Prayer for child to make friends at school

by Mees (London)

Please pray for my young daughter who is having challenges making friends at school. it appears that there are a couple of girls in her class who keep excluding her from activities and shouting at her go go away when ever she tries to join in.

I have spent time trying to help her build her social skills but i feel it’s time to take it to the Lord in prayer. I want her to be happy as it’s breaking my heart seeing her going through this.

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  1. For friends

    Please pray for my son Michael to make new friends. He is shy and doesn’t ever talk about any friends at school. He is an only child and doesn’t have anyone in his neighborhood to play with. Please let him be blessed to meet a really good friend this year. He is s sweet boy with an incredible heart.

    Thank you

  2. To have good girlfriends in her class

    Please pray for Jaedyn…she’s a Christian and such a good friend we don’t understand why the girls in her class are so mean to her…she forgives and is nice to them..this has gone on for over 2 years…she’s 14 and beautiful… Everyone likes her …such jealousy…we need a breakthrough…I will pray for u all

  3. Friends in class

    Please pray for Jaedyn …the girls in her class hurt her by exclusion …been going on a long time. 2 ESP. Are doing this…trying to turn other ones against her and using things her uncle has done in his past to hurt her and I think some parents have done also….holding it against her…she has been hurt so much and I pray constantly for her…she needs acceptance…thank u

  4. Prayers for sweet Anthony

    I pray all your children to make friends and be happy and safe while at school. Please join me in praying my son starts to enjoy school and finds friends this week. He started last week and has been playing by himself. I know it’s still early but please pray someone befriends him tomorrow that is nice and can bring happiness to my sweet boy. Blessings to all!!

  5. a good friend for my 12 year old daughter

    I pray and hope that my daughter has friends. At school she is all by herself during break time and lunch time, she goes to thr bathroom or just sits on bench all by her self. It killing me inside that she dosent have any friends. I wan her to be happy about going to school not be, mom can I stay home, or can you homeschool me.
    I know I’m not the only parent going through this, there shouldn’t be so many kids without friends. I will be praying for all kids to have friends.

  6. Prayers needed

    My 2 daughter are extremely shy and don’t talk much its hard for them to make friends. Please pray for them

  7. Prayer for three

    Please pray for my sons and daughter. All 3 are good kids, a little shy, but kind. I appreciate prayers that they may find a good friend or two each this year. It’s been a tough go finding kids who can just be open and let people like them
    in. Kindness is the only investment that doesn’t fail I am told . Thank you for any kind prayers for them

  8. having friends

    please pray for la my son who has nobody to play with of his own age and doesn’t have friends nearby
    thank you

  9. prayer for my daughter

    Prayer for my daughter

    She is starting a new school this year. I picked her up from school on her first day and she said she wanted to cry. No one talked to her and saud she doesn’t want to go back. My heart just melted and i just wanted to cry. I know she will make friends but i just a little prayer for to give her confidence.

  10. Please pray for my son to make friends

    I asked for prayers 2 years ago, and my prayers were absolutely
    answered. My son, who is very shy, has finally made some very
    good friends, and has now graduated High School.
    I did talk to all his teachers and everyone in the school administration,at the time, and asked for their help in
    trying to pair him up with anyone in school who might also want a friend. The teachers are the ones who really know which kids are shy,and need a little help with the socialization. I have to say I was
    truly blessed to have the help of my sons teachers.
    Parents, don’t give up, I never did. Invite some classmates over,stick around talk and get to know them. Find the common things they might have in common with your child. My sons friends
    come over all the time,and I still talk to them and ask them about their lives. You might be very surprised how much these kids like
    to have someone to talk to and listen to them.Just don’t give up,
    I pray for each and every one of you!

  11. Prayers for my son

    Please join me in prayer as I pray my son creates good friendships. My son is 6 years old and has a hard time making friends. He is shy, sweet, and has a beautiful heart. He puts his all into being a good friend but doesn’t always receive that in return. He tries to join in but is rejected. Please pray that he be accepted by his peers and make good friends.

  12. Loneliness

    I am going through the same thing with my daughter. She’s hurting do badly inside and it’s killing me to watch it. She wants nothing more than to be included in things but it never goes her way. In need the Lords help. She just wants to be accepted and to be liked. She needs a good friend! Please hear my prayer Lord. And hear the prayers of everyone out there who are lonely. Thank you.

  13. Please pray for my son

    My wonderful son is starting highschool. He doesnt have any close friends and never gets invited anywhere. Please pray that he will make at least one good friend in high school. He is the kindest person you could ever know. Please pray for him. Thank you all so much.

  14. Pray for Godly friends

    Please pray for my sons, one in particular to make good, genuine, Godly friends this year at school and to be positive about school and the other kids in Jesus Christ’s name Amen.

  15. Middle School

    Please Pray for my 11 year old son. He will be starting Middle School soon. Praying for true, honest and wise friends.

  16. Prayers to all of your beautiful children!

    My daughter is also try to make some new friends in high school. She invites a few to come over but always gets left out. She is kind, caring and complimentary of others. She’s very intelligent and a gifted athlete. She always pumps up others and supportive. She never receives the same treatment. She started to talk with a few new girls who have so far been receptive. She was actually honest with them and said it’s very hard to make new close friends when you come to high school being that most “groups of friends” are already developed. They asked her to hang out and eat with them and have treated her kindly. Her 2 BFFs went to a different hi school across town. She does have lots of acquaintances who are friendly but not close. She’s been happier just the last few weeks meeting these new friends and laughing a lot at lunch and they have lots more in common. She’s been gets in the car after school smiling! I prayed on this a lot that The Lord brings her some special new friends into her life, even if just one. I will continue to pray and pray for all of your sweet children as well. Don’t give up hope, keep praying. I do believe The Lord puts special people in our children’s lives at certain times. For they will be rewarded…May The Lord be with your sweet children, that they smile soon with joy and you, as their parents, hearts are filled with joy and your heartaches are gone. In Jesus name, Amen.

  17. Please lift my daughter up

    I too am a mom who has watched her child be bullied and mistreated by her peers. She has be alienated throughout her school years. I have watched her try so hard. Opening her heart to those who were being mistreated and/or bullied. Only to have the very ones she stood beside and stood up for turn on her as soon as they saw the opportunity to hang with the “popular” crowd. She has set and held them when they cried, dropped everything to run to their side, stood up for in infront of crowds of other peers, driven them to and from school everyday. Her best friends have used her, turned on her, stolen from her and smeared her name

    She has no one in her life now other than her iimmediate family and her boyfriend. I have heard her ask in conversations others have about people they have ran into “Did they ask about me?”. Only to hear them respond “No, no one asked about you.”
    Seeing the hurt in her eyes. Feeling that knife turn a little deeper in my heart.

    She is lonely. She is depressed. She needs friends who are going to love her and accept her for how God has made her.

    Please pray that God will surround her with his love, his light and friends who are true in heart and who will love her, respect her and cherish their friendship….

    Thank you!!!!!!

  18. Friends

    Please join my husband and me in praying for our college aged son who has difficulty making friends. It tears our hearts out because we know what a kind, generous, loving, loyal friend he would be if given the chance. He’s not a party guy, so that leaves out a large number of friend options. He’s shy to date, and that bothers him. Lord, You know how much he has to offer others, please take down the wall separating him from making lifelong college friendships, please. We know You have the Power and trust that you Will help make this happen for him. We continue to have faith, in your timing, Lord. In the meantime, please don’t let him sink into depression. Thank you all for your prayers. God bless each and every one of you.

  19. pray for my son

    My son has never been accepted by other
    kids his in seven grade please pray that his life changes and for him to kids to start making him there friends thk you God bless you

  20. my daughter

    My daughter is seven and wants a best friend so bad. My heart breaks when she tells me how the other kids do her. Please keep her in your prayers and I pray she make a genuine friend.

  21. prayer

    Please included my son in your prayer; he is currently battling depression and has no friends. He in high school and has no friens…Please pray that he finds the right group of friends and that he will no longer feel alone and depress…

  22. Please pray for my son.

    Please pray for my son Justin. We moved to a new town.He is in a new school and feels alone. Please pray one person reaches out to be a friend.Thank you very much for any prayers for him.

  23. Son

    I pray that my college age son builds some bonds outside of the classroom. He is included for some functions outside of class but not all. He has a couple of friends but when they are with their boyfriends or girlfriends, he has no one. I pray that he finds a nice girl for companionship. I worry that he is so lonely and pray that he does not develop depression. He does not have any siblings which makes it even more lonely. I just ask the Dear Lord to please help him socialize and feel confident in himself. To please bring some nice friends into his life and that he finally meets a nice girl that loves him just the way he is. Amen

  24. Gift of Friendship for my Daughter

    I too, as a mom, share the feelings that are posted here. I pray for my high school daughter that she may begin to make stronger relationships with others. That she learns how to feel comfortable and develop confidence to assert herself/initiate conversations with her friends and teammates. It seems she has many friends in class, but is not included outside of structured activities, and she also backs out of seeking those situations anymore. She is very bright, athletic, witty, pretty and appears confident on the outside. Yet, she worries if what she says is “good enough” and holds herself back from joining in, especially since others have not always treated her nicely, especially last year. I pray that she has a better year this year finding out what it is like to have a true group of friends that she can feel comfortable and safe being herself with and develop a close bond with others. I pray her friends seek her out once again, and that she is able to let her guard down and reach out with compassion and forgiveness.


    My 12 year old sixth grade grandson is one of the sweetest child…he started a new school yesterday and was so very sad that no one talked to him…please pray that God will send him a true and good friend. He is so pitiful. Thank you.

  26. Pray for my son to meet friends

    I thank you God and everyone who prayed for our children to find friends. My son has met some really nice friends at school.
    He is happier and grateful, and hopefully will also reach out to
    someone who is in need of a friend. I remind him of this everyday,
    to be good to someone else, just like your new friends were nice to you. I am surely encouraging him to” pass it on”.

  27. my nephew

    My dear sweet 10 year old nephew is being bullied by kids at school and the neighborhood kids too. He thinks everyone hates him. My Nephew is so amazing and kind he has an affinity for all animals, I feel this is crushing his soul.

    Dear God, please protect my nephew from harm, please show him how amazing and special he is so that others find see and want to always be around him. Show him, he has a slew of true friends, and he’ll never be alone again.

  28. Prayer for my son to find a good friend

    My heart breaks for all of you. I, too, am in the same situation. My teenage son has no friends to spend time with outside of school. He plays a sport, but is never included in activities after the games. I cry each day when I see him sitting home alone. I have prayed so long and so hard for God to bring him a good friend that he can spend time with and connect with. Please pray for him, as I will pray for all of you.
    Thank you.

  29. Pray for my daughter to make true close friends

    Please also pray for my daughter, she is a beautiful 6 year old that the other girls in her class ignore at lunch and playtime. She tries to join in and asks if she can join in they ignore her. She is upset that she doesn’t have a best friend like the other girls…Father God have mercy upon her and send her a true friend. Please help all the children above who suffer making friends….

  30. God will send the greatest friends

    My daughter, too, has been left out for so many years. We have not been able to wrap our head around it. She is smart, athletic, kind, and beautiful. She is beginning to feel as if something is wrong with her. I have prayed for her in this situation before, but to be honest, I have not prayed continuously and by truly believing. As of today, I have decided to commit to praying with all my heart and waiting expectantly for God to answer. God wants our children to have beautiful friendships.

  31. Prayer for child

    Please pray for my child as he is so lonely. My heart is aching for him as he sits home every night. Please pray for him to find his way….to find friendship…to be happy.

  32. Please pray for my son to adjust in school

    My son started preschool in August and since then he has fallen ill twice. He hates going to school and the teacher says he has no friends. On the contrary, he is otherwise a friendly child and doesn’t take him long to make friends. He does not want to go to school. He cries every morning saying he doesn’t want to go, He cries at night saying he doesn’t want to sleep. He is depressed, anxious and disturbed. I cannot bear to see him this way. He is going to be 3 in November. Please pray for him. I have prayed and prayed a lot for him to start going to school happily like the other kids but now I pray to God that I have left this situation in his hands and I ask him to help my son. Please pray for us.

  33. Please pray for my high school age son...

    Please pray for my son. We are in a new state and far away from his friends. He is having trouble accepting his new home town and school. No one talks with him at school and he is sad all the time, it is breaking my heart. Please pray that God sends him good friends as quickly as possible and that he starts to see the good things and enjoys living in his new town.

  34. Daughter

    Please pray for my daughter. She doesn’t want to go to school. She is having a hard time with some girls. They used to be friends now they have totally alienated her. For no reason just because. In addition anyone that she r eschews out to they start including so tat they too abandon her. It is hard to see her go through this. She cries a lot and I feel she is depressed. She wants to transfer to another school. I am sad and need your prayers for true friends to come in her life.

  35. Please pray for my son

    Please pray for my son to make new friends at his new high school. I recently just married and we have moved to a new city. This move has been very hard on him since 1) he is starting high school and 2) he has left all his friends. He had a freshman orientation the other day and as soon as he was finished he called me right away to tell me that he already knows he is not going to fit in. I told him to stay positive and that he will make friends but we all know that, that is the last thing teenagers want to hear. I was a teenager myself when I had him. We grew up together so it pretty much has been just me and him. It hurts me to see him depressed.

  36. Prayer for child to make friends at school

    We have the same situation but let’s just trust Jesus to make our child happy.I know He is always watching our children.Maybe soon,our child can have true friends by God’s will.Let us be hopeful.

  37. Prayer for child to make friends at school

    Like all of u i also have the same as your problems but i always pray that God gives her true friends.True enough,she has a classmate friend and i think she is an angel.She always help my kid if there is needed.She found a true friend on him.I am so thankful that as the days go by,there is additional friends.Thanku very much Jesus for giving hope and understanding.

  38. My lovely, spirit-filled 12 year old daughter can't make friends

    Please pray for our only child, a lovely 12 year-old girl. She’s a good athlete and made the travel lacrosse team. The girls at Catholic School, several of whom are also on her team, interact with her at school and at practice, but never invite her to their homes or to hang out. She has known these girls since Kindergarten.

    It breaks our hearts (parents) to see her excluded. We have no idea what the problem is. These girls will come to her birthday parties or come to our house, now and then, but rarely gets invited.

    She has always been spiritual and maybe that convicts spirits. She is easily the prettiest girl in school and the team- could it be jealously? We’ve examined our behavior as parents, we are active volunteers at church and school and seem to be accepted by the parents of these children.
    We are very sad for our sweet daughter and ask for your prayers.
    God Bless.
    Thank you.

  39. Prayers for My Sweet Little Girl

    Sending prayers to God for my 9 year old daughter, Erin. She has Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac Disease. She is home schooled because of it. She is very lonely and the girls in the neighborhood are cruel to her because she is quiet and sensitive. My beautiful daughter is the sweetest soul you’ll ever meet, witty, and creative. She’s young (not trying to grow up like other girls her age) and carefree when it comes to play. She cries because she’s always alone having 3 brothers older than her and no girls to play dolls with. Please help me pray for her to find a sweet girl like her who loves being a young girl playing with her dolls. Please, God, send my daughter a companion that she can have a life long bond with. She’s been through so much. My baby girl deserves so much more than this. If we need to move to make it happen, please open those doors. I pray, in Jesus’ name. Amen

  40. Prayer for my granddaughter

    Please pray for my granddaughter, she is 9 years old and is a sweet and quiet girl. She invites girls to come to her home, but none ask her to their homes or events. My daughter is thinking of changing her school, because they are in a different economic class from the other children, they are in a very high financial class, and maybe starting at a new school. We are not sure this is the right thing to do. We all feel helpless to help her and we need guidance from you Lord.

  41. Please pray for my daughter

    My daughter too started in a new school and is not making friends. There is a group of girls who make comments about her and excludes her from activities . She spends her breaks in the bathroom or library as not to be rediculed. Please pray for her to make friends and soften the hearts of those around her. I pray for all of you too!

  42. Need a special prayer

    To All will be well. Thanks for your words! I too am hoping my dtr will find happiness and feel comtfortable in college if it does not happen in high school. Difficult friendships and being betrayed so many times has scarred her and she does not trust and has trouble making friends. Please pray for her as she is a great girl and deserves so much better! I pray for all those having problems too. Thank you!

  43. Prayer for my Daughter

    Please can you pray for my Daughter who has just started school in Sep and is finding it hard to make friends it breaks my heart to hear she does be on her own in the yard sometimes or that this child or that child keeps ignoring her.

    I feel sorry for her as this is very hard for her can the Lord above please help her to make some friends.

    Guardian Angle please help my daughter make some friends in school I love her so much and just feel sick at the thought that she is on her own in the school yard.

    Please can you all help her with this task.

    All my love.


  44. Please pray for my daughter

    Please pray for my 7 yo daughter too. She is very lively and intelligent, but sometimes comes across too strong, and as such been alienated by her peers. Pls. pray for her to find good, and true friends, so that she can stay happy, lively, and not loose her confidence. It breaks my heart when she tells me that she plays by herself during recess.

  45. friends at school

    Please pray for my son, and ALL these wonderful children.May they make a kind ,caring friend in school. We, as parents love them so much and want to protect them from loneliness.I also ask prayers

    for us parents who have cried many tears, continue to give us strength as our hearts are breaking for our children. Amen

  46. Pray

    Please pray for my son as well. It is heartbreaking not to see him play with other kids . I worry about his future. Thank you and God Bless!

  47. My daughter

    Please pray for my daughter. She doesn’t seem to connect with any friends and she invites people to hang out with her but they don’t ask her. She needs a small group of friends who will be nice and true friends to her.

  48. My daughter

    Please pray for my daughter. She doesn’t seem to connect with any friends and she invites people to hang out with her but they don’t ask her. She needs a small group of friends who will be nice and true friends to her.

  49. Prayer for my daughter

    Please pray for my daughter who just started high school. She had to go to a different school away from her friends in elementary. She feels so lonely as there is only one girl who talks to her during lunch briefly and leaves her to go back to her other friends. Please pray that she may soon find true friends in her new school.

  50. Prayers for son to Make Friends at School

    Dear Lord, after 3 years of home schooling my special boy, he now enters high school. He has found his first day a solitary time, please give him the strength to get through school days and to find a good friend to help him find the way. He is a very bright boy and I’m sure would make a good friend for someone who would appreciate the humour and gifts he has. Please keep the bullies away and make his last years at school a happy and enjoyable time. He’s been getting up on time, and doing his homework. He just needs a good friend to help him get through the days. Thank you.

  51. All will be Well

    Don’t worry – all will be well. My son too suffered by being unable to make friends at school, but is now thriving and sociable in College. Be patient – everyone will succeed in this way in their own time and in their own way. When you least expect it things will improve and you will be so happy.

    Please pray also for my daughter who seems to have quite a serious illness – not sure yet but we are hoping for not a significant diagnosis.

  52. high school beauty with ADHD

    Please pray for my daughter too. My daughter is a straight A student. SHe is also very beautiful (I am not just sayging that…I thought she was beautiful as a child but I know now she is stunning). She is very successful at school academically. But She has very few friends outside of school she can cou t on. SHe invites friends to do things but they never reciprocate. SHe sits at home many nights. She feels very lonely. She is just as beautiful inside…she volunteers at church and helps at local shelters. She says she is so LONELY. Everyone needs a true friend that they can count on. Please pray that SHE finds one before she becomes depressed.

  53. Prayer for my daughter

    Please pray for my 12 year old daughter. She has ADHD and struggles to feel normal. She gets excluded often and girls seem to get easily annoyed with her. Please let me have the parenting skills to give her the love and support she needs. She deserves to have friends who treat her with kindness. Please allow her to have this and experience the true meaning of friendship.

  54. 7th grader

    My daughter is young active in sports and beautiful. She has acquaintances at school, but not close friends. I pray that she

    can develop close and positive relationships. Lord she is in your




  56. Prayer for friends

    Please include me I your prayers…

    At the moment, I dread college.. In lessons I have no friends and often sit on my own, I dread getting to lessons early and having breaks because I’m by myself all the time I know I can be shy but nobody is willing to talk to me and I feel bad because everyone else is getting on and having jokes and a good time apart from me. What’s worse is I’m an only child, I’m alienated at school and even more lonely when I go home, it seems everybody is enjoying college apart from me and there’s only so much loneliness a person can take, I don’t understand it.. @ high school whenever I saw someone alone I’d go over and talk to them but now I have nobody. Break time I walk up and down and stay in the toilet to kill time I hate this I don’t know what’s wrong with me Lord please have mercy I believe things will change for me by your grace but until then I need comfort

  57. Pray for my son to make friends too

    Please include my son in your prayer because my heart aches for him in the same way

  58. Pray

    I am praying for you, as my son is struggling as well! Let’s pray for eachother in hopes that God sends both our children long lasting valuable friendships that will last a lifetime!

  59. Prayer for my daughter

    Please pray for my 13 year old daughter. She struggles with finding friends that except her for who she is. She is the most loving, caring person I know. She has ADD and I know she is somewhat socially delayed and has lost confidence in herself. She has never had even one close friend and so desperately wants one to laugh with and have fun making memories. I as a mom am breaking inside too. Please Lord help my daughter find at least one friend that excepts her and shares your Godly ways. My heart breaks for all these kids and I pray for each and every one of you. Please include us in your prayers.

  60. Prayer for my son

    Please pray for my son who is side tracked by his classmates from the very beginning from the grade 3rd. All his classmates formed a group and they always avoid him as he is poor and not matching to their level as he is a one parent child and his father passed away a few months now. I can not see him in tears everyday when come home from school. Also he wants to avoid to go to school. I have spoken to the school several times to put him in some activities as they give chance to those who have siblings specially elder siblings in the school. Even if he does good in studies, they give preference only to them with the siblings. He feel alone and very sad and can not concentrate in his studies. His grades are coming down from top. he passes his time with his mobile as he is distracted. he has got board exams and i am worried because he can not study at all. Pls pray for him that school will treat him fairly and he may get good friends and pass in merit. he has no friends at all either in school or neighbours. He has turned from God now and stopped going to church & stopped prayers.

  61. Abba Father we pray

    Abba Father, I offer all children along with my child to your care so that they may get loving, caring & God fearing friends in their loneliness and specially during their studies/exams. Abba you are a merciful father, these little children do not know to treat their classmates equally but know them & you change their hearts.

  62. My Heart

    Please for my daughter. She is have difficulty maintaining friendships. I have tried to find out why she is having difficulty keeping friendships over the years. I am sending my worries to God!

  63. prayers for my boy

    My almost seven year old is charismatic, fun and an awesome athlete. He is struggling to find a constant pal and works so hard on being a good friend. Please Lord, watch over him and please help him find some good buddies.

  64. A Mother's Broken Heart

    I found this page late tonight. Everyone is asleep. Not me. I have been watching my 12 year old son be ignored and ostracized at school from another boy that used to be his best friend. Now this child has turned everyone against my son. My son doesn’t know what he has done to garner such behavior towards him. He even attempted to talk with the child to apologize and clear the air. The response he was given “Don’t even try!” His class had a special end of the year outside time with frisbees and ice cream today. I was there to help. These boys would run around him while my son sat against a brick column reading a book. These are his last 5 days of his elementary school career. I am heart broken that it is ending like this. I am looking for guidance…God’s word in how to best love on my son and help him through this. I’m also praying for God to change the heart of this child.

  65. Prayer for child to make friends at school

    My 9 year old son, Santiago, is having a hard time making friends at school. For the last 2 years he’s come home sad because no one wants to be his friend nor play with home. I’m afraid he will have a low self worth. He told me that he hopes this year will be different. Today was his 1st day of school and he came home saying that no one likes him. Please pray for him

  66. Prayers for friendship for all

    I hope that all of these children for whom we have prayed have found friendship and happiness. Please pray that my son does the same, and that he opens his heart to those around him that are also in want of companionship.
    Thank you and God bless you and your children.

  67. Prayers for my shy son

    Please pray for my son to come outside his comfort zone and put himself out there to the kids in his class. I believe his classmates like him, he is just very quiet. Pray that he might come out of himself and allow others the pleasure of knowing him. He is so kind and generous and has much to offer as a friend. He is not invited to birthday parties and is beginning to notice. I do believe it is not because kids don’t like him but rather he is overlooked because he is quiet. Pray that my husband and I encourage him and build him up in the Lord. Pray that he would have confidence in who the Lord has created him to be. Thank you! I am also praying for all the children to know ‘the friend’ that sticks closer than a brother.

  68. Prayers for my little girl in Kindergarten and for my 3rd grader

    I reach out for prayers here to our Lord because ” where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” (Mt. 18:20). I pray for all the children mentioned here and for my own little ones. My little 6 year old doesn’t have a friend to play with at school and some of them are not nice to her. She was a little teary eyed tonight telling me about her rejection at school…just broke my heart. My older daughter also is shy but has a little friend at the moment who is leaving the school this year. She had a hard time finding a friend and will have to start all over again. I know God hears our request for good friends for our children. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray He may answer our prayers and His will may be done. May He always fill their hearts with His peace that surpasses all understanding inspite of the present troubles. Also that He will help them and us to be good friends/ nurturers to their friends.

  69. Please pray for my 10 year old daughter

    Please pray for my 10 year old daughter who’s currently hurting because her best friend in class has ignored her for 3 days now and has started hanging out with other classmates. She is a nice, kind and caring friend but she has trouble making friends with her classmates since 2nd grade. She tells me that she makes an effort to reach out and talk to her classmates but they are not friendly at all to her. Most of her friends are from other sections or friends of her old friends. She thinks she is not rich or pretty enough because the other girls are interested to be her friend. It’s breaking my heart that other kids don’t want to make friends with her and does not see the wonderful person that she is. Please help me pray for my child. I will also pray for all the kids who are going through the same challenges as my daughter.

    All these shall pass, I know. Let’s continue to offer all these in prayer.

    Thank you. God bless us all.

  70. Prayer for Benjamin

    Prayer for my son who is a victim of bullying at school. Pray that God protects him from these bullies hurtful words and deeds. Help him to make strong friendships so that he can enjoy school and not feel alone a predicated.

  71. Please pray for my 7 year old Daughter

    Please pray for my 7 year old daughter who’s currently very sad and worry because her best friend has been ignoring her for the last 2 weeks and has started playing with a group of girls. When my daughter ask if she can play with them, the girls laughed so she walk away and eat lunch on her own. My daughter is a lovely, caring and respecful girl.
    But this problem is affecting her confidence, she doesn’t want to do homework and over the last 3 days has look very tired. I tried to help her and talked to her best friend that is 7 too, yesterday when she asked her to play together she laugh and said,’ your mum always say play with you hahaha. I don’t know what to do, I am feeling very sad and I can’t even sleep well at night. Please pray for my daughter so she can become more strong and can make strong relationships so she can’t be alone anymore.

  72. Daughter

    My 15 year old daughter is quiet and she seems to have friends in school but does not do much socializing outside of school. I worry that she is lonely. Please pray that she finds great friends that are supportive and inclusive all the time.

  73. College daughter

    Please help my daughter as she enters her second year in college. She is alone and she is sad. Please open her heart and give her the courage to start conversations with other girls. Help her to feel included and help her to being open to maki g honest genuine friendships.

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