God Will and Justice

by Cathleen ()

I’m in need for Justice for my neighbor Ms Kiesha and her Son Kay who has a smoking problem and sticks and smells up the hallway with her smoking behavior that’s disrespectful his mother sent him to start an issue with me and my Son we have not done or wrong this family yet they are being used to come against us the Father /Uncle along with other members in this home feel like they are more powerful then God and the can’t be moved or touch I’m seeking Justice to expose and reveal this family to everyone where we live so the truth can be told This son Kay never apologize or asked to be forgiven for his disrespectful way and behavior towards my door property or to my son or me I been praying that God will turn this around and a change will take place I’m not there judge God is God said regencies are minds thoust the Lord so I have been praying staying humble and letting Go getting out of the way so God can step in and take control so that it will be peace for me and my family please

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