Prayer for a Grieving Child Who Has Lost Their Mother

by Sasha (United States)

Dear Jesus,

I am so sad and my heart hurts that my mommy is no longer with me. It hurts because I don’t understand why she has to leave me so soon. I cry when I hear other children speak of their mother. I yearn to speak to her and hear her voice again. Please help me to understand what is happening in my life right now. Help me to be able to go on and keep living the life You have for me to live. Give me peace, strength, comfort and love. Fill my thoughts of her with wonderful memories we made when she was here. Help me to desire to continue on and know You will be there to take good care of me. Send people in my life to lead and guide me in the right direction. Help me to feel her presence. Help me to make her proud. I thank You in advance for all Your help in this situation Lord.
In Jesus’ Name,

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