Prayer for immediate financial miracle breakthrough

by TM (KL Malaysia)

Dear Lord, I pray for a immediate financial breakthrough.I urgently need the money to clear all my debts. I know Ive done wrong for not managing my finance well. But Lord i know Your are forgiving God, slow to anger. So please give me one more chance.

I have being affected emotionally because of this financial crisis. It also strained my relationship with my family members including of my husband , children and siblings. i also received notice from bank lawyers. Please help me and rescue me from this trouble and burden. Grant my prayer request so that I will be able to stand up again.

In future I promise i will manage my finance well. My hope is only on You..You alone is God and as stated in the Bible there is nothing impossible with God Luke1:37 Thank You Lord , All this i asked in Jesus Name, AMEN.

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  1. need miracle for our finances immediately

    Lord u the only one who can help do a miracle for us release money to make us debt free and to buy a house cash

  2. I understand. ..

    I am in the same position myself. Our prayers are nearly identical. The Lord will bless us, I’m sure of it. I will pray for you.

  3. Need for financial miracle

    Lord, we are on the same situation right now. We have no one else to turn to except You Lord God. You are our only hope. Please help us free from our debt. Please rescue us oh Lord on our financial crisis. Thank you Lord. Amen

  4. Need for financial miracle

    Lord, you are our only hope. Please help us free from this debt. Please rescue us Lord on this financial crisis. Please help us Lord. Amen

  5. prayer for all round miracles and financial breakthrough

    lord pls bless me financially and grant me all my heart desires,and don’t let me be put to shame in Jesus name Amen..

  6. Prayer for forgiveness and immediate financial miracle

    Lord, I am sorry for mismanaging my finances, for not tithing in a long time, for not making my child support payment in a long time…
    I know this has caused my financial situation right now..along with the extravagance and spending money on alcohol ..please break me free of this bad habit this moment in Jesus Name…
    Father I dont know where I am going to get money from to clear these debts, clear my car in the garage, pay my rent and purchase a piece of land (year goal) before the year ends but today I am choosing to put my hope in you Lord. I lift my eyes to you Oh Lord and am praying that youll wash away all my sins and bless me with a financial miracle today…keep the people i owe money from becoming violent oh lord…grant me favor before them oh Lord… teach me and instill in me the spirit of saving…spirit and wisdom of investing …heart of tithing and child supporting….wash me clean today oh lord …kjeep from telling lies to my debtors…soften my debtors hearts…

    Father today I receive freedom from debt, death, poverty in jesus name…I proclaim myself rich because I am a co heir of the kingdom of God…

    I will not borrow but lend out to nations in Jesus name
    I will not lose any of my property to debt (car, tv, land and future property) in Jesus name..
    I receive Wisdom to make money in Jesus name
    I receive humility, patience to help me manga my finances properly

    Today, I receive an instant finacial blessing from my Lord God AL Mighty Father… In Jesus Name

    All this I have prayed and asked believing in the name of your son Jesus Christ

  7. Breakthrough

    Lord please forgive me for all the mistakes I made when it came finances. Lord I need a financial breakthrough today God. I realize that I can do nothing without you God. I realize that I need You and only You. This situation has caused so much strain my marriage and my family. Please forgive me for not being wise with money. Teach me your ways God and help me do things the way You said do them God. Now God I thank for answering my prayers in a hurry. I receive your blessings right now and I praise Your Name. I now know that only You can turn things around in a blink of an eye. I know that You still perform miracles. Thank you Jesus!!!! Amen!!

  8. Financial breakthrough

    Lord Almighty God

    I humble myself before thee , I am a sinner , a gambler but please forgive me all my sins know and unknown in Jesus name! Lord please bless me financially and grant me all my heart desire.Father God,do not let me be put to shame in Jesus name Amen

    Lord , protect and save my car from repossession in Jesus name Amen. Father , I have lost a lot in life but not this time Lord! Prevent any repossession and phone calls of demand in Jesus name Amen!

    I pray for my financial breakthrough right now in Jesus name Amen

  9. debts

    I’m also in debts, but now I’m relieved because I trust in God that He will grant us all the desires of our hearts and son we will be free from these debts in Christ Jesus. Amen

  10. Prayer for financial help

    Dear Lord,

    I deeply regret mismanaging my finances. You know my heart and my mind and you also know how I am suffering now. The worst of it is not the lack of money but the relationships that were destroyed because of my debts. I lost many friends and I lost the trust of my family members. I’ve hurt my parents very much. Please Lord, I believe that you have in your power to free me from this agony. I am doing all I can to pay off my debts. HELP ME PLEASE. You have given me opportunities in real estate. Make it work. Guide me. Make my clients happy. And please allow me to sell properties. Give me this chance to change my life for the better. May you be the Father I’ve known as a child. I need you now more than ever.

  11. Financial Miracle in 12hours

    Dear God

    Thank you that you do not consult my past to give me a future. Yourwword tells me that you know the plans you have for me, to prosper me, to give me a future and a hope.

    I have not honored you with my income and in the mighty name of Jesus renounce every ungodly money that has passed through my hands and bank accounts. I loose any hold the enemy had placed on it.

    Father you word says you delight in my prosperity. Jesus said “verily, verily, I say unto you whatsoever we shall ask in my name, my father shall give it to you.”

    Fathe, in Jesus’ name I ask for R350,000 that is in my heavenly account. I ask this knowing that your word tells me the You shall supply all my needs according to your riches in glory by Christ Jesus. I commit father as instructed by your word to ALWAYS tithe on each and every increase that comes through my hands, my business and through my accounts. I believe father as you said in Malachi 3:10 that as I give you shall increase me a hundred fold.

    In line with your Word Father, I believe and receive that it is your prayer that I may prosper and be in health, just as my soul prospers.

    In faith and in Jesus name I say to the mountain of lack be moved and believe it to be so. I receive in Jesus name for this is your will.

    In Jesus precious name. AMEN.

    [email protected]

  12. Prayers for immediate financial help

    Lord i pray for immediate financial breakthrough i urgently needed now the money to clear all my debts..Lord i know i have done wrong to manage my finances well..But,.Lord God i know you are a forgiving God and a loving and understanding Father to us..Lord please give me one more chance to show you my promises to change my attitude when it comes to handle my financial blessings again..Lord i have so much affected emotionally because of this financial crisis i have strained my relationship with my husband and kids and also to other people which i have debts.Lord please help me and rescue me now from this trouble because tomorrow i need to pay urgently needed but Lord i have no money yet to pay i dont know where i wii get it.Lord God, i now beg You and please grant my prayer request todayso that i will be able to stand up again..Lord please hear my prayer today so that i can pay my debt tomorrow if it is your hope is only You..YOU alone is God my GREAT PROVIDER..THANK YOU LORD GOD..I LOVE YOU with all my heart, my mind and my soul..all this i asked in Jesus name.Amen!

  13. Prayers for immediate financial help

    Lord i pray for immediate financial breakthrough i urgently needed now the money to clear all my debts..Lord i know i have done wrong to manage my finances well..But,.Lord God i know you are a forgiving God and a loving and understanding Father to us..Lord please give me one more chance to show you my promises to change my attitude when it comes to handle my financial blessings again..Lord i have so much affected emotionally because of this financial crisis i have strained my relationship with my husband and kids and also to other people which i have debts.Lord please help me and rescue me now from this trouble because tomorrow i need to pay urgently needed but Lord i have no money yet to pay i dont know where i wii get it.Lord God, i now beg You and please grant my prayer request todayso that i will be able to stand up again..Lord please hear my prayer today so that i can pay my debt tomorrow if it is your hope is only You..YOU alone is God my GREAT PROVIDER..THANK YOU LORD GOD..I LOVE YOU with all my heart, my mind and my soul..all this i asked in Jesus name.Amen!

  14. prayer for financial breakthrough

    Lord i pray for a miracle in my finance i made bad choices in the past which i know regret.I know ask for forgiveness for all my bad choices cauz is affecting my family i cant affort to buy them food pay school fees and pay my bill.I pray for special help father.I thank u for giving me a second chance Lord.Amen

  15. prayer for financial breakthrough

    Lord i pray for a miracle in my finance i made bad choices in the past which i know regret.I know ask for forgiveness for all my bad choices cauz is affecting my family i cant affort to buy them food pay school fees and pay my bill.I pray for special help father.I thank u for giving me a second chance Lord.Amen

  16. instant financial miracles

    Mighty God Father in Heaven, I am a sinner I request your forgiveness Lord. I request an instant financial turn around to help and resuscitate my business that has crumbled some few months ago. I am unable to repay the loans I took with the financiers, my vehicle and to make matters worse it is broken and requires thousands of rand to be fixed. I don’t have money also to pay for my house rent, children school fees or even to buy them food. Merciful God please have mercy on me. K M

  17. prayer for financial abundance

    Heavenly Father hear us all praying for your financial breakthrough.Haggai 2:8 The silver is mine and the gold is mine..Let us all share these abundance so that we will all be debts JESUS name we pray,Amen..

  18. prayer for financial abundance

    Heavenly Father hear us all praying for your financial breakthrough.Haggai 2:8 The silver is mine and the gold is mine..Let us all share these abundance so that we will all be debts JESUS name we pray,Amen..

  19. Prayer for Divine Mercy

    Lord please have mercy on us and on the whole world. Help us through these most desperate and trying times where we are fighting to look after our children and family. Bless us with abundance, lord, just enough to take away our burdens and allow us to breathe and live. Jesus, I trust in you. Amen

  20. financial miracle

    Almighty father, am humbled. the burden of my debts is weighing me down, yet i have the least of hope to overcome it now. Lord, hear my cry, even though am a sinner. Grant me a miracle, and i Shall not look aside anymore. there is no impossibles in your presence Lord, nothing can defeat you. Grant me a financial breakthrough miracle, to clear all my debts, especially those in bad need of their payments.
    amen. i believe am healed

  21. Miracle Prayer


    Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked for many favours, this time I ask you for this very special one (mention favour). Take it dear Heart of Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your Father sees it. Then in His merciful eyes it will become your favour not mine. Amen.Say this prayer for three days and then promise publication and the prayer will be granted no matter how impossible

  22. financial miracle

    Dear Father God ,
    Father I am a sinner. I have made mistakes…bad decisions. Please forgive me. Please let happen what I need to happen. So can work at recovering from the financial burden I am in. Please
    Dear God…let the people I need to facilitate the process of my debt consolidation respond in my favor. You have given me the vision Dear God and I am ready to work the plan. Please let me get the letter that I need and please keep my home rented. Please let me continue to be on study leave and receive my salary. Please let my school fees be paid on time as agreed by the ministry (a blessing from you). Thank you. Please Dear God. Please keep me strong. Please I do not want to fail my son.I learn my lesson Dear God. I promise I will not repeat these errors. Please Father you know my heart. Father I thank you for the blessing you are giving me. I know you are with me. We ate today and had a nice shelter. I love you God. You are my saviour. Amen.

  23. urgent Financial miracle breakthrough

    Lord Jesu I know I am a sinner , I hv not been faithful to you, I have mismanaged my finances and I have involved myself in so many sinn. Please God , forgive me, revive my finances, I need to meet up with my final year students NECO examination registration which closes tomorrow 11th may, 2016. My Lord I know with you all things are possible, surprise me with you financial miracle, send your financial angel on my behalf today to bring the miracle my way. Make me laugh again and I will serve you all my life. Thank you for answering my prayers , in Jesus name I pray. Amen

  24. Reqest my god

    Oh my god please help me to clear my debt i am in big truble due to my wrong disisson. please give me a last chance please, i prmisse i must will a good men after this. thanks god

  25. Urgent Request for Financial Miracle Breakthrough

    Lord please help me in my financial problem I am facing right now. I urgently need a big amount of money to settle all my debts. Please, please, please give me a financial miracle breakthrough today.

    In Jesus name I pray.

  26. Prayer for immediate financial help

    Lord, please forgive all that I’ve done to put me in this situation. Lord you know my heart, my mind and soul. Please help me with the finances needed today in order for me to get defence in the legal case against me. Father i believe in You and that You are God of all. I believe that You can turn things around in a blink of an eye. I now receive my miracle through the precious blood of Jesus Christ who has redeemed me on the cross. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen

  27. not very bright so getting ripped off. I dont know much but i know im suffering

    Sometimes I’ve trusted the wrong people. Please help me to get the finances God intended for me. Please stop the people who had a plan to financial deprive me and take what I was meant to get. Thank you Lord, Amen.

  28. not very bright so getting ripped off. I dont know much but i know im suffering

    Sometimes I’ve trusted the wrong people. Please help me to get the finances God intended for me. Please stop the people who had a plan to financial deprive me and take what I was meant to get. Thank you Lord, Amen.

  29. I Declare Financial Breakthrough

    Dear God in your Word you said i am a King, and i know Lord that Kings are never beggars, i know that the words of a King a powerful. By the Power that you have vested in me as a King Lord, i declare Immediate Financial Breakthrough for me to buy my car, rent my new Episcopal House, pay the money i borrowed from my mother, furnish my house , this is my solemn deceration in Jesus name. Amen. Let un expected calls for financial favour came to my phone urgently in Jesus name, Amen.

  30. Thank you Father for giving me a $25,000 Miracle

    Dear Father, thank you for showing me mercy through your grace, and for forgiving my unrighteousness that plunged me into debts.

    I asked you in the name of Jesus Christ, and thank you for giving me a $25, 000 miracle to settle all debts I owe according to your riches in glory through Christ Jesus my Lord and eternal High Priest. Amen!

  31. Desperate

    Been out of work for 14 months. No income coming in and state assistance is not available. My water is disconnected and my electricity, gas and phone will be turned off tomorrow. Haven’t made a mortgage or car payment in 2 months, have no car insurance or license plate sticker, and my credit cards are threatening me daily.

  32. Prayer for an immediate financial breakthrough

    Dear God,
    Father of Abraham, Izack and Jacob. I humbly come before your thrown today with a spirit of boldness and love and not with fear.
    I confess all my sins I have committed against you in Jesus name.
    Show me favour today by providing a solution to all my debts. You are my only help in this situation. The whole earth and the fullness thereof belong to you. Favour me with a miracle today in Jesus name.
    Silence all my debtor today and soften their hearts. I declare that I will not loose any of my property due to debt in Jesus name. I declare that I will not appear in a court of law due to debt in Jesus name. Thank you for hearing my petition and thank you for answering my prayer.

    In Jesus name I pray.

  33. Financial Miracle

    Father God, the earth is yours, the fullness thereof, the world and they that dwell therein. I know that you will deliver me from lack and release financial blessings in my hands as I stand on your word which says Ask of anything and we shall receive. So I ask you Father in the name of Jesus Christ, knowing that you are not man that you should lie. I receive it now and will testify once again of your faithfulness. Give me the wisdom, knowledge and understanding to handle the finances that you’re about to release in my hands. Thank you. Amen

  34. need 100,000usd now lord jesus

    Father God in the name of Jesus i come to you with a heart of gratitude, thank you for all you have done to me what your doing and what you shall do.Forgive my inequities for they are many.

    God i have been lying to my mum and Sisters about money that is not there all along, lord having been praying for a miracle dear father.I have led my family to accrue debts,and they are a laughing stock to everyone, my business has not moved any step forward barely a year,after establishment.

    Jesus in your name deliver me. God you are the father of Abraham father of Jacob the father of Issac oh dear lord you delivered Daniel from the den of lions by shutting the lions mouth , i am in a den of lion dear lord and i ask you kindly dear father that you will deliver me now not tomorrow. dear father. Jesus the mention of your name is enough to get me out oh come now lord Jesus appear to me with money i do not know where you will get but Jesus i know you can do the impossible i am counting on you Jesus by the the time i get in my house my bag will will be full of money to clear ll my debt and jump start my business am tired of borrowing money being a beggar. Father i want to be a giver and not receiver. God you command into being what did not exist Jehovah my provider do it for me asap counting on you Jesus Jesus please in my dear lord i shall mange my finances better and help people who are in worse situation now you are a god of signs miracles and wonders do it now lord please am tired come and rescue me. i need you now more than ever. meet each all our needs.

  35. Need encouragement

    .. So I guess we are all in the same situation , pleading with the lord for a financial miracle to ease the stress and anxiety in life , often we have have mis managed our finances , causing us to face the Shame and guilt in this world .. It’s too much to do it on our own , is there any testimonies out there to encourage us to keep believing and have hope ..

  36. immediate financial maracle breakthrough

    Oh lord I’m here request the immediate financial maracle breakthrough I need to pay all my debts even. My car is not paid
    Please god I will manage my financial properly
    I have done wrong I ask this money now
    In the name of Jesus Christ

  37. miracle

    Lord we need u now more than ever. Answer our prayer today so we won’t be put to shame. Remove the smirks off our enemies faces
    Forgive us for not using wisdom in our finances. Come speedingly Lord Amen

  38. Urgent Need of Financial Blessing.

    O God,
    The real master of this universe.I pray to you please bless me for financial.Open wide the gates of opportunity for finance and give a good luck that i could learn from my pass and grow in future.

    Restore my opportunity for finance and employment.

    Pray for us.Amen.

  39. financial breakthrough Immediately

    Dear Lord i humbly come in your presence with thanksgiving. Thank you because you have been there for me in lack and plenty in good and bad. I call upon your special and supernatural name to rescue me from this situation. Bless me with finances to clear all debts pay school fees pay other bills. Please forgive me for not managing the finance when you gave me and now am seeking your mercy help me come to my aid steadily. I know YOU are great and you will bless me like job. I promise when you bless me with finances i will seek your guidance on how to manage and above all give charity. In Jesus name Amen.

  40. Thank you Jesus

    Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers I promise to not ask you again , I will do my best to make you proud !
    Thank you so much for all you do for us !!
    I love you always

  41. Desperately need a financial breakthrough

    Dear Lord, I am so sorry we have sinned against you. I am so sorry to have angered you with our irresponsible handling of our finances which is now causing us much pain. I seek your mercy and forgiveness a thousand times over for many months. Through this time, thank you for giving us the strength and courage we wake up with each day to face our creditors. The blood-sucking banks are chasing, bills need to be paid, fees need to paid……
    Please hear our desperate cries and see our overflowing tears of our repentance, and answer our prayers and petitions. Please don’t turn away in anger but upon us with mercy. Please give us one last chance to.make our finances good again…. to completely recover from our debts. Please grant us a miracle that will save us today before the banks drown us. We promise never to commit this terrible sin again and will always be mindful of Your word and will and remember the poor and needy. By Your Grace, we will give testimony of Your great mercy and love. Please Lord, help us… save us today. Please send us a financial breakthrough. We ask through Jesus Christ,. Amen.

  42. Please help me LORD

    Dear Lord,

    Please help me to overcome all my financial burdens, I know everything is possible with you. Forgive me for I have sinned, I am already fully affected and trap in this situation and I do really believe that no one can help me but only YOU. So please help me GOD. I ask all this through Jesus Christ our Lord… Amen

  43. Financial breakthrough

    Dear Lord I come to you for a financial breakthrough ive been in and out the hospital due to my heart condition had to leave work for three months I applied for my Ssi got a denial letter got an eviction went back to work out in a appeal got sick again had to stop working found out they are going to give me my benefits I thank you but they are saying no back pay I’m just waiting to start receiving my check so I can move Im praying for a breakthrough to get a place Lord I need you now please amen

  44. Need Immediate Help

    I have no Job and cannot afford to feed my Family I feel worthless Lord I need a Financial Miracle now to get my Life back in Order.

  45. Financial Breakthrough

    Lord,I am asking tonight for an immediate financial blessing/breakthrough.Please Father let me live with no more financial stress or strain in my life.I am asking for you to bless me Father with enough finances to clear up all of my debts and enough to help others in the same situation.I pray this prayer in Jesus precious name.

  46. Financial prayer

    Please bless us o Lord for a financial break through so we do not lose our home or car..Amen in Jesus name.

  47. Debt free

    Dear God, I am at a crossroad and I am facing a lot of difficulty because I am facing losing my car because I am in debt£, please help me to aquire a sum of money to be debt free

  48. prayer for financial breakthrough

    Dear God I come to you today my Lord please forgive me for all my sins, guide me to the correct direction, i am empty inside i could feel Ii am drowning, I come to you as a living God to pull me up from the financial strain I am drowning to, I have been doing things my way not asking you to guide me, i come to you now my Lord to please lead me show me the way, show me what to do to rise again please my Lord here my prayer today, in the name of the Lord the son and the Holy Spirit > Amen


    LORD, I URGENTLY ask you to come to my aid and grant me WISDOM, heal my body completely,and grant me a large monetary miracle in my finances.I have foolishly sinned against YOU by gettting myself in deep debt. I have suffered much spiritual oppression and out of pride and fear put myself in debt. I have been depressed, out of work, ruined my good credit, depleated my finances and have had health issues. LORD, please rescue me . I’m broke, losing all I have, facing homelessness at almost age 66. Winter is
    Coming. I ask for a miracle God. Come QUICKLY,rescue me, save me, & help lest I perish . I rededicated my life to you. Have mercy on me. Free me of debt, grant me employment, grant me a real home and give me a hope and future. HURRY LORD. IM HURTING! IJNIP.AMEN!

  50. Financial strain

    Oh Lord, I am requesting for a financial miracle breakthrough to pay all my debts and be able to afford my lifestyle like before. My monthly needs are:
    To pay all my debts
    Have Petrol money
    Buy Food
    Tighthing at church and to give to the poor not forgetting to take good care of my mom.

  51. immediate money miracle

    daddy lord,
    I come before thee with a request I need to solve urgently. Father please I need money to settle my school fees before the end of this month to enable me gain access to write my exams. I beseech you lord please help me because you are my only hope.

  52. Finances

    GOD you are a forgiving GOD please give me a financial breakthrough as I am in debt and I am a nervous wreck please help me and thank you GOD for listenig to me

    Love Pam

  53. In need

    Lord I thank you for you have always helped me. Dear Lord, remember your words that says, they that put their trust in the Lord shall not be put to shame. Therefore, Lord with total trust i call on you today for finacial miracles. I need finance to settle my debts, fund my business, pay my rents, meet my needs and finance my forth coming wedding. Oh Lord in phil. 4:19 it is written that my God shall supply all my needs according to his riches in glory through Christ Jesus. Lord I have no helper apart from you, pls in your mercy turn my financial situation around for my good today and let me become a blessing to everyone around me for in Jesus mighty name I pray.

  54. I have hit rock bottom


    I truly need a financial breakthrough!

    I lost my apartment and my car was repossessed in the last 6 weeks. I lost my job 5 months ago and am still looking for permanent work. I need a financial blessing to pay off all my bills and get back on my feet.

    Please Lord help me to move forward and move out my mom’s house immediately.


  55. Www.prayers

    Lord I need a financial miracle in Oct my sister threw me out plus everything I own lord its so hard I can’t afford to get my grandchildren or great grandchildren anything for Christmas lord please I’m puttingy trust in you lord that a breakthrough will help me I love you Jesus

  56. Prayer for my finances

    Dear god
    Please help me with my finances so that my credit is improved and I can feel less stress please help me to pay off my back taxes as well

  57. urgent request for financial miracle ..very much in need today

    Lord please help me in my financial problem I am facing right bow . I urgently in need of a big amount of money to settle my debt and to clear my gold loan which if not paid wud go for auction ..please please give me a financial miracle breakthrough today .I need finances as I don’t have money to pay my phone bills and all my bills are pending and people from whom I have taken finances they threaten me . Pls lord help me I immediate need financial miracle to clear my debt Thank u lord …All financial miracle I asked in Jesus Name …AMEN

  58. Prayer for finacial brack through

    Dear Lord

    Please make me strong financially bless me and make me
    debt free. amen

  59. Need financial help

    Dear Lord,

    Our family of 4 is running only on my income and my husband has started a business and constantly needs high amounts of money support from me and I am already ridden with many loans and barely managing the household with my income and not in a position to contribute anymore to my husband’s business. Also, I am not sure how much he will ever contribute to the household even when his business grows.

    Jesus, I am very troubled with these burdens. Please help me.

  60. Thanksgiving

    Oh Lord, I give abundant thanks to all you have provided for me, and given me, past, present and future. I am in dire need of financial assistance. I humbly pray you hear and help me in my quest to have the money needed for my bills, and to provide a decent Christmas for my family this year, though we do not need much, but I feel they deserve a lot better. I love you from the bottom of my heart, and pray for this beautiful Christmas miracle!! God bless everyone, and may you help those in need also by answering their heartfelt prayers, too. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

  61. what kind of prayers do you need GOD?

    what kind of prayers
    do you need GOD?

    i know you hear my prayers..
    but you keep on ignoring them..

    tell me?

  62. Loose the Shackles off my FINANCES!!!

    Dear God,
    I come to you the best way I know how. Asking you for a financial miracle breakthrough on tonight. I know that I haven’t been faithful. I also recognize my faults. But, I know you as a forgiving and merciful GOD. The GOD that sits high and looks low. I am asking for your forgiveness and your understanding. Please GOD release my financial blessing tonight. You are the only one that can bring me out of this mess I have fallen into. You said to LET NOT YOUR HEART BE TROUBLE, but right now my heart is heavy and troubled. I have NOONE to turn to, but you. I promise you with everything, once you lift the burden tonight, I shall not ever return to this state again. I will seek you for guidance when it comes to managing my money. I will wait for your sign before I make any moves. Please GOD,,HELP ME!!!! I need to fix my checking accounts and catch up on my bills. You already know the amount. Please help me!!!! I pray in JESUS NAME!!! AMEN

  63. Please help o Lord!

    Lord, I have always trusted you and looked to you.

    I am raising my 2 girls of 8 and 10 alone. I ask you got a quick financial blessing and also a permanent solution through a longterm retainer or permanent position. You know I could have managed money better but you also my heart and the he’ll I have been through.

    Please Lord, like you performed a miracle with me feeling better health wise….please help!!!Open minds and doors and hearts….

    I believe in YOU


  64. Finances

    I need at least. $900 this month it is urgent i would also like to win some money from the. pCH would take $3,000. And also pray for prosperity for me more than enough to last me. My lifetine and. Plenty left ovet for lords. Work. One of. These jobs i applied to and one for my husband. Healing for me and my husband. Salvation for my whole family

  65. Immediate answer

    Lord God we are on a financial crisis now we are given a deadline if not, our house will be foreclosed. We’ve been fighting this for long. My husband was out from his job for 4 months. Please help us. Hear our prayers. Amen!

  66. please help me

    i thank our Heavenly Father for Our Lord. I need urgent help financially to clear all my debts & pay my children’s school fees.

  67. please help me

    i thank our Heavenly Father for Our Lord. I need urgent help financially to clear all my debts & pay my children’s school fees.

  68. Miracle money

    Dear my Lord

    Ooh my God from the beginning without end you are always good help me am having much debts and I don’t have any means of paying back I have used the money which was not mine without consent I was wrongly thinking that things will be good of which I have failed and other debts which I took am paying with interest of which I don’t have any ting to pay back ooh God take me out in this danger zone miraculously as you said already that sometimes business fails but we should beg to you to give us right ways God help me other debts which I took was meant for business of which it fails up to date the items which I bought to sell are still not sold but the debts is accumulating because I was given 30 days to pay back of which it fails I just paid a little bit of which the balance accumulated the interests ooh God rescue me with miracle money I don’t have anything to pay back yes my Lord you are good God you resurrect dead people to life help me God ooh yes you made the blind people to see you multiplied the food of the people to the wedding, help me give me wonders God multiply financial miracles to me within 48 hours so that I should breathe again wisely and comfortable don’t leave alone and send the holy spirit to guild me where ever I am so that I should use my blessings wisely I am really crying to you God give me miracle monies am not asking for huge but what I want is just enough in order to pay all my debts which are troubling me I know God you know everything and you know the huge debts which are troubling me help me so I should be able to praise you without hiding from the people am owing. I have stopped picking up the calls and I can not even reply to the emails of remind me about debt ooh God make my face bright again

    In Jesus name every thing is set and thank you for the blessing my God

  69. Please send down a financial miracle now amen.

    Please pray for us.lord Jesus u know everything about us.lord my husband from 10 years working in a company .lord no improvement in his career and no good hike in his salary .lord Jesus we are struggling through financial tensions.lord we have no helping hand from family side .we have no family support and I am not well educated so I am a house husband only working person in y home .lord whenever we needed money husband took loams and credit from friends or family.lord Jesus we have loans and debts to pay.lord we are living on a small house which is conjusted and not comfortable and severe suffocation.dye to severe suffocation I got affected and I became a wheezing patient.lord due to financial tension we never thought to shift the house but lord now it became very much conjusted so that I became must to shift the house.lord Jesus I beg in front of u.lord I requested my husband to please think to shift the house he told yes but I know his financial status lord shifting house and paying huge rents is not easy for us.lord Jesus I beg you lord we have no options to expect money from anywhere.lord I don’t know what to do how to help my husband.lord Jesus my father .I always believed u as my god father.lord my father who gave birth to me he totally forgot me.lord Jesus my father please help your child,lord I Jesus please help me please show me a way to solve all the problems ,lord please send down a miracle for me now please do miracle now and bless us with financial miracle now.lord due to night shift job and severe stress my husband got hypothyroid lord Jesus please heal my husband now and please bless my husband with good health peace,and happiness forever .lord Jesus please lord bless my husband get a good job good position in his job and bless him with good career lord.lord please bless my husband get good hike in his salary now .lord Jesus make my husband capable to afford a good house for us and to get out,from all the debts and loans .lord please soften my dad now and do justice for me.lord Jesus please bless us with a financial.miracle now and bless me and all my family with good health peace and happiness forever amen.lord I beg this and impray this in your name lord amen.

  70. Hear me o lord

    Dear Lord,
    Come to my rescue, send me a helper. I want to be debt free, own a house, pay up my childrn’s school fees. Just so we can leave comfortably.
    Thank u lord

  71. Hear me o lord

    Dear Lord,
    Come to my rescue, send me a helper. I want to be debt free, own a house, pay up my childrn’s school fees. Just so we can leave comfortably.
    Thank u lord

  72. praying for others listed here.

    My God, My Lord, Jehovah Jireh, I seek and ask in Jesus Christ Holy and righteous name that every sincere request for financial help and financial requests for immediate help will under the anointing of the Holy Spirit be brought before you All Mighty Great God. Please hear the cries, please save them from their worries over debts. Please ease the despair and the depression of not having enough to pay ALL financial debts, release my God as only you can. There is no other who can save us, rescue us, provide for us BUT you Lord. We thank you in advance before we can even see it being done. We thank you in advance for the miracle. By faith in you Lord we praise you and thank you. Lord we thank you.. Lord we thank you.

  73. Miracle for money and immediate financial breakthrough

    Dear lord i confess that ive sinned and lied a lot to people i owe money to so my forgiving father i come to you with faith and belive that in the next coming hours you going to grant me a miracle wher am going to get money settle off all my debts, pay my brothers tuation fees, invest in financial markets and also get a place of my own through your son Jesus i pray and belive Amen.

  74. financial miracle

    a miracle so that we are able to pay the hospital bills for our frequent health ailments the expenses that keep mounting upon us please lord apologize for the mistakes we made please show us light at the end of the tunnel our finances are totally deplete please please please have mercy on us

  75. Need finance Urgently

    Lord I need finance support very urgently. I am in poverty since many years. Please, get me out from this bondage of poverty and make me financial strong. Lord without your blessing nothing is possible. Have mercy on me and bless me in finance so that I can fulfill my important needs..

  76. Dear Lord help me to understand

    Dear Lord help me to understand why I am here. I feel sometimes I am good for nothing. But I know you have created me so as to fulfill a task. It may be big or small for me. But according to you …it should be very very important. Please guide me to understand what you really expect from me. I need your assistance heavily. Please help me. please help me. Help help help me.

  77. Prayer for a miracle

    Thank you lord for everything you have done for me, am grateful that am alive today is not by my own doing but by your might. Lord I ask for financial break through in my life I have a lot of things to set up in my office before February father I ask for a miracle let your will be done in my life. Amen

  78. Financial prayer

    Dear Lord
    I come before you knowing that you are an evelasting God, I’m in need of money to pay school fees for my kids and my siblings, Lord, you know me better than anyone else, Ihave seen all your deeds in my life and what I ask for is financial breakthrough. Ihave been surrounded by debts, bad debts indeed, all because of my unworthy management of funds but I promise to be faithful and careful with the guidance of the Holy spirit. Lord I need this money as soon as possible Lord, do something Lord, let me believe you on this abba father. Ibless your name, Ipray this with thanks giving in the name of Jesus Christ….Amen

  79. In need of financial help

    Dear Lord, I’m 56 years old and have poorly used your the money that you blessed me with very poorly, I’m over $20,000 in debt, and trying to finally purchase my first home, in need of $6000 to pay house off an needs at least another 25,000 to fix this house, I’m calling on you for a super natural blessing to help me,solve this problem, in your living words,it says if I come to you in prayer, and believe in my heart that you sent your only begotten son to the die, on the cross, raised on the 3day for my salvation that I will have ever lasting life and peace on earth you will answer my prayers

  80. Help Thank you

    Thank you
    Need help have bills that are over due, late with rent
    Relocated almost a year ago to be with family and everything has
    Spiraled out of control.
    Have to go back have apartment lined up and a job
    My things I have remaining will be going back with me.
    Need your help Heavenly Father
    Thank you

    By the end of April 2017

    Pray that my daughter in law and her settlement comes through by March 2017

    And my sisters as well

    For their needs

    Thank you
    In your name Amen

  81. Financial breakthrough for land

    Dear Heavenly Father

    Today, this day, and right now, a discussion is on-going seeking help for finances to secure a piece of land which will eventually be my own new home. Dear God, you know the circumstances surrounding the purchase of this piece of land. I need to pay the balance payment in the next few days or else I risk loosing the colossal amounts I have already spent on the purchase as deposit and various legal fees.

    Lord, provide for me and my family according to your riches in glory and according to what you yourself know my needs at this moment if my life are.

    As I wait for the outcome of the meeting that is at this very moment discussing the financing of this land, Lord let me bask in your peace knowing that you are working things out in my favour. Extend your gracious hand in agreement at the table where the meeting is being held. Give the borrower well articulate words which are a true indication of what is on the ground and equally give the lender trust and understanding to assist us through this precarious process.

    Lord, go before us in this negotiation.

    Allow us hear to from you in this situation.


  82. short miracle

    Dear God i know am a sinner lost and blamed for hell, but i know that you are a loving and forgiving father and i do not take that for granted..thank you for your mercies over my life please save me out of these debts once more and give me wisdom to refren out of all debts so i may have the freedom again..please send me an immediate and quickest response in Jesus mighty name i ask..Amen

  83. urgent financial need for our school

    Dear God
    I kindly request you to help us get money for our use ,we don’t have money at the moment but I know you are the have been opening the way for us but may you continue do the same . .We have financial difficulties at the us lord.may your will be done
    thank you JESUS ,praise you JESUS.

  84. Miracle financial

    God plz Marcle in my life I needed some money u know plz give me I believe God . 100% my jesus miracle in my life . Plz God Amen please Answer me . to night jesus plz com

  85. Miracle financial

    God plz Marcle in my life I needed some money u know plz give me I believe God . 100% my jesus miracle in my life . Plz God Amen please Answer me . to night jesus plz com

  86. Need help

    Dear lord are god I need help with security to move . I just ask on the name Jess for your help. I know I’ve done wrong but please help me Jess the please I live in is slot wrong and since I move there I have health issues do to mold animal in attic. I just need help father god.please in the name of Jesus.Amen

  87. Urgent Prayer for employment and financial miracle

    O God, Help to find a employment to over come the finances.Help me to find the employment. I need to pay my son schools 6 month fees and debts has to be paid.

    Please help me and my family.


  88. Prayer for miracle to come out of debts

    Heavenly Father, I come to you as I am , I cried un to you for mercy to intervene in my financial crisis that really heavey to bear. Almighty Father, deespite the fact that I am permanently working and do rget my monthly salary , yet the devil enterfere and made me to immensely suffered by not able to manage my finances wisely, and pushed me into unnecessary debts that unalble to handle. Currently , i owes so many Finacial insititutions, unable to pay my accounts and more frustrating have people that owes me money for some decades but dont want to pay me back. I tried running business but nothing successful attained. Currenltly companies that i owed money keep phoning me on daily basis and dont know what to do. My Lord , rescued me and intervene in my financial crisis.
    I know and convinced that now that that I came to you my life will change and restore my peace and stability.
    thank you Jesus, You said who ever ask will be given and and who ever knock on Your doors will be opened.
    In Jesus name I pray. AMEN

  89. Need of an instant financial Miracle

    Please help me right now! I need money and food for my family. Please help me get out of debt and get food for my family today.

  90. mother

    I’m currently in hospice with renal and liver disease, I’m not able to help my spouse,or children financial. Please jesus christ help my daughter vannessa get a raise to be able to afford to pay rent and bills and support my 2 granddaughters ages 4 and 1yr.old. as they have medical, and emotional issuses,having to see specialist in another city that is over an hr. Away.. sweet jesus help the father of my granddaughters find a full time job with benefits, so he can help with child support. Jesus christ forgive and assist my son with his job, and help his fiancé with her job and education. So they can get married, and pay their bills. Help my husband, help us financially to be able to afford our medications,and Dr. Bills, and to be able to afford to by the foods,for our special medical diets.

  91. break through

    Lord please help me. I need your mercy snd grace upon my life. Lord tse this financial stress off me lord. Give me the strength to work Lord. Help me mentally emotionally and financially God. Also forgive me for any wrong doings I have done Lord. Make a way for me to provide for myself my child and for your ppl God. Come and deliver me Oh God I know your able according to will God have mercy upon me and deliver me from the enemy and his tactics. Amen

  92. Financial breakthrough

    O LORD my God, I pray for financial breakthrough to be able to pay my depths, like my house rent, send money to my daughter and be able to move out of this country Tunisia to a better country in glory Amen. I also pray for the physical manifestations of all the good revelations that You the Almighty God have revealed to me through dreams in the Mighty name of God I pray. Amen.

  93. financial miracle

    Thank you Lord for everything good to me ,please forgive my sins.I pray for a miracle in financial breakthrough coz my financial needs are urgent, Lord hear my prayer. Amen.

  94. prayer for financial breakthrough

    lord please bless my daughter and son in law in their financial crisis as they have to pay their loans rents bills etc… help my son in law to get more increase in his salary. Lord please help them out.

  95. Prayer for a Breakthrough

    O Lord, I pray for a huge break through in every area of my life. Immediate financial break through to pay rent to clear debt and establish our businesses so we can serve you with a peaceful mind.

    I pray that you protect my fathers property from foreclosure and provide finances to clear all the monies loaned to him.

    Help my wife and I acquire land and build a school to support orphans and vulnerable children.
    I thank you for you grace and favour in Jesus name.

  96. Husband true love and financial desperate help

    Thank you for hearing my prayers and keeping me strong . I believe in you ,for keeping my faith in my husband which i much and want to be with him soon at the same time i still need help with financial keep me in your prayers ..

  97. I pray for acceleration for my financial breakthrough

    Heavenly Father I pray for acceleration for my financial breakthrough. Lord remove all debts and release me to a move than enough season! Debt and not having enough isn’t your willl. Lord I thank you in advance that it is already done. I will be more manageable with my money from now on. In Jesus name I pray amen

  98. prayers for abundance of money

    dear lord our savior. my husband is not well. we moved from our home and family thinking he would get better health care. his health has gotten worse. it’s very cold were we live this is not a good place to be. we have very little money and need to leave this place and go were it is warm or be able to go back home. for my prayer request we need to win one of the lotteries to be able to do this. I also need to help my mom and sister in law financially also. I have alot of debt that needs to be cleared up quickly so we can move forward please dear God in the name of Jesus grant me these requests for money in the name of the father and the son amen.

  99. prayer for job

    Dearr God please forgive me for my bitterness that block my miracles .please lord I need a job immediately please forgive to all my sin and the good healthy in my family

  100. I fall short of your glory every day

    Dear Lord,
    I need your help in every area of my life. I need a Miracle. I need a job and my licence and peace. I can’t make it without you. I’m pleading and begging for your hand in my life. Your grace, forgiveness, and peace Lord please hear me a sinner. I fall short of your glory every day father but I try so hard. I’m desperate I just want to give up. The world is so heavy and I’m so weak. I need your favor please make your face to shine upon me. I love you God I just don’t understand. Please help me. In Jesus Holy name amen.

  101. prayers for my family

    Please pray for my family. I pray very much for Jesus’s blessing of good health, financial blessing to provide for my family and to give back. I pray very much for the heart and soul of my 20 year daughter to stay strong in the Lord and to be surrounded by Godly good influences. To forever stay away from the drugs and edm festival friends and lifestyle. Pray for her to find a nice young christian family oriented man in college or in church. Who loves god and family. no drugs, edm festivals loves to fish with her and country music.

    In Jesus name

  102. Financial breathrough

    Lord, please I am praying for financial breakthrough to help me through the week in Jesus name I pray amen/

  103. I need prayer for a financial situation i am owed money i need person to get in touch with me could use $2_3 million dollars. Would like to win some money from. Pch need $1325.00

    I need immediate financial breakthrough so i can get started on going back to. Giving money on the pledges i made and also to pay down some bills etc. Have a 2nd interview. For a job at steak_shake and that. I can at least have sundays off

  104. In Jesus Name

    Lord, I come to you and only you. I am falling behind on my household bills. I am not working at the moment and I need your blessings. I need your forgiveness. I need your support and love.

    Physically, I need you to strengthen me. Bless the heart’s and mind’s of all of my doctors. Please, Lord, guide their thoughts. Guide their instruments that they use with me. I might have another back surgery soon, so, help me to see you in them as I am on the operating table.

    Open up a way for me to learn. Heal. Become the healthiest version of myself. Help guide the right teachers/mentors into my life. Writers. Poets. Authors. Speakers. Planners. Teachers. Counselors. Artists. Photographers. Bloggers. Weavers. Painters. I want to learn so I can use my skills to make my own money for a living. But, I really need a financial blessing right now LORD. Please hear me. Bless me. Show me your love. More so, help me to feel your love.

    Open up my heart and mind to see you. Trust you. Believe in you. Send me a message, Lord, that you hear me. I don’t want to lose my furniture. I need help to clear all debts in Jesus name. In Jesus name old financial debts be gone. In Jesus name, my furniture debts be provided so that I do not lose my bed. Lord, hear me.

    I want to know you. I want to learn more about you so that I can walk in faith/ confidence/ light/ love/ wholly in your name. In the word that is all you, LORD.

    I know you Love me, Lord. I sincerely hope and pray for a financial blessing to be blessed upon me so that I can keep my bed. My furniture. And, have all debts cleared. Especially, E.S.C. TO BE OFFICIALLY CLEARED. REMOVED FROM MY BAD CREDIT. AND I pray for a second chance, Lord Jesus. Amen. ❤

  105. immediate financial help

    Lord please help me. I am raising 3 grand daughters and about to undergo total left knee replacement and a spinal cord stimulator implant and facing homelessness. Everything is possible with you Lord and You said anything asked form my heart in Jesus Name will be see my heart and circumstances. Praise and thank you that i stand on your word amen.

  106. prayer for financial breakthrough

    I need urgent financial breakthrough prayer to settle my family debts,to build church for God and to take care of needy in the society

  107. Financial Miracle.

    As a husband, I need to support my family. I am a professional actor and have debs. I need to find a brilliant acting job soon. We would love to move house and are at present preparing the house for sale but there will be fees. I need to pass my driving test and need money for that . Please God help us to be Debt free today. Do a miricle today. Bless me with a brilliant acting job today. AMEN

  108. Financial Miracle. Film project

    My autobiography Breaking Free from the Street to the Stage is being turned in to a UK British film called Free To Be. We are looking at about 260.000 to complet the film and get the film on to the big screen. Please pray that even today we would find the money.

  109. Financial favor by tomorrow

    Lord, I come before your throne, with Thanksgiving knowing that you are able to do more than I have asked. I need financial favor tomorrow to pay off my debt and invest in business. I have people that I have promised to help. Am looking unto you to answer my request


    Lord i pray for a financial breakthrough i am the only breadwinner in the house i need to pay my debts in full and be able to look after my family i am struggling and borrowing money from people i can do this any more Lord plz help me in Jesus name Amen

  111. To pay my debt

    Dear God,
    We pray for all our debts to be settle so that we can live without the constant fear of not being able to make it out of debt and provide a loving and stress free home for my kids.
    In Jesus name

  112. Debt pit

    Lord I ask for deliverance from poverty. Lord I pray for you to open the doors for me to work in the position you have for me. I ask for any finances that have been held back to be released and brought to me quickly. Lord I am your daughter, you created me to be the head and not the tail. I ask that you bring me up out of the pit .In Jesus name I pray! Amen

  113. Financial break thru

    I’m a single parent living in a rented house, my husband does not assist with the kids, I need to pay my debts so I can manage to support my kids, I need to break the spirit of loan shucks as they take a lot of my money. I need a miracle urgently

  114. Financial difficulties

    Lord, i have a just a day to clear all my debtors, i am scared as they keep calling and threatening me.
    Just one day Lord, and i am even scared of my self now.

  115. Patience

    God will come in to your life when you are able to accept him.Im ready now.
    Peace be with us all.

  116. Immediate Financial Miracle and Breakthrough

    My Father and Lord. Thank you for your mercy. I am sorry for not managing my finances well. Have mercy upon me today and give me a financial miracle that will settle all my debts. Give me a second chance today and a financial breakthrough that I might never know lack again. Thank you father for a second chance. In Jesus mighty name I pray..Amen.

  117. Prayer for money miracles

    Dear Lord, I thank you for all you have given me and forgive all my wrongdoings. I pray for a financial breakthrough to pay my debts urgently. Lord, let me have another chance to receive your miracles. Thank you and praise to you Lord, Amen.

  118. Immediate Financial breakthrough / Miracle

    My Heavenly Father,

    I humbly come before your Throne of Grace thanking you for all you’ve done for me. You have not counted my shortfalls whenever your blessings come way. For this I am so thankful. Father, I ask for your forgiveness for the sins I have committed, both knowingly and unknowingly. I pray Jehovah that you look upon my case with your merciful eyes. Let not my own case escape your immediate attention Father. I resigned from my job with the hope of advancing in my business. However, things have not worked out as expected. Am now in serious debt Almighty. My debtors are threatening me and ridiculing me. Jehovah the bible says all that call upon your name shall never be put to shame. Am calling upon you Father, not to let my adversaries triumph over me. My medical and car insurance are due but I do not have the money to pay…. I am even failing to send my child to school. How can I fail my duty as a parent God? I am crying to you Lord. The Bible says children are a heritage from God…. Father help me not to fail in my duty as a parent. Jehova I have prayed prayers, I have climbed mountains, I have attended nights of prayers Lord, all in search of answers and financial breakthrough to no avail. This is my last bus stop father. Please help my unbelief. Jehova you rescued Daniel in the Lion’s den; you saved the three Hebrew boys, Shadrach, Misheck and Abednego in that furnace; you gave David strength to face Goliath; you made the crippled man at the pool of Bethsaida whole; you gave sight to blind Bartholomew; the lady with the 12yr bleeding sickness got healed just by touching the hem of your cloth; Father Jehovah, you fed the multitudes from only 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish….. Lord just like you did for many others before, I pray that you do with me as well and now. I don’t have anywhere else to go for help and I don’t have any other God to call upon but you. I pray that you hear me and answer me now Lord. I need my peace of mind Jehovah. I trust in you God. I rely on you Jehovah. I praise you and I worship you Father. Thank you for answering my prayers. In Jesus name I have prayed all this. Amen

  119. Help

    Please God, help me and my family to clear our debts. I cant deal anymore with that. I need a solution an extra money i dont ask you to be a millionaire i just ask you some amount enough to clear all the debts and enough to buy a honest house or flat in our country because is very hard to live far away of my people but we cant come back because of the debts. I trust in you my Lord please give me a miracle that will change my life forever. In Jesus name i have prayer all this. Amen

  120. Special intention

    Please prayer for me that my car is not repossessed this weekend. Please pray that my financial difficulties will dissolve. In Jesus’ name I pray.

  121. Urgent buyer needed for my son Hugo's restaurant

    Please help us sell his restaurant in Miami soon, we cannot keep the doors open with a handful of clients.
    God bless you

  122. God Almighty, please help me

    My husband and I are in a great financial crisis, we’re recently sold our car and tried to use to money to put our mortgage nearly up to date and some of our utilities to a certain level too.. This is not enough, our shop rent is in so much arrears, that the bailiff came and verbally harassed my husband. It’s so much,it’s not like we’re not trying, we are… I’m so worried. I know my heart father God you will open a door for us. Father GOD we need you right now to make a way for us… Please my king. Lord Jesus please I beg of You to please make our request be known to our Father.
    My God is awesome…

    I feel like crying…

  123. Lord pls help me 🙏

    Lord Jesus I come to and pray on my knees and ask can you pls help me with my financial dept’s. I promise to be more aware of how I spend now. I pray this in your son Jesus name, Amen🙏🀄📿

  124. Please save my house and Family

    Dear Jesus, please perform a financial miracle for me today. My Health is not good and i lost My job. My only hope is for my unemployment to be approved…Please also protect my Family from the evils around us. Please let Unemployment be approved today so i can pay bills and buy food…I ask all things through Jesus Christ…Amen

  125. Please Help me Jesus

    Please unemployment come through Jesus…i need it today to pay my bills and feed my family

  126. Job and Family

    I don’t even know where to start. My life has been turned upside down for sometime now and really trying to refocus. I moved from up North to Down South for one because I was tired of being used by my son cause of his addictions and making me feel like I was enabling every time he contacted me. Other factors like friends and family have down here help just a smudge. I am finding it hard to find a good job, not to mention selling my house and everything in it to move here. My heart hurts for my kids and grand kids cause I am not there and having a very difficult time keeping strong in this factor.
    I believe that there are reasons we do not understand of things we must go thru to learn to be the testament for someone else. I also believe that there are no such things as coincidences in life, there is purpose for everything.
    I am in need of serious prayer, for a good job and to finish school for my Bachelors Degree which will be this year. Pray that my distant family will come to understand and accept me back with open arms and the hurts and pains will be healed. That my grandchildren will want to get to know me more even though I am far apart from them and most of all healing and forgiveness for the divorce of my ex and that he has a new and good life with whatever he does.
    I met a man seems to be nice, but is this it ? I need prayer to open his heart and mine for both of us have been hurt and used and chewed up and spit out many a time. He seems surreal in being my partner, but is it real.
    The only true love I know is the love that I have for God cause he has never left my side and the love for my children and grandchildren. I am lonely soul that needs Christian friends and a church to attend to. A good paying job to know I can care for myself and not learn to be co-dependent on someone else.
    These are new beginnings for me and very scary and I think that if my kids were still ;small I would not have so much trouble, but they are grown and gone and it is just me.
    God has brought me through some very horrendous places and literally I am a testament to be sitting here writing this, but I do know calling on my brothers and sisters in prayer is the first and most important for agreement in doing God’s Will.
    Pray with me in agreement all of you and may the gracious blood of Jesus anoint you all.

  127. Please Help Jesus

    Having a very hard financially after losingb job due to health. Please help me to support my family and not lose my house. In Jesus Name. Amen

  128. Anonymous

    Dear Lord
    Please hear my prayers for a financial blessing.
    For my family so that we can move into the building that is offering the perfect living arrangements. For I need to respond back as soon as possible.
    Please hear my prayers.
    I love you and praise you Lord.

  129. A financial blessing to be free if debt

    Dear Heavenly Father I ask you in the name of your Beloved Son Jesus please give us the financial blessing to end these eight years if stress . I have tried desperately to get this mortgage modified and each time it’s been denied.
    Please Heavenly Father send me a blessing to end this stress and help e regain the health that was compromise with this matter. Jesus stated ask the Father anything in my name and he will grant it to you. Father I ask for not only your forgiveness for my sins but this blessing in the nane of Jesus

  130. Mrs

    Lord I am asking for a financial bless I get me place to heaven father I am come to you for a financial bless

  131. Financial miracle breakthrough

    God i come to you this moment because i believe only you can help me. I am asking for a financial blessings to buy a house of my own please father bless me

  132. Prayer for Provision, Favor, and Financial Breakthrough

    Abba,my father. I come to you as humbly as I know how. First thanking you God for this day, a day of new mercies and grace. I ask for forgiveness of all sins, knowingly or unknowingly committed. Lord, you know what i stand in the need of. I bow down at your throne asking in in Jesus name for provision, favor, and financial breakthrough. I am in need of finances to pay for our home and car. My grandfather also passed away yesterday at the age of 96 and we have no finances for a proper burial for him. Im praying God for your grace and mercy and help to make a way out of what seems to be no way. I know that you are the way. Please God, I pray that the bank will call back willing to lend me the funds to do the things i need to do. Thank you God in advance. In Jesus name I pray. AMEN!

  133. Financial breakthrough

    God forgive me I’m in need of money I’m a gambler but God help me today CRB are after my name with banks I’m in need of money please pray for me

  134. Financial break through

    Dear Father in Heaven,
    after months of having no income we have finally reached the place where humanly all things seems impossible. We are on the verge of losing our home and only by You stepping in an performing a miracle will we come through this. I ask that you rid me of this yoke of renting and please provide us with a hollow to place our feet. I also ask that you do not allow damage to come to our Landlord through us being unable to pay the rent.
    I want t thank You for the wonderful business opportunities you have given us and ask that you now open the right doors and provide the right clients because we know that what you have opened, no human can close. However I want to ask you for help to survive until this come into fruition because You know God that as I am sitting here in front of my PC, I have no where to turn until this becomes a reality. I also ask God that when our finances are again on even keel God, that you help us to look at other people in the same position we are in now, with softer eyes and help those we can, whether by financial support or help in other ways. I am but a human but will endeavor to use the money you give me with the utmost care and be a good manager of your resources.
    God in all this we are most thank full that our only worries at this stage is money related and that we as a family is still healthy. I also ask that you bless me with the gift of forgiveness towards the people who has put us in this position because they were only looking after themselves and that You know my heart, that I never want to hurt other people as they have done unto me without even a thought as to what their actions will do to my business. You know that forgiveness does not come easy, but that I am trying to do this…
    I also need to thank you for a wonderful family who supports our business and one another with love and patience and friend without whom this point would have been reached months ago.
    God, I really need your help and direction. I need to hear your voice God, please do not leave me on my own. All this I pray because I know that you are my Father and you have given me countless promises.
    This i pray in the name of God my Father, Jesus, His son and my brother in Christ and the Holy Spirit who is my guidance and light to my path.

  135. Financial breakthrough

    Lord I seek and pray for urgent fibcial blessing to help me clear my debts and be able to do business once again. I am a widow and raising orphaned children. I know you are the father to the fatherless and surely your blessings are needed. Amen

  136. Urgent financial miracle

    Lord i come to you and ask for help again. Lord please give me your hand to help me in this moment, Lord please forgive me all the sin that i have done. Currently im in need, i really need to settle all the debt, the debtor keep chasing me. Lord please give me a financial miracle. In this moment i really i need your light to light my way, which curently in dark path. Lord please help me, i urgently need financial miracle. Lord, in Jesus name i Pray. AMEN

  137. Prayer request

    Dear Friends in Christ,
    My prayer request for financial miracle is about the forever removing of debts and lack of moneys for my little Family daily needs we’ve got in our life. I believe in God’s miracle and mercy and I have received Jesus Christ as my Personal Lord and Saviour. And I agree to serve Him according to His Holy Will.
    Thank You very much for your Christian Love.

  138. For my mother who have cancer to coming to see a doctor in U

    My name is Antoinette Hibart,I really need a miracle for my mom who have cancer, and me ,I am having a hard time with my life struggle for so long single mom, 3 kids I can’t effort right to pays my bills I owe total $115000 debts, i have no help i am behind with my bills please pray for me , my address is 5433 cologne Ave st Louis mo 63116.and thank u for praying for me and family god bless u all my cell #314,3927878 please give me a call.

  139. Urgent financial miracle

    Lord i come to you and ask for help again. Lord please give me your hand to help me in this moment, Lord please forgive me all the sin that i have done. Currently im in need, i really need to settle all the debt, the debtor keep chasing me. Lord please give me a financial miracle. In this moment i really i need your light to light my way, which curently in dark path. Lord please help me, i urgently need financial miracle. Lord, in Jesus name i Pray. AMEN

  140. Rent and Debt Prayer

    I need a financial help from go to pay my rent it is already due and I really don’t know what to do. and I have debts amounting to R19 000.00 that I would really appreciate if they can be settle. this my prayer that God help me settle my debts and get back to normal.

  141. miracle in the financial crises

    dear lord i am really in need of 1460000 rupee to clear my debits i am totally broken with all theses tensions i am having 2 kids to be frank lord i even thought of commiting suicide but lord you are the one who gave me life so you only have the rights to take that.pls help to solve my financial difficulties.

  142. Finances

    I also am in need of money 4 my bills pray 4,me as well need at least $450 4 rest of month need supernatural finances 4 the rest of my lifs

  143. Prayer for immediate financial miracle breakthrough

    Dear Lord Please help me with my financial burdens of paying my mortgage and bills. At the present time I’m in by mid sixties and it is almost impossible to get a job. Please help me to pay my bills, buy food and pay my mortgage and taxes. I ask this urgent prayer to be answered by the Lord. I still have faith and the more faith I have the harder it is getting for me. I will continue to have faith in the lord and I know he will answer my prayers.

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