Will you please pray?

Tha father of one of my grandchildren is trying to keep her from me, her mother and her siblings. Please pray that he stops doing this and stressing us out.pray that family love and unity will prevail, that he is unsuccessful in his attempts to keep her from us, and that we have frequent visits … Continue reading “Will you please pray?”

the lords prayer

please pray for my grandson andrew who is severly autistic, has epilsey, has a bad heart and will need another heart operation soon. his 1st surgery was at 6 months of age.he is only 14 years old. he cannot speak to tell us what is wrong, my daughter goes to the drs.often.this has destroyed my … Continue reading “the lords prayer”


This will be the 2nd time I file for a divorce. The 1st time, right before court date I dismissed the petition because my husband and I decided to give us another chance. He moved back in and only followed through with working on our marriage for about 6 months. It has been a total … Continue reading “Divorce”

Peace and love

I pray that the lord touches my children’s hearts, souls and minds with his peace, comfort. Knowledge, love, strength, and compassion. They have a lot on their little shoulders, I pray God always holds them up sturdy in this world that tries so hard to knock you down. I pray that God shows them the … Continue reading “Peace and love”

Children’s mental health

I claim in Jesus Christs name that the therapiy sessions that my daughters are going through will be beneficial to them, I also claim in Jesus Christs name that if/when my husband gets promoted, my family and I can continue to live in Nassau, we will not have to move. I claim in Jesus Christs … Continue reading “Children’s mental health”

Pray for my sick son

Please most holy God, watch over my son I can’t be there to comfort him at this time. Place your strongest angels to watch over him and heal his body he has been very sick with pneumonia sepia and has not fully recovered. Please most holy God, give him the strength he needs for his … Continue reading “Pray for my sick son”

Bring Ryan home

I’m praying for my son Ryan to come home. He’s been in jail over a year and a half and we don’t have the money to get him a good attorney. It’s a long story but my son was told by his legal aid lawyer to plead guilty and my son was so upset asking … Continue reading “Bring Ryan home”

My children

Dear God please bless and keep safe from harm always my 3 daughters. My oldest daughter is having a mental challenge right now. I pray that you bless us in finding a doctor who can prescribe the right medication for her before she gets any worse. I claim this in Jesus Christ name and I … Continue reading “My children”

St Jude

PRAYER TO ST. JUDE Most holy Apostle, St. Jude, faithful servant and friend of Jesus, the Church honors and invokes you universally as the patron of hope. Please intercede on my behalf. Make use of that particular privilege given to you to bring hope, comfort, and help where they are needed most. Come to my … Continue reading “St Jude”

Plea for help

Please Lord Jesus forgive me for everything Iv done and please give me peace of mind in this awful situation I’m facing. I am desperately asking for help and healing for my family especially my beautiful kids who are struggling with health and life in general. I pray for their father who is having huge … Continue reading “Plea for help”

A Mother’s Prayer

Thanking God in advance that my daughter’s relationship with God is restored. She is whole nothing is broken or missing. She is healed body, mind, and spirit. She doea acknowledge who she is in Christ. She worships and serves God in spirit and in truth. The enemy has released his hold on her. A stranger … Continue reading “A Mother’s Prayer”

Mental health of my child

Dear God I pray you bless all 3 of my girls in excelling in life, especially my oldest. She started her period and 7th grade last year. From last year we noticed changes in her, she talking to herself and being withdrawn and not eating enough and not bathing. Whatever she is going through dear … Continue reading “Mental health of my child”

My daughters

Please pray with me that the blinders that has been placed in my daughters eyes by the guys they are dating. These young men do not like to work or do anything but play video games all day. I keep trying to tell me daughters that it is very unhealthy for a guy to want … Continue reading “My daughters”


Holy Spirit please speak wisdom, comfort, and peace to my child and open their ears and spiritual heart to see situations in the spirit and lean into you and ask you for guidance. Please be my child’s defender in each situation. Teach her to follow you well and give her discernment in leadership and conflict. … Continue reading “Gossip”

Losing grandparents and three dads of my children all really good men and Dads. Mom left alone and scared

In 2010 I lost my love of my life in a tragic work accident. Chris was a fallen firefighter from Bradley Arkansas and a farmer, cop, and everyone’s friend. In August 2010 my whole life changed in five minutes. In October I was married to Chris older brother and we continue to live across fields … Continue reading “Losing grandparents and three dads of my children all really good men and Dads. Mom left alone and scared”

To Pass the Test

Father in Jesus name, I thank You that we can come boldly before Your throne with our requests. I thank You for Jesus who paid the price for me and my family and the world, for us to be redeemed as Your children. Today I bring my 2 grandsons before You as they are taking … Continue reading “To Pass the Test”

Pray for grandson

Please pray for my grandson. His Dad has just really brainwashed him. He has told him forever his Mama doesn’t love him like he does. He really wants full custody of him so he can get him in another school. So the boy is very rude to his Mama, no respect, and really not friendly … Continue reading “Pray for grandson”


I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I don’t want to do any of what the doctors suggest because it’s to the extreme. I believe that God can still heal so I’m asking for healing and I’m asking for healing for my granddaughter she’s 10 years old her name is Kinsley and she has one … Continue reading “Salvation/healing”

Unsaved Children

Please pray that my unsaved children would be saved. Marcus a professor who graduated from Ashland Seminary went thru a painful divorce. And then got a PhD in the Philosophy of History and Science. He will not speak to us. Denise an attorney calls herself an atheist. Marcus calls himself agnostic. They were raised Christian. … Continue reading “Unsaved Children”


Lord I pray for my grand son Maurice Pinkett. I plead the blood of Jesus lord to touch this child. In the name of Jesus. He is have suicidal thoughts and anger issue. Lord this child is hurting for his deceased father and can control his actions. He is trouble daily in school he is … Continue reading “Grandchild”

Prayer for my son.

Lord, I lift up my son to You. He’s been influenced by this transgender movement going on in young society today. You know, Lord, that Aiden only insists on being referred to as female because it’s ‘cool’ to be trans. He’s attracted to women, as You know. Lord, I pray that You fill him with … Continue reading “Prayer for my son.”


Hello Rebbe, I desire deliverance from evil grids: something was installed via a phone call to my mother in law (more like a tracking device: I have noted massive amounts of nocturnal spiritual violence, internal digestive system bleeding, and ether psychotropic drug poisoning (via S&G: Bereshis 19:11: my system is constantly resetting). I’ve missed work … Continue reading “Shalom”

A.prayer for my son.

I ask that you pray for my adult son. he has experienced a lot of hurt growing up and I believe he is doing the wrong things because his is still hurting. financially he is doing very well, but that has also changed him. He has turned away from God and his priorities is very … Continue reading “A.prayer for my son.”

A.prayer for my son.

I ask that you pray for my son. he has experienced a lot of hurt growing up and I believe he is doing the wrong things because his is still hurting. financially he is doing very well, but that has also changed him. He has turned away from God and his priorities is very wrong. … Continue reading “A.prayer for my son.”

Bring my children home

Please stand in prayer with me.. Dear Abba I come to you today to ask that you intercede in this matter, please place the right people in my path whom can help and see the injustice me and my children have been dealing with. I have I miss my children so much I ask that … Continue reading “Bring my children home”

Need prayers for our family

Our 23 year old son passed away as he was battling colorectal cancer. My husband and 3 boys are just struggling in life now. We prayed desperately for our son to survive but everything that could go wrong went wrong. My oldest doesn’t believe anymore saying if God was real why weren’t our prayers answered. … Continue reading “Need prayers for our family”

success in civil exam

on behalf of my son& daughter-in-law(Mr&Mrs Vidya) who has been trying to conceive a child for 12 years. Kindly pray that they would bless them with a healthy pregnancy and the ability to carry a child to full term. Specifically, they would grant them a male child so that they may raise him to love … Continue reading “success in civil exam”

Child custody

I pray that my words do not fall on deaf ears, and that the Lord blesses my up coming court date for the custody of my children. I pray that I provide the court with enough evidence of the lies and deceit the children’s father has been using to keep our children from me. I … Continue reading “Child custody”

Pray for my son Elijah’s

Please pray for my son Elijah. He turned three in January of 2023 and still does not talk regularly yet. Praying that the Lord will touch him and loose his tongue.

Emotionally Healthy Children

Lord please help my children to know they are truly loved. Please let them feel emotionally supported and surround by healthy loving adults. Show them daily examples of emotionally and. Physically healthy adults. Give them emotional Grit and strength. Please fill them with overwhelming peace and resolve their anxieties. Thank you for all you have … Continue reading “Emotionally Healthy Children”

New righteous life

Lord help me obey your word . And restore good in me that is not. Remove the wicked and bad people from my life, my son’s life, his father’s life, and my family . Protect your children Lord . Cleanse my soul, restore my soul, life health and strength. Give me strength to be strong. … Continue reading “New righteous life”

wisdom and guidance

I have a young lady that has children by my son who wants to live with us she lived in Minnesota with her mom but she left her moms house and has been staying in hotels here my son tried to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge at the time the two of them … Continue reading “wisdom and guidance”

Challenging Behaviors

Please pray for my special needs children. They both have severe forms of Autism with challenging behaivors. Please pray my older son will stop screaming, eloping, aggressive behaviors, and help him to learn to be toilet trained. Please pray that my younger son will improve with his attention span/focusing, stop eating paper/putting things that are … Continue reading “Challenging Behaviors”

Daughter Dance

Please pray for my daughter Ella Kate. She has Lieutenant try outs for dance today. Pray she does amazing at try outs. Pray the judges and Coach see her heart. Please pray that she makes Lieutenant if that is God’s holy will. Pray she is placed with the most perfect team of girls who will … Continue reading “Daughter Dance”