Father I pray for every need on this prayer line. If you are reading this the Lord is about to do a mighty miracle in your family, and your about to see the impossible become the possible. God is going to restore everything that the enemy has stolen. The Lord is calling your children that … Continue reading “Restoration”


MIke and I to get above asking onhouse (retired) be near our daughter who left abusive marriage with 4 kids. finances to help her and others. Riley to complete NP school with flying colors. She is depressed from abuse and being Covid ICU nurse. Her home to be peaceful and full of kindness, obedience and … Continue reading “family”

My Daughter

My oldest daughter has a tough decision to make. She is 34 years old and God has just blessed her with her first child. She has been able to work from home since the baby was born. But, the company was sold to a corporation and she is being required to come back to the … Continue reading “My Daughter”



Desperate need of help

I’m currently going through a nasty custody battle against my ex, who I have FRO against (permanent restraining order) He’s whole case is a lie. Not to mention my son tells me his grandmother sexually abused him!! My heart is broken, I have no money for a lawyer to fight for my children & I.. … Continue reading “Desperate need of help”

Peace be still

For my two adult sons who were raised in church. We have the promise in proverbs to “raise a child and he will not depart from it.” My oldest son, Justin went wayward, jailed twice and is now in a faith based rehab for drugs- specifically meth was his choice of drugs. He voluntarily decided … Continue reading “Peace be still”


I would you to say aspecial prayer for me and my four children my name is Deidra I would llike a special prayer for my middle son Tevin for anger snd aniexty and depression and healing for him thats not like him if he is using drugs I would like your for him to remove … Continue reading “Family”


I would you to say aspecial prayer for me and my four children my name is Deidra I would llike a special prayer for my middle son Tevin for anger snd aniexty and depression and healing for him thats not like him if he is using drugs I would like your for him to remove … Continue reading “Family”


I would you to say aspecial prayer for me and my four children my name is Deidra I would llike a special prayer for my middle son Tevin for anger snd aniexty and depression and healing for him thats not like him if he is using drugs I would like your for him to remove … Continue reading “Family”

Removal of Affliction

Father God, I ask in your in your son Jesus name, that my grandson O’rhian, who is 5 yrs of age be touched by your loving hands to take away the confusion that goes on in his head, to give him better understanding, to help him understand words so that his speech is better and … Continue reading “Removal of Affliction”

My daughter Jenny

Please pray for my daughter Jenny that everything will work out with her wedding coming up in June in Jesus name. Also she has had alot of turmoil in her life lately, please pray that a spot opens up in the daycare center she needs for her son because of her new job.Also her sons … Continue reading “My daughter Jenny”


I pray that God please mend or even put together a relationship between two young men who possibly might be my son’s and myself that wants to have a relationship with them but don’t know how. I’m hurting deep inside because of this and I have deep regrets damn it which depresses me a lot. … Continue reading “Hurting”


God I pray for understanding and peace between me and my daughter. I pray you surrender us from the enemies. I pray that your will be done. That all who intentionally work evil towards me and my child be revealed and removed. I pray you show your favor of me to the enemies. I pray … Continue reading “Guidance”

My daughter

For my daughter Julia to see her need for Jesus and go back to loving Him. She is pushing away from Him with all her might. Satan is attacking and she is feeling that she is bisexual even marking surveys that she is bisexual and how good it feels that she is finally being honest … Continue reading “My daughter”

Custody battle

Please pray for the judge to see that my son should get custody of the children both biological and not. Their mother abandoned the boys and won’t let anyone from either side see the little girl. Leaves her alone for hours, left her in a car at night outside her work in the middle of … Continue reading “Custody battle”


My daughter has a block whenever she is to study for exams. She wants to study but can’t. There seems to be something stopping her maybe fear maybe something supernatural. Her exams are in days and she still has not started. Please pray to remove destiny stealing spirits and blocks and pray that she gets … Continue reading “Exams”

My children

I need prayer for my children who both have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). Although they are 14 years apart in age I can barely see the difference. They are both habitual liars, they steal (right now as far as I know it’s only from me), and my youngest is … Continue reading “My children”


Drew/Mike/Daniel safe travels to Dominican Republic. We need a painter ASAP, everything to fall into place and house to sell for asking price ASAP. Riley come out of her depression and kids, Charlie, Sid, Nicky, Ivan to be safe from summer situations (streets, pools, accidents, cars, etc) and to be kind, obedient, calm for a … Continue reading “family”


Riley, depression from leaving abusive marriage. Children, Charlie, Sid, Nicky, Ivan to be calm, kind, persevere, wise, helpful, obedient. That they can create a peaceful, loving home and thrive. Ben/Blair to find a house and a church. Blair safety on road for her job as photographer, to be Best of (her city) Drew to get … Continue reading “family”


Lord, i pray for your protection over my children and over myself. I pray that you release us from all evil ties. I pray that you release any blockages between us that keep us apart. I thank you for providing them safety and knowledge of love. I thank you for giving us hope and for … Continue reading “Reunification”

Prayers for test taking

Please pray for my Grandaughter Hailey who is taking AP tests for college placement on the 14th and 17th of May. Please pray that the Lord who created her will be with her today, calming her, providing her with the knowledge that he gave her a great mind to retrieve the information she needs. Let … Continue reading “Prayers for test taking”

Conception of twins

My lord Jesus Christ, I Jesca call upon your name to bless my womb with twins. Father, given that I normally undergo operation on every child birth,bless me with twins so that I can have as many children as possible in the remaining three ceasors that am left with. God listen to my cry as … Continue reading “Conception of twins”


Riley, healthy summer with kids after leaving trauma. Her husband to get help and Charlie, Sid, Nicky, Ivan to heal and live in peace and calm and be obedient, helpful, kind, loving, hardworking and pray to Jesus and walk with him. Drew to Ace all law finals and get paper published and favor with internship. … Continue reading “family”

Urgent need of prayers

I’m unfortunately in a nasty custody battle with my children’s father. Who I have a FRO on (restraining order) he is unjustly taking me to court, making up lies to take my kids from me. My 5 yr old son also tells me he’s being molested by his father’s mother. I tried everything, no one … Continue reading “Urgent need of prayers”

Children forgive me

Help my children to forgive me for not being there for them as children. For abandoning them when they as children needed me most. I have given the last 23 years of my life to make up for it but i now realize that is not something you can make up. Help my daughter to … Continue reading “Children forgive me”

Return her home

I’m praying for the return of my granddaughter to my son. On Christmas Eve 2020 my granddaughter was taken illegally by her mom. We have not seen or heard from her since. We have petitioned the court she has been refusing to come to court yet she has asked the court to give her child … Continue reading “Return her home”

Lord help my child

Lord please bring your spirit and divine intervention to my daughter who is using drugs and in denial. She’s suffered trauma and has not been able to be delivered from it. I love her Lord and I brought her up in the church. Please Lord remind her that she is loved and deliver her from … Continue reading “Lord help my child”

Prayer for Guidance

Lord God, I pray that You would deliver my daughter Chelsea from alcoholism, the effects of alcoholism and the bondage of alcohol. Let her know that she is much loved and adored and that she has great worth! Lift up her countenance and self esteem. Let her know that You are for her, help her … Continue reading “Prayer for Guidance”

Prayers for daughter

Prayer for my middle aged children. My daughter was so defiant as a child, and maintained rebellion against Christian values throughout her adult lifestyle. She accuses me of abuse because I set limits on her, and projects her uncontrolled behaviors onto me. (I have tapes of several of our past drawn-out verbal conflicts that clearly … Continue reading “Prayers for daughter”

Peace & Strength

Please pray for my grandson Edson Joseph Mendoza he was in the Navy for 5 years. He finished his service in March of this year. He was on a submarine for 3 months at a time. He has come home with PTSD. Please pray that God guides him to get the proper help that he … Continue reading “Peace & Strength”


Lord I have the desire to protect my children and grandchildren, but don’t have the strength nor might. When it comes to protecting my loved ones, I feel helpless and hopeless at the same time. My Lord and My God, I know we can find everything we need in You. I know we don’t have … Continue reading “Protection”


My son has traumatic Brain Injury, behavioral disorder and impulsive. He is also a person that needs total care. He is combative, destructive and harmful to himself. He target individuals and things to attack including his parents. Very angry young man with many triggers. He is taking meds but there is no medication for behavioral … Continue reading “Healing/Peace/Deliverance”

Pray for my daughter

Lord I can’t take my life anymore. I am so broken inside I feel Like I am going to have a heartattack. My daughter is 19 just had a son who is 8 months and she did a complete 360 – She wants to be single and on the streets her choice of friends and … Continue reading “Pray for my daughter”

My Sweet Great Grandson

YSB has FINALLY stepped in and taken my 12 year old great granddaughter away from her ABUSIVE (verbally, emotionally and physically) mother. Thank You LORD GOD Almighty! But they say they can’t help her poor sweet brother, Mason, until he is at least 11 years old! He’s only 9! Lord, Please protect Mason’s psyche as … Continue reading “My Sweet Great Grandson”

Lord guide me

Lord guide me in the right direction help me become a better mother for my children help me become closer to my son Lavelle and understand the my son Lord bring my family closer to you and Christ Lord I pray that you strengthen our mine and our decisions but pray that you be with … Continue reading “Lord guide me”