prayer for troubled daughter

(Honolulu, Hawaii)

Dear Lord,

Hear my prayer help me to heal the wounds that are troubling my daughter. Help her to make the right choices and I really don’t want to see her out on the street and making bad choices. I want to see her return to you Lord and stay in school and be a good girl and not so angry. Thank you Lord

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  1. Troubled Teen

    Lord I have been going through this for years with my child, she calls me out my name talk to me crazy. Lord what shall I do I’m giving up.

  2. My daughter, Mary

    Oh Dear Lord,
    At birth, I concescrated my daughter Mary to Your Mother’s Immaculate Heart. I ask Your Blessed Mother to mother my daughter where I may have failed. I ask you both to love and protect her; comfort and heal her. Help me to understand her anguish and pain and to help me help her. I don’t know where to begin healing our fractured relationship and I ask for your merciful reconciliation to our family situation. She is yours and I humbly submit my will, and ask that Your Will be done.
    Thank you for hearing my prayer,

  3. Prayer for daughter

    Dear Lord,

    Please watch and protect over my daughter. Please help her to see the errors she is making and assist her in making sound decisions. Please have all that is evil around her removed from her surroundings. Dear Lord strengthen me to be a sound parent to help guide her down the right path and to be more understanding of the current situation. I know she is a bright child but needs a little assistance in her decision making. Fill her with you love O Lord. In your name I pray


  4. help my wee girl. Danielle. Dear Lord

    Dear Lord… I pray to you for my Danielle to feel your love for her. I believe it may be my fault that she has so little knowledge of how good God is. I did not take enough responsibility to ensure that she had as much opportunity to Å‚earn as I had. Therefore I beg you to pardon her behaviour. She has suffered the last couple of years with her health and actions of others and seems to think she is on her own and the world is against her. . Please show her real happiness. You have given her many talents please help her make use of them. I thank you. . Thy will be done. Thank you

  5. Step-Daughter

    Dear Lord, I come to you for prayer for my step-daughter, she is lost and troubled my lord she needs your strength and your guidance right now. She has run away and are with people that feel mean her no good. I would like see her return to you lord and become the person that you created dear lord… I know you have a plan for her, please show her plan so that she a walk in your light. Thank you Lord

  6. Step-Daughter

    Dear Lord, I come to you for prayer for my step-daughter, she is lost and troubled my lord she needs your strength and your guidance right now. She has run away and are with people that feel mean her no good. I would like see her return to you lord and become the person that you created dear lord… I know you have a plan for her, please show her plan so that she a walk in your light. Thank you Lord

  7. Prayer

    Father in Heaven, Deliver your child Noelle Rose from all evil, heal her troubled soul, come into her heart and restore her, inspire her to a purpose worthy of her, protect her from the influence of the infidel and return her to the fold of her family. Amen

  8. Prayer for my 11 year old daughter

    Dearest Heavenly Father creator of all that is, and all that will ever be.. Please help my daughter she is so bitter and angry she says the meanest things to her sibling older and younger I feel as though her heart is breaking and she is so angry with the world, and she doesn’t care about the mean things that she says, and doesn’t care that fir every action she does there is a reaction a ripple effect. Lord she is lonely and is bullied frequently by sineade at school, please lord help my child as it breaks my heart to see she is in dispare and so unhappy. She has no friends and is never invited to birthday parties like her sister, please father please don’t let her to grow up with nobody but me in her life please bring the light of Jesus Christ my saviour and fill her heart with his divine love and light, please don’t let her to grow up and be as loney as I am. Please lord help her to have good friends and to quiet her outh of her vivacious tongue lord I don’t even think she realises the mean things she says her heart is so troubled. Please lord in the name if your precious son Jesus Christ my king and saviour I ask of you to help us please Amen

  9. release her

    Lord, Father I pray that you will deliver your child for any evil that has a hold on her, break off what is binding her and restore her, bring her peace Lord and always keep her safe, in Jesus name amen.

  10. release her

    Lord, Father I pray that you will deliver your child for any evil that has a hold on her, break off what is binding her and restore her, bring her peace Lord and always keep her safe, in Jesus name amen.

  11. Prayers for struggling daughter

    Lord, I also lift up my daughter to you. I pray for the complete and full k nowledge of who she is in Christ, how much You love her and how your purposes and plans for her are best. LEad her, guide her, direct her paths. Help her to keep her eyes on you and not the circumstances or the opinions of others. Help her to realize the gifts you have given her to use to Glorify you and satisfy her soul. Give her confidence and courage to face each day in Your strength. PRotect her heart, her mind and her spirit from the attacks of the world and the devil. Bind him from her. Bring her encouragers, lovers of The Lord, strong people in faith who can walk with her in fellowship. Amen

  12. same request

    My daughter is also in need of the same things mentioned here. I love her so much, but she is in a terrible situation which Is hurting her badly. Please Lord, deliver her from this trap so that she can shine again. Help all mothers like me who are in such pain as we watch our children suffer.
    Please help us, I pray. In Jesus’ name.

  13. March,2,2012 Prayer for my Daughter

    Lord I pray Peace in my daughter,I pray strength, love, advancement,courage,stopping of percrasternating,a career,excepting criticism,money,healing,budgeting,cleanliness,order,excepting responsibility for own actions,good relationships,protection,health,being a great mom,more respect for self an others,Lord I ask for these prayers in ur Heavenly name bcus u said that if I want ,I must ask in ur precous,glourious name I pray,AMEN!

  14. Prayers for my daughter

    Please help heal my daughter, She has lost hope and is in despair. She is depressed and at times suicidal. I need her to see her worth to everyone around her. I want her to feel self worth. I pray that she learns to enjoy life again. I pray that she comes home on the mend and continue to heal and get stronger day by day. I ask this in Jesus name.

  15. Prayer that my daughter finds her way back

    Heavenly father, my heart is heavy & burdened for my precious daughter. She is depressed and using drugs. She has lost hope and is in despair. I need her to see her worth to everyone around her & know how much we all love her. I want her to feel self worth. I pray that she learns to be happy again. Lead her, direct her, guide her paths. Please Lord, help her to see good from evil and deliver her from this trap so that she can shine again. I pray that she comes home, allow us to help her that she will continue to heal and get stronger day by day. Help all parents like us who are in such pain as we watch our children suffer. I ask this all, believing, in Jesus name.

  16. A heart broken mom-Please Lord intervene

    The hurts I am going through because of my 13 years old daughter is unexplainable. She doesn’t listen to me, listens to her friends and is also after boys.

    May God help her and in the choices she makes.

  17. Healing for my daughter

    Dear Lord God,

    I come to you humbly asking for healing and restoration for my 14yr old daughter. Please break the binding strongholds of depression and negativity from her! Please help her to see and know that she is loved, worthy and deserving. Let her know that with you and through you ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! Please Jesus be with her, please heal her heart, mind, body and soul. Please show her how to be HAPPY. Please help her develop coping skills to help her through the hard times and to know that troubles don’t last always, JOY Does come in the morning. Please Jesus cover my daughter, keep her safe. In Jesus Christ name I pray. Amen

  18. God please help my daughter

    God, Please help my daughter see that the man she has brought home is not good for her, Lord please make her see that she has to leave him, please help her get out of this relationship. God please help her get off drugs and help her see the man she is with is evil and dragging her down with him. God please take this man out of our lives for ever.
    God please bring my daughter back to us. God please open my daughters eyes to what this man is doing to her, causing her depression, anxiety and low self worth. Please make her put her son as a priority in her life and get rid of the man who does not work, does drugs and lives off us. God make Jaymee leave my house and my daughter for good.
    God restore her self worth and pride. God please help her before it’s too late. Amen

  19. Step daughter

    Lord I come to you as humbly as I know how, I have done all that I can for my step daughter and I don’t know what else to do. I have nicely accepted her in my home, but all it seems that she wants to do is destroy the things that I have worked so hard for. I try to teach her new things, new habits, but she don’t want of try to change for the better. Every since she has been in my home it has been so many problems, problems I am not use to having to deal with. I want peace in my home again. Her Dad and I have been in so many arguments behind my stepdaughter. I am just to the point that I just want her gone. I wish her MOM would get herself together so that she can go back home with her. I can surely see how relationships break up behind a child. Lord please have mercy a pond this situation. I want her to be Happy and I think being with her Mom and her sister makes her Happy.

  20. Pray for my daughter who is struggling

    Please lord help my daughter who is struggling in school. Please give her the strength, hope and motivation to complete her assignments and succeed. Please help her to develop coping and problem solving skills. Please help her understand that she is loved and cared for by her family and we only want what is best for her. Please help her see how beautiful and worthy she is. Please take away her anger and low self esteem. Please help her find joy and bring peace to our family. I pray to you O lord to always keep her safe and protected. Amen

  21. My Daughter

    My dear and precious Lord please help my daughter to come home and changed her attitude. She is confused and she as well left her , respectful good looking boyfriend from one day to the next. I really don’t know what is wrong with her but I need you to help her and let her be unconfused. There’s people in her life that you lord need to be separating them for her. Her relationship of 5-6 years needs to be restore before it’s too late. Please hear my prayers my dear lord and bind all evil away from her and her siblings and from my home and my family. . Lord I ask you this by the blood of Jesus Christ. Amen and Amen!

  22. Please guide my Daughter Danielle to accept you as her Lord an Saviour

    Dear Jesus

    Please bless and protect my daughter Danielle Kimberly Mclewee

    Please help her to get her life back so she can lead a productive life.

    Please get her away from addictions so she can rest fully every night and be productive.mentally calm and be in service to mankind.

    Please bring her to your arms and keep her in the light so she can know Joy Peace and Love

    Keep the Devil away from her show her the way

    Please Jesus guide her all the days of her life use her for your good

    In Jesus name Amen

  23. Don’t know what else to do tired

    I am in need of prayer been praying I am a single mom of 7 5boys and 2girls my husband died 13 years ago on Valentine’s Day I am now in a relationship with a good guy who has accepted them he has no kids my boys have accepted him and like him my girls no before him I always had problems with my 2nd daughter she calls me out of my name and she is just so mean we argue all the time I do everything my youngest is 13 and she is 17 and I have 22 and 20 years that still at home one works but I made him pay 1bill and they think I am mean for asking him to do it I buy food and everything I been staying with my boyfriend cause I can’t deal with my daughter she is so disrespectful of me and everyone else I did not bring her up like that and my oldest she has her kids and her boyfriend they doing good but like to put others down even her brother and don’t want to claim them and want me to do the same if I don’t I am wrong i do get along with my sons better cause they respect me please pray for me

  24. Daughter struggling with drugs. Sex. Evil boyfriend.

    Please. I need prayer. Its mu daughter birthday. 40yr. She struggles with addiction and harmful relationships.She has been greatly decieved into justifying her behaviour by believing she is lead bu christ. She lies steals sex abandoned children and family. Ex. She is blessed. Therefore her children are taken care of by God. This is true. But she uses it to excuse her respinsibilities. The children are greatly hurt. Her boyfriend is a man of God. She says. But they have porno sex. Steal. Boyfriend encouraged her to steal everything. Everything from trusting, loving, sick mother. Left mother homeless. Just like she did her children. Her actions are evil. Its scary because she has convienced herself she is led by the God. Her boyfriend she thinks is an angel who cares for her. I am a Christain and know this is not from God but Saten. We are all hurt but mostly fear for her. Its all twisted in her head. She will pray in tonges. Then attack her mother violently. It is not the Holy Ghost as she believes. Please pray for us.

  25. Decieved Daughter

    Daughter has been convinced by boyfriend to desert her children. Steal from mother to the point of mother becoming homeless in just 7 months. I offered to help her get clean and straighten her life out. I was decieved lied to. Money, belongings, retirement all gone. I was violently attacked.and more it gets worse. There is no reasoning with her. Because although she is a christian something has happened to her. The boyfriend she is convinced is a man of God. This behavior of hers she believes is justified and of God. Her family is now the enemy. She attacked me without any provocation. Then called and lied to police to have me put in jail. I am 60 never had i been in jail before and i have health problems. I was found not guilty. That was done to get me out of house so they could steal. My daughter believes she was led by the spirit. She said. God provides for his children. She desearved it. And i owed her. I was in shock. I had just cashed in retirement to keep her ftom 20 yrs prison. It makes no sense. This boyfriend she tells me is her angel. He is Satin i believe. They read the bible go to a church and speak in tongues. Yet do drugs. Have sex steal ect. I am praying. But i am terrified for her. I am so angry with her and boyfriend. But i have to forgive. Its difficult because that is my daughter whom i love more than life. Only prayer i fear will help. She is so convienced she is hearing from God to behave like this..

  26. Pray For my Daughter

    I request to pray for my daughter Hana she wrote to me today “She is showing the world she is happy but inside she has lots of hurt and empty” She mentioned that She hate this life. I feel she is going through Depression. She is not telling also what hurts her.
    I want all of you pray for my 13 year Old girl please. I am so scared sometimes. Pray for Hanna.

  27. Confused Daughter

    Lord please pray for my daughter who’s confused about her sexuality. Please guide her into making the right choices. Please let her see that we are only advising her in what’s rightfully moral. My lord please soften her heart to follow what’s right.

  28. A prayer for my daughter, Kayla

    Jesus, as I read the prayers of these hurting parents I feel a connection to them. They are expressing the same pain and same feelings of helplessness and despair that I am feeling about my own daughter. I lift all of these parents up to you and ask that you hear their prayers and hear my prayers for my own little girl. I know that you can make a way where there seems to be no way, and that you can make ALL things work together for good. Help all of us feel your peace as we wait for your love to prevail over all. Keep us Joyful in hope that blessings are on the way. Keep us patient during this time as we wait for you to do things in YOUR time, and keep up faithful in prayer. I don’t know why we are going through this storm, but even in the worst part of it keep us mindful that you are master over all and can deliver us and our loved ones us through anything that the devil throws at us. Keep us strong now so we can rejoice later. Thank you Jesus for all your blessings in my life. Keep me mindful of those blessings always.

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