Reconciliation with the woman He gave me

by Zach ()

Lord God, I trust that you are restoring my relationship with the woman you sent me. My heart is filled with an overwhelming love for her – to love her with the love you have saved and loved me with. I thank you for sending me the perfect best friend and partner, and using us in each other’s lives to grow in our faith in Christ and obedience to you. You have made marriage for good, that we may experience more of you, and become more holy. I pray you are using this very difficult and confusing time apart to reveal to us both what we are needing to grow in to become a better husband and wife that honor the Lord with our marriage. You know I have yearned to be a husband to a God-fearing woman. I know she is the one. I have been here so many times before. I want to love her, I want to groom her, and wash her with your word to make her more and more holy like you. I am hurting and so confused and frustrated. It was farm more difficult than I could have ever imagined. She has been so difficult with me – uncommunicable, distrustful, angry, and so rebellious toward you, even after all you have worked on her heart and showed us your hand on our relationship in so many ways. Lord, forgive her, show her your grace, heal every part of her heart and mind that has been conformed by the world. Give her a renewed, refreshing faith and obedience to you by your grace and Holy Spirit. Remind her of your love for her, all you have done and answered for her. Keep her far from all the temptations of the world that seek to steal her heart away from you. Deliver her from any evil that is around her or in her. Remove all fear and doubt and guilt from her. Remind her again that you are the greatest thing she has; that everything else gained in this world is worthless in comparison to you and your love. Convict her heart with repentance. Put messengers and angels in her path to give her your word and show her your glory. Use strangers, both new and old friends, and family to be your lips and give her your good wise counsel concerning her life and relationship with me. Give her renewed hope for us. Remind her of her prayers and visions about me in her life. Show her that we must live for you, honor you with our relationship. You are the source of love, the reason we are able to love. I trust you Lord that you will finish in us what you started, and we will grow together in you. Together. In you and for you. Let nothing be wasted. Not one day we have had together or apart. Let it all be used that it would be a testimony to your goodness for generations to come. Give me patience and wisdom as you continue to work on us. Reveal to me everything I must know and pray of and repent of. Fill me with your spirit to lead me in the correct timing for reaching out to her. I am so scared to lose her, not just as my bride, but to the world. I believe you have filled me with this love for her and put me in her path, as imperfect as I am, to show her something new about you and to lead her back to you that fills you and her and I with utmost joy. Show me what I am to do or say and when to do it. Deliver me from all family iniquity in all previous generations. Let it stop with me. Bless me Lord, give me your favor. Make be a blessing. Please use my relationship with her to extend and minister to my circle of family and friends that see us and are effected by it, that it may be used communally for their good also. Form me into the man, husband, and father that you have made me to be as you form her into the woman, wife, and mother that you have destined her to be. For our own future family together. To fully experience your good and perfect will in marriage as you have designed it. Not as we would have it, but as you would. Keep us sensitive to the guidance and wisdom of your holy spirit that you gave to live in us. Let us continue to be saved for each other according to your will and promise and glory. Answer the prayers and work into the lives of those reading this, both in their lives and ours as we pray in faith in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus your son.

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