Help with Anxiety, Fears

Please pray for me that I may feel God’s guidance and healing; I am overwhelmed with anxiety and full of fears about everything – being alone, finances, constant fears about what will happen with my job, aging, my beloved pets, being far from family, having no one. Please pray that I strengthen my faith to … Continue reading “Help with Anxiety, Fears”

Bring them home

Please bring my and Robert back to me I will love them forever.

Please Dear Lord sell Fern Valley Inn

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, Please help us find a buyer for Fern Valley Inn. Bless the buyer with prosperity and simplify my life so I can have time to be with my love ones. Thank you dear Lord

Prayer for help with pawn shop

Oh please help me dear lord, I am in deep financial trouble with Jerry’s Pawn Shop. Please help me. I am so in trouble, I don’t know what to do.

For my son to find work

Dear Lord, my son Eddie was offered a job today by an agency, the man who spoke to him said he would phone him back and another person would phone for his financial details. He emailed everything they asked for but neither of the people phoned him. They said he should start in the morning. … Continue reading “For my son to find work”

God is Love

Dear Father May we reconcile our difference and love each other in the love of God. May we speak and treat each other with respect. May we honour and communicate our concerns and live in peace with God’s Grace. Let us live as husband and wife and live happy joyfully and truth. In God’s name. … Continue reading “God is Love”

I’m scared and I need a healing prayer. Thank you for your prayers

Hi, my name is Denise. I need a prayer for myself. I’ve had 3 tests done for a cbc and they’ve come out abnormal, both white and red blood cells are high. Now I’ll be referred to a blood specialist. I’m scared and I need a healing prayer. Thank you for your prayers in advance.

My Dads anniversary 17th January

I never got to know my Dad. Dad died when I was a baby in a bomb. Please pray for his soul on his anniversary tomorrow, please pray he is in heaven, Thank you God Bless

Prayer for My Sister

Great and Glorious God, I ask your blessing and care for my sister who is struggling to overcome body pain as she trains for new employment. She is in need of this position and her pain and anxiety keep her feeling weak and unable to cope. Please give her respite from her pain, and send … Continue reading “Prayer for My Sister”

Broken hearted

Please help me dear lord,with my broken up relationship of 8 1/2yrs. I had gave my all to this man ,that was my best friend and lover. I had gave 110% to this relationship, but he gave alot at first but then gradually taking less time for our relationship. He had told me never to … Continue reading “Broken hearted”

Prayer for a loved one with Depression

Sacred Heart, please heal my daughter who is now going through depression. Please fill her heart with your light and love. Wrap her with hope and joy.

Prayer for Freedom from Addiction

Dear Lord, My nephew is suffering from a smoke drug addiction and needs your help to find the strength to stop. Please restore his spirit and help him to find his way back to a clean and spiritual life.

Prayer for overall help

Heavenly father, I come before your throne of grace and mercy right now. Father, thank you for hearing my prayer and my cry for help.Please meet me at my many points of need. I am in a state of confusion Father and I need your guidence and protection. Please Father, help me because I have … Continue reading “Prayer for overall help”

Prayer for Work

Lord you know before I ask what I want and need. We need our work to increase to overflowing, for our needs as well as our employees. Dear Lord you know an unscrupulous person has ripped work from us and from our good friend. Lord you know who he is and I pray you will … Continue reading “Prayer for Work”

In need of renters

Father, You allowed my husband and I to obtain the business property we purchased after much prayer and deliberation. You promised then, you confirmed the purpose through others, and we trust your promise now. Father, provide someone to run the restaurant space and another business to open in the smaller office space. You know who … Continue reading “In need of renters”