Freedom for Biafrans: Ethnic Citizens (Christians of Southeast Nigeria who are under Islamic Jihad for decades while the world keep silent.

Almighty God, our Creator, merciful, faithful and loving Father of all His creation. We praise, exalt and extol You for all You do for us. You commanded that we strive to liberate the oppressed and those in bondage. You commanded that if we love You to feed your sheep. We make request of You, in … Continue reading “Freedom for Biafrans: Ethnic Citizens (Christians of Southeast Nigeria who are under Islamic Jihad for decades while the world keep silent.”


Him my fiance and I are believers, a neigbor moved in two years ago that I instantly picked up on his wickednesss, He caused us a lot of grief and problems and disturbed our peace and many other things. His wife and him had a lot of problems and it seemed they could not cope … Continue reading “justice”

For my child and career

I’m in an unfortunate situation at work where a couple of team mates are acting in ways that make it very difficult to complete my work on time (typical corporate game-playing, but quite bad for the team, the company, and my sleep schedule). It looks like I’ll be pulling a lot of late nights to … Continue reading “For my child and career”


I pray for justice in my accident I had! I was unaware that I was driving on a suspended license when I had this accident and now my insurance doesn’t want to cover me!! Child Support had revoked my license and they never told me!!! Nor did the DMV notify me of the suspension on … Continue reading “Redemption”


Please pray for my future daughter in law who is in this country illegally, has applied for asylum and has never been in any trouble with the law or taken any government assistance. She has been trying very hard to become a legal citizen. Where she is from is full of crime, full of drug … Continue reading “Hope”

God’s Devouring Storm

I ask for prayers for areas in my life that involve the court system and those working against me and my children. I ask for deliverance. I ask to pray for the provocation of God’s devouring storm against every evil summoned against my destiny and to pursue my pursuers into desolation, so that every agenda … Continue reading “God’s Devouring Storm”

Work Related

I have been working for the same employer for years and yes i know im blessed to have a job and i like the work. but when it comes to upward mobility its only for the friends of family etc.. preferential treatment. I have made it clear my goals and work hard and proven over … Continue reading “Work Related”


FULL restoration for all that has been taken and all those that possess my mother’s information and my information will be stopped and punished for the theft. (Isaiah 54:17 & 7-fold return) Lord, bring an end to my identity being used, borrowed or stolen. That those who have stolen my ideas will bear no fruit … Continue reading “Justice/restoration”

Divine Intervention

Our Father in heaven hallowed be thy name. Please forgive my sins, please forgive our debts. I wanna pray for the warrior Archangel Michael to show up in my life, protect me from wrath and defeat my enemies once and for all. I wanna pray for Archangel Raziel for the revealing of secrets involved in … Continue reading “Divine Intervention”

Nicole to be selected

humbly ask for prayers for our daughter Nicole, who is feeling down , disappointed and losing hope after being selected to compete this weekend at the athletic conference,which she worked extremely hard and qualified, was excited to make the team and a day before thet fly out gets told by her coach she should not … Continue reading “Nicole to be selected”


I just bought a work truck from a private seller. It was advertised at 119000 mile. I read the odometer and it is actually at 194000. When I bought the truck I did look to make sure the odometer reading was the same as advertised. I looked and I must have looked at it wrong … Continue reading “Justice”


Please pray for my son who has a genuine problem when it comes to parking his car in car parks. He isn’t very good at parking and I feel its caused him to have an anxiety problem. The main reason for prayer is my son won’t park between two cars for fear of damaging one … Continue reading “Guidance”

Shift Coverage

I just made Site Supervisor. Upper Management will not give me guards to train for shift coverage for Tues, Wed (1400-2200, 2200-0600); Thursday 1400-2200, 2200-0600); Fri, Sat, Sun 1400-2200, 2200-0600). Rama, Field Supervisor will not help me. She has Supervisors that can come by to fill the post for 4 hours until Someone can get … Continue reading “Shift Coverage”


Father God have I come to you this morning in the name of Jesus no wonder father God that God faith I pray you Lord asking for justice against my computer one that you open up the eye of the person that owns you do on and let you do father God just let him … Continue reading “Hope”

God of second chances

Father, I stretch my hands to thee and only thee. I Praise your Holy name, for you said you will never leave or forsake us. God, I know and asking for justice for grandson, Dallas, that he be given a second chance in life. For he knows he has sin and praying for forgiveness and … Continue reading “God of second chances”

Justice For Raul

Our Heavenly Father, Our son Raul, who was committed to others and always willing to serve and do for others; was brutally murdered, at no fault of his own. We pray for the Repose of his soul. We pray that our elected officials and our Judicial system holds all persons accountable and convict those who … Continue reading “Justice For Raul”

Pray for me

Hi after my mom’s passing last year my brother who has estranged himself from the family filed a lawsuit against my sister and I since my mom removed him from the Trust. I’m accused of elderly abuse among other things. He states I stoled money from here and kept him away from her when in … Continue reading “Pray for me”

Protection and safety

Please pray that Justice will be provided to my son. He is a severely Autistic 11 year old. He was recently verbally and physically abused by a school staff-we think it was his teacher. The school is undergoing an investigation and they are taking too long of time. I don’t want them to forget about … Continue reading “Protection and safety”


Our son has gotten into some trouble. Has cost him a lot of money and emotional trials. He is a good man and made a mistake. We believe God wants to get his attention and draw him back closer to him. He is going through loneliness and will have living situation change next year. There … Continue reading “Son”


The Muslims in my estate have decided to build a mosque right in my estate which would attract other Muslims to the my estate, it’s also a security threat to the residents and would further reduce the value of houses in my estate. Please kindly join faith with me and raise a prayer on your … Continue reading “Terrorist”