~I have done nothing wrong to deserve lifetime persecution by stalkers.~

by Darla ()

~My stalkers set me up with a fake boyfriend and they include complete strangers saying derogatory things to me and about me and the main stalker who has followed me from city to city. I am not an a – hole and all I did was say a few things that I was upset and I didn’t really mean as in over react because I was stressed. I treat people with respect and am positive and thankful. These people including a woman who has devised malicious plans and executed them against me are very insidious and managed to invade my life like being my neighbours every where I go ~like in my last flat the neighbour was coming in through an access point within his place and stealing my stuff and tampering with my self employed work tools and disturbing me on purpose with noise abuse. I know you can stop these things happening in future Lord Jesus so please do so. Stop this main stalker woman’s lies about me being believed by people.Amen.

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