Financial Help

by Leann (Saginaw, Texas,US)

Dear Lord,

Please help me with my financial responsibilites. Its not debt. Its normal living expenses, cars ,house ect.
I dont know what to do any more. Cars keep breaking ac problems. Please Lord, I dont want alot of money . Just enough to be able to take care of the problems that keep coming up. I keep thinking things will get better financially as I get older. I cant help my daughter with anything. I feel like a horrible parent. I barely make enough to get by. Everything keeps breaking and I dont have enough money to keep paying for everything. I am trusting in you Lord to help me. I just want to get some money in savings and not be so strapped all the time. I am 52 and still have not gotten to a place in my life where I dont have to constantly be worried about money. I pray in your name, please please my dear Lord help me….. I love you .

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