God pls im begging you help me i need a miracle in my life right now

by Jack (Illinois)

Dear God, i love you and i praise you.. I am very sorry for all the sins i had committed against you pls forgive me Dear God… I am begging you pls pls pls help me Lord Jesus i need a miracle in my life right now pls help me financially pls help me i really need $200,000… Pls help me change my life for the better pls send someone to help me in this predicament of mine. Pls help me be able to pay all my debts… Pls help me not to incur anymore debts… I cannot take it anymore i know i am a sinner Dear God but pls dnt let this be a hindrance for you not to help me i am begging you Lord God pls pls pls help me. Pls give me another chance in life to start a new life free from debt as i would like to pay all my debtors as i have no more face in facing them… Pls give me a chance i am begging you Lord to give me a chance to mend my sinful ways, start a new life, change my familys life for the better, help me help my father in providing for our family i just want to have a new life Dear God pls do not forsake me pls help me Lord i need a miracle right now… Pls pls pls do not forsake me Lord Jesus Christ only You alone can help me… If you will it Dear God i know a miracle can happen in my life right now…. Pls pls pls im begging you i just want to change my life and my familys life for the better…help me plsss financially. I promise to help others who are in need when the time comes for me to help all those who are asking for help too… You are my only hope… My only chance to change our life for the better…. Pls pls pls help me Lord you know my heart you know that i have no bad intentions i just want to change my life pls help me financially pls…. I pray for all those who need a miracle in there life right now those who have problems for You alone can only help us… Just as you performed a miracle in the multiplying of the loaves of bread and fish i also claim in Jesus name you will also help me financially and all those people who needs help from You… Pls i beg You pls help me pls send someone to help me… I just want to start a new life plsssss… Pls just give me and my family a chance… give me a chance to prove to you that i can change my life our familys life for the better just pls help me on this one pls help me financially i am so desperate pls help me Lord i am begging you…In Jesus name Amen…

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  1. We have the same exact problem

    Hi Jack,

    We have the same, exact problem. I also need $200,000 to pay my debts. I am being chased by the banks… I made wrong decisions in the past, I kept on trying to fix it but I kept on failing… I did everything that I could but things got worst. I am living in fear because if I won’t pay my debts, I will be put to jail. I am currently here in UAE and they have a law on bounced checks that can put you to jail… I am so scared and have been depressed. I hope and pray that God will give us another chance to fix our lives… Perform a miracle for us… May God bless us both and our families. Take care my friend…

  2. Financial miracle

    I need God help the same as above in Jesus name I pray

    I’m begging for a financial miracle needed today to save

    My home, family, friends that I have left

    God please don’t leave this burden on me alone

    I am coming to you because you know my heart and only you

    Can provide me with a miracles. So much I want to do and work within your kingdom please help me.

    No one takes me seriously and if I loose everything

    Of my families no one ever will. Please help fight for

    Me in this battle today please help me!!!

    In Jesus’ name the strongest name I know help me!!!


  3. Need help disparately

    Oh God Heavenly Father please help right now I want ur guidance to clear all my debts which is bothering me and taking me far from spiritual life and day to day life I want to clear all my problems and debts in Jesus name right now please can anyone pray for me please

  4. Need help disparately

    Oh God Heavenly Father please help right now I want ur guidance to clear all my debts which is bothering me and taking me far from spiritual life and day to day life I want to clear all my problems and debts in Jesus name right now please can anyone pray for me please

  5. Praying

    I’m praying for all of you. I need prayers too. I’m grateful for all of the good in my life, and I’m grateful for the bad. It has helped me to be humbled and to appreciate the blesser in everything I am, have and is to come. The hardships and God not sending me the money I begged and prayed for, I’m grateful for that too. I learned from this. I have a wise and forgiving character because I asked and God said no.
    My friend said, when we ask God, there’s only one of three answers we can get. Yes, no and you must wait… Please fellow praying sisters and brothers, find comfort and accept whatever is given to you, be grateful. It’s us working for God. It’s not about us, God will provide his chosen with all we need. Thank you Jesus, Lord God for the opportunity to share with these wonderful people. Amen.

  6. Need a miracle blessing today

    My rent is due today it’s been past due for over 13 days I need a miracle to come by here I’m asking God open up his heaven give me grace and favor since somebody here buy here with a miracle to help me out Lord I’m asking pray and your son’s name Jesus Christ

  7. Bring Tracey back

    Please bring the love of my life back to me soon . I beg you Lord Jesus . Please please help me. I have faith in you . I forgive her . Amen

  8. God please make all this pain stop

    Please release me from the bondage of this life. I don’t want to be here anymore I don’t want to wake up to another pointless lonely day.

  9. I just need a puppy ... a lab

    My yellow lab died after a sudden illness oct 3. She was my service dog. I am lost without her and I don’t want to live anymore. I don’t need 200k. Just a lab to help me get through this horrible life. If there’s a god. And if he cares tell him that.

  10. I've Never Asked For Anything

    Dear God. I’ve never asked for anything, but I need you now. I need help financially as well as spiritually. I don’t want to be alive anymore. The burdens are too much for me to handle. Please send help. I want to turn my life around now. If not, please take me. Thank you, Amen.

  11. Prayer answered as I prayed on this site.

    My son walked in alive. Still crazy but home safe. Thank you God! Thank you thank you thank you

  12. God she should get her periods I didn't do anything wrong

    Jesus please help hear my cry nd depressed I didn’t do anything wrong plz be with me she should not get pregnancy

  13. Plz help me God

    God plz help me help my stupid self. I’m sorry for the things I have done. I don’t know what to do. I have messed up everything. Only you can fix this mess, it’s too broken for me. Plz God I beg you. Jesus name may a miracle save me.

  14. One more thing

    So I guess a similar scripture would be jobs. If he loved jobs why would he put him under such torment things to prove a point to Saturn like why would he feel he would even need to prove himself or anything to him why would he let such pain and suffering happen to someone he loved and for so long.. I mean at least he come and spoke to jobs and made up for all the bad things but still why even do that to prove a point like he was just a experiment ? i just don’t understand why he’s abandoned me why he never talks or responds to me why it’s got to this stage for like it’s fucked up.. struggling to understand and struggling with faith in everything anymore

  15. Last but not least

    What’s the difference between getting treated like this by the devil or god letting someone he loves go through this and just turns his back on him.. that’s probably worse . If I was walking down the street and seen for example a man bashing a young child if I just kept walking and turned my back and didn’t help that young child when I was able to that makes me just as bad as the guy man doing it if not worse because I had the power to stop but chose not to..

  16. Questioning

    So since I wrote this at the midst of laying in bed unable to get up not moviated and defeated.. after feeling abandoned and out of faith and scared and worried . God finally spoke to me! after so many years of silence he finally talked to me. Clear as day he said. I am here, I hear you and I love you. Your prayers are answered your life is transformed I’m sorry you have been in so much pain I am here.

    he then lead me to read scriptures and I had after that looked at my phone and received a email from Joyce Meyers ministries that I had sent asking a few things awhile ago and it confirmed a lot .. nothing has changed in my circumstances but I have faith in god again I feel his Presence and I have trust that he has heard my prayers and is going to finally give me his miracles and give me life again and everything after so long and so much pain and struggle is going to be better then I could imagine.. god is my saviour he is my god and I can’t wait to see the blessings and abundance that he is giving me for my life now I’m excited I hope all our prayers are answered very soon.

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