Controlled by the enemy.

by Deborah ()

My son Ronald is so lost, he is addicted to alcohol and gambling. He runs the streets every night and sometimes the day as well on his days off from work. He is disrespectful to women especially me as his mother. He goes through women like a revolving door. He seems to have multiple personalities and I never know which version of him I’m going to get from moment to moment. I handle him with kid gloves, and I walk on eggshells around him. Even though I raised him in church, and he knows about Jesus he uses God when it’s convenient for him and when it suits him…for instance if he is interested in a girl and she is a Christian. I try so hard to reach him to no prevail and I have tried to get him to go to counseling and so have many other people, but he won’t listen. My sister who is a counselor has tried to tell him he is an alcoholic and he need to get in a program, but he denies that he is. I’m not the one who can help him so all I can do is pray for him and love him in the midst of this. It is hard because he is so disrespectful, and I don’t do well with his disrespect especially to women. I feel so awful about how I see him treat women to the point I try to warn them indirectly and I told him I don’t want to meet any more of his so-called girlfriends and that is hard because we live in the same house. He lives upstairs and I live in the basement which looks like a whole different house with carpet, bathroom and everything but I have to go upstairs to cook and bathe. He is a con and he is good at gaslighting people, but I see through his gaslighting while others don’t. I am looking for a place to move and get away from him, but it is hard since I am disabled and on SSI. He can be so cruel, and I am trying my best not to allow him to make me step outside the will of God because I am not one of those mothers that usually just sit back and accept it. I don’t play but God is working on me, and I am learning to be humble and love him unconditionally even though once in a while I slips and give as good as he gives. I try to keep my focus on God and when I do that, I am good with handling him. So please pray for him and me but especially him because the enemy is attacking him royally! Thank You!

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