Prayer for Protection from Enemies at Work

by Janet (Baton Rouge, LA)

Dear God:

I pray for your protection from my enemies in my place of work. I ask that you will change their hearts and minds. I also pray for peace, and financial independence. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen

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  1. Need Prayer for Gods Favor

    I need this dearly I have started a new job and the Foreman is really giving me a hard time. Single mother with 3 older children still at home I need this job Please pray for the Lords favor

  2. help

    I need prayer from my coworker and boss they have been discrimanting against me i am a woman and have been at my job for 13 yr last 3 yr got new boss n coworker and they have been aggravating me never had problem before i cant take it no more

  3. Prayer to keep my full time job and stop being harrassed

    Please pray with me and for me, one of the female directors at my job who has only been at the property 1 yr has it in for me I have been with the the propery for 6 yrs I know just about everyone her and I know my job, I try to assist her staff when asked, I believe she feels that I am trying to undermine her and that is not the case I only step in when asked I am in no way trying to do her job. My job is to assist and thats what I do for anyone who request my service, I do not directly report to her however eveyone including my manager who is also a director seems to be afraid of her, I know that if I report these incidents to HR I will somehow lose my job

  4. Please pray for me.

    I would greatly appreciate prayers to improve my job situation. I work very hard and give 110% to what I do, but I am highly scrutinized and continually harrassed. I’m at wit’s end. I have interviewed for another job in a place that seems calmer. I pray that if this be the place for me, I get that job. In the meantime, please pray to remove my enemies from me and have them fall upon their own sword.

  5. Prayer for protection against corrupt bosses

    Pray for me as I’m involved in a fight with my two bosses who have been bought by a corrupt industry to stop a process that was started to improve the welfare of the poorest members of our society. My bosses have taken bribes from the industry that wants the status quo to remain so that they can continue to maximise their profits at the expense of the poorest and most vulnerable members of society. Please pray with me that I should continue with battle guided in everything I do by the wisdom of God. Pray that in my fight I do not end up losing my job

  6. Prayer for jealousy on the job

    Please pry for me on my job. I received a prophecy that the Lord had a new job for me and I am here. I have a co-worker who admits that she is someone who has to be in control. This is an atmosphere of back-biting, gossip, jealousy and envy and it is stemming from her. I pray for this atmosphere daily to be in my favor. We both work together, but she must have credit for everything. I am being trained by her and have managed to wow those around me. (another prophecy I received). God is so good and I know who keeps me daily. This person professes christianity yet does not show it. My spirit is grieved daily with her. Lord I pray for strength, daily re-newal and elevation in my job performance. She is planning to change job positions and leave me not fully trained. Lord will prevail. If he can bring it to me, then he can bring me through it. I declare and decree awesome signs and wonders. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!


  7. help for peace

    I have a co worker who has undermined my abilities, maneuvered to steal my position, taken credit for my work
    She is a single mom with a disabled child- I know she does it for security and I keep praying for her and peace in our relationship. I try to be trusting but then she does something to offend me
    Please God help me deal with this situation and person. I mean her no harm and want a peaceful relationship. She can have the title of the job- I just want to work together peacefully
    I am under such stress

  8. Pray for my job

    Please pray for my job, corporate will be in next week and one or two people in sales are to be let go, please pray I’m not one of them. I’m sick with worry please pray this feeling goes away. I have had problem with my bipolar daughter and have lost direction please pray I can get back on the right track. In Gods name Amen

  9. Prayer

    I need God to intervene on my behalf at my work place. I am the only minority working the office and eveyday I have to put up with been made fun off from the general manager, my manger and co-workers. The most hurtful thing is that both managers part take openly with the other employees. I feel that their position of power is used against me daily. I am given a lot of responsibilities and always expected to give 110% but how can you under such conditions. The word of God say that in the work there is tribulation but we should take courage because he overcame the world but there are times I feel like I should give and I know I can’t because the devil would have suceeded so please pray that God will bring deliverance and give me the strength to carry on.

  10. my job

    I need strong prayer for the enemies attack at work . Please pray that their hearts and mind . I am stressed out . please pray for me , i am a single mom and one income and it is hard . i need my job . Pleaeeeee

  11. work problem

    I need prayer from my coworker and boss they have been discrimanting against the employees i am a man and have been at my job for 24 yr last 3 yr got new boss and three coworker and they have been aggravating the employees that work while they talk and walk around doing nothing. never had problem before i cant take it no more.

  12. Please Pray

    Please pray for me at work. I am working with individuals that are not supportive and are doing things to try to hurt my status at work. They are using email as a negative means of communication. Please pray that I finish this school year and can find a new job quickly for my good and the good of my family.
    Thank you.


    I am a single mother of save and I need help but the people on my job has been making it difficult for me and am tired it’s a great job and I know I can make it please keep me in your prayers.

  14. prayer against enemies at work

    I want that all my enemies at work , shut their mouth and talk what is good for them. that they watch their own affairs

  15. Pray for us

    Jesus guide us the way to your light strengthen us in your will
    Protect us from bad doings jesus help us to find luck within ourselves give us the day that you jesus gave to us to live
    The life that every individual need please have mercy on us
    Father give us the power and confidence to overcome difficulties
    In ourselves that you may remove away our sins with your hand oh
    Lord pls make our life like a kingdom of heaven amen.

  16. Persecution in the workplace

    Please pray that the strong men in my workplace who are trying to destroy my life would find peace in their lives. I pray that they would recognize God’s love for me. They have been terrorizing me for over 8 years and continue flourish in the workplace terrorizing the staff. I recognize that this is spiritual warfare and I stand back and allow God to work in this situation. Prayer for me because at times I feel so weak after their attacks. I have suffered terribly emotionally from this situation. I pray as Nehiamaih did that all of the arrows send at me will be sent back to sender. God please remember me in this unjust place.

  17. need prayer

    Please pray for me on my job from my manager/co worker I took my manager to HR from then she’s trying everything for me to loose my job .As a child of God I know that no weapon that form against me shall prosper ,I’m giving 120% and the rest of staff just relaxing and it’s OK with them I’m having a meeting with HR soon because my manager keeping making up story about me so I have to defense my self and my career,Please keep me in your prayer.

  18. prayer for my enemy

    i’ve been here for two year my co workers hated me so much lord please give me more strenght give me a peace of mind! please guide me.teach me how to be brave to face all the problems and troubles in my daily life… lord help my enemies to be good… in jesus name amen

  19. desperate for prayer

    I was laid off from the state in August of last year and I found a new job with in a month. Every since I have been on ths job i have had nothing but trouble on this job. It’s all ladies that work their and they make it so hard to come to work. They sit and talk about every body and even talk about each other, will not work together for nothing. They got the last supervisor fired now we have a new one and no matter how hard you go in and work they always have something to run to the supervisor about something it like they fill like you trying to steal there jobs. I just want peace on the job. Please prayer that God come in this place and give peace and joy in this place or give me the job that he wants me to have in Jesus name.

  20. prayer for enemies

    musicians are perhaps the moodiest person on Earth. In addition they are known to embrace the word “Unhealthy Envy”. Ok not all musicians are like that but there are SOME

    I pray that they completely shed that chip on their shoulder and work for the goal.

    Their decision not to make friends with one another is respected but i pray that this ill-feeling towards one another would not hinder the work.

    I ask this through Jesus Christ Amen.

  21. Plea to God not Forsake me in my work crisis

    Dear God, I feel so vulnerable, despondent and forsaken. On the 6th Feb 2013 I made a prayer request for protection against my work bosses that have been bought and bribed not to halt the implementation a very important a social protection programme that would benefit the poorest in my country. I have been in prayer throughout the year asking for God’s intervention but up to now nothing significant had happened. An opportunity has arrived for these bosses to be moved to other programmes thus creating an opportunity for less corrupt people to take the programme forward. But it seems from reading of the situation that odds are stacked in their favour. I am asking that our almighty Father should please hear my plea and not forsake me and my colleagues. If these bosses are returned, I and my colleagues may be forced to resign from work to maintain ourhonour. I love my work and am passionate about this programme. I do not even have other job prospects. I feel so helpless and ask for your wisdom and holy intervention. Please strengthen my faith as I now feel very despondent. It is more than a year since my prayer last year and I ask: Eloi, eloi lama sabachtani? I ask all this in the of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen

  22. Plea to God not Forsake me in my work crisis

    Dear God, I feel so vulnerable, despondent and forsaken. On the 6th Feb 2013 I made a prayer request for protection against my work bosses that have been bought and bribed not to halt the implementation a very important a social protection programme that would benefit the poorest in my country. I have been in prayer throughout the year asking for God’s intervention but up to now nothing significant had happened. An opportunity has arrived for these bosses to be moved to other programmes thus creating an opportunity for less corrupt people to take the programme forward. But it seems from reading of the situation that odds are stacked in their favour. I am asking that our almighty Father should please hear my plea and not forsake me and my colleagues. If these bosses are returned, I and my colleagues may be forced to resign from work to maintain ourhonour. I love my work and am passionate about this programme. I do not even have other job prospects. I feel so helpless and ask for your wisdom and holy intervention. Please strengthen my faith as I now feel very despondent. It is more than a year since my prayer last year and I ask: Eloi, eloi lama sabachtani? I ask all this in the of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen

  23. prayers at workplace

    my husband and i having a problems with busses that are intimidated by us, we now feeling like quiting our job but wondering where will our next income comes from. my boss and my manager undermines my abilities nothing i do impresses her, she makes a jokes about everything i say or suggest making me feel stupid. i have been praying for another job for another2.5 years now nothing is happening , i ve started ti loose faith . i pray that God to intervenes in our situation or bless me with a better job. my qualifications are being undermined ,pleas God hear my prayers in Jesus’s name ,,,,Amen

  24. For peace and restoration

    Please pray for me and those I work with. A person I supervise (a fine, hard-working, conscientious person – too rare, in my opinion) approached me today with the notion that I had taken some tasks of theirs with the intent of making a point that they were taking too long to perform the task. After several attempts to reassure this individual (the individual was on leave for a day and I wanted to ease some of the load when they returned) and attempt to defuse the situation, the individual several times told me that I had done this out of malice. After several attempts to convince them, I told the person never to tell me what *I* think, but to ask and I would be happy to tell them what I think. Late in the day, they submitted a retirement notice
    I will talk with this person tomorrow to see if there is anything that will help them to stay, but if they must leave, I pray that this individual find peace and I pray that they find success and happiness. I further pray that they leave in peace.

  25. My female coworkers

    I have been at my job for 11 years and work with females who just don’t line me and constantly running to the boss about me….. I really need my job …. I pay to god for peace so that the will leave me alone and stop monitoring me .

  26. broken

    I work for child protective services, and recently had a child die on one of my cases. The death had nothing to do with me however my documentation was not in on the case so it put my job on the line. I am a single hard working mother who cannot afford to lose a job. Please pray for me.

  27. kept safe from enemies

    dear Heavenly Father pray for your protection from my enemies at work.I know you and you alone blessed with a job I have and I know I’m there for reasons but lately people been trying me and trying me and I know I do my job I need my job just financially but so I can grow person. I ask for peace in the workplace,I also ask may you bless my mind and my hand to be more skillful in workplace Father God I ask please guard my job. In the name of your son Jesus I beg you to stand in on my behalf.


  28. My prayer

    I pray that God will answer each and everyone’s prayer. May God bless you with peace and understanding. May your enemies be put asunder and that God will lead and guide you through your hard times. My brother and sisters in Christ do not despair in this time of trouble for we are promised that God will carry us through the valley. Pray and thank God for your trials and tribulations.

    Your Brother in Christ

  29. Help me at work

    I scared I’m going to get fired I’m supervisor but I’m starting to lose my merory I’m only 44 but its getting harder. For me to boss loves to higher only young woman to work for him.which I don’t care.but he puts me down in front of them.they have told me he wants to fire me and put the one he likes to work for him.I was starting to believe he was God.everything he does is right.but he’s not I cry almost every night with my wife.please I know there are worst things people are going thru.then this.please anyone everyone please pray for me.right at this min I’m in my truck getting ready to be yelled at by him.

  30. I pray

    I pray that my coworker that i work with stops running her mouth about me to our boss. Im only 19 and trying to get as much expierence in the medical field that i can nd i care so much about our patients when she is juststarting useless drama. Please god its a very important job to me and with these older women I hate going to work because of them and coming to the point of quitting.

  31. I pray for

    I pray that my coworker that i work with stops running her mouth about me to our boss. Im only 19 and trying to get as much expierence in the medical field that i can nd i care so much about our patients when she is juststarting useless drama. Please god its a very important job to me and with these older women I hate going to work because of them and coming to the point of quitting.

  32. betrayed

    Lord i pray for your have given me a seasonal job that can possibly become permanant.well its almost time for the season to end after mardi shift crew work hard an through the small disagreements and words pass we manage to work things out.but little did i know the worker closest to me whom i shared my lunch with an gave my jacket to when temps dropped was going in the office lying on me to get me fired or mess up my chance of being ask to stay.the names she called me and the things she lied about openly in front of people i was devastaded.when i looked at this person this was not the person i had worked with and had try to help. well we both got sent home.almost like if she cant get the position i wont either.lord this battle is not mine its yours.this is christmas eve i will praise you in my tears and greif.thanking you in advance for working things out on my behalf.

  33. trouble at work

    Dear Lord, help against corrupt supervisors who have lied about me in a criminal way, Lord confound the ways of the evil doers let there plans come to nothing.

  34. Hurtful People On My Job

    Please pray that the hurtful people on my job will stop harassing me. They tell lies on and about me. Spread gossip and rumors. Which are very hurtful. They follow me to the restroom, to my car. A few of them have even bumped into me on purpose. They have become a real threat. And I am afraid for my safety. They hate me with cruel hatred. And I don’t even know half their names. So, I know I haven’t done anything to anyone. Yet, this abuse is everyday. Please, pray in agreement with me that God will quickly come to my aid. And I have read all of your comments and have and will continue to pray for all of you. God bless and take care!

  35. Enemies at work

    Lord, I ask that you continue to bless me. Allow me to humble myself. I ask that those enemies impeding me from advancement lose sight of me. For i have worked a hard fight to be where I am.
    In jesus name AMEN

  36. mean girls at my work

    Please lord i pray for your protection from women at my work who dont like me, they pretend to like me but dont include me in on anything n blame me for alot of things lord n feel they are trying to get me to quit lord im in desperate need of protection i am very weak n let things like that bother me n just want a job where i can be happy n with co workers who truly like me n want me around lord.

  37. Protection from enemies at work and at home

    Please God,

    Please restore, heal and protect me from my enemies and at home. I pray and sprinkle Jesus’s blood over my home, truck, family and work place and phone so that my enemy will not attack me. I know that in the past I have done wrong and have asked for forgiveness from you my lord. Please forgive me my trespasses as I have forgiven trespasses that have been done against me in my past life.

    I plead and pray that you give me, restore me, sustain me. I pray that my enemy will have change of heart. In Jesus’s name and blood I pray this afternoon and forever more. Thank you Lord, for this new day that you have given me. Amen.

  38. falsely accused

    Been suspended for the second time I. Six month. Now Adult protetion been called.I ha e not hurt or left her along yo long. Neighbor cause me to be suspended very depressed. Ned miracles.

  39. At the end of my rope

    Dear Heavenly Father and Mother,

    I humbly ask on my knees with an open heart, mind, and soul for protection at my school/workplace. I ask that You help guide me through these difficult times. To help me mend what’s been hurt and help me move forward. I know my chronic pain has been worse but I ask for You to please make me Your instrument and let me strive forward to reach my goals. To make me humble, let me be a good student. Please help protect me from the man who has bullied me through this year and help me understand that he too is a human being and needs Your love. Please Lord and Mother I beg that You allow me to continue working at where I am working at school. That I am granted another chance. I miss my workplace family and have fallen into deep depression.Help guide me through these dark moments where I feel lost and in despair. I’d give anything to have things back to normal. I ask this in Your name, Amen.

  40. pray for protection at work

    dear Lord, i pray that you protect me and give me the heart that can be strong, to everything that need to break my heart and close my ears for the wrong and teasing words that my colleques are busy with and tryng to see me down and not happy, close my mouth not to speak when they teas me.

  41. Prayer for those bullied

    I know what its like to be lied about and bullied. Im suffering complex PTSD because of it

    Document everything (names, dates times places) and try if you can not to find yourself alone with these monsters

    I am thinking and praying for all. We are survivors

    Dani (Australia)

  42. prayer for enenies ;wich craft at work and for my financial

    I greet you in Jesus Name I just logging a prayer request of the above.
    I do not know how to pray

  43. help

    Dear godmy fears torment day and night.I fear not being good enuf .I fear people. I fear losing my job .I fear ever felt so low and scared.I have been tormented harassed and seems like I’m just going through the motions.I dunno what to do I have noz strength and there are people who are against me and jealous and I Dino what else to do.I feel so dysfunctional.and I’m a happy person.what do i do.I trust u lord.I want to love what I do and still earn abundantly.god please take over..

  44. Help

    In Jesus name I ask that my co-workers leave me alone. And stop provoking me to get upset. I pray for peace for the rest of my days there. I pray that I leave on good terms without getting fired.

  45. Help

    Dear God,

    Please let things get better here, with the co-workers to stop complaining about how much work, for all of us to get along and to seek you because they have strange beliefs, and to stop using fowl language.

    Help me find a better place or people work with

  46. Protection of them my husband at work

    Dear Lord I pray that my husband Butch can find peace and happiness at his work, that his coworkers will see how hard he works and the one coworker stop provoking my husband and trying to make him mad. Please let butch have peace at work as long as he is there and let the manager stand up for my husband and help him get peace from this coworker who means him harm and please don’t let my husband get fired over this guy whos causing all the problems. Please let us have financial peace and let him a piece that work as long as he works there and let us have peace at home in Jesus name amen

  47. I wish someone could help me

    Dear God,

    I pray for peace and security in my workplace as I fend off unprovoked hostility, lies, discrimination, …. please help me as I find my job is in jeopardy. And without my job, I lose my house, my son quits college, we are on the streets because I live paycheck to paycheck like so many other millions of people in America.

    Please hold and protect me and know that I am none of these things that these one or two individuals profess me to be, and that I worked hard to raise my children alone.

    Protect me from this kind of evil as I make my way to retirement age. I am scared and feel so alone…but you can make it right.

    In Jesus name,

  48. Brighter Future

    I pray that God will wish over me from those who might want to cost pain and suffering to me I pray god will make a way for me and every one who feels this way with me . I pray better days are ahead for me that I will one day put this place and those people behind me , but I pray for now that they stay away from me and not lie on me

  49. Prayer for justice in the workplace

    Almighty God, provider of all things which are good in our lives, this morning I cry out to you for justice. Please remove those individuals who have been causing havoc and destruction in your children’s lives. Please send the Holy Spirit to move like a tornado in this work place to clear up the damage that has been done by these individuals. I ask you Lord to block the way of this group from operating against your people. Oh God of Elijah, David and Moses, hear the cry of your people. Restore fairness in this workplace, compensate your children fairly send your peace into our midst. My hope and trust us in you almighty God. Show me your might, show up in the midst of this turmoil and grant your peace. Amen.



  51. Brighter Future

    I messed up in my last post I pray that God watches over me in my place of employment while I’m here and in the future where ever I go , I pray that God will help me find something better with kind people who don’t try and hurt me somewhere I’m not fearful of the people I work around I pray that some day my boyfriend will do the same because he deserves to be happier as well and with less pain he has bad knees and arthritis in his hand. I hope 2016 is a better year for us both my boyfriend lost his parents and best friend all in less then a year he almost die inside dealing with the problems I’ve been going though here with people that I got myself in to , I want another change to do right like I had when I first got here 4 years ago please God let this opportunitie I see be right for me and it work out I’m ready to go. I love you god for always having my back and watching over me

  52. Enemy protection and work

    Please God let me continue to have a great job but please remove all bad people that are envious of me. I know they are jealous of my position and that I am liked at my job. Please god help me so they can find another job and leave me alone.

  53. My child

    Lord I thank you for letting my son xomw to work with me keep us protected from evil like lazy teachers and teachers who don’t think we belong in this community away from fake Christians Lord you know I serve you keep me and my son lifted till it is our time to leave Amen

  54. Work

    Lord please take control of everything and situation in my work place
    Please fight those who seek to destroy my reputation or wants me sacked. Please make me victorious in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

  55. Persecuted in the Workplace

    Please pray for my husband. He is persecuted in the workplace. He is more highly qualified (holds more degrees, etc.) and capable than many who hold power over him. He is strong in his faith in the Lord, but weak in his faith in himself. He as constantly faced the persecution of those with power over his job and frets daily that this will be his last in his employment with the company. He loves his job, cares for his employees and provides help to those in need, often giving his last dollar to others more needy than himself. He is the most kind and giving of husbands and fears a loss of his position will bring disaster to our home. Those who wish to see him suffer persecute him with threats to his jobs for situations out of his control and cause him great distress. Please pray for him and protect him from the jealousy and hatred of others.

  56. Prayers please

    As I pray for those who have also commented, I pray for protection from my negative colleague. Their language and persistent questions make me uncomfortable. I notice a distinct amount of jealousy and two-faced comments. I feel guilty that I am liked by the others and am rewarded for my work ethic. I have tried to be kind but it ends up being used against me. Please pray for me as I continue to pray for you. Amen

  57. Protect

    Lord protect me God.
    All who are planning evil at my work place.
    Lord u know each by name.
    Send them where they belong father
    Lord i beg u.

  58. prayer for my boss to treat people the same

    Pray for my Boss at work to start treating people the same. He is full of nepotism. He should also stop treating me badly, want me to be in the office all the time while some are out anytime they feel like

    It is killing my mid all the time,

  59. My confidence on you as I pray ...

    Dear Lord ,

    I pray for your guidance in my life esp in my workplace. I pray that those who have been treated unjustly get justice. I pray for your protection over me that no one can touch me and treat me unkindly at work as I spread your kindness and blessings towards all. Give me confidence and full trust that you and you alone can Make things happen . Let the envious be gone, the unjust get what they deserve and the negatives will get out of my way. I trust you Lord ! With all my life I give my heart to you ! You rule, no one else.
    Thank you for all the blessings . Please continue to give me more so I can spread it all to your children . Watch over me until the of time.

  60. For Protection From New Young Boss


    I pray for protection against my new young boss who does not know how to treat or talk to people with respect and courtesy. I pray that because she does not like me that the God will protect my job and my livelihood from her evil way of thinking.

    In Jesus name, Amen.

  61. Hate-filled work environment

    I pray for our workplace. Hardworking and honest coworkers’ jobs are in danger because of a modern day Jezebel. Please give us peace in our workplace and that those out to destroy those of us who want nothing but to continue to do our jobs are stopped before hurting. Please, Lord, remove the evil in the hearts and minds of those who are missing you in their lives.

  62. My confidence on you as I pray ...

    Dear Lord ,

    I pray for your guidance in my life esp in my workplace. I pray that those who have been treated unjustly get justice. I pray for your protection over me that no one can touch me and treat me unkindly at work as I spread your kindness and blessings towards all. Give me confidence and full trust that you and you alone can Make things happen . Let the envious be gone, the unjust get what they deserve and the negatives will get out of my way. I trust you Lord ! With all my life I give my heart to you ! You rule, no one else.
    Thank you for all the blessings . Please continue to give me more so I can spread it all to your children . Watch over me until the end of time.

  63. Prayer for protection

    Please God protect me from my boss at work. He is plotting against me. Please help me lord and change his mean and nasty heart. Please God stop him from hurting me and show him that it’s wrong to befriend bad employees just to tell his boss he is managing them. Please God help and protect me

  64. Prayer for protection from enemies at work.

    Heavenly Father, I ask in the name of Jesus Christ to apart from me and protect me from my enemies at work. Protect me from their lies, envy, hatred and all actions to cause me harm.
    God, our Father, I humbly request in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord to help me get along well with everybody and to work peacefully giving thanks for your help and mercy. Amen.

    Blessed be God. Alleluia, Alleluia. Amen.

  65. Peace at work against enemies

    prayer for my boss . He nip picks and very backstabbing. Send others to do his dirty work. He also watches us constantly on the camera and speaks about us to other co-workers. Thank you holy spirit for warning me

  66. At my work place dsycate

    Pray for the assignment thst the enemy is trying to do on my job be flee. Pray that their hearts and mind be free pray for conviction to their mind body snf soul pray for peace. I work where my co workers talk among themselves in their language and its very rude.also pray for me if its time to go God will open another job opportunity for me

  67. At my work place dsycate

    Pray for the assignment thst the enemy is trying to do on my job be flee. Pray that their hearts and mind be free pray for conviction to their mind body snf soul pray for peace. I work where my co workers talk among themselves in their language and its very rude.also pray for me if its time to go God will open another job opportunity for me

  68. protection from the enemies at work.

    Lord I come to you and ask for your help to protect me from my enemies at work and I thank you in advance!

  69. prayer at work

    My Lord please help me my boss who I let yell at me for years wants to take me out of my roll as supervisor and make one of his puppets take me to take over this fight.because he is so smart.I use to think he was has powerful as you my Lord.but he is not he is just a man nothing more.he will come at me with everything he has to discredit me.I pray to you that the higher ups and people i don’t know help me today.I love you and I know your son died on the cross for when I go to work I will be ready and a bless will come of all this amen.

  70. CO workers

    I pray that my god will send me the help I need at my work to remove all of my enemies at work I don’t ask for anyone to loose there job all I am asking is for Help so that I don’t have to stress while I work Lord answer me you no what I am going through at my job Please lord no more stress

  71. P protect us against Envy jealousy Voodoo curses my location

    Name of Jesus Christ please protect SW 420 1959 TbW November 10th 1997 protect help guide Vincent Joseph Wallace always 17th 2001 stop all Envy jealousy hatred evil intentions upon us at 104 U s Lynbrook New York bless and protect our rpw 924-1964 protect us from our enemies bless my daughter toni-ann on her trip to Portugal give her confidence and relieve her stress make up already to love and help her family amen

  72. Enemy of my work

    I want God to help me to close the mouth of my enemy at my working place,and them face their own affairs.

    I also want God to protect me from my enemies at work. Protect me from their lies, envy, hatred and all actions to cause me harm.

  73. prayer against my boss in my workplace

    Almighty God the creator of heaven and earth and the creator of mind kind, i come before your presence this morning with my heart full of worries and troubles please God help me to remove every Pharaohs that is curses hovoc in my life let them be the one to leave the work, what ever hidden things their have done in my name let it backfire on them in the name of Jesus, let my victory cause them shame and disgrace, for you have given us the confidence and boldness not to fear any Man/Woman or threat of anyword , Lord i put my trust in you go forth and fight my fight let my enemies be put to shame, have mercy on me Lord do not send me out of anger for i am a sin i ave come short to your glory for give me Lord and answers my prayers and let your name be for ever be Praise Lord, thank you sweet Holy Spirit for the victory over my enemies i praise your Holy Name.

  74. praying that God change and turn everything round at work

    Lord i haven’t been faithful lately and I’ve been asking for, forgiveness. I pray God that you send your angels of protection for me it’s becoming to the point were i dont want to go to work anymore i have this fear of what’s next now whenever they call my name. I’ve also been praying for something better i want a schedule to match My ministry i need strat doing more for God. Help me pray for direction and open doors in Jesus mighty name.

  75. Performance at work

    God let me perform my job unto you and not unto man. Please do not allow me to get overwhelmed with foolishness but instead stay focused the issues at hand and deliver good results to my business partners. Let me function efficiently and effectively. When challenges arise, let me seek your face for answers and direct me to resources that will gladly assist me. Allow me to be a peace with my decisions knowing I have done all that I can do in Jesus name Amen!.

  76. Prayer for the downtrodden

    Dear God,

    I pray for the wisdom to make it through this difficult time. I have been given an impossible workload that no one would be able to handle and my cries for help from senior people have been ignored and I have been set up to fail and the tides of impatient people and complaints are rising against me and our department head fires a new person every month for sport.

    Please oh Lord turn this unfair situation around. I need this job, I will be crushed and homeless without it. I feel paralysed and lose sleep every night and feel exhausted and hopeless and weary.

    Please dear God help me. Not my will but your will be done.

  77. The devil at work

    Holy Lord God and Father, You are all powerful and all knowing and I love You and need You, so much. Perhaps there is a reason you want me to be in that office, in that department, and forgive me, but I do not understand what it is. Your ways and thoughts are not ours, and I am to trust You. I have a hard time as I’ve been targeted, harassed and abused for over 2 years and my supervisor is being led by the devil. He is hurting me through her and her boss, the head of our department. It is a harmful, negative, critical atmosphere and I really don’t want to be there anymore, Lord, even though I love the job and my students. I have never been this ill and stressed out in my life and my health and heart and mind cannot take it anymore. I pray that you give me favor in their minds and hearts, and that you convict their hearts to soften towards me and be kinder and fairer. I thank you for being the awesome, loving God that you are and I know you hear my desperate pleas for help. Please deliver me from that toxic place, if it is Your will, and place me somewhere else. Through You, we already have the victory. In Your holy and perfect and absolutely powerful name, Jesus Christ my Lord, Amen.

  78. prayer for protection from coworker's

    Please pray for me I work with a couple of girls who are acting like bullies and picking on me
    Dear God please watch over me as I go into work today and that the negativity will stop and that they will leave me alone and that they won’t talk
    bad about me



  80. Co-Worker that comes out her mouth with anything.

    Please father god pray for this co-worker that tells everything and will say anything out her mouth. Has no respect for others. She is in everything and tells others business. Please help her to watch what she says and be still and know that you’re the one with all the power and strength. She is non-stop with telling things all over office..

  81. Urgent miricle protection

    My Lord and my God this new day I call apon you for total protection against an employee I work with named Rita S. Please protect me against her evil . I have become her next victim in the office. God I urgently ask for a miricle to my request, that you bless me and the other co workers with a miricle change who are under her constant evil threat. Thank you God in Jesus name I pray.



  82. Divine Order

    Heavenly father In Jesus’ name I ask you please for protection and favor at work…..protect me from Denise….with the blood of Jesus and your divine order father I pray that all the negative against me will be blocked and the work going forward that was handed over to Denise will be ok – and have positive results….thank you Jesus. Amen. Amen

  83. Prayer for my work place

    Please pray for me that I would have piece well I’m working if difficult women in my work place. They talk about me and put me down. When I go to work I fell uncomfortable. I am a single mom of 4 so I need my job. Please help me lord and holy spirit. I pray for these women that I can show them your love and the Holy spirit will stop the Devils attacks on me. I pray for my children’s salvation and I will work and go where God wants me. Please give me your wisdom father. Thank you. In Jesus name amen

  84. deliverance from attack and financial blessing

    Father God I plead the blood of Jesus aganist the toxic attacks i am facing in the work place. Please give me strength help me to do well and meet all aspects of my development. My manager has singled me out for attack and has cohorts. I pray for them, and plead the blood of Jesus against the demons working behind the scenes. I ask you Lord to bless me with peace of mind, courage, faith in the future. I also ask you God my God to bless me with financial independance so that I can go back to art which I miss so much, it tears me apart. I promise you Lord that I will continue to work in your ministry. Bless us Lord God with peace of mind and may our cup overflow and or barns be filled. We ask this prayer with the intercession of Mother Mary and the saints in Jesus’ name.

  85. Please Lord

    Bind Deb’s anger, hatred and insanity and keep her from doing damage to the organization or to anyone’s career. Amen.

  86. Prayer for me at work

    Please dear Lord, help me to do your bidding of honoring those with authority. I am struggling with an unethical boss who has turned his sights against me and is working to undermine everything I do. Please help me to respect the authority you have given him. Please surround me with peace, strength, and for truth to outshine deceitful and dishonest behavior day after day. Help me and give me wisdom and strength to be Your loyal servant. Please dear Lord, hear my prayer. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen

  87. Prayer for supervisor and co-worker on a new job that is trying to hinder my progress.

    Please pray for me. I have started a new job and my supervisor and co-worker are trying to make things difficult for me.

  88. Prayer for colleagues

    Dear Lord,
    It is more and more difficult to work with my colleagues. It is not easy to overlook their arrogance and ignorance. Please give me strenght, courage and peace to get along with them and to focus more on my duties, thank you.

  89. Prayer

    Dear father god I pray that today all seniors using their power to harass others burns to hell and I pray that they can be exposed and to all who have been abused know that there’s no power greater than that of god do not be afraid of a human being only ur god Just Pray and Pray

  90. Prayers against the spirit of death

    My families are under attacks by devils and his agents. We need God intervention for protection, deliverance, long life and progress in Jesus name. Amen


    please pray for me as iam being undermine and suppress by my Boss at job.

  92. I need prayers.

    I’m having a difficult time dealing with a co-worker. She is not my boss, but she has input on my review. I can’t even pinpoint what her problem is with me, but she is forgetful, absent-minded, unorganized, a slacker, arrogant, and completely rude towards me. We’ve worked together for 5 years and the more power (i.e. titles behind her name) she gets, the more arrogant she gets. I put almost everything in writing to her because she forgets when I talk to her, or she flat out ignores me when I talk to her… texting, reading emails, responding to emails, all rather than paying attention to what I’m saying. I could deal with all of it if it wasn’t for the fact that she actually complained about me to my boss. I’ve never been petty. I’ve tried to say in the past that our work relationship is strained to my boss, and he got defensive on her behalf. She was his assistant for 10 years before she got her position she is in now. Things just keep getting worse with her attitude towards me. Everything is my fault, and she takes no responsibility for her own actions, or lack thereof. I was reprimanded, and it was undeserved. But I felt like it would be petty of me to point out her flaws and shortcomings. I don’t sit at my desk and play games, talk to friends on the phone, or watch sports games on my phone. I’m so frustrated. I like my work. I get paid well enough for what I do. I prayed to God, and I think he wants me to stay where I am. It makes me more frustrated and I feel like I can’t handle any more of her attitude or undeserved reprimands. Please pray that this situation becomes better.

  93. Prayer for Protection And Favor at Work

    I have worked for 14 years at the same law firm. I started as a secretary and have moved up to a much harder stressful position. I am having trouble keeping up with the pace and feel overwhelmed everyday. I can’t sleep and always feel as though I am missing or will miss something crucial at work. I’m turning 60 and the prospect of either losing my job or trying to find something else scares me. My boss is very angry and aggressive acting towards me all the time, and I feel like its boarderline abuse. I would like prayer for protection, favor with God and man, and direction from God as to what I should do. Please pray for me! As I’ve read a lot of the stories here I don’t feel so alone and singled out. I feel alone, unsure and insecure. I was stunned to see that so many other people here feel the exact same way!

  94. badness of others

    please pray for me as i feel i am loosing out on job’s because of the badness of previouse managers…i am desperate for work but keep having ‘missed’ oppertunities ..i am very good at my job and need to work to pay my way…please forgive those who tresspass against me for no reason…also pray for the lies and wickedness of others who blamed me , gave me a bad reputation..may our lord forgive them..and let me get on with my life with love and happiness..thank you through christ our lord amen

  95. evil

    our holy father please pray that the badness and evilness of others stops as i am being sidetracked for jobs because of the badness of previouse managers..i feel i am loosing out on jobs interviews i am good and have the right qualfications but feel i workam being passed by..beacuse of the deeds of others..please pray for me and protect me against such evilness in all work places…i need to work to pay my way…please our lord forgive those who sin against us…through christ our lord amen…please protect me.

  96. I pray that your prayers be answered

    Evil bosses, colleagues and wrongdoers, at work and anywhere we walk, be gone! May your evilness turn back twice fold to only you and expose you before those who you fool. We wrap ourselves with the protective gray cloak of simon bolivar so your evil acts, talks and actions cannot speak my name, see me, touch me nor affect me. Amen.

  97. For me with my co worker

    I would love for you to join in with
    Me protecting from my coworkers
    Who plotting to hurt me each day

  98. My life is in danger

    My partner has threatened did harm to me i feel trapped I left b4 but I end up coming back to him he has demon tattoo the one that take one soul he made pact with it please help and pray for my safety and my life he a narcissist liar manipulator he cheated betray me

  99. Don't feel like going to work anymore

    Every morning when I wake up I think of my co worker that is giving me a hard time at work, because of the mistakes I’ve been making on my work. I’m still new here and I’m still struggling with lots of things. I’m even having sleepless nights because of this. And from my previous job I left because two of my co-workers hurt me so badly that I almost died. I thought I will find joy in this new job I’m doing, it keeps getting worse and worse.
    I really need a serious prayer. I’m desperate.

  100. I have been victimised, pray for me

    Please pray for me, Lord Almighty got me employed not so long ago and I am excellent at my job. I have an enemy at work that has victimised me, and I have prayed for guardian Angels to guard me from the bad spirits of the person. I am feeling down so call upon Gadiel to direct me on a good pathway to overcome the stress that has been forced on me and for the rest of the 7 Guardian Angels to help me improve and proceed in life in the alternative fields that they cover. I need to stay employed as I have been ill and unemployed for a long time, and this is my first step into freedom enabling me to thank God for my work based talents in over a decade. Pray for my safety in social and employment for life. I selflessly pray for all to do well and be healed from wickedness, negativity and that of getting victimised and bullied in life, Amen

  101. Please pray for me

    Dear Brethren,

    Please pray with me:

    I’ve been at my workplace over 14 years now. I love my work but it has been a constant challenge. I was very, very driven when I joined this job but that changed almost instantly as my father died the same week I started. We were very close, and because he died abruptly, I had post-traumatic stress for many years after. This affected my drive and overall productivity, but I’ve been trying my best.

    In 2015 I had a baby (my first!) at the age of 44, and as you can imagine, it had been a challenge juggling work and motherhood largely on my own.

    However, this co-worker, in her 30s, has been very harsh, rude and unfair to me. She joined the team 3 years ago and for some reason, sees me as her competition whereas we are not in the same sub-units. She bad mouthes me to my juniors, treats me with utmost disrespect especially verbally and email, but I decided to take the high road and ignore her behavior. But the ‘silence’ is taking a toll on my health, I feel my chest gets heavy and I get anxious about coming to work. It’s bad!

    Please, LORD, I’m weak but Though art strong. Please shield me from my enemies or else they’ll destroy me. Vindicate me,O LORD, as only Uou know how. Please set the table for me before mine enemies and show Yourself mighty, please wash the grief away from my heart… I will praise You, O LORD, among the heavens, among the heavens… I will live to testify of Your goodness in the land of the Living… I will be the head and not the tail; O LORD, please fight this battle for me!!

  102. Had enough

    I want someone to stand in agreement with me I just started this job along with a young pregnant girl..we are servers for the school and when we finish Serving we got to clean up and the Young girl never helps with the dishwashing so I am washing dishes by hand Monday thru Friday by myself while she sits down and eat I am to the boiling point with this situation I am 53 yrs old and she is 30 I just don’t get it I believe she should have waited until her baby is born next month and started when school starts back for the New school year I went to the manager and she already has seen what she is doing but nothing been done about it so I am asking for prayers for strength and that God step in and put a end to this.. I am so tired please keep me in prayer

  103. Mobbing

    I,m doing my diploma .heavenly father I’m under 🔥 becouse of my fellow students.. upon on Thier face..I be developed I fear in me.. although I’m a strong lady.. please I’m requesting for your prayers .mi win my enemies und i scatter them in Jesus name ..Amen

  104. Prayers for my new job

    I had to recently leave a field I worked in for 15 years because of intimidation and harassment. I have been blessed to get another job..but now my schedule is time is almost non-existent due to the different shifts. I continue to pray that God will protect He has up until now. Thank you for all the blessings you have unselfishly bestowed upon me.



    Believers in Christ and his unlimited power. Please join me in agreement as I pray for a change in careers. I am 54 and opportunity doesn’t knock like it used to. I work in a very toxic environment. Although I can handle it I want a change. I am asking for a new opportunity.

  106. Praying to remove the two enemies from my job

    Please lord, hear my prayers and remove the two people from my job who are causing me nothing but stress and causing trouble on my job. I want no harm to come to them, just let them go work somewhere else.

  107. Prayer for Protection at work

    I pray for protection at work. I pray for strenght to deal with all adversities at work. I pray for strenght to deal with jealous persons who seek to undermine my advancement at work. I pray for stenght to handle my daily tasks. I pray for strenght to handle my leadership role. I pray for strenght to handle pain from my knee surgery.

  108. Prayer for a woman with a warry heart in not so good working environment

    I have been working for 6 years . I was promoted twice in less to 3 year recently my boss always got angry with me my staffs gossips behind my back and dont update me their designated tasks. Some sees me incompetent. And lately i fear to go to work, becomes unmotivated but i really love my job also I need it to support my kid because i am single mother in a third world country.
    Please pray for me to spark my enthusiasm not to stop trying in the midst of negative working environment and adversities.
    Dear Lord ,
    You are our great provider. With You we are worthy to become motivated to work despite of everything. In every impossibilities comes chances of serving others better. In every jealousy, hatred and fear their is love , understanding and respect. In every misleading thoughts comes knowledge and wisdom. In every despise there is appreciation.
    May the evil be banished as i come to work everyday. In my favor let me serve you better in my favor banish all the negativity in my office and in my staff and other offices too as well as with the people I am directly working with.
    Spark the passion and enthusiasm in me to develop a plan acceptable to my superiors for their support in implementation and engagement with programs , projects and activities in accordance with the plan that can serve you better through its beneficiaries. May my palns be materialized until such becomes completed and successful in the right time you have set my Great Provider!
    May my staff, co employees and me turn jealousy hatred and fear into love support understanding and respect.our despise into appreciation.
    Lord, nothing is impossible for you. I pray to protect me from all evil in my workplace. Make My Staff become supportive to me.
    Teach me, guide me, protect me from evil hearts and minds in my work and in everywhere I go.
    I am greatful for you gave me this work to love and to support my kid.
    In you glory Lord, now and forever. AMEN AMEN AMEN

  109. My boss is deliberatelty trying to dim my light.

    My boss is badmouthing me saying I’m not competent but all orders are honored in the specified quality, he has never called me to address what he perceives as incompetence on my side but tells every one except me.
    His dislike of me is so gross he lets it overshadow all his judgements when it comes to me. I have stayed positive all this time and ignored whatever he is saying to my peers however recently I feel drained and tired of being strong, I’m on the verge of loosing but I know The Lord is with me. I’m just tired as he now pulled the last straw of preventing me from growing, I’m eligible to be promoted but he used his tricks to ensure that I’m not promoted.In the entire business I’m the only woman who is qualified(Recently acquired my BCOM ), experienced and willing but he managed to block it all and
    recommended someone who has no qualification ,experience or will.
    I desperately need prayers as I cant pray anymore, my prayers end no where as I’m depressed feeling sick and tired of this madness.

  110. BOSS

    I work under a friend so I thought but now because of the information I know I have been treated poorly and unfairly; this really hurts my feelings and it is stressful. Please pray that J.D. finds peace in his heart to understand that this treatment isn’t professional nor fair. Pray for me going through a lot.

  111. workplace

    I would appreciate a prayer. Life has not always been perfect but is a splendid journey. I have always strived to do the right thing and follow the example the Bible gives although I have had setbacks. In my current work place it has become apparent that this does not matter. People are jealous and envious and try to pull you down into their muck anyway possible. Sometimes it almost seems as if they had succeeded for what seems like a brief minute in time. I realize it is all mental. None of it ever mattered and it was all just in truth the Devil trying to take you off the path that God has laid out for you. These people are strange to me because I have never met people that will try to destroy one’s reputation and then turn around within a week or two and act as if they are trying to befriend you. Another example are people that talk to you as if you are a child and can call you stupid to others and give about fifteen minutes they try to joke with you as if they are your friend. I do not operate this way which may be what some may call different. I want to be able to forgive others as I enjoy God’s forgiveness so I may be fully happy within myself and strong.

  112. Boss Doesn't Like Me

    I love my job but one of my bosses is making it so difficult for me. She doesn’t like me and yells at me for little things in front of my coworkers. She never talks to anyone like this but me. I never talk back or argue with her. She walks all over me and talks to me like I’m her kid. I’m trying my best to be patient and let God fix this. I get up an hour early every morning to pray before I go to work. This unfair treatment is affecting bad. I’m stressed out, afraid to go to work, and I’m in fear at work. Like I have to walk on egg shells around her. Please pray for God to turn this situation around. Thanks!

  113. God knows the plans He has for us.

    Heavenly Father, I ask for your intervention and protection of our jobs and for peace and reconciliation in our workplaces. I praise you because I know you are working in these situations and you will provide devine intervention, favor, and blessings on us. In Christ’s name. Amen.

  114. Operate in Faith not flesh

    I am scheduled to hear the outcome of a dismissal recommendation today as I’m 10yrs a state gov’t professional career employee with dept of corrections on a framed case which an offender who has a life sentence filed against me in 2012. Yes, this is how long the fight has been going on. Each year I’ve prevailed and due to the psychosis of this offender the writing continues although its redundant. I work in the acute psychiatric inpatient part of the maximum security prison as a Therapist. The comment goes out to all that read it! NO MATTER WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE WE WIN!
    Remember if God before you, who can be against you…….Keep God’s Word and Believe! Thank you for your prayers
    I’ll return will a miracle testimony!

  115. Disloyal Coworkers

    Pray For me that I overcome my coworkers that means no good. I just started a new job for about a month now. I like my job, but some of the people that I work closely with. It’s like High school, all they do is laugh and speak Spanish all day. Which I think is very rude considering that I do not speak Spanish, and it is also a English speaking work place. They all go out for lunch to plot on throwing the work at me to do which I think is unfair, considering that I don’t have any say. It’s like the mean girls at school. I can’t afford to lose my job considering that I have a 6yr. Old that I have to take care off. 1 day ago I was considering just putting in my 2weeks notice and just leave. But after speaking to my mom and a close friend that believes in God and prays alot . It dawned on me that I will not give them the satisfaction of giving up my job that I worked so hard to get. The devil is a liar, what’s left for me to do is call on my god and he will do the rest with pray. Amen!

  116. For my job

    I pray for protection for me and a few of my coworkers there is a new lady in the front office and she has been making her way to try to get all replaced. I also pray for the administrators here that are new and old that seem to choose favorites and really over look us who really work hard

  117. Me and my co workers

    I would like to prayer for my co workers that are my friends and myself. the new girl here seems to be very shady and messy and is trying to get everyone in trouble and move others into our positions. The admin is half new and things are really different this school year. I just pray our positions are protected and we are covered and favored

  118. Prayers for enemy's at work

    I ask for your help lord for I have enemies at work that are making false accusations about me and I fear losing my job or getting moved. I ask for you help.

  119. protection from negetive force n enemies

    i pray to god for protection of my family my sin n my work place and home from enemies and negetive peoples around us if any.i pray to god to protect from all direction to my son and my family and the places where we go. i pray to god to give peacefullness in our heart n others who so ever comes in our lives.
    Thanks to god

  120. Pray for me please...

    Please pray for me. I started working with new company however, I’ve been in the industry for 8 years. My administration is very spiteful and will not address any issues that will increase overall satisfaction for both patients and staff. I’m giving the job my all…. but my regional, Vp and whoever else is really nitpicking. I feel very uncomfortable and afraid to lose my job. I have 4 yo toddler and a mortgage. I need my salary.

  121. please pray for me

    My Chinese boss is accusing me of something I did not do which is related to money. I hope and I pray that the truth will come. and I can’t take it anymore how she humiliate me in the office. I can’t take their discrimination anymore. I’m so stress not because of work but because of their attitude. please pray with me. I’m emotionally drained.

  122. Prayers for wisdom, God's guidance

    Please pray for me I am a new operations manager in a unhealthy dysfunctional environment. Many of the other managers coworkers are negative dysfunctional whining complaining gossipy backstabbing. I need your help oh Lord father to do the right thing guide me help me protect me and teach me which direction I need to go to provide for a healthy teamwork atmosphere I pray in Jesus name my talk with Dan the one above me.

  123. Pray for my boss and Co worker

    God, I have worked up this morning with joyful in my heart and get to work. My co worker of whom I have been there for sabotage my work character and trying to get me in trouble on my job. I need you God, I can’t deal with this job no more. I am sick of the negatives vibe around this job.

  124. Pray for my job

    I just gotten written up twice. I’ve been at this job for four years and have never gotten written up for anything. This past few months have been really a test. Need strengths to endure this pressure and make it through these times. I will overcome. This has really change my and my personality i use to wanna help and nice to everyone. Its so many snakes here in this building to me grown women who want power and to many grown women being in clicks and picking on people. Lack of respect for people because we dont hold a higher pay position.

  125. Protection from enemies at my workplace

    Dear Lord,
    I ask for your help lord for I have enemies at work that are making false accusations about me and I fear losing my job or getting moved. I ask for you help.

    I love my job, I am very passionate about what I do however, in December, I heard that there was an investigation on me being an anonymous tipoff regarding my conduct at work.

    Lord, you know my heart, my intentions, my passion – I have never and would never mistreat anyone. These allegations are false and bent on tarnishing my image, reputation and possibly to fall out of favor with management and subordinates I lead.

    I pray for Divine protection dear Lord, against the vile things being said about me, the nasty reports that have written, jealous and envious enemies at my workplace.

    I love my job, I believe there is so much I still have to impart to my coworkers and the organisation I work for. I also want the glory of God to shine through as i do my job.

    I rebuke the Devil and his agents as they attack my work, finances and family

    I pray for FAVOR and RESTORATION of what the enemy has stolen.

  126. My Boss at Work

    I recently got a new boss in my department. She has been on our unit for about 2 years now. Ever since she got there she has been bullying me and harassing me in many different ways. She has brought me to HR for various reasons, all based on the lies she made of about me. When I try to give my side of the story, I am shout down by HR and cannot answer to the allegations. I have tried to avoid her but everyday I show up to work, I receive a new email about something that I did not do right or that I did not do period. I have been under attack by her ever since she got there. She assaulted me, I reported it to HR and HR turned on me and claimed that they did not receive a complaint from me at all. I have been working there for 18 years now. I often want to quit but my colleagues tell me to stay and fight and don’t let her turn me away from my job. Please pray for peace with my boss and that whatever she is dealing with will be resolved between her and the Almight.

  127. Prayer to confuse to confuse the enemies at my workplace

    Please stand with me in prayer and pray that God will disgrace the enemies at my workplace who are wickedly working against me for no reason. Pray that God will give change of heart and if they are not willing to change but keep on practicing evil in their hearts, God should remove them and that they will fall into the pits they are digging for themselves.
    Thank you for standing with me.

  128. Enemy at work scaring the staff away

    God you know my heart and I just pray you rid this enemy out my workplace. Myself as well as my co-workers have been battling one entity. Personally this person is attacking my work performance from time to time. I know I serve a just God,please I ask you would help me stand strong in faith while you put your power to work.I also plead the holy ghost fire over me and the people being bothered for no reason. I have patiently waited so long that I give the fight over to you.In Jesus mighty name,I pray to hear news of this person removed completely out of God’s building,Amen and Amen.

  129. Prayer for fairness at work

    Dear Lord,

    You who knows us all by name, even before you formed us. Hear this prayer which I am sure addresses a common concern in almost all workplaces.

    We find most times that those who “suck up” to the bosses and speak ill of others so as to get ahead of them are usually the ones who get promoted. Most of them are not even hard workers but they are clearly the bosses’ favorites while the honest hard workers are oppressed and made to feel like “not enough”. Father God, when you brought us to the workplace, it was our primarily to fulfill our assignment on earth. The paycheck comes secondary to the assignment for which you brought us here. Help us to be the salt and the light in our offices and to do things that bring glory to you alone. Help us not to compromise, neither to conform to the negativity that flows but rather to show love, patience and kindness to those who hate us with a passion. We also know that if we are hated for your sake, then we must be doing something right.

    Take all the glory Lord and be magnified in these offices. Let even the haters look at us and desire what we have within us – which is you Jesus.


  130. Prayer urgently needed

    Please pray I will not lose my job over social media posts. I made the posts in my owm time using my own computer. Someone outside of my work complained to my employer about the posts. Now I am waiting for the decision on my hearing. Please pray that HR, the decision maker and 3rd parties involved in the decision as well as my boss are lenient. Pray I will not be fired over such a stupid thing done in my private life not professional life. Pray for new job opportunities to fling right open in 2023 especially audit companies.

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