Pray for Tourette Syndrome

by Patrick ()

Please pray for my son Andrew who is only 11 years old and has Tourette Syndrome and has been on medication since the age of five years and the doctors have to now change his medication as his system is rejecting the older medication.

He is very violent, blurts out severe vulgar language, Has OCD, he is obese and he does not believe in God as he blames God for his condition.

Please pray either for complete healing or for a miracle drug that the doctor can find to cure his actions as my wife and I are terribly bruised from been physically beaten by him.

Remember that if two or more stand together in prayer Jesus stands in the middle.

God Bless

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  1. a child not believing in God angry

    A child with tourettes syndrome can be angry at God and not believe that he is loved by God not necessarily absurd thoughts. Where is God when it hurts? Children need calm and praying words told to them. They need to know God loves them. It’s difficult sometimes even for parents to believe God is all loving when you see your child suffering. Faith in God is what victims of TS need reassurance about. GOD in your arms comfort children with Tourettes .

  2. Education is key

    First of all, I’m sorry for your pain. TS can be a great challenge for a family, and education and knowledge are critical to overcome it. I would urge you to seek local support by contacting the nearest chapter of the Tourette Syndrome Association and asking for their recommendations. A family handbook on TS will help you and your son cope better with the symptoms.

    Secondly, this:

    “he does not believe in God as he blames God for his condition”

    is quite absurd. How can he blame an entity in which he doesn’t believe? It sounds like your son is very frustrated and confused. The more that you can learn about the disorder and how to handle it with your son, together, the better.

    Good luck.

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