please pray for me to have peace, vindication and bullying will stop

by Brian ()

I am asking for an immediate prayer request. I have been bullied at work by my boss off and on for years. Recently, there is an uptick with her bullying. I feel like no matter what I do it is wrong. even though I did something with good intentions. There are times where I have peace but out of nowhere I get hit with drama and toxicity. She treats others different than me. This has caused me to go into a deep severe depression with feelings of hopelessness and debate whether I should just give up on life because I am overwhelmed and it is to much for me to handle. I have never been like that. I believe in the best in everyone try to treat all with respect. I think this is one reason my boss does not like me. please pray for more peace and protection for my life and to keep my boss to focus on others and not me. Please allow me to keep my job and have her go elsewhere if possible. My job is my livelihood. I am exhausted from all this. I know we go through challenges to help us grow as souls. I have been through constant challenges when will this stop. If I’m under constant attack it just makes me loose hope and realize maybe as a soul I have no value in God’s eyes. I just wish for vindication and peace. Thank you all for all you do. I greatly appreciate it. I pray you all have peace prosperity and extra protection and can feel Gods love and your loved ones love no matter where you go God Bless. Any prayers are greatly appreciated.

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