Prayer to heal Cough and Fever

by Jet (Davao City, Philippines)

I pray for healing for my son. He has cough and on and off fever for 4 days. May the hand of God touch him and and heal him together with all the children affected by this type of illness right now, right at this very moment be healed.

All this I pray through Christ our Lord and with the intercession of our beloved mother Mama Mary. Amen!

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  1. Janice says:
    Heal my daughter O Lord

    Lord God i believe there is healing in the name of Jesus…. pls heal my daughter Ethelviese from fever. I put my daughter’s health in your hand O Lord. Through the Strifes of Christ, I claim believing that is healed completely. In Jesus name i pray. Amen…

  2. Destiny says:
    Cough and stuffy nose

    Lord put your hands on my 2 week old son he has a cough nd stuffy nose please heal him from this cold and make him feel better tomorrow aman 💙😇

  3. rumbidzai says:
    healing prayer for coughing

    Lord put your hands on my 4 years son and heal him from coughing .is coughing day and night l tried many and many medicine but nothing changed
    I heal him from illnesses in the jesus name Amen

  4. felicita Garza says:
    for healing cough and fever

    My dear LordJesus ask you and your precious Glory name to heal for my granddaughter she has bad cough more than 2 months missile my school have to go to the doctor nearly every day so she can graduate with so close for school to end and I ask you for my little grandson he’s two years old for the last month he’s been running temperature fever every day my daughter with her allergies and headaches she just got a job and have to take him to the hospital in middle of the night Lord I ask you for healing on my grandkids and daughter and I ask you for my oldest son he have been lung problems he can hardly breathe Lord and his twelve-year-old wants him to play football with him and my son can do that heal him over so he can breathe better I ask you this in your precious glorify name thank you for healing my family Lord

  5. Felicita Garza says:
    prayer for healing cough and fever

    Heavenly Father I come to you for my granddaughter and my grandson he’s two years old get a fever every night for the last month doctors don’t know what it is they want to put him next week in the hospital to see why he’s getting so much fever every day I asked you to heal my grandson from his fever’s and I ask you for my granddaughter she has a bad cough for 2 months Lord You Have Missed so much school I want her to graduate I asked you for my daughter to give her strength I know she has a lot of headache and allergies it is hard for her to work dear Lord help me help them children Lord and your precious Lord by name I ask you for healing and I ask you for my oldest son his lungs so it is hard for him to breathe he have a 12 year old Lord that want to play ball and my grandson can’t even play with he dad because of my son for lungs bring healing to this to my family Lord I ask you all this and your precious Lord by name thank you for hearing our prayers for Lord amen

  6. Cuckoo says:

    Dear Father, My mother has been suffering from severe cough for last 1 month.. even after taking several medicines, there is no betterment..Just as a beggar beg for alms, i beg for Your mercy… My father passed away 14 years back and i don’t have any 1 in this world except my mother. This condition is frightening.. I have no one to rely.. except you…please cure my mother of her sickness..Please i beg u.. do not neglect me dear GOD.I ask u in the name of Jesus Christ…

  7. Valerie says:
    Prayers for healing

    Please hear my prayers Lord. We are suffering from a bad cough. I have had my cough for a month now. Place your heavenly hands on me and free me from any illness or disease. Wipe out my cough please. Praise your Glorious name Lord Jesus!

  8. Yasir gill says:
    Oh Lord give me heal in your name ameen.

    Oh dear Lord Jesus i beg to you that for a long time i was sick
    & cough fever i took treatment for a little time i did take heal but now time again i am getting a fever & cockiness
    so i request you please forgive my all sins & give me heal in your holy Jesus name & with intercession beloved mother mary ameen.

  9. Anonymous says:

    lord please heal my sons cough and cold.. hope he gets better tommorow.. amen

  10. Anonymous says:
    healing prayer

    I pray for the healing of my 2 daughters. The elder one has a cough and colds just like me and the younger one has high fever for 4 days already. Lord please help us! Hear our prayer! Place your healing hands in the name of Jesus! Heal them right now! Praise the Lord!

  11. Anonymous says:
    iam suffering from fourf weeks pleasr pray for me Philomena's

    Heal me from pas 78 days I have got Very bad cough and fever too

  12. Peter Xavier says:

    Praise the lord, I am suffering from dry cough for the last 3 weeks and I have taken so many medicines, but does not work out and I completely depending on you lord, please bless me to get rid of this cough. Please bless me Jesus

  13. Anonymous says:

    I pray that my 4 year old heals from tonsilitis . She had a high fever for 3 days . Please lord place your healing hands on her . Amen

  14. sarveswari.s & vigneshwar.s says:
    please pray for me

    Father God, it’s been a few weeks that we’ve been coughing and coughing. It really hurts and it hasn’t gotten any better. Please help us heal. Thank You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  15. Anonymous says:
    Heal my sons cough and colds

    Please heal my son’s cough and colds In the name of Jesus your holy name and through the intercession of Mama Mary

  16. Anonymous says:
    prayer for my baby

    Dear Lord please heal my children my baby boy has a fever and cough and my baby girl has a cough also,,,, pls,, pls,,, heal them,,,

  17. Anonymous says:

    In Jesus name I pray with you to heal your son and all those who are suffering from cough and other sickness. Amen.

  18. patty says:

    In Jesus name I pray with you for my 19 month granddaughter (Addy) fever to go away & hope she gets better soon. Amen

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