Completely Overwhelmed

by Sadie ()

Our former financial advisor and attorney has been stealing, selling off property, utilizing offshore banks to hide his deeds. We have gone to court, been awarded funds that could be located. Since the trial they are continuing to attempt withdrawals and transfers to other bank accounts. Our funds accounts are being attacked daily. Even.our current debit cards are drained of funds as soon as funds are added to the account. We have been physically separated over three years. Our son experienced a traumatic brain injury, in a vehicle accident. We have not been able to begin his rehabilitation because funds are not available to us. We want our family together, peaceful and intact. We are at our wits end. We pray daily for a solution but bad deeds continue to be perpetually made. He is stuck in Texas and I’m in Tennessee. On their last attempt to come home, their police security was stabbed and almost died. He recovered, the trial went on as scheduled, funds were seized and turned over. They attempted to transfer funds in a new account to an account in their name. There’s a great deal of funds involved, the inheritance from my father in law. Was passed on to my better half. We know they want the entire fortune, but why? One.person over one of the gangs died in prison and the other gangs captain
Is the financial attorney and he continues to attack and kidnap my better half and our 4 year old son. We need relief and reunion, to live out or lives as a family unit. We need your prayers to intercede on our behalf. Thank you.

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