Dear father please give my daughter Kaeley the strength and guidance to finish off her last couple of weeks of senior year and graduate with her 2023 class with diploma in hand. Please help her over come her anxiety and depression, ease her mind , give her strength to attend every day, she feels she … Continue reading “Miracle”

Special favour

Please St. Jude help me to recover fast since I am not well one big accident still not fully recovered and 2 Operations. I have been not well for so long help me to recover and also work out my broken relationship with my ex fiancee. Help both of us come back together and resolve … Continue reading “Special favour”

Church revival

Please pray to our Lord for the churches to take immediate action to pray & start reviving in communities the teachings of the gospel and fall in love with the word of God & follow Jesus & pray for repentance and salvation. Pray to heal our lands. The current government is taking legal actions to … Continue reading “Church revival”

Friendships and peace

Lord Jesus please forgive us of our sins as we forgive thers Dear Father I praise you and I give you thanks, Lord Please give me a blessing. Bless me with a wife and friends that believe in you and please bless me with the peace that go’s beyond understanding. God guide me into the … Continue reading “Friendships and peace”

I love my fiance

Please God please keep my fiance out of jail please he don’t belong in there I love him and care about him alot I ask you please get the judge to be nice on the day of court let him free he made a mistake from what he said he wasn’t thinking clearly when he … Continue reading “I love my fiance”


Oh most beautiful flower of Mt. Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God. Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity.
Oh Star of the Sea, help me and show me herein, you are my Mother.
Oh Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth, I humbly beseech you from … Continue reading “Novena”

God please help me

Heavenly Father forgive me for my moments of doubt, for thinking that You will not answer my prayer because I sinned Lord. Father You know my every need, please forgive me and be merciful and bless me with Your grace. Merciful Father please hear my prayer and do not ignore my cries for help. I … Continue reading “God please help me”


Hi there, I was wondering if you could please pray that God would take out every form of worldiness thinking from my heart and mind and that I am able to recieve his healing mentally and emotionally as well as just no longer live a life of self centeredness and independence but live with a … Continue reading “Miracle”

A house

Pray for my family that I get a house asap that have working hot water. Pray for my health that I am able to still conceive after being on the depo shot and that the pain in my leg and hand goes away for good. Pray for my anxiety and stress as its starting to … Continue reading “A house”


Before my husband and I were married I received a vision from the Lord that caught me totally off guard.  My husband David was a widower and I was a widow.  David, my deceased husband and I worked together and we had not seen each other for 26 years.  I was 66 and David was … Continue reading “Vision”

Single mom

Being a single mom wasn’t the plan but is the reality. One that I’m honored to do but has been a different level of enduring. Nothing but Faith has been required in this. My faith is tested daily. Am I enough? Am I doing this right? I need help! Put on the brave face for … Continue reading “Single mom”

Prayer for Supernatural growth, confidence, and removal of depression and anxiety due to short stature

I am going through spiritual warfare and depression now due to my lack of good height. I have been praying for God to increase my height just slightly by 1 to 3 inches maximum for the past 8 months now, ever since last year August, and before I was overweight and a little fat but … Continue reading “Prayer for Supernatural growth, confidence, and removal of depression and anxiety due to short stature”

Immediate Intentions

Dear Lord God, Jesus Christ, I am in need of your help. I feel lost, lonely, alone, sad, anxious, depressed, insecure, and heartbroken. My dear Lord, please help me. Please pull me up from this tough and challenging situation. Please remove and take away all my fears, worries, anxiety, depression, panic disorder, my heart disease, … Continue reading “Immediate Intentions”

Moms Health and a house

Please pray for my finances that I receive the funds to purchase or put a down payment on a house by June 2023. Pray for my moms health that whatever she is battling goes away an her surgery is a success. Pray she stops taking opiods and medicine from other people. Pray for my health … Continue reading “Moms Health and a house”

Prayer for Special Request

Prayer for a Special Request Oh! Dear Mother of God, Our Lady of Conception Aparecida! Oh! Saint Rita of Cassia and Saint Jude worker of miracles and helper of impossible causes pray for me. Saint Expedite, Saint of urgent causes. Saint Edwiges the Saint of the needy, you know how desperate I feel, please ask … Continue reading “Prayer for Special Request”

Its urgent

Its an urgent prayer please pray Please Pray for me thisonly this its important really really important please pray this to jesus for me n thanku . Pray that ” jesus , shruti ( me) really wants to go with u far away from her family and nation to other nation please take her with … Continue reading “Its urgent”

Alone without a home

Please pray me a home along with my two baby’s service dogs need a home scared and weak at times to weak to speak I’m disabled have cerebral palsy under a bridge rest on concrete slab no shower I’m smelly and belly starving no family to help just want to be safe secure and comfort … Continue reading “Alone without a home”

Real Estate

Please pray for our house in India to be sold without any more difficulties. Please provide us with a buyer who won’t dupe us and allow us to make a profit to pay off our debts. Please remove all the obstacles that are in the way from selling the property-even people who are trying to … Continue reading “Real Estate”

Life issues and a house

Please pray that we are safe and protected while on this weekend getaway in grand prairie Texas. Pray I get a house asap. Pray for my mental and physical health that I lose some weight an still able to conceive after all these years being on dep shot. Pray for my moms health that heart … Continue reading “Life issues and a house”

At rock bottom

I please need a miracle in every area of my life right now every area of my life right now is being attacked by the evil one. Most of all I am struggling greatly with my depression and feeling suicidal lately and just not caring about life I am also having hair loss please pray … Continue reading “At rock bottom”

Life issues and a house

Please pray I get a house asap pray I have a fun and safe trip and the weather is nice this weekend pray my leg and back pain goes away pray we are protected from all these sickness and disease circulating in the world pray for my mom health that her pain goes away an … Continue reading “Life issues and a house”

Ukriane animal rescue miracle

Dear lord during the Russian Ukrianian war please send a wildlife animal rescue all the animals from the Kiev zoo and deliver them to their natural habitats in 24 hours including Horace the Asian elephant to Thailand. The animals have been traumatized long enough Jesus Christ in your holy name I pray this animal rescue … Continue reading “Ukriane animal rescue miracle”

Need Prayer Warriors

Prayer Warriors please pray in the name of Jesus Christ that I will be healed from all mental torment today and forever. That the Holy Sprit will direct my path every second of every day. Please pray that the Sacred Heart of Jesus fills my broken hardened selfish heart with His love and joy today. … Continue reading “Need Prayer Warriors”

God’s Hope; pray for Many

April and spring already. May God renew each and every Christian around the world’s faith? May the Holy Spirit Lead us, guide us, protect us, enlighten us and help us to be God’s light in this ugly, crazy upside down world. May God daily show us someone’s life to touch be words, actions, deeds? May … Continue reading “God’s Hope; pray for Many”

Need a miracle

Please pray for my family and me. I am a single mom of four small children. I am fighting depression and this illness in my body. They say it’s Gerd but that is not true. Doctors can’t figure out what is going on but they say it’s not normal. I am coughing and throwing up … Continue reading “Need a miracle”