minded and come off the marijuana and that he may seek your face.

    Lord, you know how much I love him. Maybe too much. You know that I wasn’t always good. That I tried keeping the relationship together even though it was falling apart in front of my eyes. That I had to let him go ages ago and now I’m given no choice but to do just that. It hurts that I cannot go to see him. It pains me that I know he is afraid. I pray that you would meet him and speak to him. You can do this Lord. You can reveal yourself to anyone you choose. Please choose Mike, Lord.

    I have a lot of compassion for him and I know we may never be together but please let him know your name and trust that you are good and that you are his father and his counsellor and the one who will not only help him in jail but also in life. Lord, please protect him from harm and help him to learn lessons. May the court and judge and crown attorneys etc. all have the right balance of mercy and judgment on his case/situation. In all this Lord, may you be the final judge of it all.

    I am sorry Lord for the wrong things I did in the relationship. Allowing him to hurt me and taking him back – teaching him that it was OK to do this. RIght now he expects me to perform miracles but this is where my train ends and his journey with you begins. Help me to submit myself to this time with you and him. I trust that you are with him and that you will give him a special touch of you in jail.

    Father please surround him with good people in jail. Those who will protect him and keep him from harm. Please Lord help him to seek your face and also come to the place of responsibility. A place where he will look at the wrongs he’s done to me and be genuinely remorseful. I don’t need any more apologies so that he can then immediately get what he wants.

    Help me to be patient in this process/time. Please continue to speak into my heart that he is OK and that you’re leading him close to you. Please Lord let this be a time of growth and to make him a better man. Maybe a man of God.

    I entrust this all to you Lord.

    With Love,


  17. A child of God

    I am asking for you pray that my child felony charges be dropped from him immediately. I am asking that my child walk in the path of righteousness after this situation. I am asking that he be released from jail in two days and he be honest with his lawyer. And he return to court let everything be in his favor this time.


  18. A child of God

    I am asking for you pray that my child felony charges be dropped from him immediately. I am asking that my child walk in the path of righteousness after this situation. I am asking that he be released from jail in two days and he be honest with his lawyer. And he return to court let everything be in his favor this time.


  19. help me pray in agreement thank u

    please Jesus give him one more chance to be free….you know what is happening in Jesus name we pray amen….

  20. Need prayer

    I’ll ask if you send prayers for my son .N law. So the judge soften his heart .and drop the case and let him free on his court day next week . And let him be touch and become one of your servant my heavenly father . Watch over him day and night where he’s in jail .thank you heavenly father in your son Jesus name .amen

  21. Asap


  22. Release from jail

    Please pray for the release of my husband on 8-15-17. I ask that you touch the hearts of judge Browning, DA Randy and Maria, special agent Acee, probation officer Andrew. Make there hearts soft. See that Robert has been good and is open to change. Let them give him another chance to show them he can be successful. I Jesus powerful name. AMEN

  23. My boyfriend Mike

    Please Lord hear my prayers . let the judge be kind and drop the charges against mike. Give mike another chance to be strong in the name Jesus Christ. Amen

  24. Boyfriend

    Dear Lord a ask that you will let the judge go easy and him and let him out of jail when he goes to court on Aug 21st so that he can get back to work so that he can take care of his family and be the man that you know he can be … Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer for him

  25. Prayers

    Please God my father I pray 👐for David my💙son, your son to be released Thursday Aug. 17, 2017 . I pray for Judge Devlin to see that 2 weeks has been enough time for him to see that he was doing wrong. He’s 16 years old and wants to Graduate from High school this year Father👐 God I pray for you to allow David another chance so he can start school on time. I love you God. In Jesus Christ name I pray👐


    Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you today to please ask you for a miracle. Please bring Alfonso home to me, whether it be 2 weeks , or a month from now, please father bring him home very soon. I know you will Father, I feel it in my heart and have faith that you will bring him home. I love you Father with all of my heart. You know Alfonso is my everything and without him I don’t know what to do. Give me strength and guidance to get thru this Father. I know you won’t let me down. In Jesus Name, Amen.

  27. Court to drop charges, police not bring supeona

    Dear Lord, I ask in your holy name to not allow the police or anyone else to come.e to my home to bring me a supeana. I already missed their first attempt. Allow the court to drop charges because I don’t show up at court. Dan was under the influence of alcohol and drugs at the time of his alleged crime. He didn’t actually touch me but I was afraid for my life because he was angry. He has built up anger issues and needs to work on that. Please give him peace and tranquility and the strength to be relieved from his addiction so he can become the man and father I know he truly is. I ask that all charges get dropped in court at his preliminary hearing and that the officers will not attempt to come to my home again. I thank you in advance dear Lord in Jesus holy most powerful name. I give you all the glory and know that all is possible in your name. He truly needs help, love and guidence. I thank you once again, Amen.

  28. Bring Timothy Adams home

    Dear father god I pray that you bring Timothy Adams home from jail to his own bed and his beautiful daughter god please forgive him for his wrong doings please O lord lay your hands over him at Timothy Adams at this very moment as he sit in that jail sell and help him to be released lord please whisper in his ear and let him know that no weapon formed against him shall prosper. Lord please please I beg for you to show home the outside of that jail again I beg you to release him in the name of Jesus father god I trust you and I know he will be home in no time in the name of Jesus Amen 🙏🏿

  29. FREE my husband

    release my husband
    Lord I come to you for help on asking for charge to be drop and a man to be free of his mistakes to be giving a second chance with family and love one he’s god fearing and need your help Lord to move on da and judge on January 25 2018 on dropping the charge not keep him a way from wife kids lord I need you now please heremy cry in Jesus name amen

  30. Love my sons

    Asking for prayers for my two youngest sons.they have court on Monday January 29.2018 asking the courts to give a chance to my two sons14 and 15 facing juvenile detention center

  31. Prayers for my brother to be released in Prison.

    A crime he never committed he’s suffering from, money got missing in his office and he as no account to show the money came in, his bosses got him arrested and also ask him to plead guilty of the crime, he did that now he’s behind bars, I know my brother too well he can’t steal, all this is framed up, it’s a set up, but I believe in God, my brother is a pastor in the ‘Redeemed Christina Church of God’ (RCCG) please help me pray for him! please help me his Name is ‘Oluwaseyi Johnson Ojelabi’ Prayers! Lord please help my brother, he’s your son and also your servant please get him out of this trouble oh Lord, you are the God of Abraham Isaac Jacob and Isau there’s nothing you can not do Lord please he needs your help let him be release from prisoner before the end of this New week please Lord grant this unto us please answer his/our prayers I’m Jesus Name we pray Amen!!!

  32. Prayer for release

    My son is in prison and he was sent according to GIA a 4 page questionnaire. My son never got it. GIA is sending another one today feb7 2018 and my,prayer is that this questionnaire will be. given to j I m by that mail staff and this is the start of his release with charges dropped.A free man in Christ Jesus name.

  33. Chares will be dropped

    Please God in the name of Jesus Christ that georgia innocence act will get his 4 page questionnaire and review his court case and find by the blood of Jesus Christ he is innocent and be set free. In Jesus Christ name.I give all praise,honor and glory to God,Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ name

  34. I pray that the charges against my husband should be dropped

    I reported my husband at the police station because of his deeds but did not know it could get to court.he has presently been charged two offences and we are to appear again In court on the 15th of feb.please kindly help me pray that my husband should receive favour in the sight of the judges and the police as I really do want my home and marriage to stand.i haven’t been myself for weeks now.i am going crazy.i still love my man and I pray that God will give him a second chance .I really need a miracle and I know there’s nothing impossible for God to do.

  35. Prayer for Miracle

    Father, in the name of my Lord Jesus and by the power of your Holy Spirit, I pray that you turn the situation with my son around foe your glory. I ask that you step in and fix the things that are broken and heal our hurting hearts. I pray the charge be dropped in Jesus name and that no further charges be issued against my son. Regardless of how hopeless and scary it looks, I pray that you intervene on his behalf and turn it around. All things work together for good for those who are called according to your purpose. No weapon formed against me or my family will prosper. Any tongue that rises up against us is condemned in Jesus name. I believe that all things are possible to those who believe. I choose to believe for a turn around for his life and for peace in my family in Jesus name. I command the enemy to stop NOW in Jesus name and I draw a blood line of the blood of Jesus around myself, my son and my family. I command the DA to use my son for a witness to stop the man behind the fraud to be stopped in Jesus name and for his witness to be used for his protection and dropping of charge. The trap the enemy has laid to hurt my son and in turn hurt me, will be an open pit that the enemy will fall into himself. The whole situation will be used for your glory father. I will shout with joy knowing that charges are dropping off like water in Jesus name. I thank you for this wake up call that has opened my son’s eyes and set him on a straight path. I rebuke all lying spirits of fear and all darkness to cease and desist activity against me and mine NOW in the name of Jesus and I DEMAND it to manifest just as I have written in Jesus name. I thank you God for taking control of this and laying out a clear path for success for my son in the name of Jesus. I do not have a spirit of fear But of love, power, and a sound mind in Jesus name. He who is in me is greater than he who is in the world. I thank you in advance and count it as done in Jesus name. I ask forgiveness for allowing myself to rescue my son from every lesson you have tried to teach him, thereby enabling him to continue down the wrong path. I ask forgiveness for not being a better mom and setting boundaries and consequences. I thank you that I will fear no evil and no evil will befall him or my family in Jesus name.

  36. Prayers for miracle

    Please IN THE NAME OF OUR FATHER AND JESUS CRIST help ME SEMD prayers in behave of Martin to be released. Court is set for trial by the middle of march. Thank you for all the prayers sisters and brothers May the lord bless you all 10 times more for all the blessing and everything you do.. JESUS NAME…AMEN

  37. Prayers for miracle

    Father in the name of Jesus Christ come to you on day and ask for a special prayer to be relieved and court on March 5th 2018 of for the judge to be in a good mood release him and drop charges I know that everyone is not perfect but I believe that a person should get a second chance to be free and we will they family members and fiance. Lord I ask that you keep me away from negative things I ask that you refreshing my heart and soul I ask that you give me another chance to be better a man in Jesus name amen I pray

  38. Prayers for my brother

    Lord I come to you for help, to some how get all charges dropped on my brother Tony.
    Maybe walk out that cell and never to return again.
    Lord my brother is no monster, he is a family man, yes he admits his wrong doing, but please grant him a second chance in freedom life.
    In ur name I ask & pray , Lord Jesus Christ.

  39. A prayer for my son

    Heavenly Father god, I am humbly blessed to have known you nearly all my life please hear my prayers for my son to come home to us soon. Soften the judges heart and release my son from any bounds. Protect him during his time inside. Lord I know it’s not his intention of doing the things he has done before he went in. I pray he stays here in this country with us as his family loves him so much. I pray for him to be healed to be protected and to be guided by the Holy Spirit, I humbly ask thee for Michael the arc angel to protect him and the blood of Jesus to be put on him in all the days of his life. I say all these in the name of our lord Jesus Christ I pray Amen.

  40. Miracle

    Lord please please, I ask that you please let my nephew come home from prison soon.. I am asking you for a miracle .. I ask that you touch the Parole Boards heart that they free my nephew .. he has served his time .. Lord please do this miracle for me .. I will let everyone know how you perform a miracle ..

  41. Release from jail

    Lord Please let the Jail Release my Husband Now in the Mighty Name of Jesus. You said ask and you shall receive Halleluyah! I decree it is done in your Holy Name Amen

  42. Release my Nephew from jail

    Lord, I pray to you in Jesus name that you release my nephew Keon from jail/court on April 23, 2018. Lord I am asking you to speak to the judge and tell the judge to release my nephew Keon because he did not know no better! Lord I also ask you to erase the video/ recording of my nephew statement. Lord I also asked that you protect my nephew in jail while he is incarcerated. Lord I also asked that you find a reason for the charging officers not to ever come to court. In Jesus name, I thank you. Amen!

  43. My son released and freed

    Father God in heaven I asked that you be in the Judges seat and that he be the speaker of the defense attorney. God I come to you today asking and praying that he is released and freed to come and and never return. I ask that you forgive his of his sins in the Might name of Jesus. Amen

  44. Prayers for my son Zak to be forgiven and released from Bexar County Detention without any convictions

    Heavenly Father I ask you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ that you put favor and forgiveness in judge Valenzuela’s heart for Zachary and that she releases him from jail ASAP, that she gives him another court date next week and does not send him to state jail or SAFP or SATF…but gives him freedom and Zak never to sin and go to jail or prison ever again. Zak’s family misses him, loves him very much and want him home in Jesus’ name. Lord please forgive Zak and set his soul man free and release him to come home real soon. Heavenly Father please protect him and cover him with the blood of Jesus that no harm come to him while he is in Bexar County Detention, bless and protect his fiancé and 1 yr old son. Lord thank you for your grace and forgiveness. Lord send the Holy Spirit to comfort Zak and his family daily… Father God and I pray for the renewing of Zak’s heart and mind… to be bound to you. Father God you are our judge. Lord we love and bless you and thank you for Calvery✝️🙏🏼

  45. my brother is in jail for muder

    please help with prayers for my brother he just lost his daughter . and now got picked up for murder from 13 yrs ago . im not good at prayin so plz if anyone can help his name is steven plz pray for him thank u

  46. A Prayer for my husband release for jail tomorrow and all charges dropped 05/14/2018

    Lord I pray in Jesus Christ name that the judge release my husband tomorrow on 05/14/2018 and all charges dropped. He is a good and hard working man, we both realized we were both wrong in this situation and it was all just a miss understanding we both promise you this will never happen again lord GOD, I just want to thank you for everything and all that you have done for me and my family in Jesus Christ name AMEN……🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  47. Thanking GOD in advance

    Father I come to you in your sons name to thank you for the outcome in my sons case. Lord I believe you have already taken care of this matter because I believe your word.ask and it shall be given.. Seek and yes shall find.. Ask anything of me in Jesus name and it shall be given…. I believe its all done.. In Jesus name…. Amem

  48. A, mother , grandmother

    Please free and dismiss charges against my daughter as she has not done evil as they say, dismiss all charges and protective her and help along her way, to be back with her child and the father of her child and keep evil away from her and them and let them live in peace.Thank you . Please sweet Jesus grant her this miracle. Thank you Jesus Amen.

  49. charges be dropped against my son

    Pls special prayer for breaking the curse off my son, he has an anger issue, and mental problems. he is a habitual go to jail. I am asking you all to pray for RJ to be shown mercy by Almighty God and the charges would be dropped.
    My Grand son is been charged with 1st degree Please pray that the truth will prevail. and God will get the Glory

  50. Touching and Agreeing

    I am also touching and agreeing with the other prayer requests that are on here. Standing in agreement that God has already answered their prayers. Hallelujah!

  51. Prayer to releasemy husband from jail

    Dear lord i ask you to please release ariel on june 1 2018 from prison.i ask u to open those cells doors so he can be free and come home to his wife and his 2 beautiful girls i know hes made mistakes but give em a second chance plz God i beg u. I pray that theres no proof to be found in the jesus christ name i pray amen

  52. My son in jail

    My son need help he was Rape at the age 12-14
    Now he is in jail. But the man is not in jail , they let him go. that is not right at all. I just want my son out of there. In the name of Jesus

  53. My Brother

    Lord please release my brother from jail. Give my family strength to pull through this storm. Lord please give my brother a second chance at life. We need you right now Lord. I ask that you hear my prayer. Amen

  54. Praying for My boyfriends release

    Praying for my boyfriend to get released after being sentenced to years of prison ! I believe the power of our Heavenly Father Jehovah will turn this case into a miracle!!! And release my bf(vincent) out of jail! I pray, I believe and receive this big miracle in my life, in Jesus name, Amen amen Amen !
    All praise and thanks to the Lord! 💞

  55. Lord Father help all husbands be reunited with their wives and families

    Father All Mighty please help your son Robin be released from jail and all charged be dropped in court. Fathers please teach your way and guide his steps along the path to righteousness. Please steer him away from whatever will do him harm. Father you said ask and you shall receive, I ask you to turn his situation around and help him to prosper and draw closer to you, father.
    I thank you in Jesus name.

  56. Please

    Lord, this lesson you are teaching me is the hardest of my life. I am in the storm and I am pleading you make this way out of no way. I am a total wreck and need to be covered in your blood. I know i have strayed away from your voice for far too long. I know this is the hardest of tests ive had to face but i also know you are the only one who can make this miracle happen. Knowing this was a mistake to stray away from my loved one, i know the grass isnt green on the other side at all. I know all the Holy Ghost warriors on my side for this fight for my life.

  57. About a man who is in jail

    Lord I come to you on July 16, 2018
    Asking to please release Ken Jr on July 17, 2018 from court to be with his family please drop all charges asking that he be released from jail on the day he go to court Lord I no he make a lot of bad decision I asked that he give another chance of life to be with his family again I believe that he learned his lesson I believe that he really want to do right in his life in God name amen

  58. Relief from the court

    I’m praying for a loved one who has been incarcerated for many years. Praying that God will intercede for him to get relief that he needs from the court. I know there’s nothing too hard for God and he is a just God keep him in your prayers.

  59. Release my husband

    Dear lord, please I pray that my husband gets all charges dropped. That this case gets dismissed before it goes to trial. He ( Adam) is a wonderful man, and I hurt everyday not being near him. Dear lord please set him free and send him back home to his wife and his 2 children. I really need you at this time of life. Amen

  60. Charges dropped

    Lord I come to you today to pray on July 23 2018 that charges be dropped on me so that I can continue to be here mind and body to raise my daughter and continue to take care of her in the name of Jesus I pray Amen.

  61. Prayers for lesser sentence

    Our most precious heavenly father,
    I come to you tonight, begging you to give my family strength to pull through this storm. Lord please give me a second chance at life, for I have learned from my mistakes. Dear Lord, I pray that you soften the heart of the DA, so that my precious little girl has her momma everyday/night. So that I can continue to be here mind and body to raise my daughter and continue to take care of her. I pray that you give the wisdom and words to my attorney, that he is able to defend me, to the very best of his ability. Lord, this lesson you are teaching me is the hardest of my life. I am in the storm and I am pleading with you to guide me out. I know i have strayed away from your voice for far too long. I feel you pulling me nearer to you. Father, please teach me your way and guide my steps along the path to righteousness. I am willing, Lord. I just need your help with this. It is in your name, I pray.

  62. Cortny smith

    Today my sons father has an arraignment for court and I cannot attend, I pray that the judge sees good in him and all the charges drop. I pray that the lords presents is in the court room and fear is not within my sons father (Javier) I pray that he comes to you and has a second chance at life for his child we need strength and since this has been happening I’ve been so sick and stressed feeling nauseous, anxiety, fear and loneliness because he was all I had he was a great help and a good father but because my family has been pulled apart I’m weak I know you are listening I ask that you forgive him and bring all of this to pass we love you lord Thankyou in Jesus name We pray amen.

  63. prayer for my exhusband

    Lord I pray that my ex-husband can be delivered and free from his situation of imprisonment. I pray that when he goes to court for his motion hearing that it goes through well and that the judge has a clear mind and that the prosecutor it’s not against him in such evil way. I pray that he come home to his family so we may have a chance at reconcealing our marriage. And I pray that you will be with us each day no matter what happens in Jesus name I pray AMEN.

  64. Praying for God's Mercy and Direction at Sentencing Today (8:30 a.m. EST)

    My loved one has a history of drug addiction. He was in recovery for three years and doing wonderfully. Due to some relationship issues, he could not handle the stress and sought medication from a psychiatrist. The meds caused him to totally fall back down into the depths of addiction. The addiction causes him to act in ways he never would have when he is clean. He now has legal issues and that’s why we are going to court today. He needs rehab, not jail. He needs long-term counseling, not jail. But, if jail is what it will take to get him back on track, then I pray that he and my family have the strength to endure. I pray we will feel God at work today.

  65. Prayer for Lord Mercy and Grace

    Lord, I pray for your mercy and grace in granting me a second chance. I am sorry for sinning against you. I have hurt my parents and You. Lord, grant me a closure of my case and a drop in my impending case..Lord , I thank you for hearing my prayer. In Jesus name I prayed, Amen..

  66. Prayers for my Fiancee to be freed

    Heavenly father, giving you the praise and all the glory. I coming to you asking you to break every chain that has my Fiancee bound within the jails walls. He is a born sinner but also a God fearing righteous man. Please bring him home soon! I pray you set it upon the judges heart on his court date to reinstate him and let him be free as he once was before. May we move forward from this sooner that we think into the blessings you have waiting for us. In Jesus name I pray AMEN.

  67. Leniency in sentencing

    Dear Lord, I have sinned before you and the courts. I ask your forgiveness and to have mercy on me. I have made mistakes. I know you put me on this path for a reason and I can only hope I can serve you well. I know you gave me this struggle as a test of my faith and I have turned to you for support. Thank you for turning my fear into faith and showing me your love and compassion. I know all things are through you and if it be your will, please allow the judge to give me probation. Thank you for showing me how much love and support I have and confirming, with You, I can be a better person. Honor and Glory is your name. Amen

  68. I pray

    Dear Lord Father Almighty and my truth please help me and my boyfriend help him succeed in life and hold a job, money, and place close to me so we can build and grow together please help him get out of jail also he got arrested today please make the judge and court release him for what he did please thank you so much

  69. Desperate but full of faith

    Lord I ask that you let the judge the prosecutor and the lawyer see my husband is a good man ,hard worker and deserves another chance hope all his old charges and new charges get dropped..For you are merciful and you never abandon your children ..I need my husband back with us we need him he is our rock my lord and I have all faith in you … my husband has a violation of probation and a new charge that had nothing to do with him all he did was protect please hear my cries and desperation.. Let the system get a sooner court date for him and he be released and finished with his probation may you break all chains and may his new case he dropped lord for I have faith in you ..
    In the name of the father son and Holy Spirit
    Amen 🙏🏼

  70. Prayer for my husband be released

    Please pray with me. My husband is having a court hearing on Monday for an arrest warrant of DUI offence from 4 years ago in another state. God my husband is a good man, he’s not perfect but he’s been a much better man and now he’s past has come knocking. With the faith me and my husband have in God my heavenly father please let a miracle happen on Monday and let my husband be released, make way for us father so that everything can be set right. I believe in you God with all my life because you have never disappointed me and I know that you have answered my prayers in Jesus name I pray. Amen. Thank you my God.

  71. Charges dropped

    Dear Lord Jesus,

    I pray to you oh Heavenly Father, that you see how hard I am working in counselling 2 days a week, and I continue to work 2 full time jobs to barely make ends- meet, to try and prove not only to son, the court and most importantly myself. In the past few years I have always volunteered with the community, and helped out with my son’s sports and school functions and church where time permitted. I pray every night for forgiveness for the people who were involved to seek in their hearts to forgive me, and to know this was out of character for me and to please drop the charges. If you can please whisper to them or what have you, please Lord Jesus, please I beg of you, I am a good person and a good mother and I work hard to provide for my son. It is not worth having a criminal record over.

    In Jesus’ name.


  72. Charges dropped

    In Jesus name, release my fiancee soon to be husband an innocent man, who is being Iincarcerated for doing nothing even after the storm victim told the prosecutor that nothing happened thank you in the Name of Jesus Christ my Lord amen

  73. Praying for my son to be release

    Lord, I come before you asking for you to here my prayer. Lord, it’s being awhile since my son being in there since May 2018, Lord just want my son home so he can be with his family so that he came go back to work, go back to school and handle his legal obligations in Jefferson county where they granted my son YO . Lord I ask you that please make him a new person, a clean healthy mind, my son will follow your words teach other young peoples of your words staying out of trouble , teaching the words to others. My lord all I want for Christmas is my son to be back home with family . Lord put your hands on the DA’s so that they can have a change of heart of getting him a new Bond.

    In the name of Jesus

  74. Mercy and favor from You Lord

    Father God. You know what I have done wrong and how repentant I am. You have forgiven me and I am blessed to receive such mercy. Please Father I come to You praying that the judge on sentencing day 2/5 sees the change in me and feels the mercy You have placed upon him with Your Holy hands. Please cover me with the Holy Spirit and the Holy Blood of Jesus to allow me to rest in You Abba Father. Thank You for Your strength to get through this horrific situation. In Jesus name I pray Amen

  75. Charges to be dropped against my husband

    Please Jesus I beg you to help my family, my husband the father of our young children a good Catholic religious man, who is remanded in prison, please pray for the charges that’s against him to be dropped , please lord he has learnt from his mistake and I promise you it was only a mistake , please send my husband home soon, lord I do not drive and with young children I can’t attend mass without my husband

  76. Lord I need you

    Please lord I have made mistakes but have learned from them. I will face my consequences but please lord in heaven let me face them as a free man. I beg for mercy I promise to give my life meaning and to be better man serving god and all people and animal’s.

    Please help in my most desperate time of need I need you lord more than any drink or substance.


  77. Please release my grandson from jail

    Prayers for my grandson that is in jail for his safety and his release dear Lord take care of him in there. And for please for his release and for him to come home to his young daugthers they need him Amen

  78. DUI

    Please Lord,
    I know I am guilty. I pray that you will take care of me & my health by helping the attorneys do house arrest. My children don’t deserve the feelings of embarrassment or should have to suffer because of the mistakes I have made. My husband shouldn’t have to either. I feel as though I shouldn’t ask this of you but I need your help more than ever. I beg of you. If there is anyway I can have charges lowered to where I can just do community service, I would be so grateful. But again, I know you will do what needs to be done for me. I’ve started a life of crime that I have got to stop. And I need your help to stop. I must confess my sins and begin a better life for my family and for myself.
    In your name – I ask – please help me.

  79. Release My sin from prison

    Lord i pray you select a judge wirh compassion and understanding to hear my son’s case. Lord i pray you equiped my son’s QC with the power to speak with fight and the right words that will help release him today. Lord continue to encopass my son with strength, hope, faith and to trust in your power . Lord wesken those who fight against him and let my son be victorious today. I lift up this prayer to you in jesus name. Amen

  80. Charges to be dropped no prison time

    Please pray for God to touch and give fable to the people over these charges ..and give Gabor to the new attorney..that he can get charges dropped and jarrods life be free and happy and blessed

  81. Prayer for strength

    Lord Father God almighty.
    Lord Jesus in the Name Of God almighty.
    I ask that you may Go before us on this day.
    Make easy and successful our way.
    We send nothing but love before us
    Above us around us beneath us and within us.
    We send nothing but love to the north the south the east and the West.
    Thank you Father for Love❤. Amen

  82. Charges dropped

    Father God , I humbly ask that you see to it that my charges will be dropped , I assume the one , but the the others I beg total expunge , I know I am forgiven by you , but my family deserves better from me . You are always in my heart and in my mind and I want people to see YOU in my actions . I know you know my battles , I am asking for wisdom and I know you give it freely without reproach, please show favor in court so that I can begin to heal .I love you whatever the outcome .

  83. Please let him come home.

    Lord I ask that my husband is found innocent and they see the good in him. Please have them see that he’s not guilty and allow him to come home to his family. He is a good man and has always wanted to help the people. He is being treated very unfairly. Please ask all the helping angels to be in the courtroom to heal and remove the negativity. Fill there hearts with compassion and see that he should be home with his family. In Jesus‘s name, Amen.

  84. Prayer for freedom

    Dear Heavenly Father, I beg with the utmost humility that you touch the minds and hearts of the judge, jury and lawyers that hear David’s case today. Lord, he’s been abused by the system. Detained and delayed. His court hearing could have come much faster but the evil that possesses law enforcement has triumphed over good. They broke his leg, he sat 6 days in local jail without treatment, he didn’t get proper medical treatment while in a cast, his court date pushed back every month until his cast was off so the jury wouldn’t see it, he was targeted and not allowed to recieve the things I sent (though done through proper channels), God thank you for allowing his family to gather the money to post bail. But, a month later, in his first appearance, the cop lied to the court and, while wearing a Big 5 knee brace, stated to the judge that David damaged his knee during the arrest. He provided no proof, the police reports mentions nothing, but the judge granted the claim and raised bail so high noone could afford it. You know, God, all the wrongs in this case. You know, God, what evil has done in this case. 7 months and they are trying to tear him down. Please, God, triumph today!! I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 🙏❤

  85. Caro

    Jesus ; let the judgement not be very hard for my son on the 18th, be with Him, strengthen him. I put all my trust in you. Amen

  86. Release from jail

    Lord Im Coming to you with a sincere heart I have a court date coming apr 18 that i get release so i can get back to my kids and family they need me as much as i need them. In Jesus name I pray amen

  87. Release from jail and all charges dropped

    Lord, I come to you today asking that you please release my Grandson Marcus from jail and have all charges dropped for his court date on May 6, 2019. I know that you have the power to make all things possible because you are the Judge, Jury and are in charge. You said ask and it will be given to me. Lord I am asking and my Faith is in your hands and I want to thank you for all you do for me and my family. I your precious name and Amen…

  88. Release from Jail for my Love one

    Lord, I pray that my love be released from Jail and all charges are dropped. Please let the Judge see the goodness in him, let those who have falsely accused him drop the charges for the good of all involved. I am asking you Lord to please have forgive us for our sins. I know that you have always been with us and have giving us this beautiful relationship. I believe in you Heavenly Father and trust in you to help us get thru this difficult time. I thank you for everything you have given us and will continue to give us. Please guide us thru this storm so that we may become better persons. In Jesus name I pray

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