Prayer for my disrespectful son

by Shirley (New York)

Please pray for my son he’s 18yrs old and doesn’t wanna do anything with his selfhe doesn’t go to school all he wants to do is run the street and hangout with friends and drink alcohol and smoke. I have tried to talk to him but he’s very disrespectful towards anything I say.

Thinks I treat him like a child which he still is and that’s how he acts. He says he doesn’t like me because I always got something to say… Please pray for him to find guidance and respect towards me and his dad…

In gods name.

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  1. Please pray for us, my adult son is disrespectful.

    Dear Saints,

    My adult son, who is 21 is disobedient, rude and disrespectful to me and other adults. I am a single mother and he is my only child. I have no support from my family. Lately, I have open up and have told people that my adult son is disrespectful to his Mother. I was embarrassed to tell anyone. Never in my wildest dream would I think my son would turn out this way. Did I love him too much and give him too many things? I love my son unconditionally but I can’t put up with his disrespect. He says he hates me. I want him to move out and get his own place. He tells me if he moves out. He will move far away from me and I will never see him again. He curses at me. He wants to get in my face. He tried to intimidate, manipulate and make me feel guilty. My son blames me for getting breast cancer (I had it 2 times) and for his father’s passing. He wants to smoke weed and have sex in his room with his girlfriend. What he really wants to do his play videos games and play his rock music loud all day. I have talked to my pastor and have prayed and prayed but things seem to be getting worse. I will have to seek legal action to get him to move. I am tired and tired of fighting and I shouldn’t have to fight with my son. I only want to best for my son. He acts like he is scared to be on his own. I work part-time and we are barely making it. I am trying to keep a roof over our heads. I want him to contribute to our house hold bills and he flip out. My son is very selfish and spoiled. I am trying to teach him how to pay a bill and be responsible. I want him to grow up and be a man. My older sister keeps cuddling him and won’t let him grow up. My sister is filing his head with negative talk about me and my son do not tell his Aunt not too bad about his Mom nor does he defend or protects me. My sister, Tina, has never been a sister or a friend to me. For some reason, she hates me. I have reach out and tried to repair our relationship. I’ve tried to be a sister but she still has hatred towards me. My sister, my niece and my son has betrayed me. I know for fact that my sister would not condone her daughters being disrespectful, rude and disobedient to her. I am so hurt, depressed and feel so alone. I told my son his Aunt is using him to get back at me but he will not listen to me. He believes everything she tells him. My sister has two daughters one is on drugs and the other barely speaks to her but she wants to interfered in my life. She only doing it to hurt me. Recently, I stopped speaking to me sister because she encourages my son to be disrespectful to me. She has betrayed and hurt me so many time over the years. Please pray my son will move out soon. He’s stressing me out. We barely speak to each other and I can’t stand to be around him. I locked my bedroom door at night afraid he might get a knife. He was saved. He said he’s a rocker and listen to rock music. He thinks he can be a rock star. Please pray for us.

  2. Prayer for Shirley's son.

    Dear Divine Merciful Heart of Jesus and Mother of perpetual Succour, please look upon this 18 yr old boy with mercy. Melt him, mould him and heal him from anything that is not of Thy Kingdom. Bring him out from any hurt feelings, which is causing to behave in this way. Fill him with your Holy Spirit and cover him with your most precious blood. Protect and restore him in the right path dear Lord Jesus. Grant peace in his heart and mind. Forgive him and bless him O Jesus. Have pity on Shirley and heal her relationship with her son and let there be peace in thier family. Thank you Jesus, Praise you Jesus, Love you Jesus and Trust in your mighty healing and blessings. Amen.

    Lord I pray to heal my son who is also 18 years and we are going through similar situation. Lord you know every bit of our life and our sons life. Forgive us Lord for all that went wrong in our lives.
    Have mercy on us and bless our son and bring peace in our family too. Thank you Jesus, Praise you Jesus. Jesus I trust in you.

  3. For Shirley's Son

    Dear Lord & Mother Mary, Queen of Angels, please guide Shirley’s son on the right path so he remains safe from harm & have him return to his family the respect they deserve. Keep him healthy & happy. Give his family peaceful thoughts. Please do the same for my daughter as well & guide her to the self love she needs so she stops returning to her abusive boyfriend. Amen.

  4. Prayer for my son

    Please pray for my son who so disrespectful to me said really nasty things wish bad to happen to me.these things have got me so down and his girlfriend is just as bad Encouraging him which make it worse I need help for him to see what he doing before it to late.

  5. Yvette

    I moved back to the family home after my mothers death. She was my best friend. My oldest son had been living with my mother and did as little as possible for her without cursing about it. I moved into the house and now he is so evil hateful, he steals lies cusses and is just has me sleeping with one eye open and the bedroom door locked. He is 38 I feel he has multiple personalities PLEASE pray for me. I’ve left my home in Seattle to come help him and now I’m almost homeless Life is hard sometimes

  6. Pray in agreement for restoration with my son who has been disrespectful and his new wife encourages him to curse me

    Please agree in prayer that my son would come to himself and repent for all the disrespectful things he has done to me. I had to evict them from my home, my son was not trying to work and allowing his wife to disrespect me. His wife has cursed me and said she will press harassing charges against me and said I am dead to my son. My son has lost his job because of her and she is taking my son down a dark path and isolating him from his family. They are somewhere homeless and I fear for his safety because of his rude and hurtful things said to me when I have always helped him and put my life on hold to make sure he succeeds. Now this girl has sabotaged his career in the military and influencing him to be disrespectful to his mom.

  7. Horrible son at the age of 33

    My son curses me something terrible because I don’t have money to give him and i am not talking about small money he wants money for a car and he has no job this goes on daily what can you do to help him I think he is beyond help

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