Prayer for my daughter to be confident in her studies

by Nicole (London)

Dearest Lord

I come to you for help as mother and as your child. Father help my little one with her school work Father, help her reading to be improved and her maths (addition, subtraction and times table)to get better Jesus, she was given to me by you, help her to be brave, confident and outspoken in all she does, help to be successfull in all her present and future doings Lord I ask this in your name Jesus. AMEN.

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  1. sherly says:
    my daughter

    .my daughter has decided to study ACCA and the classes will be starting from 19th sept. 2016. she is still confused and seems she is not confident.
    please Lord i want you to be with my daughter to give her confidence and support.
    please talk to her and strengthen her

  2. Anonymous says:

    My prayers to Lord Jesus pls guide, help show them the right path n able to complete their studies and get job at the place where they are studying now (UK) my third daughter meet with an accide recently n her car was declared total lost n she has to pay the finance company the balance of shortfall. Lord Jesus pls help her to overcome her problems n guide her in her day day college assignme ts.

  3. Anonymous says:
    My daughter

    My wee girl is struggle in all aspects of her school work and it’s really getting her down please pray for her xx

  4. Anonymous says:
    Prayer for my daughter to complete her degree

    I will be returning home in Africa soon. My daughter has one more year to complete her studies in June 2015. She has opted to remain to do just that. Home is sweet but it has it’s own disadvantages . My problem is that I only have two months to sort out all her issues such as school fees and accommodation. All these need finances in excess of $20,000 which at the moment I have to somehow look for. I believe in God’s power for He Has always been on my side in good times and in difficult times. For this reason, I ask for his mercy and intervention. I have faith and I strongly believe that God will deliver as he has done before. He is my best and last hope. God never fails. Most of all, it is not over until he says so. I trust in Him and I have faith in him just like Daniel had, just like Abraham had, just like Moses had, just like Noah had and many more as quoted in the bible.

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